Ebola Has Not Gone Away – Only The ‘News’


While you might think that Ebola has gone away – because it’s no longer reported in the mainstream – it is still raging in Western Africa.

It was widely reported after the Dallas Ebola case that the govt advised their media outlets to hush their Ebola reporting due to concerns of widespread panic among Americans. The media outlets promptly complied and we no longer hear about it.

Given the lack of reporting, one wonders how many people are actually quarantined here in the U.S. and elsewhere – possibly having returned from Western Africa or health care workers having worked in affected regions.

No news means it has gone away, right?

The number of weekly cases of Ebola are still increasing according to WHO statistics.

The case fatality rate across the three most-affected countries (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea) in all cases with a recorded definitive outcome is 72%. Hospitalized patient fatality rate is 60%. (WHO statistics)

As of DEC-3, WHO data indicates 17,145 reported cases of Ebola.

“We know the outbreak is still flaming strongly in western Sierra Leone…We can’t rest, we have to still push on,” said David Nabarro, the U.N. Special Envoy on Ebola (Reuters.com). The deadly virus is spreading especially in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown and Port Loko.

Is it still just a matter of time before yet another Ebola victim enters the United States – given our open-border policies? For all we know there may be other cases here – just not being reported – perhaps whisked away to a CDC hospital in Georgia. Because we’ve not heard about it in the mainstream, does that mean it has not happened, or is not happening? Just saying..

What’s going on with the thousands of National Guard troops sent to Africa? Have we heard anything about them? No, I haven’t… I did find out more about which units were sent though:

16th Engineer Brigade Headquarters, Ohio Army National Guard
223rd Military Intelligence Battalion (Linguist Detachment), California Army National Guard
272nd Engineer Company (Vertical Construction), Texas Army National Guard
294th Area Support Medical Company, Iowa Army National Guard
891st Engineer Battalion, Kansas Army National Guard
96th Sustainment Brigade, Salt Lake City and Denver
313th Movement Control Battalion, Baltimore
324th Fire Fighting Detachment, East Point, Georgia
324th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, Granite City, Illinois
329th Survey and Design Team, Saint Joseph, Minnesota
387th Medical Logistics Company, Miami
398th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, Rockville, Maryland
452nd Preventative Medicine Team, Miami
996th Horizontal Engineer Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
B Company, 412th Civil Affairs Battalion, Columbus, Ohio

..there may be others

The Ebola interest in the United States is nearly a mirror image of the reporting that took place (which is now absent). The Google Trends graph shown above indicates just how influential the mainstream media really is for most people. Additionally, I have a suspicion (based on before and after web-searches) that Google may have ‘adjusted’ their search results for various ‘Ebola’ related search terms so as to favor the govt messaging that there’s nothing to be concerned about… If a tree falls in the forest when no one is around, does it make a noise?

The US Ebola crisis was encapsulated in a single month (actually mostly in just a few weeks), October 2014. But the thing is, there may be more Ebola cases to come in the United States (and/or elsewhere), brought here by travelers in airplanes or simply crossing our open borders. Perhaps returning volunteers.

Now is the time to yield some lessons from the short-lived Ebola “crisis” here in the U.S.

If it’s not in the news does not mean it’s not newsworthy.

If it’s not in the news does not mean something is not happening.

Just because there is no apparent immediate threat, does not mean that one should not be prepared for said threat.

Be skeptical of the news you read, see and hear, and also be skeptical of what you are NOT hearing.

Do your due-diligence to research beyond the alphabet-channel media outlets to diversify your discovery of the ‘truth’.

Ebola or some other deadly contagion could be here tomorrow for all we know.

If you’ve discovered any interesting Ebola news lately, comment and let us know.

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  1. Ebola isn’t the only disease brough to this country that cannot be discussed. There is a whooping cough epidemic going on right now in Southern California and the MSM is silent. The deaths from disease brought in by illegals that the president forced us to accept has killed more children then Adam Lanza did at Sandy Hook School.

  2. The Brotherhood of Darkness does not want the sheeple to be informed so that they don’t panic and do crazy stuff, like prepare and collect necessary supplies for self-quarantine. It’s the same with many other scandals from gun walking all the way to the huge federal land grabs by naming something a national monument or simply declaring it federally protected because some mole or rat lives there. I have watched this president apply both mission creep and executive declaration to break the constitution in to little pieces. I expect nothing less for the rest of his term.

  3. I believe there is something more nefarious going on behind-the-scenes than a mere MSM blackout. The only place where most “news” can be discovered is outside the USA at this time.

    There are two leading Ebola vaccines candidates. The first one is an Ebola “ChAd3” vaccine. This is developed by scientists from Okairos, a Swiss-Italian biotechnology company owned by GlaxoSmithKline(GSK), and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. It uses a cold virus that infects chimpanzees and a Zaire Ebola virus. GSK’s Ebola “ChAd3” vaccine could wrap up a five-week clinical trial in humans in November 2014,
    enter field trials shortly after that and be ready for wide distribution early in 2015.

    The second one is called an Ebola “rVSV” vaccine. It uses a vesicular stomatitis virus, which causes a mouth disease in cattle and Ebola. It was developed by the Canadian government and licensed to NewLink Genetics in Ames, Iowa.

    One Ebola vaccine (the GSK vaccine) was tested on only 20 adults in Maryland in a staggered trial lasting two weeks and one week respectively. Researchers at Maryland vaccinated 10 volunteers in November (10 volunteers on Nov 10th and 10 volunteers on November 17th).







    Merck this week bought the rights to another Ebola vaccine under development byNewLink Genetics for up to $50m in a sign that Big Pharma is ramping up production of the experimental vaccine.

    A third Ebola vaccine is being developed by Johnson & Johnson.

    GSK said it expected to have up to 20,000 doses ready for trials by the end of the year. It is plans to produce 230,000 Ebola vaccine doses a month by April and up to one million a month by the end of 2015.

    Donors including the European Commission, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust.

    There’s this:
    US firms to be given special dispensation in bid to boost search for Ebola vaccine

    Anyone concerned yet??????

    1. When can we expect to see the ads on TV for these “products”. I would bet during the superbowl, sandwiched between Cialis and Doritos.

  4. Since the government lies to us all the time, don’t trust their word or no word. No one is reporting the progress our troops are doing in these hot spots, yet, they record what troops are doing everywhere else. There has been a ban on free speech from the dictator.

    Since there are flu outbreaks that this year’s flu shots don’t cover, take caution on infectious diseases, all of them, including Ebola.

    1. Note about the Current Flu virus… A high school function recently occurred and my kid along with about 80% of the kids performing came down with the Flu and missed several days of school. The new mutation (the flu vaccine doesn’t work for this one) seems to be very easy to catch since the infection rate was such a high percentage. Anyway, on Monday a lot of kids went to school because they didn’t feel too bad yet and also because finals are next week. The kids ended up really sick on Tuesday and needed to stay home for a few days. The school is even asking the kids to stay home until they are completely better which is a first that I have heard of. The school usually wants the kids back 24 hours after the fever breaks.

      So my recovering kid then asked me what the initial symptoms of Ebola are… Well, Flu-like symptoms with a fever (not necessarily a high one yet).

      How is anyone going to know what they are really sick with right away this year? Maybe they can get people isolated before they get really sick so then they can just have died of the ‘Flu’…

      PS. Everyone in our family has gotten some version of the bug and it has only been at most a week from the possible exposure day. And another friend I know in a warmer climate also has the bug and so does their entire family…

      So if you get sick, you might want to stock up on some black elder berry juice… it really does help!

      1. According to WHO, about 13% of Ebola patients NEVER show a fever. So much for it being OK to board a plane or ride a bike if you have no fever. BTW, the nurse who flew to OH had a fever, but she used Tylenol and it came down under the arbitrary CDC threshold. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing.

  5. The graph is measuring something over time, but exactly what? The vertical axis is not marked.

  6. It’s not just Ebola. Anybody seen the video of Fergusons poster child doing a strong arm robbery before he tried the same with a police officer? I saw it once.

  7. Very convenient, how the dramatic, tragic, but relatively minor stories about a single unjust death in MO, or NYC, can be used to saturate the news. Protests, looting, staged outrage. It goes on and on, while ISIS slaughters hundreds with no outcry. Hamas drives cars into crowds; no outrage (Isreal had it comming, right?). Boko Harem enslaves hundreds of young girls into sex trade, while claiming education of girls causes corruption of morals.

    Meanwhile, the big networks fall over themselves to bring us The Reverend Al, or Kim and Kanye.

    Help us Jesus.

    1. Just saw an article on BBC about November alone.

      ‘Jihadist attacks killed more than 5,000 people in just one month, an investigation by the BBC World Service and King’s College London has found.’

  8. Not just the MSM.
    I have a suspicion that the U.N. and the US military have “ringfenced” the three main affected countries in West Africa with a very tight control of the available information is being held.

    You don’t even hear any information coming out of M.S.F. (Doctors without Borders) who normally are very vocal

  9. Just saw that there were two flights for Ebola patients to the US in one day.

    ‘There appears to be no public flight plan mapping either jet’s departure from Léopold Sédar Senghor International Airport in Dakar, Senegal. Yahoo News asked a Phoenix Air official last month about a noticeable increase in keeping flight information off of databases searchable by the public.

    “The only thing I can say is that it’s for operational security,” said Dent Thompson, the company’s vice president of operations. “There are a whole lot of things going on in the background, and whatever we do, it is in cooperation with the government and us.”’

    I wonder if ‘operational security’ means that the Guv door kickers won’t come a calling if they stay quiet.

  10. I realize this is an older post, but I wanted to ad to it in case others come upon this. While as far as most Americans know or believe, the Ebola threat has passed, what they should know is that in October and November of 2015 some states were actively searching for State Ebola Coordinators. Now I’m not a rocket scientist, but even I can see that something’s not right when you’re advertising for high level jobs such as these for a disease that supposedly died out one year earlier in 2014. So keep your head on a swivel – and get prepared for such ‘a viral event’ or whatever else may come our way.

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