Ebola Is Now In The USA, But, You Have Nothing To Fear


That’s the message you’ll probably start hearing from the mainstream talking heads. The risk of Ebola spreading is little to none. The public has nothing to fear.

Just because the CDC said that Ebola infections could reach 1.4 million by the end of January (worldwide), don’t worry – you will be fine. Ebola will always be somewhere else – not here…

The CDC has just confirmed that a patient in Dallas has the Ebola Virus…

(CBS Dallas Fort Worth) Officials with the Centers for Disease Control have confirmed that a person in Dallas definitely has the Ebola virus. Tuesday’s official determination makes the Dallas patient the first diagnosed Ebola case in the United States.

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas has admitted a patient into strict isolation… The hospital is following all Centers for Disease Control and Texas Department of Heath recommendations to ensure the safety of patients, hospital staff, volunteers, physicians and visitors.

Given today’s air travel and open borders, this first case of Ebola in the United States may be just the beginning – the tip of the iceberg.

Hope none of you were in DFW airport recently and used a toilet, a flush handle, a door, or sink that this guy touched. Or were on the plane he was on – or sat in his seat that he sweated in – or used the plane’s bathroom or touched the overhead bin he touched. Or touched the luggage carousel that his bags were on and his hands touched when he picked up his bags…

How many more will make their way into the U.S. undetected, and begin spreading this deadly virus (with ~70% mortality rate).

Personally, I would not risk my life on what the mainstream talking heads will tell us (that we have nothing to worry about – you can only get Ebola from direct bodily fluids). Ebola has been around since the 1990’s. Why is this new outbreak spiraling out of control? Because something is different about it!

Do yourself a favor. Stay in touch with this Ebola outbreak. Know what’s going on. Get your information from more than just the alphabet TV channels. Get yourself enough food to survive in your home for at least 3 months. Get it now before it becomes a potential grocery store shelf-clearing panic. Just-In-Time distribution will make it extremely difficult to restock shelves if the nation panics. Consider pandemic-specific supplies, just in case. Know that an epic food crisis will follow a pandemic.

It has begun… and is only the beginning…

By the way, the CDC has just warned funeral homes in the USA to prepare for Ebola victims.
WFSB Eyewitnees News 3

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  1. OMG, re everything, but especially the funeral home thing…

    WHY are they not planning to “dispose” of Ebola bodies in a Hazardous Medical Waste manner, i.e., Medical Incinerator????

    it is as if they want to slowly (or maybe not so slowly) spread it……………………………………..

    1. Was a time when we used to quarantine people with TB and other diseases. Even those coming here as immigrants were kept on Ellis Island for a month to make sure they didn’t have communicable diseases. Not now, we are too PC and would rather expose everyone to a deadly disease that “would only be fair”. Ebola could have been contained with common sense but not now. I believe Obama would want the U.S. to suffer.

  2. “It has begun… and is only the beginning…”


    From the very beginning of this ‘episodic outbreak’ the various estimations of the repective health organizations involved have been utterly inadequate. That is not to say that I beleive that their models are wholly ‘wrong’….but it is now my opinion that they have been continuously skewing the projections into the ‘best case scenrio’ category without fail.

    Worse, the circmstance at hand leaves a BROAD space in which something ‘else’ might happen; at a time when the entero-vitus is already loose (as well as others natively) and manifesting in some rather unexpected ways (paralysis) what would happen if someone – somewhere – manufactured a ‘release event’? Such as that might well go un-noticed by all concerned until it had effectively propagated itself beyond containment. The unthinkable could happen as well in this climate of ‘Terrorism’ if the CDC’s pre-eminent class IV facility in Manhattan, Kanas occasioned any type of ‘accident’. I shudder to think what might happen were THAT to occur

    I have been advocating to others, that should even a SINGLE case of this appear in North America that then ‘All bets are off…” for both the reasons stated above as well the native ferocity of Ebola itself. Shew-boy, looks like it’s in the Maker’s hands now.

  3. When asked if the ebola patient was an Amereican citizen the CDC refused to answer. Why? Why so much secrecy by our government. Where they placed the illegal alien children is a secret even the school officials were suprised on the first day of school when they showed up. Why? WHy is there secrecy on these simple questions? What are they hiding. Either the ebola patient is a citizen or he is not, what’s the big deal unless something else is going on. Was he part of a secret immigration effort and there are 100’s maybe 1000’s more and they don’t want us to know? Is he a “citizen” who was recently immigrated and they don’t want us to know that. What are they hiding? Don’t misunderstand I realize the fact that ebola has now entered the U.S. is serious and that is the issue but then what are they hiding? Is it far worse then they are letting on? Did a couple hundred people from the ebola areas enter the states and now they realize they screwed up and are covering their butts? Something stinks here.

    1. I read he returned from Sierra Leone…and I said DUH??
      Hasn’t the seriousness of that area been on the web for like a month?

      2 million homes quarantined??

      1. Interesting. BBC says Liberia. I guess we should agree that he came from somewhere in Africa. Small place to the East of US. Good time to be unemployed and retired?

  4. I knew this was bound to happen. Not too worried about it. Plan to stay the course.

  5. If the Sheeple begin to panic, the grocery stores will begin to empty. I’m going to top off a few things quietly before it gets worse.

  6. well…. just because the voice is in my head doesn’t mean its not real. Time is short, its fixin to get really real…. When the quarantine comes, you don’t want to get caught in it. Better to leave early than not leave the party at all.

  7. Right now, there’s a huge poker game happening. Everyone is betting on the statement that this guy wasn’t contagious when traveling. That could very well be the largest bet ever made. Dallas Forth Worth is a huge airport servicing tens of thousands of people a day. If he even infected two people during his travels we have huge problems. Personally, that’s a bet I’m not willing to take. I’m monitoring closely and topping off some supplies this weekend. Better safe than sorry before we find out he was contagious during the travel.

  8. There were eight days between the time he landed in the US and when he was isolated in the hospital. It took them that long to figure out what this was based on his symptoms!

    It has begun is right!

    When I was younger I dated a woman who was a dual major with one of those being virology. She traveled all over the country to the CDC, American Red Cross, National Institute of Health, and so on. The first book she ever gave me as a gift was “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston, which is about Ebola. That was nearly twenty years ago and it woke me up on this topic then!

    Learn as much as you can folks and be conscientious of how you use public surroundings. I am no expert in this field, but fear it enough to know better than to ignore it.

    My belief is that it will 100% spread here and the most dangerous part of that will the delay. This isn’t some flu that hits you the next day…

    Add this to the ever-growing list of what is going wrong with the world.

  9. We all knew it was only a matter of time. If our government TRULY gave a rat’s arse about the Citizen’s of this Nation they would have closed our borders to ANYONE originating in the already infected nations, but, they did not do that. They also have failed, whether purposely or through sheer stupidity, to close our Southern border thus allowing Enterovirus (endemic to Guatamala mostly) to infect our children on a fairly large scale. One MUST ask at this point WHY? Is this on purpose? Is it just political correctness gone awry? Are they worried about the impact on their political careers of closing our borders and keeping AMERICANS safe? Does it truly matter WHY at this point??

    Fact is It IS here (as many of the “prepping” sites said it would be for the last few weeks). I have experience as both a police officer AND an RN and I do NOT believe for a second that this disease will be contained completely in America. I DO NOT believe the CDC when they say “Don’t worry”- It is akin to saying “we’re from the government and we’re here to help”. I also do NOT believe the statement that people are “not contagious until they develop symptoms”.

    In the End I do not believe that the Ebola virus will be the end of our world as we know it (although it will be devastating enough both mentally and physically)- I think that will come in the form of the Sheeple panic when the disease starts to spread and our hospitals are overwhelmed (which they nearly are on any regular day anyway!!). The mass hysteria that ensues is what will cause the most damage. Stores will empty, trucks will not run because people will stop going to work, same with the utilities. Eventually the first responders will stop going to work and focus on caring for their families (rightly so) and so on and so on and son on. I must agree with “Quietly Stocking Up”‘s statement. The Sheeple WILL panic and stores will empty. The ER’s will be quickly overwhelmed with every nut with a fever and their families. ( it happened when I was working the ER during the Anthrax issue a number of years ago, Masses of people coming in worried they had anthrax, Quickly caused our ER to divert patients.

    I hope I am wrong but when you see 30, 40, 50 or more cases the Sheep will panic. When they do, look out….

  10. on the news tonight, they said, this person entered the states, went home, got sick, went to emergency…AND THEY SENT HIM BACK HOME for two/three MORE days.

    after that, he went to the hospital/THEN quarantine by ambulance.

    me, I do not believe he was not sick on the plane. I suspect he “came home to the states” BECAUSE he was not feeling well (in some manner).

    besides that, the emergency department KNEW he had been in “those countries”/knew he was sick, yet for some reason STILL sent him back out to “spread the disease”.

    there has been no mention in the news, so far, of quarantine of the ambulance crew/quarantine of the original emergency department patients/staff, etc.

    they all seem very casual about it all.

    and THIS from a group of medical folks who if a child comes to school with measles or chickenpox, they make it practically a quarantine situation.. (something most of us had/survived just fine as kids)

    doesn’t make sense.

    1. Fascinating point about coming to the US to gain treatment. After all, we miraculously “cured” two doctors by returning them back home. Why wouldn’t folks want to come to the US to get that same cure? Doesn’t matter if there isn’t enough to go around…

      The cure percentage for ebola is currently estimated at 70%.

      If people think they can get treatment by coming to the US, they will do whatever it takes to get here and that includes lying and acting the part of as healthy a person as they can muster.

      1. absolutely. we have discussed this aspect too. “people will do what it takes to get to the U.S./etc.,” if they suspect (and why shouldn’t they) they can be cured there.

        seems like a entirely new revenue source for “Human Traffickers”

      2. have to say, I have been wondering about Perceval’s point
        “After all, we miraculously “cured” two doctors by returning them back home.”

        was this “miraculously “cured””, or has a cure/treatment been around for a long time?

        1. We talk about people behaving as “sheeple”, but let’s not be one of them ourselves. And, I say this tongue in cheek just to remind folks to stay awake on information and misinformation.

          A supposed cure, or however close lab technicians and scientists have gotten to one, has been around for some time now – IMHO. I would speculate for at least 5-7 years or longer given the advancement in computing and how that correlates with to lab improvements and analysis.

          And, if there is ANY kind of national security aspect to a cure, you can bet your last centr that the powers that be save them stored for the supposed leaders that will run our country in a WROL or whatever TEOTWAWKI situation arises, God help us.

          If it wasn’t so sad a state of affairs, it’d be laughable that things continue to get worse with leaders who think they are in charge and can handle whatever is next.

          Think of the ebola cure like getting a flu shot, which I will never get. There are only so many to go around each year with the strain variants that are making the rounds.

          There are only just enough for those who are important enough and that number is probably only ~1-2 thousand…

  11. “Ebola has been around since the 1990’s. Why is this new outbreak spiraling out of control? Because something is different about it!”

    Ebola has actually been around since the 1970’s I believe (1976???). YES something is VERY different about this outbreak. The virus HAS mutated in some way to make it much more easily transmitted. It is very different this time around so pay careful attention and stay safe all…

  12. another point…

    anyone watch the news bit yesterday, about a local Doctor in Liberia (think it was Liberia) who is successfully treating patients with AIDs drugs? think he said he had something like eighty per cent success rate.

    well, in that news bit, he/commentator/other expert commentator interviewed, stated this was certainly plausible, as the Ebola virus was very similar to the HIV virus.

    First, does this aspect/statement (if true) raise any Red Flags with anyone?

    Second, I recall reading somewhere, yrs back (no idea if this is accurate) that one reason AIDS was so difficult to treat permanently, is the AIDS virus is a sneaky little sucker. The person can be healthy/test healthy, but the virus has a way of hiding is some body organ, then when stress of some kind hits, multiplies in the body again.

    so…am wondering, if the Ebola virus IS so similar to the AIDS virus that the same drug can work, could those who test “cured” of Ebola, be sitting with a viral timebomb because the Ebola Virus could “hide in the body” like the AIDS virus???

  13. Agree with Ken. Top off on preps. Food crisis follows pandemic. Trucks stop rolling, so gas stops flowing. I also agree it will likely not be TEOTWAWKI, but it sure has the potential to wipe out a lot of sheeple.

  14. Anyone here think of the vulnerability an Ebola outbreak creates domestically and how that could be just the right catalyst and climate for an external attack form another nation?

    Sure wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility if you pair a viral outbreak with an EMP or Economic collapse.

    That could make for some globally trying times, i.e. New World Order kind of unification.

  15. seems like the entervovirus is spreading to adults, now wait for it to mix with Ebola…or something..

    in B.C.
    enterovirus 68 showing paralysis-like symptoms, has now shown up in adult. prior claims indicated it only affected children. this is the first time I have seen it admitted that adults can also be affected.

    “Among eight lab-confirmed cases of EV-D68, two patients with “paralytic symptoms” – a child and a young adult — were reported to the BC Centre for Disease Control”

  16. They keep repeating over and over on the news here not to worry because it is not spread by air. Well if he sneezes and mucous lands on someone or droplets in the air, I think there is a chance of infection. He could have not washed his hands after going to the bathroom and touch something.

    I am not too far from Dallas. This is very alarming. I don’t want to freak out, but with the world situation that it is, just cannot help it.

    I don’t really trust everything they say. Also read that even someone who is “cured” can pass the virus on through sex for 21 days or more after! Alarming? Very.

    I agree with Perceval. How many will do what it takes to get here? It is pretty easy after all.

  17. oh goody…

    but, nothing to worry about..duh

    “Dallas Ebola patient vomited outside apartment on way to hospital”

  18. oh man, this fellow KNEW he likely had Ebola…
    “(Reuters) – Two days after he was sent home from a Dallas hospital, the man who is the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States was seen vomiting on the ground outside an apartment complex as he was bundled into an ambulance.

    “His whole family was screaming. He got outside and he was throwing up all over the place,”

    The New York Times said that Duncan, in his mid-40s, helped transport a pregnant woman suffering from Ebola to a hospital in Liberia, where she was turned away for lack of space. Duncan helped bring the woman back to her family’s home and carried her into the house, where she later died, the newspaper reported. Four days later Duncan left for the United States”

    1. Too bad the media doesn’t give an address to send get dead cards to him. The only good Duncan I ever found was spelled different and had donuts and coffee.

  19. UN Ebola chief raises ‘nightmare’ prospect that virus could mutate and become airborne if it is not quickly brought under control

    UN warns Ebola virus currently plaguing West Africa could become airborne

    The longer it moves between human hosts the greater possibility of mutation

    The risk grows the longer virus is living within the human ‘melting pot’

    NGOs have said the Ebola virus is currently infecting five people every hour


  20. so, are they telling us, they do not have trained hazmat crews at the ready to decontaminate lodgings???

    they had to wait till night time to even think of carrying out decontamination, and then “called it off to get permits” wtf?

    was the night time set so t.v. cameras can’t get pics?

    Hazmat crews delay decontamination of apartment from which Ebola-stricken man was taken

    DALLAS — A hazardous material crew called off for the night decontamination work at the north Dallas apartment from which an Ebola-stricken man was taken earlier this week.

    Dallas city spokesman Richard Hill said the crew had arrived Thursday evening after a severe thunderstorm and resulting power outage delayed the start of work at the apartment from which Thomas Eric Duncan was taken Sunday.

    He says officials ultimately decided to hold off on the start of work until Friday to allow the crews to obtain permits for the hazmat cleanup and transportation of the removed hazardous materials. The family also had to be relocated before the cleanup started

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