Flu Season – Everyone Will Think They’ve Got Covid-19 Instead

Peak Flu Season Months

According to the CDC (chart above) the worst (peak) months for flu season are the four months from December through March. The transition from November to December is rapid as flu ramps up quickly. Big peak during February (month of most peak flu), then basically done by April.

Why Will 2020 – 2021 Flu Season Be Different?

Have you heard of Covid-19? (/sarc)

Given the massive media hype surrounding Covid-19 (“We’re all gonna die!!”), can you just imagine the freak-out when ordinary people begin coming down with the ordinary flu a few months from now?

Everyone will think they have Covid-19!!

And to make it worse, the mainstream media will probably tie it all in as Covid-19 – scaring the $h!# out of everyone.

Next? Well, there will be the usual suspects who will want to close everything down again. Lock it up tight. Right?

I’m posting this possibility because I do believe that when flu season hits (as it always does), MOST people (given their freak-out fear of Covid-19) WILL believe they’ve got it (Covid-19) if they happen to catch the seasonal flu.

What an opportunity for more hysteria, yes?

So how will that affect you and I? Well unless the mainstream media changes their message of Covid-19 fear (which they won’t!), there will probably be more lockdowns across the board.

That will bring on more panic buying of (fill in the blank…). More shortages. Problems. Anger…

I must say, that “if” they do start locking down again – there will be economic carnage beyond the devastation we’ve already seen. The death knell. There’s simply no way that our existing burgeoned financial system can survive it again.

So not only should you be concerned about the election results and their follow-on consequences, you might consider the resurgence of Covid hysteria as the flu season sets in.

What’s your opinion about the upcoming “flu season” as it relates to the likelihood that so many will be afraid they’ve got Covid-19 instead? Will the seasonal flu be differentiated from Covid-19 (as it should be) so as to maintain some calm? Will MSM actually point that out? Or will it all be attributed to a new “onslaught” of the pandemic — and renewed controls and lockdowns?

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  1. Yes they will!! Just like this past Jan.-Feb. time frame. Anybody who had the sniffles went straight to the outpatient area of the local hospital to get checked for Covid 19. Does anybody think this time will be different?

  2. Just my 2 cents… I don’t think that the regular flu season is going to be that bad as it has in years past. People are washing their hands more, distancing themselves, and are sanitizing commonly touched objects. In schools and many work places, temperatures are taken before entering the building. We have become used to making a habit of limiting transmission of all viruses.

    1. Pecora, I hope you’re right, at least more right than me. I guess we will all wait ti see what the sheeple do.

    2. I agree, isn’t it shocking though, how many people didn’t wash their hands before this?

    3. Agree that this year the regular flu may not be as bad because of all the hand washing, sanitizing and mask wearing. Guess time will tell.

  3. IMO November until May is going to be a chaotic mess! Regular cold/flu season and throw in some allergies and Covid in the mix! No one is going to know what’s going on! Everyone will assume it’s the worst case scenario (covid) and no one will be going to work or do anything if you have sniffles/sore throat/cough/feel ill
    It will start with mini shut downs because so and so out sick (usually 7-10 cold recovery time but if covid concerns…stay home 14 days)
    Omg your family members has any of those symptoms- you too have to isolate….or if you’re exposed to a covid positive person—-of course those rules do not apply if you’re “essential worker” in that case UNLESS you have fever and all those symptoms, suck it up buttercup/ you MUST work !!!! Ah good times! Can’t wait for the fun to begin (yes that is sarcasm font)

    1. of course those rules do not apply if you’re “essential worker” in that case UNLESS you have fever and all those symptoms, suck it up buttercup/ you MUST work !!!!

      laughed at this one. I am an essential worker and have been working even more since all this started. I said several times it would be worth the whole lock down ( not even a little concerned about preps ) to get some time off. I’m to old to be working 60 hour weeks

  4. Ken “Will the seasonal flu be differentiated from Covid-19 (as it should be) so as to maintain some calm? Will MSM actually point that out? Or will it all be attributed to a new “onslaught” of the pandemic — and renewed controls and lockdowns?”

    Depends on who wins in Nov. If Trump wins, we will have the same attitude from the MSM. If Biden wins, Covid 19 goes away and everything will be good again.

    Just my 1.2 cents (do to the devalue of the money supply) worth.

  5. I rarely go out and typically keep ‘watch’ on Influenza anyway. But this year it will be much different!

    I think we’ll be in self-assigned lockdown during that time anyway. We’re going to be approaching Code Red before long, so we are doing our final store runs over the next 2 weeks. I don’t know how we’ll find the time to do it all, plus we’re tired. So much canning still to do, on top of other food-garden/greenhouse preps, plus a neighbor gave us access to a few dead trees that we can drop, buck, and haul to our place. And so much rain to work around! Continued reloading, practice, a few house drills, equipment checks, extra batteries on top of extra batteries. Added in more “no trespassing” signage. (I can’t imagine not being prepared and then suddenly you can’t find supplies you need!) We’re getting topped off and as ready as can be.

    Meanwhile, in other parts: “Should I get new chairs to match the new curtains?” and “Let’s go to McDonalds!” and “I like Biden…he understands politics.” Bah! What’s in the water they drink?!

    We already made the decision to stay completely off of any highway or Interstate. Staying away from cities and crowds is a no-brainer. Cities always fail. Besides, we’re misfits anyway. But nowadays, they’re coming to us… even a trip out to the barn means strapping on.

    So if we’re in our own lockdown, not much chance of Flu getting to us. Then again, ya never know…Whatever comes our way will be a certifiable ClusterFLUck of the century this Winter.

    1. Modern Throwback, I love your post and agree. Also wife and I are staying away form the masses as well. However I seem to be reminded of an old military saying in war the first plan will fail when the action starts. Something like that. I’m currently trying to figure out plan B and C and D. Best wishes.

      1. Man on foot, One of our regulars always signs off with “Adapt and Overcome”. It’s not just a good reminder, it’s an essential plan! We all need to be ready to overcome anything that’s thrown our way, pivot, and take on Plan B, C, or D.

        Be sure to check your grab-bags, and stay ‘topped off’ as best as possible.

    2. Modern Throwb
      It sounds like y’all are gonna need the rest during your self-assigned lockdown, from all that work you’re doing getting ready for what may come! Lets hope the crazies actually get concerned about catching Covid this winter, and don’t gather for burn and loot parties.

      1. Chipmunk, You’re probably right! The big harvests are a blessing and a kitchen curse, right? Ha!!

        I can’t begin to try and second-guess the crazies, but I have a hunch that they’re on this ‘high’ and think they’re invincible….what do they believe are their super-powers?! lol

  6. If I were a Dim strategist around early to mid October I would release a statement something like “extremely virulent flu not in this flu shot mix has been detected. A lock down is necessary NOW!” or perhaps ” New more deadly Covid 19 strain not affected by the new vaccine requires a more stringent lock down.”. Every year people get sick with an influenza strain that is not in the flu shot mix so it wouldn’t even be a “big lie” just a little fib. (ha ha). The MSM would eat it up.

    No matter what, November, December, and January will be interesting. Using disease for political purposes may not be new but it hasn’t been used in a while.

  7. KEN

    If the dem’s win you will not hear a word. Only if a repub wins will we be “sick” again.

  8. If budget allows buy the herbal and homeopathic meds now while they are in stock. Elderberry disappears fast and has gone up in price, ouch. Elderberries are in stock at some of the suppliers. You can make your own syrup. Consider making a Oxymel made from apple cider vinegar and honey. Look up on youtube for instructions and ideas. You can combine all sorts of herbs or garlic or peppers to knock out a cold or flu etc.

      1. – M’Lynn,
        Oxymel is an old name for a honey and vinegar, sometimes cut with water, mix. It was as common as lemonade, which it tastes a little bit like, when Lemons were not often found in trade.
        – Papa S.

    1. I just got a bag of elderberries from Amazon. I have been enjoying using berries from my backyard bushes, but they are not producing well this year for some reason. It’s mighty nice to still be able to purchase pretty much anything we need. I have a concern that in the future we will not be allowed to if we haven’t followed gummint orders such as mandatory immunizations.

    2. Yep, I was doing restocks of my first aid/medicine cabinet pre sick season… and elderberry was gone! Vitamin C was almost gone as well. Appears others are thinking ahead too.

  9. Ya, cover yourself up completely, and then wipe yourself with your left hand – and not wash.

    I think our social etiquette is just fine.

    1. hermit us:

      Speaking of covering up completely,
      I had a little fun today….
      Climbed into my Full Hazmat Suit today WITH the Rebreather and hit Sam’s Club….
      Amazing how many people step out of your way… LOLOL

      Yes was a good day to be alive for sure….

      PS: the checker, I know, was just shaking her head and laughing at full speed….

      1. NRP & Blue – Well that’s just ornery, NRP! LOLOL Wish I could’ve seen that! Say, I have one of those suits, too….

      1. Yes, they wipe with their left hand, and eat with their right. It’s just in the last few years that TP has been approved, as I understand it.

  10. The part of Ken’s article that I am most concerned about is the probable panic.

    I don’t think it will matter how many people get flu shots, or even how many people actually get the seasonal flu vs covid or allergies or anything else.

    IMO, it’s the public reactions that will be the big problem. Particularly the job losses that would come from another round of business shut-downs and the shortages of food and supplies that will come with a new round of people worrying about either getting sick or being back in lockdown.

    Imagine how hard it will be to find NyQuil, anti-virals, etc…

    Imagine going back to food processors being shut down again (BTW a large Tyson plant in central CA was shut down earlier this week for covid deaths and positive tests).

    Imagine no canned fruit & veggies at all because those plants are running short staffed and they are low on produce because so many crops were lost to no available labor to harvest, bad weather, etc…

    Imagine how much longer it will take to get the shelves restocked this time since we know that a) the warehouses have little in reserve right now, and b) that the state and local agencies are competing with us to buy non-perishables with the 650 million in federal aid they received. Remember our recent conversations about that warehouse in Fife, WA… and the man interviewed saying they have been waiting for weeks (or months) for various food items for their warehouse. And, that they are competing with the regular consumer food supply chain and every other state.

    Yep, the seasonal flu / covid next round could shape up to be a real doozy for us all.

  11. The flu, yes we will have some. Probably regular annual flu and more Covid.

    The reaction of government agencies and media will determine what we will be up against.

    In, MA the Governor wants to require all school age children to get the annual flu shot.

    If you work at certain jobs such as healthcare, education; there are existing requirement to get the flu jab.

    If people continue to wash their hands, don’t touch their face, etc I would expect a lower flu season of all kinds.

    I expect that the politicians and media can’t let any uptick in flu counts (all kinds) allowed to go by without making it a crisis.

    I’m hoping the supply chain holds up. Empty grocery shelves and food pantries will be worse than the flu.

  12. Ken
    Curious if a future article could be written for alleviating cold or flu symptoms with basic OTC remedies such as honey or elderberry. Even recommend a decent book with recipes for such items. I just need something I can print off and purchase the ingredients in order to have a better stock in hand. Currently the recommendations are all over the place. Perhaps 5 proven hone grown remedies to keep it simple.

    1. The fear & panic have already set in for the flu!! We’ve been doing flu immunizations all day today !! People have been calling for weeks waiting on us to get them in!! Now we have them, & it’s been a constant run today!!!

  13. Flu season is fast approaching.
    Time to build up that immune system.
    Elderberry tincture.
    Vitamin C and D.

    I have allergies and one of the medications I’m on produces a cough, as a side effect. Shall I say, a productive cough. Constant drainage.
    There’s nothing like going out in public and having a coughing fit and an occasional sneeze. Strange smells. Perfumes, colognes, dust, etc. trigger it.
    I get a lot of strange, non accepting looks now. Can’t wait for the bug season.
    I’d rather be in quarantine

    1. Joe c — The last time I was researching COVID herbals, I learned that elderberry actually could lead to cytokine storm syndrome which is harmful for those infected with coronavirus. I since stopped taking Elderberry daily. I want to do some deep research on this now that 6 months or so have passed. Maybe there are new findings and not just ‘fake news’ or blurbs at herbal websites.

      So at this time, my regime is Vitamin C (500mg), zinc (250 mg), and Vitamin D3 (50 mcg). I’ve been taking those 3 to boost my immune system since March.

      I also suffer from allergies now and I have a cough that can get crazy at times. If I catch the cough early enough, I can stop it…otherwise it’s bad. I use a saline nasal rinse early in the morning, and several times a day. I also use this rinse if I begin to cough. It really helps.

      I also use Peppermint essential oil because it helps w/ respiration and has a calming effect. And I use a cold mister with Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oil mixed with water. The mister runs a few hours several times a day.

      For mucus — there are certain foods that create mucus, and certain foods that help to reduce mucus production. Learn about those foods and which ones you can eliminate. It’s also helpful to use foods and herbals to reduce mucus. I minimize dairy products and avoid eating nuts.

      I drink Ginger tea every day now, and I use lemon and a local honey w/ that tea. All 3 are mucus-reducers that builds up from histamine production caused by allergens. And I drink quite a bit of water.

      1. Hi MT
        Yes, I have heard the same of elderberry and the cytokine storm syndrome.
        I kept taking it. Dec thru April.
        Figured I started it, no reason to stop. Of course during those 5 months I went nowhere.
        I’ve kept up on the zinc and D3 all this time. I need to add the other essentials as the flu and cold seasons are fast approaching.
        Allergies are nasty for me this year, too. This past winter, humidifier, oils as you stated..
        Not much help, but better. I think I’m allergic to my critters, but they’re staying….I may have to go….lol
        But, I’ll deal with it.
        Thanks for your info.

        1. Joe c, I have the same problem….I’m allergic to my dogs. Does it stop me from burying my face in their wooly necks? Nope. lol

      2. Consider stocking up on garlic tablets, too. Garlic is the age-old remedy for flu viruses and for boosting your immune system. I buy the Kyolic aged garlic extract pills and they don’t make your breath stink. Hopefully, they keep the vampires away, too! LOL

        1. I forgot to mention that taking probiotics is a powerful way to strengthen your gut system, which in turn, strengthens your immune system. A healthy gut is a healthy body. I make my own kombucha tea, kefir, and fermented vegetables (don’t can the fermented veggies because the heat will kill the good bacteria). It’s amazing how fast my food allergies and seasonal allergies disappeared when I began eating fermented food/drinks on a daily basis.

          1. I am just starting with making fermented foods. Researched it and I agree that they are helpful for good nutrition and health. Starters for kombucha, water kefir, milk kefir and already made fermented vegetables and kvass can be found at your family farmer dot com. It is not hard to do but does take some commitment to keep an eye on things.

  14. I don’t think it matters who is elected president. The media will use it to bash Trump or enable Biden to implement tyrannical rules.

    Personally I think we will see more people with all kinds of flu strains or sicknesses, because millions have worn masks when they don’t need to, (walking alone outdoors,etc) depriving their body of what they should be dealing with on a daily basis, battling viruses. Not to mention wearing gloves, bathing themselves in hand sanitizer, not going outdoors and getting sunlight for vitamin D. Take all the vitamins and supplements you want nothing is as good as natural exposure.

    All this lockdown crap has done is weakened your natural immune system. Our body is way more advanced than anything science and drs know.

    BTW. Read a article that the covid vaccine maybe ready and available by late Oct early Nov. So I’m sure we will all be fine. Just get the shots, yes shots. Line up, shots are in the rail car.

    Never get tested, never take the RDA/DNA vaccine.


  15. I laugh at these people who think schools are going to reopen in October or November. As soon as they reopen, regular flu season will start and schools will shut down again.

    1. And when the schools close down again, someone has to stay at home with the kid(s). So that someone now isn’t working anymore. Domino effect. Even though young people are essentially at (almost) ZERO risk for the covid.

    2. Our schools opened on schedule, two weeks ago. One has already closed down because of COVID spread. At least it was a high school, so technically the kids can be left home alone. When the elementary schools shut down…

  16. You know, I don’t mind this Covid/Flu thing, I used to be considered an antisocial a$$hole, but now I’m a socially responsible citizen who cares about my fellow man!😜

    1. Ha!
      That sounds familiar,,,
      I actually keep hoping for another stay home work from home order

      1. Kula,
        your wish is the gov’s command, likely to be announced
        on Monday 9/07, additional two weeks of stay at home
        orders, per conference call yesterday.

  17. Ken, 100% agree. Schools will all shut down first causing a domino effect. Honestly I don’t even think it’s going to take the flu, I think we’ll see it with run of the mill common colds.

    People are going to get the sniffles and will be sent into a panic.

    Not to mention if everyone with a runny nose is running out to get tested you can guarantee the positive numbers will go up. And as we’ve seen even if deaths and hospitalizations don’t increase the media will just focus on those positive tests to further push their scare tactics. As stated there is no way the economy can hold up against another shutdown, we haven’t even seen the full effects of the first one yet. Scary times ahead

  18. Well, it has been allergy season for me with the folder on in full bloom. I am lucky if my eyes don’t swell shut. Lots of sneezing and some coughing from post nasal drip even with allergy medication. I’ve done the local honeys, etc. and I also am taking elderberry and Oil of a oregano right now…which is probably why my symptoms are not as bad as they could be. But, it is already difficult with these masks when I am not this bad with allergies…right now it is horrible. And then, if I do sneeze, wow, if looks could kill!

    I prefer to stay home As much as possible most of the time, but I have to pickup meds and groceries for my elderly friend. I have never considered myself antisocial – I just enjoy being outside with the garden or animals or inside cooking or cleaning, etc.

    We have to get back to living in our communities and interacting, working, exercising, etc. Home violence is getting out of hand for many families with job losses and others stresses. Most do not enjoy being “trapped” in their home. Families are being hurt with this shutdown in so many ways.

  19. Just wait until people with a seasonal “cold” start SNEEZING, AH-CHOO! out in public, a store, wherever…

    Those around them are going to go absolute panic bat$hit crazy in fear!

  20. Hello all. I certainly agree it’s going to be interesting this flu season depending on who wins the election come November. We are mentally preparing to be home more than usual this winter and I must say, I really don’t mind it. We have been cranking out projects here on the homestead and I decided to not put in my fall garden this year. I’m finishing up any canning, freezing, and preserving with whats available at farmer’s markets and the grocery store (from local farmers). Garden getting cleaned up and beds amended, although late beans, cukes, squash, and tomatoes are still coming in. Then will harvest sweet potatoes in a few weeks. I think winter may come a bit early also due to the GSM. Just a hunch. And I’m just tired of it all. The virus, the news, etc. Have taken a much needed break!

    I have made tincture with most of my elderberry harvest this year. Left plenty for our feathered friends to finish up too. Bought a bunch of ginger which I peel, slice or grate and then freeze ( the grated I make about tablespoon size mounds and freeze on cookie sheets and then pack up). Works for me to always have on hand for tea or cooking. We have also stocked up the C, D, and zinc. Lots of teas and OTC meds. Can’t do much more.

    Come what may….the good Lord is still on His Throne.

  21. An interesting article just out on Coronavirus:
    “A Supercomputer Analyzed Covid-19 — and an Interesting New Theory Has Emerged: A closer look at the Bradykinin hypothesis” by Thomas Smith, Sept 1, 2020

    elemental dot media dot com

  22. The wife and I have decided to continue to stay away from other people this winter. We have been in isolation since last January and we will continue to do so. No flu shot needed because we will not be in a position to get infected. I think that unless there is a covid vaccine, it will be hard for everybody. If people can’t get back to work our way of life will be in trouble. There are too many obstacles for everyone to survive. Things could get really crazy sooner then you think. Prep up and pray up. I would like to see things differently but reality is closing in on us all.

  23. I think the media will continue to hype the reality of the situation and it will become harder to avoid their intrusion into our daily lives. Media saturation has a definite effect on the average person, specifically, it makes them doubt their own common sense. Such is the case in my state where the infection numbers are low as is the mortality rate (compared to most other states). But the media in the big city continues to promote the fatality rate raising fears among the general populace, all the while hiding the fact that almost 70% of fatalities occurred in people with advanced cancers and/or severe lung disease who were undergoing chemotherapy. Clearly people who are very ill are extremely vulnerable to the virus but those who aren’t have shown, at least in our state, that it is a stubborn but not entirely fatal flu. Logic dictates that we should believe that there is a virulent virus but also that we should skeptical, very skeptical, of people like “Dr.” Fauci who doesn’t even take his own advice.

    1. Eli
      They have to hype the situation because they are pushed by the government to do so. This has nothing to do with Dem or Rep it has to do with the fact that they blew this whole thing out of proportion ( not that people aren’t getting sick ) added 2.5 trillion dollars to the deficit made millions of businesses close their doors and 10″s of millions of people lose their jobs . People will soon start losing houses,cars,and anything else they have payments on. Credit cards will go into default and the economy will take a huge hit. There is just no way anyone is going to admit that this is not as bad as they thought it would be so shout it to the heavens we are all going to die. I live in Northern California and to date about 2% or less of the population here has tested positive and way less than .5 percent have died. Not quite the world ending scenario it was supposed to be. Of course that’s just my opinion

    2. Eli,
      IMHO, Dr. Anthony “Moderna” Fauci, is just kinda blowing with the wind, and should
      be released back to the lab. Gee whiz, I didn’t see the MSM covering the CDC release
      concerning the fact that of all the deaths we have seen, it’s 9,700 that have actually died
      from covid…Biggest numbers come from over 65 years, obesity with diabetes + as the
      data stated 2.5 additional contributing factors.

  24. All
    Don’t worry about the flu, Saturday, saw the first confirmed US re-infection of covid.
    The first re-infection that I saw was in Hokkaido, Japan, way back in March. So you
    can bet everyone that gets the flu this coming season, will surely think that they
    have covid.

  25. I venture to say the majority of people who think they are suffering from COVID symptoms actually have the flu, pneumonia or a sinus infection. Having COVID antibodies doesn’t mean it is what is causing your illness. I had 2 sinus infections in February: not coronavirus.

  26. I told you this would start happening… Now that FALL season is underway as we head into WINTER, it seems that “the flu” has gone away – while instead Covid numbers are going up. Apparently even the common cold is being tagged as Covid!

    ‘Something extremely bogus is going on’: Musk says he’s positive & negative for Covid-19 after taking 4 tests in 1 day.

    Futurist entrepreneur Elon Musk has expressed doubts about the accuracy of coronavirus tests, after claiming to have been both diagnosed and cleared of the disease on the same day.

    The SpaceX and Tesla founder wrote on Twitter that he had been administered four tests for the virus over a 24-hour period, leading to contradictory results.

    “Two tests came back negative, two came back positive. Same machine, same test, same nurse. Rapid antigen test from BD,” Musk said.

    Musk said he was taking polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests from separate labs and that the results would be ready in about a day. He explained that he had symptoms of a “typical cold” but was otherwise not exhibiting any health problems purportedly linked to Covid-19.

    >> Report

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