Are We All Going To Eventually Get The Wuhan Virus?

I’ve been thinking about this, as parts of the nation (and world) “re-open”, albeit slowly. Is the reality going to be that we all eventually get the Wuhan Virus / COVID-19?

Thank God this virus is not as deadly as original modeling suggested! However, it is VERY contagious. And that’s the problem.

We were all “locked down” from fears that hospitals would be overrun with dying patients due to high mortality rates. So we needed to lessen the contagion curve by isolating from one another while coming to grips with the situation as new data came in. That was logical, given the original modeling and potential unfolding disaster.

As it turned out, it wasn’t “as bad” as forecast in the beginning. That was, and is, great news. But, while some may say that the Wuhan virus isn’t too much deadlier than seasonal flu, the big difference is contagion. The Wuhan virus is very much more contagious than seasonal flu. So, logically, lots more people are, and will be be affected by it. Therefore putting more people at risk than the seasonal flu would.

Well, who is at risk? As we are finding out, it’s primarily those with underlying poor health conditions. Those with weaker immune systems. The elderly. There have been outliers where seemingly healthy and “young” people have died. But for the most part, it’s those who are not so healthy. Again, this is a logical outcome.


Here’s the thing I’ve been thinking about. Given how contagious it is, and given my opinion that there will be no effective vaccine (more on that in a minute), it seems to me that sooner or later most of us are going to get the Wuhan Virus.

The only way you might be near 100% assured that you wouldn’t get it, is to never be in proximity to another human being for the rest of your life. Obviously that’s not going to happen…

Another obvious observation is this: The higher the population density, the sooner and likelier that you are going to get it. But even those of us who live rural. It seems eventually we will probably get it too. Eventually.

We humans interact. Even with precautions, sooner or later it seems to me that this highly contagious virus is going to get past those defenses. Those masks (many of which don’t work as well as you might think). That one time you rub your itchy nose in the grocery store. All the usual ways that you might have caught the seasonal flu. Just magnify it many times over…

The country, the world, it can’t stay locked down forever. Why? Because we’ll all die / starve to death otherwise. How’s that? Well, put on your thinking cap… If we are not producing, how are we going to survive? We don’t live like we used to way back in the day when most families lived on a farm. No. Today, we can only survive if there’s food and supplies at the grocery stores.

If we remain locked down, production will crash further than it already has – while “the economy” (what’s left of it) follows suit. Long term lock down is just not sustainable. The system isn’t built that way.

Re-opening for business

So for that reason, we are re-opening for business. A bit at a time.

I can guarantee you sure as I’m sitting here that the mainstream media will focus laser sharp on the resulting increase in Wuhan virus cases. It will be hyped up to a frenzy to further frighten the public. I will not get into the “why”, but I think most of you know why.

With that said, there WILL be increase of the Chinese Flu. It’s logical. Unavoidable. This is what I’m wrapping my head around. We must re-open, though we also must realize that many of us are going to eventually get this thing. At least that’s how it seems to me.

What are our choices? Remain locked down, imprisoned, and eventually starve to death from lack of production and income as we descend into 3rd-world poverty? Or to accept that many of us are probably going to eventually get the virus and most all of us will recover, similar to that of the seasonal flu? (Though many of the unhealthy will be vulnerable and die – though there are ways to mitigate that)

What’s the best thing we can do?

This is the reason why I started this blog post while thinking about the reality of our current situation. I just don’t see how we are going to avoid this. Prolong the inevitable, maybe. But total avoidance? Doesn’t seem likely. We might have to face it.


Just applying some reasonable thinking here… while considering the so called flu vaccine that many people get every year. Evidently it’s rare that the flu vaccine strain “guess” is correct for any given upcoming seasonal flu which mutates. Apparently the Chinese flu virus is also a mutating virus. So one wonders how an effective vaccine (that really works) may come about. Therefore, I’m not putting much hope at this time into this solution.

Improve Your Health

In my view, the best thing you (we) can do about the Wuhan flu, the Chinese flu, Covid-19 (whatever you want to call it) is this:

Come to grips that you will probably eventually get it.

Therefore, improve your health as best you can. Why? Because those that it kills are usually the most vulnerable in society. Your immune system will need to fight it off. Although there are hopes for new treatments (not the cure, but treatments) which may alleviate symptoms, your best bet for what you yourself can do is to improve your health.

Look in the mirror. Look inward. Do what you need to do in order to become a healthier human being. Give your immune system a fighting chance by eating better. Most of us could stand to lose some (or a lot) of weight, given the general obesity problem in this country. Exercise. Get off you a$$ and go for a walk. You know what you need to do…

In conclusion

Not sure if this was a bit rambling. But I just don’t see how we are going to avoid this virus over time. It’s here. It’s highly contagious. And we all cannot remain locked down in a bubble. Thankfully it’s apparently not that much deadlier (if at all) than the flu. However it is much more contagious. So more people are going to get it, probably sooner than later. That’s the big difference.

So we need to come to grips with that. And it seems to me the best thing we can do for ourselves is to make the changes necessary to improve our overall health. Only we as individuals know what that is.

Time will tell. We’ll see how this unfolds.

Are we all going to get this eventually?

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    1. Its really a crap shoot, i know personally im not thrilled about the direction TPTB are taking, locally they are talking “mandatory vaccination” and “contact tracing” whatever the hell that means, yea, good luck with that. They cant even find real criminals let alone follow who someone contacted.
      Im tired of this BS, i can most likely get by, but i see so many so negatively impacted by the prevention measures, our liberty completely squashed and pockets empty. I see the negative impact on education at all levels and how difficult and damaging the “guidelines” are.
      Enough! Just go to it and get it over with.

    2. The experts said this morning on the News, those who had daily vitamin D in their system and are not overweight seem to recover better.
      Sedentary people will have more problems dealing with the virus as well.

    3. Explain the difference between being “Asymptomatic” BEFORE the virus shows itself to you and therefore you are exposing others and being Asymptomatic AFTER your immune system has defeated the Virus. How would friends know? How would you know? Did I only have the Flu? Hence the necessity of understanding Herd Immunity and the importance it will play for COV19. Testing for COV19 will work. But some people will not allow testing for some fear they have and they might be the very ones that have it Asymptomatically. Can you spread it when you sneeze AFTER you have had COV19?

  1. I think many of us will get it, or already have had it. I, however, do not trust any of the testing at the moment. Too many false positives and false negatives. Probably the only accurate test would be a blood test for antibodies. And I’ve voiced my concerns before that I think this flu is the least of our problems now. The economy is a worse threat to us all. And does anyone else see a “top down bottom up” action taking place? This is global, I think. And everyone is home. Safe. No riots or demonstrations anywhere. Will it continue? Don’t know. Interesting times we live in for sure.

    1. I agree with you. The problem with the antibody test, though, is that it appears to not isolate COVID-19 and instead picks up on ALL coronaviruses, which we’ve all likely had in our lifetimes just from having a cold, for example. Until they’ve perfected that (or improved it), I won’t be submitting my blood/DNA for any antibody test.

      1. MSG12B – if that is the case (and I am not disputing you..), seems pretty much useless. More of a soft soap for the herd, so they can think they are immune..

  2. We are going to get it.
    More people then MSM knows about already have and “recovered” from it. You can’t sensationalize recoveries, but deaths that is just a field day…

  3. not sure if all will get it eventually. As with every other disease, suspect there will be a fair number have a natural immunity. However, I do expect to see HUGE jumps in serious numbers/conditions soon. Saw some media reports/photos of folks on the weekend…(usually with official endorsement/ok)…some from the states (phots)/some other countries/some from British Columbia/Canada…those ones really struck me, as there were some whopping crowds, out by official permission…YIKES

    re vaccine, ..No doubt there will be one eventually, possibly even sooner than later. Doubt it will be any more effective that the season flu vaccine (which this seems likely to become..seasonal)..Every year I hear the officials push for/beg people to get the flu vaccine. Every year I see many of those vaccinated coming down with flu/other stuff. Every year I hear (after the fact) folks on radio, oh, the seasonal flu vaccine only hit the mark by 30 per cent. (or some ridiculous amount)…seriously, if it only hit mark by so little, is it of any use???

    this COVID seems to already be mutating, who know how bad/how weak it will end up.

  4. It does seem inevitable that most, if not all of us will eventually get it. Shoring up our general health and immunity seems like the best way to combat it on a personal level. Not sure how this is going to play out in the long run when I go visit my 91 year old dad or my sister who’s on an immunosuppressive medication.

    1. Chipmunk, Hammer , others.
      I have a condition which does leave me open to virus’ have had a few light things, occur over past year..fever blisters and such., flares of Lyme and the accompanying arthritis… The things that i respond to quickest is oil of oregano,( for Lyme)or lomatium. and my zinc. boost. . I can tell when my zinc levels are low when my hair begins turning loose more than it’s ususal. I take something on a daily basis that is antiviral. Consider taking something on a regular basis for 10 days before you go visit, so you will not be stressed re: your health or their response.
      Pull up info on antivirals.Do searches for “herbals that have antiviral properties”, “natural antivirals”. ” foods that are antiviral.common items used for antibiotic are also colloidal silver, and there is always home made tamiflu.
      .You are sure to find something you will be comfortable using should you require quick protection, early treatment.and via protecting yourself you protect those you need to see and give emotional support to.
      Most of us have at least one of antiviral “in stock” @ all times..We do not need to get “herd immunity” nor the virus. Just use protection.. Simple a lady does not want to get pregnant she uses protection.. Don’t want the virus? get protection!
      I saw numbers this last month, flu vaccine was 10% accurate. Everyone I know that received the flu vaccine was sick for 5-14 days… Sure I’m gonna be in line for what ever poison they want to inject me with! NOT.

      1. Just Sayin’ glad to see your comments on flu vaccine/number sick from it/low success rate. Folks around where i’m at, are really pushed to get it, and each yr, it almost seems like effective rates are lower…haven’t seen ten per cent, but say twenty five to thirty..Golly even that seems stupid low. would not thirty per cent, without vaccine also likely not get it?

        re folks who are sick from it, I too see that more and more. As well, if you are in close proximity to someone who just had it, I swear you get sick too.

      2. Just Sayin’, a question for you. Oil of Oregano: Is this an essential oil, or do you infuse your own oil with oregano? Use topically or ingest? Teas? I was diagnosed with Lyme last year and sometimes it is brutal on the hand and feet joints. Flares occasionally. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

      3. 10% effective last year, 13% the year before for the flu vaccine. I have not gotten one in many years and will continue not to, and also will not get whatever they are offering as a ‘Rona Virus vaccine. DNA/RNA from other humans, other species, does not belong in our bodies.

      4. @Just sayin’ where do you buy your oil of oregano, etc? Where is the most trusted place and/or brand?

    2. Morning ! You need to get your family off Methotrexate
      If that is the immunosuppressor they are on ! My Aunt was put on it for R Arthritis and at the age
      Of 63 she was not able to
      Fight the flu , was put on ventilator and did not last long . Her immune system
      Was shot ! Don’t let this
      Happen to your Dad or
      Sister ! Stay healthy !
      Praying for them !

      1. Thank you Judy, for praying for my family. My sister is on Humira for Psoriatic Arthritis. She was in a great deal of pain from the arthritis before she started it. I will talk with her about this, but I’m guessing she will not want to go back to that. We are a hardheaded bunch.

        Just Sayin’
        Good reminder. I actually did this before visiting them in early March, right before the lockdown. Took sweet gum tincture for a week ahead, sprayed down my car inside with ionized silver, took a shower before getting in the car and headed straight there (it’s a 3 hour trip). Guess that will need to be the routine from now on.

  5. I think that the majority will be exposed to this virus. It may not develop into a full blown case of Covid19 malaise. Many may not even know they were exposed, let alone show any symptoms. Everyone in the modern world (99.9%) will be exposed one way or another eventually.

    One thing noticeably missing from all the data is whether we humans can develop and maintain an immunity to this virus. No one saying. (too early to tell for the medical community I guess?) I keep seeing stuff that says you can “get it again”. I think we can at least begin to assume that some large portion of the population can and has/will developed antibodies for this virus and its mutated offspring. those that can’t will have to deal with the symptoms and need help fighting it off. That’s where the new antivirals come in. I am not sold on a “vaccine” to protect me from the virus in the future. I think before giving anyone a vaccine, they need to test to see if the person has naturally occurring antibodies. All a vaccine does is help the body to start producing antibodies and develop a “memory” for the body’s immune system as to what this virus “is” . But in the past it is not how vaccines have been administered. Mass inoculation for everyone.
    We shall see.

    1. Minerjim,
      What i have seen indicates this Kung Flu could go stealth, like Lyme or syphilis ….and re-occur, re activate when the body is stressed.
      They are still determining what all it does..including causing inflammation of heart and blood vessels, clots, sterility. The clots often block off kidneys and liver with massive organ failure and the resulting low blood pressure…causing the sudden passing out or fainting.
      I am of the opinion I do not want this junk, and if I use my antivirals I have a very good chance of being able to go about my business without danger..We routinely only go where we need to already -before this “event”. Now the whole word has gone crazy and scared. I am fed up with the whole thing. It is no longer about disease, but about control.

  6. It will be interesting to see the retrospective scientific studies of actual infection rates. It seems there maybe a relationship between how much exposure one has and likelihood of infection. i.e. ER personnel. HIV was similar and there are some similarities in the genetic makeup of the two. So wearing some PPE makes sense. I expect I will get it if I didn’t already have it early February. Need to because I have close relatives with health conditions I want to see at some point in person without fear.

  7. If China had wanted to do something to insure the collapse of American economy and the elevation of China to the top of the world, they couldn’t have done better than COVID-19.

    It is more contagious than most anything I have heard of, causes death at a high rate, affects multiple human systems — heart, lungs, skin, circulatory system…..

    It appears that you can get it more than once. Not only does that mean we still have to fear it, even if we have already recovered from it, but it makes a vaccine much harder or impossible to create.

    It had caused fear in the population where people have willingly given up their jobs, hidden out in their homes, stopped seeking medical treatment for other illnesses….

    There are going to be food shortages, riots, and who knows what else.

    It is likely that the mainstream media will succeed in blaming the Republicans, insuring China-loving Biden and his party control the White House, House and Senate. That will mean China can finish the overthrow of our country.

    Hard to believe that the release of this virus was an accident.

    1. Many likely “know somebody” who works in the medical field. Same here. About two months back, word from the local hospital in my area was that tests were showing “30% inaccuracy” results, with false negatives/positives.

      News sources at least a few weeks back have said “the virus” has mutated into 30 different strains. There will not be single vaccine coming that will make a dent in this. Trying to come up with a vaccine for a virus that is likely still mutating into who knows how many strains is likely going to be a fool’s errand.

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but who’s going to be willing to roll up their sleeve and want to take that fresh out of the lab government needle? Stay healthy and safe, folks.

      1. There shall be no vaccine, only effective treatments. However, you will not be told this, nor allowed to believe it…as long as the hope of a vaccine is beneficial for population management…and…money can be made from foisting ineffective vaccines.

        It should be known that the infected can be infected by more than one strain at the same time, and reinfected again and again. There shall never be “herd” immunity to this bioweapon, as it mutates constantly…any immunity you possess for one strain…is meaningless to all the others.

        So, treatments only will be the case…and the BEST treatments we know of are ALL under attack and being censored in favor of dangerous and expensive and unproven money makers.

        There are so many crimes being committed against humanity…

  8. I didn’t realize the origin of the advise somehow impacted it’s validity. Was just giving credit where credit was due.

    If you choose to follow it fine, if not equally fine.

  9. You ask “who is at risk”.

    Of death? So far, mostly the very elderly and the very sick.

    Of serious complications and hospitalization? So far, mostly the older, the immunocompromised, those with comorbidities like hypertension, diabetes, emphysema. How many undiagnosed diabetics and hypertensives are out there? How many with undiagnosed cancer or HIV? Maybe you? Maybe me? Maybe one of our children?

    Of contracting the disease? So far, most of us. However, we didn’t all get measles, or mumps, or whooping cough, or polio. We don’t all get the flu. Lots of factors – general health, immune system strength, extent of exposure – come into play with infection.

    The danger with this virus not just that it’s highly contagious. It is asymptomatically contagious. With the flu, and most other viruses, symptoms accompany infection. And with those symptoms most folks are responsible enough to do what they can to prevent transmission. A person can feel perfectly fine and be spreading this virus. They can think they are the picture of health and yet transmit the virus to someone who is 90 or who has undiagnosed cancer or diabetes or hypertension just by breathing next to them in the hardware store.

    Until we have a reliable and generally applicable treatment, because a vaccine is still iffy, it behooves us to protect ourselves if we know we are at risk, and to protect everyone, including ourselves, who may be unknowingly at risk.

    I wear a mask when in town, keep my distance, and do not visit my at-risk family members and friends. It’s no great hardship compared to the devastation I could impose on others because I felt fine while carrying a massive viral load.

    It’s true. All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten, including how to avoid cooties.

  10. Everyone might catch it , might not . I quit worrying about such things since my combat days . The day I was born I was given one guarantee someday I’d die what happens in between is up to me . I’m not going to worry or get stressed over what might be JMO

  11. i expect everyone to get exposed at some time or other. How sick you may get or how long to recover will be extremely variable. It has been 40 years since HIV took root and no vaccine. SARS in 2003 and no vaccine. I’m not expecting one for this round of mutating virus.

    We need to follow on to the rules Hong Kong adopted for SARS in 2003 where it became unacceptable to spit in public, wearing masks when you are sick, coughing, sneezing, etc. having extra utensils at restaurants, more cleaning of hand rails, elevator buttons, etc. where hands touch surfaces.

    Along with adopting indoor vs. outdoor clothing.. ie take off your shoes at the door, drop your mask in the trash, clothes into the laundry, followed by bathing before getting into indoor clothes. A lot more work but defines a line where you try to prevent your home interior from becoming contaminated and easier to keep disinfected.

    There are lessons from HIV where we learned to expect that any body fluid could be contaminated and we wear gloves when dealing with wounds, watch out for needle sticks, etc.

    The big new habit to acquire is to not touch your face. Just expect that your hands are contaminated unless you just properly washed them. Beware of open wounds on your hands.

    Do your best to keep your immune system in shape. Vitamin C, D3, Zinc can be its friend provided there are no other medical reasons to avoid them.

  12. My daughter is an RN, age 44. She just got over the virus and back to work last Thurs.
    Her symptoms were an achy body for 2 days. a very bad one sided sore throat 4 days, and very tired. I took her some supplements such as D3 W K7, zinc, vit c, magnesium and she took them in large doses. There are several supplements that are advised by holistic Dr’s on the internet. Dr Brownstein treats his Cv patients with the above supplements and more.

    I’m not sure if we all get this but several people claimed they most likely did, the symptoms were so minor they didn’t go to the Dr. Herd immunity is best. I don’t want Bill Gates vaccine. :)

  13. Ken, Wow! You really said a mouth full. I am 75 years old and I will be avoiding people till this thing passes. It will pass. It may be around for a while and I hope we will all be able to adjust and adapt to that idea. One thing I just learned is that the virus can be contracted through the eyes. I told my wife I suspected that this was the case near the beginning when I saw people wearing masks with no eye protection. I hope this will get some people to reconsider placing too much faith in masks alone with out eye protection. I ask God to intervene on behalf of humanity. I place my faith in Him.

    1. NormLChuck,
      “Maybe it is just a matter of luck.”
      More than you know Ol’ Son, more than you know.

  14. There is so much info out there that the overload makes me feel like the
    proverbial blind dog in the butcher shop,snapping at everything.
    Do this,don’t do that. One conspiracy theory after another.We here from
    intelligent scientists and then blather from nut cases.
    We both have all of the underlying conditions therefore our view is one of
    extreme precaution.
    Maybe it is just a matter of luck.

  15. Well, I didn’t know the hardware store had the landscaping blocks I needed for another porch step and wow,I went to walmart first!!
    The sign says walmart has a policy that every shopper has a mask on–I didn’t and the two ‘guarding’ the entrance( the only one at grocery dept. side)said they couldn’t stop me so I paid for my blocks and left.
    Oh, she said get used to this because Ky governor WAS gonna mandate masks.
    I was really totally shocked to see EVERY person regardless of age wearing masks. I will not.
    I went to the hardware store for rebars, grass seed, and straw and no masks. I’ll be back to that hardware store.

  16. Maybe we’ll all get it, maybe not, but we can’t live in fear forever. I guess it’s going to be like gambling. You take your chances. On another note, it’s my understanding that daily doses of Vitamin D and Vitamin C help to at least suppress the severity of the virus. How large a dose I guess is up to you. I take mine daily, and so far so good. But then, that’s what the guy said when he fell off the 14 story building. Every floor he went by he said ” So far, so good”. Ouch!

    1. I try to get 30 minutes sun on my feet every morning or when the weather allows it.
      Children are encouraged to play outside every day for the sunshine effect.

  17. Would agree I think most of if not all of us will end up with it. We try to eat right, exercise, sleep, and de-stress the best we can. If we do end up getting it (or any virus for that matter) we want our immune systems in tip top fighting condition.

    Read an interesting article the other day that combination of green tea and zinc can help to potentially protect or slow down the duplication of RNA viruses. I’m not a medical doctor and by no means am I giving medical advice, just something I came across, may be worth a google search if anyone wants to look into it.

  18. There’s a very good article in the Off-Guardian, ‘Who Controls the British Government response to Covid-19?’ by Vanessa Beeley. This sheds a lot of light on the movers and shakers behind this so-called pandemic, and it matches what I’ve found digging around on-line. Everything she references can be easily checked and verified at the named companies/organizations own websites. I’m not clear if this event was deliberately set in motion, though it seems very likely, but it was certainly planned for and taken advantage of. There is definitely an agenda in play.

    Since my oldest was a young child, for the last 20 years or so, I’ve used supplements/herbal medicine to take care of our health. We go to the doctor when we need to, which hasn’t been more than a few times in many years. Telling you this so you know I didn’t cut and paste from somewhere. Also, not a doctor or licensed anything, just a grower and user of herbs for health.

    Vitamin D is very good for immune system support, but be careful with dosage as it accumulates (fat soluble). I take 5000 IU during the winter months, 10,000 IU for a few days if I feel something ‘coming on’, and stop during the summer when I’m outside in the sun a lot. Vitamin C excess is flushed out by the body, so is not so much a concern. To combat an infection, Vitamin C has to be taken every few hours, as it has a half-life in the body of a couple hours. It is often recommended to take it to bowel tolerance, then tweak it back from there. Zinc is vital, too. If you’re using colloidal silver, I remember finding somewhere not to use it at the same time you might use hydrogen peroxide (as a rinse/gargle) as they interact.

    Good herbal antivirals include licorice (10 days at a time only – can affect blood pressure), elderberry, olive leaf, astragulus (not with fever present), and echinacea (not continuously; 7 days on, 3 days off). There are lots more, but it would be better to do your own research and cross-check any underlying health issues you may have. For example, licorice is generally benevolent, but not if you’re dealing with hypertension. Not sanctioned medical advice, just what I’ve found works for me and my family.

  19. Well I think as usual we may all have to deal with this version of the annual flu virus. Early February I had an interaction with a building contractor, who had a cough. 48hrs later I developed a fever and sore throat. This continued to get worse over a few days, and at day 4 I decided get checked out the next day. The next morning the fever was down, sore throat and cough gone.
    I was only concerned because this was unusual for me, normally I might have a fever and feel poor for 24hrs.
    I’m diabetic, refusing flu shots, and the use of antibiotics. I worked in the refrigeration industry for over 20 years. Mainly in the supermarket sector, at a safety meeting in 2004 , the subject of contagion was discussed.
    And it covered a lot of the current guidelines discussed today.
    If you learn anything from all that is going on, personal hygiene. Wash your hands and be aware of your environment. Maintaining your health, and if not feeling well stay home, rest , hydrate! Don’t subject your illness to those you interact with.
    I understand that this particular strain is said to be extremely contagious, but really all of them are. Mainly because of our society, population density, poor personal hygiene, ect.
    Working in the supermarket industry, and after the meeting in 2004. My eyes were opened. I began to realize just how bad it really was. I’ll just stop there.
    Stay well
    Be nice to each other, wash your hands.
    And if your not felling well,
    Stay home.

  20. Politicians want us to run and hide from the virus. Actually what they want is for everyone to capitulate and submit to their tyrannical edicts. They want to subvert the Constitution to institute their socialist regime. They are all about the expansion of the government for power and control of the populace. None of these subversives deserve our support or vote.

  21. I tend to think differently. I don’t think we’ll all get it (if we even will know??).
    I am almost 70 and have never had a flu or cold. My immunity is astounding.
    I had 3 of 4 children vomiting into garbage-lined trash cans once and I didn’t get sick.
    I taught school and never got sick.
    AND, I had rickets when I was a baby!!!!

  22. I tend to agree with you Ken. I really doubt they’ll come up with a safe and effective vaccine. I think right now they’re just holding that possibility out to keep people from totally losing it. Thus, yes, we’ll all probably get it at some time or another. Doesn’t sound like a nice germ to get, and I sure do think it had some human “tweaking” in the lab which makes me cringe just thinking about it. But what are our choices? Hole up by ourselves in a cabin for the rest of our life?

    1. I’ll bet they come up with “something” because there’s billions and billions of dollars in it, along with total control (which is coming). The “something” vaccine probably won’t work (just look at the flu vaccine for example). But they’ll do it anyway. There’s too much money on the table to pass up. Bill Gates is already suggesting they’ll need indemnity for it (not held liable for vaccine health issues or deaths).

      1. That could be because his vaccines killed children & maimed them in India. They tossed his kister out of there & is not welcomed back at all.

        Doubt the American public whom have children would be overly joyed at this information but of course MSM will not broadcast that news. mo

        1. Antique Collector

          Sorry. Beg to differ. Realize that statement is widespread among anti-vaxxer groups, but don’t think it’s true. Convenient, powerful, but having no foundation in fact.

          The Government of India (GoI) sets policy for polio vaccination. In 1995 there were 150,000 new cases. Since 2011 there have been no cases of wild polio in India. Now only Afghanistan, Pakistan have those cases. Vaccination programs began in the 1990s, supported by UNICEF, Rotary International, and USAID.

          Over time the Gates Foundation joined USAID in helping fund the efforts of the GoI and its partners including UNICEF, Rotary, Adventist Development Relief Agency, Catholic Relief Services, Project Concern International, World Vision, and 10 Indian NGOs. GoI administered the OPV vaccine in a format called pulse, where vaccinations are given several times throughout the year. Even when IPV (safer) became available, OPV was continued for years mostly because it was less expensive. It was administered most frequently in a couple states with most crowding, unsanitary conditions, and polio cases.

          Polio vaccination carries a very rare risk of vaccine-associated polio, about 1 per 2.7 million first doses. Since 2000, there have been 17 cases in India where polio symptoms developed.

          Administration of attenuated live virus (OPV) too frequently (as can happen with pulse format) carries a risk of the child developing non-polio acute flaccid paralysis. An estimated extra 491,000 children acquired NPAFP between 2000 and 2017. This correlation was noticed in the early 2000s in areas receiving the most pulses, and when the number of pulses was reduced a reduction in the numbers of NPAFP was seen.

          In 2014 the BJP political party consolidated its strength and gained the Prime Ministership and control of the government. That continues to this day. BJP is nationalist, and on the health front made its goal to be self-sufficient, including in the manufacturing and administration of vaccines. It immediately cut health funding. Increased it in later years. In keeping with this policy in 2016 and 2017 the GoI cut ties with foreign funders of national health initiatives, including the Gates Foundation. That was a political decision in one with the GoIs desire for no outside influence, and frankly no outsiders, in India’s central government.

          However, the Gates Foundation continues to work with individual Indian state governments, as well as local and international partners on the ground in India.

  23. Sorry Ken, the following was written and has turned into a rant:

    I work in healthcare yet I follow the edicts to the minimal degree mandated by the government. You will never see me out in scrubs counter-protesting the ending of the lockdown.

    The flu and corona virus family are not new. Only covid 19 is a new strain.

    The other new things I have seen that are new about this latest flu is the shut down of American society and businesses by the government. It is still going on and it scares and bothers me that the government is in charge of deciding how to go about reopening things and getting the economy started. The government has never been good at stimulating the economy unless they withdrew and downsized to get out of the way of business.

    I am afraid of the changes that are taking place within societies around the world like governments preventing people from traveling and tracking of goods and people in the name of public health and contact tracing. Countries that are maximizing intrusive practices are being held up as doing an outstanding job in contact tracing and are being held up as an example of “how things should be done”.

    When the world reopens, I am afraid of what I will see:
    1. Cameras on every street corner. Metro USA already has that in the form of young people with a smart phone camera recording the times I pass gas in a public area.
    2. More people getting home security systems in order to film porch pirates yet there is no punishment for said pirates due to an overworked public safety officials that are too busy writing citations for not wearing a mask at the store while property crimes on your porch are taking place.
    3. More jobs created in the form of “contact tracers” probably hired by government grant which will equate to bored retirees and young idealists running around and asking intrusive questions. ( where haf you been? Who did you hang out with? where are your papers?)

    Though my job is in healthcare, I studied economics and I am sick of hearing and watching people on the news telling me to “flatten the curve.” I want to go out and take my chances eating at an open restaurant, my wife wants to get her hair done and my dog needs to be groomed.

    If the census taker or contact tracer shows up at my door to “ask me a few questions” or take a nasal swab I think I will place a porn video on the TV and answer questions to the sounds of heavy breathing and grunting. The Mormon boys did not stay very long the last time I did this in my home. Most of the time, I tell them I am old and I need to use the toilet…on a more frequent basis.

    1. Yes, we are entering a world of new abnormal. Governments are seizing upon this opportunity in a way never before seen. We have lost our freedom and liberty. They’re not going to give it back. They never do without a fight. But I don’t think there’s going to be a fight. Not enough people left on the planet who know what freedom and liberty is. Rather, too many on the planet who will willingly go along – due to decades of massive indoctrination. But I digress.

    2. Calirefugee;
      8.9 on the Rant-O-Meter;
      Come on Brother, get er fired up… HAHAHA
      I 1000% agreed things of just last year will never be the same.
      How quickly and easy it was for the .gov to just move in and take over all, ALL, of our lives.

    3. Interesting coincidence, or something else? The week after this “lockdown” started, the UDOT people were out in force putting up cameras on all the intersections. Those that didn’t have them yet. Reason? Unknown. But they were everywhere.

    4. Saw Nancy Pelosi walking around for the cameras wearing what looked to be a silk neck scarf tied stage coach robber style over her nose and mouth.

      A couple of observations.

      Pretty sure Nancy thought it looked stylish and in keeping with the edict to wear a face covering.

      Pretty sure it provided zero protection from covid-19.

      Wearing it “masked bandit” style seems very appropriate for the political class.

    5. @ Calirefugee

      The Jehovah’s Witnesses used to show up at my farm to “visit” me. One time they showed up and a friend was over butchering a couple of roosters. That was the last time they showed up! ;-) Perhaps you need to do this when the census/contract tracing folks come for a visit?

  24. Nah, I’m not gonna pound sand. Rather, I’ll be pounding nails as I continue building my chicken coop. More productive. See how that works? But you’re already gone right? So you won’t be reading this reply… as I ROFLMAO dealing with yet another little situation as I have for a decade here – man time flies… ;)

  25. Hi ya’ll,
    yea, I’m still here. No one has missed me…much
    I’m no hero, nor a warrior. But, I’m taking care of patients. The best I can.
    You don’t want to go out in public wearing a mask?! Good for you.
    Really? That’s all you have to do is to wear a frickin’ mask? How hard is that?!
    Not really luv’n ya’ll right now, Beach’n

  26. If you were in public and decided to pee on someone, would that be okay?
    You’re out in public, keep your snot to yourself! That’s all we’re asking.

    1. *That’s all I’m asking.

      Quite sure that most “front line” healthcare personnel are hoping everyone stops wearing a mask, because that’s the right thing to do for the economy…pffhhttt

  27. My copy of “Self-Reliance” magazine arrived yesterday and in it is an excellent look at pandemics and plagues that have afflicted mankind for thousands of years. Wow. I had no idea. The number of deaths, especially as a percentage of the worldwide population at the time is sobering. Even more recent ones such as the 2 big flu epidemics of the 1950’s and 1960’s was sobering to read about. I honestly had no idea; Asian flu of the 1950’s and Hong Kong flu of the 1960’s. Big numbers. I really think we should be looking at how these were handled and what we did.

  28. Just Because You Test Positive for Antibodies Doesn’t Mean You Have Them (New York Times)

    In a population whose infection rate is 5 percent, a test that is 90 percent accurate will deliver a false positive nearly 70 percent of the time

    Todd Haugh and Suneal Bedi
    Professors Haugh and Bedi are researchers who study judgment and decision-making

    does this make sense, to those who know? Sounds iffy?

  29. how many might get it through transfer of virus/other from these trucks to the food they will haul?….Seems unappealing if not infective…

    Trucks used to store bodies amid coronavirus can go back to hauling food: FDA

    Refrigerated trucks that held the bodies of coronavirus victims amid the pandemic may return to being used for food transport after a thorough cleaning, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday.

    The FDA released a grim handbook on how to convert the big rigs back to their typical purpose of hauling food — even if blood or bodily fluids leaked inside, in some cases.

    Since late March, virus hotspots like New York City used refrigerated trucks to store remains outside hospitals, morgues and funeral homes, while grappling with the growing number of deaths.

    1. @ Jane Foxe

      A U Haul truck was used to store bodies outside of one Brooklyn NY funeral home!

      1. Ken, good point.

        Having agreed with you, I still find it “icky”…sigh..

        (and Lord only knows what truly has been in these things regardless..Besides what is contracted for, suspect may be the odd “cash” trip…

        ah well, in these cases (since it will be technically ok), I DONT want to know..sigh

          1. Ken…I don’t want to know, if the trucks/containers which stored the deceased, are now transporting my vegetables. (even if as you say, the time period for contagion is over, and they hve been sanitised, etc)

            ok, I am a total weinie is what it is

            (oh, and as to whatever else has been in….okay, just my twisted mind, but I imagine some of these drivers, or whoever loads these things…transports other illegal goods/migrants/etc…even read one report of radioactive goods transported (unofficially until truck had troubles…)..etc)

  30. @JF
    Semi trailers, just like everything else. Is brand new only once. Just like a used car, or something from the local thrift store.
    I would be more concerned with a shopping cart at wally world. Now they wipe off the handle of your cart. But if you don’t have little children now, you put all your favorite goodies, right where someone else’s kids butt has been. Lol.

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