H7N9 Virus: One Of The Most Lethal We Have Seen So Far


UPDATE: A very deadly (bird flu) Avian Influenza ‘A’ virus (H7N9) — first reported in China during March 2013 — is now being confirmed to have ‘limited’ interhuman infection.

Beijing confirmed for the first time that H7N9 bird flu has spread from person to person.

While Chinese government controlled media has made it difficult to understand the full impact that is underway, and while some reports downplay the potential of a human-to-human pandemic outbreak of the killer virus, there are new reports which are alarming…

“…more human H7N9 infections and deaths have been reported in several provinces.”

“(Shanghai)…has reported eight human H7N9 infections in January, four of whom died, including one doctor.”

“It deserves high attention when the infection cases increase by dozens or hundreds of times.”

“There is no evidence of regular inter-human transmission,” “there has been no evidence for consistent human-to-human infection, but limited, single human-to-human transmission cases cannot be be ruled out.”

-(China) xinhuanet.com Jan. 27, 2014 “China goes on high H7N9 bird flu alert”

The fact that officials in China are using phrases such as “no evidence of ‘regular’ inter-human transmission” implies that it is indeed occurring. To what extent is subject to interpretation.

They are saying that it is not ‘consistent’, but again this implies that it is indeed occurring.

They say human-to-human transmission is ‘limited’, but this implies that it is occurring…

During the spring of 2013, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported 132 human H7N9 infections, with 44 deaths. One out of three people died from it.

The Asahi Shimbun, a Japanese national newspaper, recently reported Jan. 29, 2014, that there have been 260 people infected with 71 casualties (27% mortality).

They also said,
“Already this year, 111 infection cases have been confirmed in China – 22 fatalities.”

…in just one month!

In another Xinhua report from Shenyang China on Jan. 28, “A man from northeast China’s Liaoning Province was detained by police after he allegedly spread rumors about H7N9 bird flu on the Internet,” …apparently indicating the degree to which the Chinese government is attempting to suppress related information.

Headlines from China in just the past 2 days include the following…

Chinese family of three infected with H7N9
Bird flu costs China’s farmers 20 bln
HK confirmed latest fatal case of human infected with H7N9
Live poultry markets should close if H7N9 detected
China reports 8 new human H7N9 cases
Experts call for detailed H7N9 rules
HK confirms H7N9 bird flu, to cull about 20,000 poultry
China Focus: China goes on high H7N9 bird flu alert
19 H7N9 deaths in China
12 H7N9 deaths in Chinese province
China reports 6 new human H7N9 cases
China steps up bird flu monitoring at customs
China reports 3 new human H7N9 cases
Five more cases of bird flu reported on Saturday in China
China’s Zhejiang reports 3 new H7N9 cases
China reports 10 new H7N9 human cases
Resurgent bird flu epidemic pains poultry industry
Hangzhou halts live poultry trading; Shanghai reports deaths
China’s health authorities on alert against H7N9

Last year, the outbreak decreased during the warmer summer months, but the virus is now picking up again…

More recently, the frequency of reports of human infection with H7N9 has increased; since the beginning of October, WHO and China have reported more new H7N9 cases in China per month relative to previous months.

Epidemiological investigations are ongoing for some of the more recent cases, and the CDC says “…currently no evidence has been found that indicates sustained human-to-human transmission is occurring.”

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has identified H7N9 as…
“…an unusually dangerous virus for humans.”
“This is definitely one of the most lethal influenza viruses that we’ve seen so far.”

Source: Keiji Fukuda, WHO’s assistant director-general for health – news conference in Beijing (CNN)

Even during 2013, s study group headed by one of the world’s leading experts on avian flu reported that several instances of human-to-human infection are suspected.

Their efforts revealed the H7N9 virus’s ability to infect and replicate suggests H7N9 viruses have the potential to become a worldwide threat to human health.

“H7N9 viruses have several features typically associated with human influenza viruses and therefore possess pandemic potential and need to be monitored closely,”

“If H7N9 viruses acquire the ability to transmit efficiently from person to person, a worldwide outbreak is almost certain since humans lack protective immune responses to these types of viruses,”

Source: Yoshihiro Kawaoka of UW-Madison and the University of Tokyo

According to the World Health Organization, symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath, which may progress to severe pneumonia. The virus can also overload the immune system, causing blood poisoning and organ failure.

In an article in the The New England Journal of Medicine, doctors reported that most of the H7N9 patients had died of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) or multiorgan failure.

While there is no major outbreak at this time, the situation warrants your attention. If and when the alarm sounds, there will be little or no time to prepare without risking exposure. The time to prepare is (as always) …now.

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  1. I find it interesting that the virus died back during the summer months.

    If you listen to Dr. John Cannell, daily doses of vitamin D3 (>5,000 IU) your risk of colds and flu are significantly reduced, and that vitamin D from we get from the sun or even tanning beds are even more effective.

    He says that the reason that colds and flu are seasonal is that most people don’t get enough vitamin D during winter months.


    Things that contribute to vitamin D deficiency are low fat diets, simply how far away from the equator you live, and taking dangerous drugs like statins.

    1. Make sure you also take Vitamin K2 if you are taking higher doses of Vitamin D3. Please research this for yourself but it’s what I have been told to do to offset side effects of high levels of D3 over time. Be safe and stay informed!

  2. if you haven’t already
    I HIGHLY recommend the book THE GREAT INFLUENZA by John Barry
    its a great account of the 1918 pandemic
    and also the movie CONTAGION is a good account of how a modern day pandemic
    would start and spread

    keep an eye on the H1N1
    its off to a running start
    especially in Texas
    several thousand cases and 6 deaths so far
    at least two of the people had gotten this years flu shot
    which is supposed to protect against H1N1

    H1N1 kills 6 people, leaves 14 critically ill in Greater Houston area

    the series by the BBC SURVIVORS (2008)o a great watch
    available on Netflix

    1. I have read many articles about the flu.
      Antibiotics don’t touch it and Tamiflu is just not cutting it.
      Elderberry is the only thing I have read helps the flu and knocks it on its butt.
      I have it and will use it at the first sign of any cold or flu.

      Gene and I have never had a flu vaccine and have never had the flu.
      Cross our fingers?? ;-)

  3. I did a heck of a lot of traveling as a younger man, working for a firm that specialized in cruise ship up-grades during dry-dock periods and during wet lay-up at various ports around the world. I’ll say from experience that the very worst illnesses I ever had were during those years. We like to think that the flu is the flu, and if you had it here you will have some innate protection when you go “over there”. I promise you that it is not how it works. I believe that even within a certain type of virus that there are differences, minute as they may be, but there are differences nonetheless.

    I was on a ship at Fincantieri in Trieste Italy when I got sicker than I have ever been. The ships doctor spoke zero English and the only language we both had a handle on was Spanish, and he wasn’t very good at that either. Between the doctor and his helper/nurse that spoke middling French, he was able to communicate to me that all I had was a bad case of the flu and that I would be ordered down for cabin rest and isolation. Eight days later I found I couldn’t breathe, and was admitted to a ratty little clinic/hospital in an even rattier little town. I was diagnosed with complicated pneumonia and put on a Constant Positive Air Pressure [CPAP] machine delivering 50% oxygen so I could catch my breath. I spent fifteen days there, withering away and feeling more miserable than ever before in my life. By the time I was able to leave, I had racked up about 12,000 dollars in bills [1983 dollars] and my ship had already left the shipyard and sailed for Portugal. My company wired the dough to the clinic and sent me a ticket to fly to Portugal to meet the ship. By the time I got to Portugal and the Lisnave Shipyard I was sick again. I ended up in Santa Maria Hospital with the pneumonia that I didn’t seem to be able to properly fight. Another three weeks, two of which had me intubated so I could breathe, I went to a tuberculosis sanitarium because it was the only place equipped to deal with severe or acute respiratory problems. I missed the ship again and eventually flew home. It took six months for me to finally feel 100%, and to this day I believe that a combination of a flu virus that my body was completely unprepared for and a radical climate change in a short period of time, led me in to a sort of immune breakdown where my body simply couldn’t identify the threats posed by these new viruses and bacterium because they were so different from what I had been exposed to previously.

    All of that said, please, please be very careful with the flu, because it can be the precursor to other things that are even worse. When the immune system is under attack or weakened by illness, that is the opportune time for a bacteria to gain foothold.

    Sorry about the lengthy diatribe.

    1. That was quite an ordeal! I can’t even imagine…

      I have been afflicted with the ‘real’ flu a few times during my life, and once you actually have it – you will definitely know it. I am astounded by how quickly it can knock you down and how long it takes to recover and feel ‘right’ again.

      Your example should be a serious reminder for anyone not to take this lightly. It can kill you.

      For those who aren’t quite sure if they ever had the flu, or if it was a bad cold… it was NOT the flu. Once you get it, you will never forget its debilitating attack. Scary stuff, especially since you can’t see it…

    2. Thanks for the great share! I dont think people realize how fragile they get when their systems are compromised.

  4. There have been alot of people sick around here. They say just the regular flu. I am thinking most have a bad cold because some are going back to work a few days later. I don’t think you would be well enough to go back to work that soon with the flu. People need to stay home if they are sick! I am staying out of the public as much as I can. I did most of my Christmas shopping online. I wash my hands as much as possible. I think that’s about as much you can do besides never leaving your house.

    I did not get the flu shot. I do not trust it. My hubby got it one year and got violently sick afterwards.

  5. There is a particularly nasty breed of virus going around that folks are calling the “kindeygarden ju ju” because their young children come home sick from school, stay home for three or four days and are just fine. It is several days later that mom and dad come down with a very virulent form of whatever the kids had, with one of my friends saying he thought he was going to die. Marty was sick for ten days. It seems that the kids may have a little bit of existing resistance to the virus because they are only down for a few days, but the adults get a full on slam-down effect, with severe symptoms like fever, deep unproductive cough, diarrhea and complete malaise to include chills, loss of appetite and bone pain.

    I do not look forward to the rest of the winter here in Florida, since we seem to get all sorts of crazy viruses from our visiting tourists.

    1. Ancona, could those adult reactions to this flu be because they have had more antibiotics in their lifetimes than children.
      I have become totally antibiotic after reading how our bodies react to overabundance of these.
      I had a daycare for 4 years and it’s the doc’s answer to everything.

  6. Greetings, Texas and other regions are reporting via local news feed and papers, an as yet unnamed illness. State Run Media will not touch this story. It presents with flu like symptoms and hits the respiratory area quickly killing in two to three days. It has been seen in many States. The CDC is not telling, in its statements, anything which will aid the AMA community in treatment. So far searching reveals only that it is being termed a Super bug, and or Mystery Illness. All of the coverage I have seen says it is running at a 50% death rate. It hits all ages, but seems to be most aggressively killing those infected in the 40 to 60 age bracket. You guys are likely already on this story. My feeling is GM Bio Weapon Release. Antibiotic resistant due to the twisted nature of its creation. It is legal to test chemical and biological agents on the US population. This despite treaties against the creation storage or release of such agents. As to “WHO”, I would not trust that Rockefeller born United Nations outfit. They are foundation-ally eugenics based as are most all UN efforts. As the CDC returns no data despite many samples showing the same pathogen, it reeks of Government cover up. That is not conspiracy theory, it is subversive, covert, Corporate Military Complex which has its history of disease twisting and release. Lyme is GM syphilis, Meningitis presents as bacterial, viral, and now fungal. There are hybrid flu strains naturally occurring when two strains infect the same cell. This just seems far too tailored in its virility to be an odd occasional event. Many sources can be found from last May 2013 on this topic. However China has put out word of its creation of over 100 flu strains from lab created cocktails of the H & N Strains in recent news. The examples are many. This could be the H7N9 that is on point in this article. It has not been admitted to be, if it is? … Survive-All… o… (Hey Ken, found you being covered on this article all over the internet. Nice that your link has been with…)

  7. Please do not cause mast hysteria. While there have been a few deaths to older folks who are susceptible from the regular old flu, that is in the normal ranges so far this year. I am not defending anything. But honestly, the people I have seen get sick have recovered fine. We do need to watch out and be vigilant about our health, and observant of what is going on around us.
    In our area, which is well populated, there have been no deaths from any H7N9 viruses. That is not saying it could never happen, but scaring people from rumors isn’t going to do any good. Educating people on taking precautions on when they do get sick or start to see a trend or bunch of people get sick on what to do, is the best way to handle this.

    But around here……that stuff ^ just isn’t happening….not yet…..

    1. If you have some extra time, re: Satori above, you may wish to read The Great Influenza. Many tens of thousands who thought the same as you died really tragic deaths. The gubmint at the time kept a lid on it (the war, you know) and the word was not spread. Those who fail to learn from history……..

      1. its one of my favorite books
        read it twice

        might be time to go over it again
        with this H7N9 thing taking off

  8. Texas girl- I totally agree with your comment. They are trying to scare people because if it was really a worldwide threat wouldn’t they be giving precautionary measures and treatment plans?

    I am not worried about it. Although I do think that everybody needs to take the best care of their bodies so if they do get ill they can recover. Keep your body alkaline with apple cider vinegar (organic and with the mother) 1tsp acv to 8-10 oz. water. If you feel ill and want to treat it use 2 tablespoons of acv in only 8 oz. water and do it 3 times a day, and flush with plenty of water. Make sure you do take the advice of your doctor and go with his or her treatment plan for you. Good Luck and Blessings to you all.

  9. I’m always wary about these superbugs. Billions of dollars are earned by selling vaccinations which I’m also sure makes people ill. Makes me wonder whether such viruses are manufactured by the worst virus on earth – humans.

    1. Exactly ancient–which is why, at the first indication your body had been compromised, start taking Elderberry.
      Research it and learn that it is the only thing to trust–NOT vaccines.
      Common sense tells us to look for one who benefits–BIG PHARMA.
      EVERY pharmacy on every corner has a sign:
      Get your flu shot here.

  10. new cases being seen daily now
    and the fact that human to human transmission is happening
    although on a very limited scale
    is of GREAT concern
    this is exactly how pandemics get started
    one case turns into two
    turns into 4
    turns into 8….
    and with the crowded,unsanitary conditions present in much of China
    it is the PERFECT breeding ground

    Seven new H7N9 cases, plus family cluster, reported


    “The seven new cases today lift the outbreak total to 267, according to a case list compiled by FluTrackers infectious disease message board. and the Hong Kong man’s death raises the unofficial fatality count to 58. They also bump the number of illnesses reported in the second wave to 131, just five shy of matching the 136 cases reported during the first wave last spring.”

  11. Two weeks ago my band played out at a local bar. We brought about 60 friends/family members as well as about 30 regulars that were in the bar that Saturday night. 4 days later at least 50 of us we knew that were there that night got the flu, most went to the doctors/clinics and tested positive for Type A flu, since everyone from the band talked to everyone that was there we knew this, not sure about the people we didn’t know. I was one of the lucky ones. My point is even though everyone survived, someone there was a carrier and it took only 4 days, during those 4 days just think of the 50 who came into contact with others and spread the virus, and those people and so on. So when the real pandemic hits it will spread so fast! Stay healthy, and wash those hands!

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