Hysterical News Media Pushing False Narrative of Covid-19 Cases

Do you watch the mainstream news? Even if only to gather intelligence of their narratives? If you do, then it’s extremely obvious as to the bombardment of “new Covid-19 cases”, right? As though there’s a massive surge occurring and we all better be scared out of our minds! Right?

Yes, that’s right, that’s what they’re pushing. Maximum fright and misery leading up to the election. Because it’s all Orange Man’s fault… but I digress.

Okay, listen. If you have any desire to discover more of the truth regarding what you are being told — read on.

You are not being given proper context.

Why? Because that would destroy their narrative. There’s an overwhelming drum beat of “new cases”. An increase in “testing positive”. “Surging”.

But do you know what drives me nuts when I hear all this fear mongering? They NEVER tell you or hint whether or not any of these people are actually SICK, or symptomatic. No. Instead they’re focusing on positive test results and they are making false equivalent statements using the term “new cases”.

There are several things going on here:

There are false positives. Way more than you know – because you’re not being told.

There are lots and lots of “positive tests” whereby there are no symptoms. They’re not sick.

It is completely inaccurate and fake news to equate a positive Covid test as a “new case”.

What exactly is a Covid “case”?

The CDC answers this question with a “case definition.” A case is not just a positive test. Instead what is needed is, “Presumptive laboratory evidence AND either clinical criteria OR epidemiologic evidence.” Notice the AND, meaning not simply a positive test.

Yet what the media trumpets as “surging cases” are only positive tests. There is no discussion of whether or not any of the individuals with positive tests are showing symptoms or are actually sick with the Chinese flu. Or if they are contagious and needing to be quarantined.

>> great article on this subject over at American Thinker

The most widely used diagnostic test for Covid-19 coronavirus is called a PCR test. The results being reported are a simple yes-no answer to the question of whether a patient is infected. Aside from false-positives for Covid-19 itself, consider the following (how the test works)…

How the PCR Test Works

The PCR test amplifies genetic matter from the virus in cycles; the fewer cycles required, the greater the amount of virus, or viral load, in the sample. The greater the viral load, the more likely the patient is to be contagious.

This number of amplification cycles needed to find the virus, called the cycle threshold, is never included in the results sent to doctors and coronavirus patients, although it could tell them how infectious the patients are.

In three sets of testing data that include cycle thresholds, compiled by officials in Massachusetts, New York and Nevada, up to 90 percent of people testing positive carried barely any virus, a review by The Times found.

~ NYTimes | Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be.

“Some of the nation’s leading public health experts are raising a new concern in the endless debate over coronavirus testing in the United States: The standard tests are diagnosing huge numbers of people who may be carrying relatively insignificant amounts of the virus. Most of these people are not likely to be contagious..” reports the NYTimes.

Yes-No Results Aren’t Good Enough

Dr. Michael Mina, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health said, “We’ve been using one type of data for everything, and that is just plus or minus — that’s all,” “We’re using that for clinical diagnostics, for public health, for policy decision-making.”

“But yes-no isn’t good enough. It’s the amount of virus that should dictate the infected patient’s next steps. It’s really irresponsible, I think, to forgo the recognition that this is a quantitative issue,”

“The COVID PCR test is quite sensitive, amplifying any viral particles found in the nose, whether dead or alive, repeatedly until the test is positive. Most of these positive “cases” are neither contagious or symptomatic,” said Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., contributing author to

The more people we test, the more positive tests will result.

The U.S. is performing 2.87 daily tests per thousand people, far more than most countries. For comparison, Canada is a third lower at 2.09 tests per thousand, France 1.9, Germany 1.87, Australia 1.21, and India 0.82.

More tests mean more positive results, but not necessarily cases of COVID. For example, the U.S. performing 2.87 tests per thousand people compared with Mexico performing 0.08 tests per thousand will yield dramatically different results, showing the U.S. “surging” in cases as the media describes.

This then fuels the false narrative that the U.S. has so many cases of COVID…to a level unmatched by any major country.

~ Dr. Joondeph

He went on to say, “Hospitalizations, a measure of disease severity, have been steadily declining since March, with a small bump in mid-summer. They’ve gone from a high of over 3,000 hospitalizations per week last spring, to less than 700 per week now, according to the CDC.”

Twisted Narrative From The Mainstream

All we hear are fearful statements from the mainstream news media. Covid “cases” (false equivalent) are “surging”. Some governors are actually renewing lock-downs and closures once again.

There is never any mention of how many are actually sick or hospitalized! Again, why? Because most are NOT SICK and hospitalizations are way down! That’s why!

We are being told twisted truths, and outright lies by the mainstream news media.

In my view, and that of many others, the plan is to make Americans miserable ahead of the election, hoping that voters choose a new leader.

“What’s shameful is that the media, ignorant or uninterested in the facts, deliberately presents a false equivalence between positive tests and cases, all to push a gloom and doom narrative to influence the upcoming election.”

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a Denver-based physician and freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in American Thinker, Daily Caller, Rasmussen Reports, and other publications.

Irrational Fear

The irrational fear mongering is creating irrational fear among the public. Most people don’t fact check what the mainstream is telling them. Though fear was warranted in the beginning (before we had enough data), 8 months of constant Covid fear has taken it’s toll.

[ Read: The CDC Estimates For Surviving Coronavirus Covid-19 ]

Let’s be rational about this. For the vast majority, this is no deadlier than the “flu” (exception for the 70+ age group with comorbidity / poor health issues – though still 94.6% survivable).

Yes, it is more contagious. But now that we’ve known the numbers for quite awhile, it has not justified (in my opinion) the destruction of our economy, tyrannical lock-downs and restrictive policy making decisions.

Instead we should have focused on measures to protect the elderly – those with underlying poor health conditions.

Furthering an Agenda of Power and Control

The cabal is using Covid-19 to further its agenda of power and control over you, and to rid America of the “Orange Man”. It’s about money and power.

There will be HUGE money for big pharma. Hence the so called “vaccine”. What makes you think they will make a vaccine that works, if they haven’t been able to make a flu vaccine all these decades that works? But there sure will be a lot of money to be made.

What makes you think this irrational fear propaganda will ever end when it provides the perfect mechanism for tyrants, governments, “the cabal”, to further control you?

Will the people ever wake up to the apparent facts that this Chinese flu isn’t as bad as we’re being told day in and day out?

Will the people come to realize that we’re just going to have to deal with “herd immunity” with this virus? And live with it like we do with the “flu”?

A year from now, will I still see people driving around in their own cars with masks on?

How long will we continue to see masked people while walking outside, even when far away from others?

Folks, this isn’t going to end.

Not when you’ve got a mainstream narrative that continues to shovel this irrational fear. It is too opportunistic a thing to quell the fears among the public. When the public is scared, they will willingly give up freedoms and liberty for the perception of security. Governments and Tyrants LOVE THAT. The people are too ignorant to know that.

What’s next? The next thing we might see pushed is an abolishment of cash (all those scary Covid germs you know…). How convenient for “them”. I’m telling you, this virus is being used to assist a major shift, a turning, a crushing blow to our liberties and way of life as it were.

We are living in a time filled with irrational fear.

Can we just be rational about this?

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Here in Big Horn County (WY) we have doubled our cases in the past two weeks. But no one here seems to be worried. They have stopped wearing masks or talking about it. The only two deaths were Big Horn residents but who caught the virus out of state and died out of state. Both were already sick with other problems.

What do you want to bet that the deaths were counted in both states?

Who seriously believes the Lying Media about anything these days? Remember the 2016 presidential polls giving Crooked Hillary a 98% odds to win the election? Ha!

I think that the China Flu will mysteriously disappear from public hysteria/discussion on November 4th, 2020, when President Trump is re-elected.

At that point the hammer of justice will fall on the corrupt individuals in media, government, and all the rest of the establishment systems, since there will be no stopping our President Trump. Looking forward to it!

Doubled from what number? Without knowing that, a city with one murder last year and two this year could say the murder rate went up 100%. They need to start comparing apples to apples.

And of course, the 1st thing that Biden promises to do, when elected, is to pass a National Mask Mandate. Isn’t that wonderful? One guy in Washington D.C. telling people in Pocatello, Idaho what they have to wear !
Of course, “It’s for your safety”.
Think that’s going to work ?

Hey Minuteman,
whats that sayin these azzhats had?
Yea,,, hows that shoe on the other foot fit
buncha maroons

Fear is the realm of evil and has been used by evil since the Fall from grace so to speak. It can be hard to separate yourself from the fear stampede. It certainly would be hard not to have fear when you are being attacked in some way. Common sense and true knowledge is the balance against fear in the case of Covid 19. In my county we do not have to wear mask now, however they are ‘encouraging’ you to do so. The two blue mask in my purse, Mr. and I have been wearing for a month or longer. I just roll with it, but not out of fear.

I feel the same. As a Christian I really don’t fear death too much – unless I’m going to be fed to lions or something similar – then I’d be scared. I’m not going to be careless, I try to be a decent neighbor, but not fearing death puts COVID-19 in to proper perspective. I have nothing against people that are scared but I think it’s wrong when they want everyone to behave in such a way that makes them feel safe. If a person is scared of death from COVID-19 then they need to stay home as much as possible and wear full PPE when they do go out – but don’t ask me to participate in the fear mongering. It’s been blown wayyyy out of perspective. I think seeing Trump get it and recover in a week, at 74 years of age, helped people calm down a lot.

Try the spirits, whether they be of God. The spirit of fear of things of this world are of satan. This has been a political test.

In our area they are pushing the free test. So much so that now they have multiple locations for testing. At the same time I know of two people that went for testing only to leave before they got to the front of the line because of time constraints. Both of those people were notified that they tested positive even though they never got the test. I no longer believe what the media is spouting about Covid-19.

Samething happened here in my Fl county. A friend that my wife works with went down to get her and 2 sons tested. Gave their name, got tired of waiting, left with out being tested. A week later they all were notified as being positive.


A friend of mine told me a very similar story his girlfriend and friend experienced in Alabama.

I believe the China Flu is a real flu. Many have had it nationwide and some here have had it . It is almost impossible to get truthful numbers and information about it. The propaganda media seems to stumble a bit when trying to be truthful.
The “elites in charge“seem to be using this flu as a control or perhaps a conditioning mechanism, time will tell .
The China Flu has been used to turn this country upside down as far as businesses and jobs are concerned,I look at the entire situation as a huge wakeup to reality call. I fear things will deteriorate further in the near future as we near election day.
The survivability rate for old pharts like me is 94.6% , better odds than walking through downtown Portland I think.

Yes, exactly! I believe it is a real, manufactured -ie modified ,viral. Every FACT given at first has been refuted by same people who released information.. I also believe false information was fed to US intentionally to heighten an illness/economic catastrophe.
Some innovators have excelled thru the pandemic.
Due to American innovations- FORD built respirators instead of cars. Sock companies made masks( whether you want to wear them or not ) and booze companies made hand sanitizers.. These are things that were in short supply. Applying principals of supply and demand some have made $$ and kept a struggling economy afloat..
The middlemen who are still strugglig for survival will not have a chance to make it if the lockdowns are not ended. Many small business have closed their doors for the last time….Those who can have been able to get take out from local stores.. getting window service from places that previously did not/could not. During the ground beef panic i was able to get rate 3$ per lb lower than grocery store… How did i find out… ? They painted the info on their windows.! It helped the Eatery get rid of excess beef/and helped the home maker who could no longer afford a hamburger for family. Yes, they are now open.

To add: . So are our public schools-mostly..One of families now has 4 adult members with positive results…one has symptoms. Others in their apartment bldg/same family have been under home quarantine for 3 weeks.2nd to school exposures.. They have homemade tamiflu and know how and when to use it.Oh! and all of them wore masks everywhere.. if that is an example of masks working- I don’t want any part of them…yet, does not matter what i want… because one of the small percentage that Can NOT wear them., even with compromise. I do what most responsible people choose to do… Do what i can to build immunity, take antivirals,limit known exposures and trips out. If i have any symptoms- I stay home.

I’ve been walking my neighbors dog for a few days (she has some mobility issues) and when I picked him up today she was sick. Wish she had warned me. Anyway, she is late 70’s with some preexisting health problems. She has virtually been at home for months except for doctor visits and groceries. She always wears a mask and masks are needed in stores around here. Yet here she is sick.

aka as a medical professional I suspect unwashed hands made the transmission of the bug. Thus when I was posting prevention of COVID a few months ago I was getting annoying about washing your hands before touching your face OR anything you love.

Masks are a little like a seatbelt, helps protect you but YOU still have to drive carefully and yet the Stupidity of others can still hurt you.

Over here in one of the states with an I killed Grandma governor, masks are worn into shops but not many are seen on the streets, but they do identify the liberals and trolls.

So your saying anyone wearing a mask in public is a liberal or a troll.

I really don’t think it’s a matter of hate. While I do not accept the desire for someone else to get sick, I can certainly understand the frustration. States and cities with high case numbers state unequivocally that “protests,” where many people are crowded together, usually without masks, do NOT increase cases, even while churches where people are sitting in their cars are determined to be a COVID risk. It’s ridiculous.

Hate is not the issue. Stupid reactions by government leaders is the issue. Using a contagious disease in order to increase control is the issue.

False equivalence, perhaps, but not hate.

Thanks for shining the light on this China virus hoax. What can we do to stop a leader like our county judge who insists on keeping the threat level at the highest level even though the numbers of positive tests that confirm the person is sick are going way down? I hope after the election we will get back to reality but I doubt it. We may be rational but if the dems lose I fear that this covid hoax will keep going and they will destroy our economy. Subject for another day.

Vote your judge out if he’s county. He should be on the ballot, right?

They have to keep up the threat level or they can’t justify another couple of trillion dollars to spend and people might start asking why they lost their jobs

Not productive, to claim the president is responsible.

Actually it is somewhat productive because it allows another viewpoint, albeit perhaps not from the angle Kevin is stating.

CDC in Atlanta ran the test from Patient Zero in the US. A 35 year old man who landed at Seattle-Tacoma from Wuhan with a fever and runny nose. That was January 15th. The same day that Trump signed a huge sanctions package against China, targeting their biggest chip maker.

And for context, remember that Solemani died January 3rd. On January 6th, following private pressure from Trump of an impending 25% tariff on European auto’s without denunciation of Tehran, and a famous tweet “Iran will never have a nuclear weapon”, Britain, France and Germany were forced to publicly state that Iran’s escalatory behavior and violations of JCPOA would not be tolerated. Iran as the first battle that Trump hit, then a second gut punch to China the following week. Pressure was building. Trump wasn’t backing down. Just like Dennis first predicted in the early days of this, there was a lot at play behind the scenes.

So, in my mind, it has all been far to interconnected to be coincidental. Kevin’s statement of it being Trump’s fault is fine by me because it means that as our President he’s applying pressure that is long overdue and his enemies, our enemies, are being flushed out into the light of day. Covid was just a first wave, the second was aluminum, but the true cabal has many ripples yet to unleash before we’re done. And that is the mis-service that the media narrative drives, since it leaves the uniformed people in the dark as to what else lies behind the smoke and mirrors.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has now flip flopped and says the lockdowns do not control the virus and should not be used.

The greatest political, social, medical and psychological scam in world history. Is there a Covid-19 virus? Yes. Is it as dangerous to the entire population as we’ve been led to believe? No. Only for a very small percentage of the population who also have underlying conditions and those numbers have been overinflated to fit the agenda which is control.

Edited to read

The WHO (World Health Organization) has now flip flopped and says the lockdowns do not control the virus and should NOT be used.


I read the same statement yesterday and can’t remember where I saw that. I wonder how the msm will spin that information when more people find out about it. Lockdowns are not the answer to a MSM problem. Wouldn’t it be nice to see the msm shutdown for three days and have nothing but the truth and facts presented to the American people. I bet the left would shrivel up and dissolve like a slug with salt poured on it.

SH in NC
Truth, facts, honesty from the MSM? Better chance of Pelosi voting for Trump!

K. It is my understanding that there is still a false-positive rate for these tests. But… is the number still at 40%? Meaning, still 40%of tests are false-positive. Not sure and have lost track of that information. However, I do agree with Bluesman that this is now to “nudge” us in a specific direction; that is, for control of the masses.

I think we need a nationally proclaimed date to END MASK WEARING. (for normal healthy people). Like…. New Years maybe. (Everyone will argue if its before the holiday shopping madness, eh?) I’d be happy with sooner, maybe NOV 1. But at some point we must end it! Even if the ‘government says ‘NO” we must say “YES.” Mask wearing over. Get on with life. If your still afraid, then YOU wear them. If you are immune-compromised or at risk then YES!!! WEAR THEM! (Not picking on anyone as there are people at severe risk). And stay home. Let others shop for you, run errands for you, etc. WE HELP EACH OTHER!!!!! We do not need a government nanny-state! And we must, must, MUST end government control over our lives like this. Just MHO.

BIL & sister had what the medical community said was ‘Covid-19’. BIL, said it was no worse than the ‘regular’ flu. Yes, he has underlying health issues, so it makes me suspicious of these tests.

AC, it is my understanding if one had the flu in the last 18 months or a bad cold the present test will pick it up ad count it as a positive CV. Maker/developer of test said,” this test can not be used to indicate illness.” Yet is how is being used.

Ken you hit the nail on the head. Irrational fear, politicized “science”, and alarmist reporting have been used to try to control us. I used to believe and follow the science in many ways but now science is more make believe than real. I see a total case number but no “recovered” number. If only covid deaths are reported with no co-morbidities listed what is the true death rate from covid?

I for see this going into the political play book from now on.

Heaven help us if we have a true pandemic with a high fatality and infection rate, like “the little boy who cried wolf”, no one will believe them until it is too late.

Deep South..Another way to ask that is: to ask what was the death rate last year at this same time from “normal” causes.. No one wants to release those numbers either.

A No More Mask group has organized in our metro area. There are a variety of suggestions for responses with a big question of do you stop doing business in mask mandate areas or not? As in, will you be hurting the power crazed leaders who are continuing the fear mongering by a boycott or others who didn’t play a role? Hard call but we are being very selective in where we do business in the city with the mask mandate. Another route is the documenting of a medical exemption which has met with varied responses. And finally, there are some who are just disobeying the edict that carries a $25 fine. Local law enforcement is getting harangued by liberals in office because they have issued no tickets as a result but are playing a role in “educating” individuals and business owners instead. Still trying to get a real read on where my DH stands but one thing is clear – he is not a people person so he is loving having an excuse not to go anywhere other than work. The only thing he misses and isn’t likely to return soon is singing in the church choir. We have too many infectious disease doctors in the congregation to permit something as wonderful as a return of the church choir. I suspect this is overreaction is a ruse to suppress voting among senior citizens that have been some of the most likely conservative voters as well as depress the wonderful economy we had pre-covid-19 to affect the election.

A recent FB post showed a list of the 20 metro areas with the highest number of new “cases.” Nineteen of the twenty have mask mandates in place. We have all read and seen how the in practice use of masks is a joke but the PTB will continue fearmongering. I think it would be interesting to see if there is a correlation with protests and rioting. As I looked at the list, I think it is possible but they would never say it was the cause of the alleged explosion in cases.

The local LEO in the county that I live in have stated publicly that they will not enforce the mask mandate. Hopefully TPTB will move to the next nothingburger soon.

MSM is earning its title of Fake News in 2020.

Well well ,,,,,,guess ones perceptive depends on if you have had the vires ,well I had it ,had and having a real time over it ,,,,been 7 months still having big problems,i was coughed on by a person NOT wearing a mask ,remember it Cleary,,,sooo,no mask no service ,,, at my trading post and gas station. Next place is 70miles. And I don’t give a damm if you have to walk or are hungry,,,,
Have evected two renters over giving me guff over masks,,,,

Point taken OH. I personally do not know one soul that has had the virus. There was a video I thought the group should watch. It was filmed by a nurse in a New York public hospital. She was from Florida and had come to New York to help out. She stated that it did not matter what you died of death cert said covid. Then the hospital for the poor would get $35.000 from the US gov for taking care of patient. Also they were the poor or uninsured and would ventilate almost everyone of them. So as always the want of the dollar has very likely pushed the real covid number into a group for effect.

But aren’t you also in the age category and have a couple of preexisting conditions that make you a high risk?

AKA,,,correct ,,,I don’t see that is important , the fact that some chose to disregard the welfare of those around them because of a inconvenience to then ,is all I need to know ,

People seem to forget “Rights come with Responsibilities” and the Golden Rule to be a good neighbor is sometimes doing what is inconvenient.

Personally the mask wearing doesn’t bother me. After all I’ve been “Rebreathing my CO2 etc. etc. as so many complain about for DECADES for up to 12 hours per shift working in the Operating Room.

Also in the age of constant electronic surveillance anything I can do to bugger the Deep States “Eyes” gives me some odd pleasure.

Kind of agree about not minding wearing a bit hat and a big mask to confuse the Eyes in the Sky. But then again, combine those Eyes with the state of AI these days and they can basically see through all that :-(

Really? Guess I just see it differently. I see it as my responsibility first and foremost to take care of myself and I do want or expect the world to change to accommodate my health issues. But- Your gulch, your rules.<shrug> and I’m ok with that.

OH – I understand your viewpoint. It’s your “house” and I am perfectly okay with private businesses implementing mask requirements. And after this event, if businesses choose to have mask requirements every flu season, okay with me as well. But I do think that differs from a government imposed mandate.

I was just at a grocery store that implemented a mask requirement very early. Almost all of the young baggers and younger supervisors had their masks below their nose or chin.

The mandates and distancing guidance has been hypocritically applied. Case in point, in Michigan, whether you could be out on a lake in a boat depended on how the boat was powered.

I have said all along those who believe they are most at risk should take that risk in account in living their lives. Those who believe they don’t face a particular high risk should be able to live their lives without restriction. If most are getting well, without complications, let the virus sweep through the relatively healthy population and burn out. Flattening the curve has lengthened the time span for dealing with this virus IMHO and the economic effects have been and will continue to be devastating.

Mama lark, My take… as long as it is a ” business” selected requirement I have the ability TO use or NOT use that business. We need to also be mindful that not only will the economic impact of business/economic effects being devastating, they have also been SELECTED as necessary or not necessary…but for whom?..Big business?. HUUUMMM,… I’m thinking … Do you think those gym memberships that some people use as therapy sessions for frustrating life challenges are important to those people? How necessary might that be for mental health..? How about feeding your family? Think that might be important.?
There is also the devastating effects of the long term effects of this virus..vascular changes, nerve damage, organ involvement and failure are just a few possible ones… This is what our friend,OH is facing. Long term illness from a manufactured virus. He is not an isolated case. There are many.( wonder how many of these are in China?)
Hindsight is 20/20. For all of us. looking back and remembering where one caught a virus does not help unless it enables prevention. A sneeze in the face is a direct infection.!it would include all big droplets and small droplets.
would/could have is too late within a few hours of such an exposure..One must have a plan in place for any “like” events. I have mine,( use of multiple antivirals) thanks to OH’s complications and info.
.Masks did not prevent for my friends family.. .they all wore masks any and everytime they were out, even in their small store…they do not know where they were exposed. I do not know how often they washed masks…used sanitizer often.. Did it help? jury still out.

Ken, OH has posted he got exposed before the current health crisis extent was one of first cases in his area in the community… so was before known danger existed.
.We have so much more info post kung-flu than before it. That information was given out as: non aerosol spread very limited, heat will kill it, won’t last thru summer. Nothing you can do but wait on a pharma answer… and nothing known to work on another illness can be considered as a possible prevention…all of these are false statements.
Even now statements are changing regularly and completely flipping. No Fact is stable.
I will live my life in dignity, with care and not fear. I may get sick and may or may not get very ill. I may die.. from this illness or this illness over-reaction may prevent me from getting other care that is vital.
So yes,,Kung flu will continue to affect every facet of our lives. I want to choose- when i will go out, and How i will present myself. I don’t need governor or government over reach to help me make a decision.

Ken,,,,wasin early March no one know what we were in for or much less how to treat it , was coughed on March 6 on the 15 we both started symptoms the date is easy,to under.stand we spent the month before at the ranch with no possible other exposure at the time little was really known of the what and how’s
Am thinking of mask mandate for flue season ,masks work to stop spit particles that carry the vires with 70 to 90 % it is true the vires by its self will pass through a n95 but the low mass of it prevents travel of any distances ,and without the protection of the body fluids in the spit has a very short half life , in sunlight down to seconds ,, I do my homework ,,I would recommend Dr.John Campbell for good down to earth info, think of protecting ones self like having layers of Swiss cheese ,every layer has holes in it so arrange the holes to block the vires wash your hands ,ware a mask when appropriate,stay out of crouds ,or get sick and get immunity and suffer the side effects ,OBTW that route has cost me lung function and I don’t recommend that ,

Ken my reply to aka fits well enough here. Masks help protect OTHERS from you like a Seatbelt helps protect you from other drivers stupidity.

Handwashing before you touch your face or anything you love is as important as NOT sitting on that Seatbelt instead of Wearing it.

Dr. Nazi said a “Darker Winter” is coming and since he’s hip deep in the creation of COVID19 by sending the source material and funding to China I suspect a worse version is ready for deployment.

Anybody notice how Pelosi and or Schumer can speak to the same reporters as Trump and other Republicans With and Without a Mask several time’s a day some days and YET What High Ranking Democrat has come down with COVID19?

just thoughts from a curious person.

Yeah, I think that I posted a while back about how high ranking republicans seem to get the bug but not the democrats. Tis’ interesting. I agree that worse is on it’s way. The powers that be seem h*ll bent on destroying the world.

I think that like other issues, minds are pretty well made up on mask or not. I’ll stay with what I already posted and continue to say “do what is right for you”. I will say that the more miserable they make it the more I shop on line and less into the local economy. Just don’t need the hassle in what appears daily to be more of a political problem.

BTW- I am one to touch my face a lot. Allergies ………

When President Trump wins reelection, the covid numbers will go down faster than Kamala!

I personally know 16 who have had the covid, 6 of whom are over 70 and had comorbidities and all had a full recovery. I wear a mask in posted businesses to minimize triggering and my temperature is taken every work day. My work environment is isolated and so do not wear a mask. I have not missed a day.

I also use food handling gloves when I shop or operate a public keypad. I wipe my debit card with a alcohol lens wipe (Zeiss).

I’ll say this much.

Is the virus real?

We’ve had people on board here, with it.

Is it devastating?

Yes, we’ve been given examples of the effects.

Do I want it?

Hell, no.

But I truly believe this is a hyped up virus. A fear mongering, no good agenda.

This virus does not set right with me
Never has, never will.

One of the most frustrating things about the political aspect of the virus response is we may never know the truth. There’s powerful people on each “side” and vested interests in being right or never shown to be wrong.

Unless you believe in either herd immunity or in the potential vaccine, we’re facing a never ending pandemic response mode based on what we are being told about the virus. I don’t think we want to live like this forever.

So I am asking as an open ended question of everyone here, do you believe, based on the information you have,that herd immunity is achievable? And, if so, are the risks to those without comorbidities or special risk factors acceptable to achieve it?

Similarly, do you believe based on the information you have that the vaccine will be one and done like the mumps or measles shot? Or will it be like the influenza vaccine, where sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t? Where you need a shot every year or every few months? If it’s not a perfect vaccine, will the pandemic responses of shutdown, masking and distancing also need to continued to protect the public?

My daughter and I are sensitive to something in the influenza vaccine. Even though she is in a medical field, her reaction to the one shot she took was enough she’s exempt now. It took me over a year to recover from the one flu shot I took. Each of us faced this in different years so it wasn’t the exact same influenza vaccine. So naturally I want herd immunity if it’s possible.


I don’t have the expertise/knowledge to answer your questions in a technical/medical sense. What I do have is a little experience based on my growing up in the 70’s and witnessing as a teenager the effects of AIDS on a specific segment of the population.

“…do you believe, based on the information you have,that herd immunity is achievable?” Yes. Absolutely. They never quite figured out AIDS but by changing a lifestyle they controlled the spread well enough. Eventually they did produce specific medications and preventive medicines for it. Today, well I hardly hear about it even from CNN.

“…are the risks to those without comorbid or special risk factors acceptable to achieve it?” Yes. If you are a senior citizen in good health your odds of beating this bug may not be as good as a college student but they are still well within the parameters of public safety as indicated by my state’s numbers where over 80% of healthy seniors who got the Corona Virus not only recovered but did not undergo hospitalization. Of the 20% that did in fact get hospitalized, all recovered.

“…do you believe based on the information you have that the vaccine will be one and done like the mumps or measles shot?” Maybe. It depends on your age and of course other medical factors. No one can say for sure but an effective vaccine will definitely slow the spread and eventually put an end to the virus despite what the leftist say.

The bottom line is this. The virus is real and the MSM is blowing it way out of proportion. They know it is the only way that Harris beats Trump. If they can convince people that the virus is Trump’s fault and his alone, they win. Don’t fall for it.

Thank you

the nature of virus’ is they do mutate/change. For that reason I do not see a true “herd Immunity developing. Nor do i see a true vaccine that works blanketing the whole of society….if so will be filled with toxic ingredients.
for instance the flu vaccine contains a bacteria..”to carry the virus” ..and it is the same one that causes Lyme… One of my Uncles-had a bad tick pickup in a neighbors yard- got them off..had to have treatment…a week later he took flu shot and it reactivated his Lyme.and he took the FLU..was sick for several weeks.. This is only one “harmless ingredient” they add in as adjuncts..It is harmless to them- because they don’t take it…
For people who do not want the virus, or Pharma’s answer to it… building personal immunity, ..and taking anti virals- is the reasonable answer.Do your own search for herbals, naturals, or holistic answers.

Thank you. And thank you for the information about Lyme and the influenza vaccine. I probably had Lyme in 2013. Had the symptoms except instead of bullseye it was a football shaped red splotch. But I got bit in NW Wisconsin and didn’t get sick until I was back home where there wasn’t any Lyme. I even remember flicking what I thought were mud specks off that side that were probably deer ticks. Spent that summer off and on antibiotics. 2016 I got my 1st flu shot and felt like I got hit by a truck for a year among other symptoms. Couldn’t get a doctor to make the connection. All they wanted to do was give me pain meds which I refused. Needless to say I won’t be taking the vaccine.

I use oregano and lomatium for Lyme.. have had it 24 or so years. it reactivates enough without taking anythng that has it as an ingredient. Mine activates with flare in arthritis symptoms in hands.I also have nerve damage in feet.could be attributed to it.

I agree with your stats but it’s still prudent to wash hands, wear masks when close to others and avoid large gatherings if feasible. Mostly to protect the elderly.

Sam I saw a picture on FB of a lady swimming in the ocean, wearing a MASK. The title of the picture was “WE HAVE A WINNER”. Ya can’t fix stupid.

👍 👍

I’ll agree with you on that one. I’d wear a mask visiting an old folks home but masking in the ocean is silly!

They do not work perfectly, hence social distancing. They help reduce the risk of transmission, but you’re right, they’re no where near 100%. N95 masks not perfect but better than the cheap thin masks. I work in an emergency room and will tell you 90% of patients and families coming in don’t consistently keep the mask on or wear it correctly (like they’ll leave their nose exposed).

in Asia, if someone is ill, they typically wear a mask on subway etc. as to not infect others. I don’t understand why so many here believe it’s their God given right to increase the risk of infecting others by not wearing a mask when around others.

Sam. Per your comment.

“In Asia, if someone is ill, they typically wear a mask on subway etc. as to not infect others.” Much of Asia is governed by totalitarian politics and has been for centuries. Many Asians are taught from birth that the government is divine. Being polite and courteous is a part of their cultural upbringing and independent thinking is generally discouraged. Their ideology is based on obedience. Ours is based on individual freedom. 

Good points, Eli. Agreed.

Ken a few points:

When did you start accepting anything the CDC says as correct? So far their batting average has been pretty poor with numerous retractions and “new guidance’s”.

You’ve been out of your place shopping. What percentage of the folks you saw when your shopping are wearing them correctly? You know nose out…under the chin throat warmers and such?

And give the #1 way to catch a bug is your HANDS, and that many studies over the decades has shown how POORLY we wash hands after going to the Toilet… How many folks bothered to wash their hands after touching that “Face Diaper” repeatedly, after touching their “Smart Phones”, after touching many surfaces that other people who don’t accept the Germ Theory before touching their face-eyes-nose-mouth.

No WONDER “Face Diapers” Don’t seem to work Ken…..

That was a good one.
Except for all the flaws in your logic and theories.
As an “Expendable Worker” myself, is it not the individuals concerned about their families NOT the thugs in government to mandate under threats of fines and jail to keep themselves and families safe?
A mask is fine for you, please go for it…. ohhhhh BTW go check out the new studies on your masks, see how effective they are.

Yes Yes, don’t feed the Trolls NRP, I know…. ughhhh

Ken Jorgustin:
Long day ain’t it?
Makes ya wonder about stuff don’t it?

NHMichael, yes, you caught me. NY dictator Cuomo, the same man who single handedly killed more seniors in NY state than any other mass murderer in History, says I can be fined if I don’t wear a mask when I must shop…so when I struggle for air, I pull the mask below my nose. I imagine many other people are doing the same for similar reasons.

On a happy note, Congressman Doug Collins has called for Pelosi to be removed as Speaker of the House due to her obvious mental illness. Her TSD as impacted her ability to reason and though I know it will not be acted upon, it’s good to see a Congressman stand up to old Bull Scrotum Face and crap in her corn flakes

It appears to be a known “secret” that Speaker Pelosi is quite the drinker. What I thought were signs of dementia may be from her heavy drinking. Not sure one is better than the other though. Reminds me of when we would get the inside stories about Hillary’s horrible temper and how she would throw items at President Clinton. Of course, we were also told that she would Secretly bring women in also…so who knows if it was true.

I would like to see how many people have died with the virus vs how many have dies from the virus,

The PCR is a measurement/viral load test and, according to PCR creator Kary Mullis (now deceased), speaking on HIV and PCR, it’s been misused. He and Dr. Thomas Cowan discuss the “test” and Cowan specifically breaks it down and shares how it can be used to manipulate the current crisis. It’s an eye-opener.

I believe if the media covered this, COVID would die a quick death.This is what single-handedly changed my view on this entire manufactured “crisis.”

A must watch:

Here is the daily sports page for Kentucky:

I’ve checked this nearly every day. Note the first page. The case total includes “probable” cases. Slowly, over the months, the percentage of total cases that the probable cases comprises has increased. Now, it’s around 14% of total cases! The percentage keeps climbing. If you look at the CDC guidance for reporting a case, the criteria for “probable” had a loophole whereby a person didn’t have to have a positive lab test result! I can’t find the document anymore – wish I had bookmarked it. Forget the case counts. They’re fubar! Hospitalizations and deaths are the better measures. Just my 2 coppers.

We may never know whether covid-19 was accidental, intentional, a nothing burger…..or what it’s been made to be…a political football, a political bludgeon, an embarrassment of scientific and media misinformation.

What we do know…it came out of nowhere…suddenly…without warning…from a economic and political adversary…with very suspicious (in retrospect) timing…a time of political discord and division…when a president who has caused enormous grief to that adversary is up for re-election…or (to them) replacement with a friendlier, more maleable face.

What’s been the results (or pay-off)? Further political division…deaths of either 200,000 Americans…or 12,000 (6% of 200k)…choose your number…further erosion of people’s trust in the scientific community due to conflicting opinions and information flowing from equally qualified “experts”….near total destruction of the amazing economic gains made in the past three years…and….here we are, still arguing about how we should proceed.

…..meanwhile…those who are bent on destroying our country from within…those who have been staging violent uprisings in our cities…those trying to destroy our feeling of any security in our homes or daily life…trying to do away with police…the second amendment…Christianity…anything most of us considers good and moral….are openly preparing for nationwide disruption and chaos no matter who wins in November.

We are preppers. We had little, if any warning before covid-19 was thrust upon us. We had to wing it in response. We are receiving constant, unabated warnings of coming violence, intentional man induced disruptions of supply chains, transportation….possibly an end of an era of opulence and self indulgence…replaced with a lifestyle of depravation and suffering….and we are still arguing whether we should wear a face mask??????

No offence to anyone….but as my uncle used to say….”what the cat hair are we doing?”

Always words of wisdom. Thanks Dennis.


Roger that, sir. Roger that. God bless you, Dennis. You are a gift to this forum.

I belive it’s intentional to run this up right to the election in an attempt to keep republican voters away from the polls as we are more likely to vote in person. Bigger and better infection numbers to scare people.

The dems will be loosing thousands of votes in every county through inelegible and late ballots, they need a way to balance that.

After the election ? it will all just go away as with everything democrats champion use and discard.

We are old and live in Flathead County Montana.We both have health conditions
that make surviving the virus unlikely.The news we watch is local not national so
I don’t know if that is considered MSM.

What I do know is the cases or infections are increasing dramatically with a corresponding rise in deaths.This information is coming from city,county and state health departments.Are they out and out telling us lies with some secret
dark agenda in mind? I don’t think so.

Our large regional medical center is getting close to capacity on ICU beds and
many of the smaller hospitals in the area already have.

When I read comments about deaths such as “well they were old and sick anyway” it feels like many people don’t think we count for much.

It seems curios that so many people refuse to take precautions and are proud of
doing so.All life is precious to the young and healthy and to the old and frail.
We need your help.Are we asking for to much?


I’m sorry you feel that way. Your comment, “When I read comments about deaths such as “well they were old and sick anyway” it feels like many people don’t think we count for much.” Is just not true. What I think most of us are saying is that the virus is real and that people who have health issues must be very cautious about what they do and where they go. I don’t believe anyone has stated that the aged don’t count for much. Sir, I will turn 60 next year. I am not young. Try to understand that not all senior citizens are in poor health or on chemo. Try to understand that not everyone has serious health issues. We know the virus is very real but we also know that depending on your circumstances it may not be as serious as the left says it is. I wear a mask where and when it is required, period. We do not live under totalitarian rule and I’m absolutely certain Montana is not a totalitarian state. Stay safe sir.

Ron , about 35% of the population in America is over 50.
In Montana, about 60% of the population is over 50. In certain sections of the state it is probably higher. So it stands to reason that some areas there is greater risk due to age and illnesses.
My wife and I are almost 63. I take good care of myself,take zero meds and have no underlying health issues. The wife is dealing with RA and the meds she takes mess with her immune system. So she takes supplements and vitamins to boost her immune system.(many were recommended to us here btw.)
I still don’t want her to catch it and I don’t want to bring it home with me. I don’t want to bring home the flu or a bacterial infection either. So we have protocols in place.
The point is ,those most at risk are the ones that need to be protected. Either they have to assume responsibility or family/professionals have to. Folks are still going to die unfortunately.
Other nasties are rearing their ugly heads again. Scarlet fever ,mumps, hepatitis.
Covid is just the bogeyman of choice right now…


I agree that “Covid is just the bogeyman of choice right now …”

The question I ask is, do we shut down the entire country when the inevitable next virus shows up? Communication around the country is so efficient compared to previous years where diseases happened, so now fear mongering can be used for many nefarious reasons – resulting in the destruction of our economy, way of life, freedoms, …

I saw something some time back they are working on a virus that has eboli components added in..just something else to be ready for, w/herbals and pharma options combined.
Key for all of these- maladies- is prevention and early treatment for every symptom. Utilizing broad spectrum substances which are anti viral ,anti-fungal and anti bacterial.Loved ones to be well aware of their normal and abnormal…

My BIL & sister both had the CV-19. He has health issues, but my sister has more issues with her health. When I spoke with her during her worst segment with this virus, she was not following the orders her doc gave her along with her oldest daughter. Setting on her backside and not walking is the worst thing one can do.

She has recovered, yes it took her longer but she has the modern medicine mindset. Give me the medication it will fix me & I do not have do anything to help myself. Where as the BIL, is active. He still runs his other business even after retiring to keep himself active. He recovered faster than my sister.

It depends on your level of activity. Living where you do, yes I know the area from living in MT many years ago. You both have to be moving or you would freeze in place up there.

Make sure both of you clean your hands after shopping, before you enter your vehicle, and after touching any thing someone else would have touched.

Ken – I was summoned to a car dealership last night where my son was making an irrational decision. As soon as I walked in ‘the box’, the sales-douche and the TO man donned their masks. I just looked at them, eyes darting between and I told them : “Oh knock that sh*t off already”… and they did with a chuckle. This sits in stark contrast to the two Nazi-enforcers up at Whole Foods last month. Those dorks were cornering people and inspecting for full-seal. I’ve gone after them every way I know how and have been ignored. They even got my Yelp review spiked. This mask crap is one giant, new fracture line in society. We are rapidly splintering into two camps on this issue. ….. Oh BTW, anywhere my son goes that ‘requires a mask’ he whips out his over-sized Donald Trump Halloween face mask and dons it before entry. People get the hell out of his way in a hurry.

My governor really doesn’t give a rats behind. For her it’s a political agenda. Which of course is also “do as I say, not as I do”.

And here is a story from the history books how the media, or the military, suppressed news, from the
“The pandemic had erupted as the war was reaching its climactic months in 1918. In an effort to maintain morale while the fighting was still under way, the three allied powers — England, France and the United States — strictly censored reports of the outbreak of the illness among their troops. Because Spain was not a combatant, its news reports about the disease were not censored. As a result, the epidemic was linked to Spain and became known as the Spanish flu.”