Is COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Safe Even Though It Was Rushed To Market?

Many of you know this. But many of you may not. The Covid-19 vaccine that has been rushed to market is a mRNA (messenger RNA) vaccine. It is a first of its kind. I have read lots of articles about this, and the technique itself.

Big Tech and MSM platforms are silencing, cancelling, discrediting, and burying search results which in any way challenge or question the mRNA / Covid-19 vaccine and its methodology. Instead, it’s all being highly promoted as safe, 95% effective, and perhaps even becoming “mandatory” (Vaccine ID’s – passport).

What’s the difference between mRNA vaccine and ordinary flu type vaccine?

In laymen terms… Both methods “trick” your body immune system to make “antibodies” for a specific pathogen / virus.

The traditional vaccine method injects “inactivated” pathogen (antigens) into your body. Your immune system creates specific antibodies. Later, if you happen to get the “real” pathogen / virus, then your body will be better able to fight it off.

For a classical vaccine, the antigen is introduced in the body to produce an immune response. However, in the case of RNA-based vaccines, no antigen is introduced. Instead, only the RNA containing the genetic information to produce the antigen. The RNA provides the “instructions” to the body to produce the antigen itself.

“Injection of RNA presents no risk of disrupting the cell’s natural DNA sequence.” ?

Most of my online research assures that mRNA vaccination does not change one’s DNA. However many justified questions exist about the potential for yet unforeseen long term effects and body responses from this vaccine.

I read one article on Harvard University website from which I copied the quote above. What I don’t like (or trust) are the two words, “no risk”. I’m not so sure about that… Have you ever heard of the saying, “never say never”?

Billions of Dollars

A high IQ is not required to understand that there are Billions upon Billions of dollars to be profited by way of Covid-19. Vaccines are the Holy Grail for pharmaceutical companies because they are EXEMPTED from LIABILITY! It’s simply pure profit. Our government protects them from liability. What a sweet deal, yes?

So lets say that tens of millions of you take this new type of mRNA vaccine. And then two years later it is discovered that something horrible begins to happen with (some or many or all) vaccinated individuals… Well, guess what… tough luck on you. This is why “normal” approval processes for vaccines and medications require LONG periods of time to establish acceptable thresholds of safety. The mRNA technique has never been used before on humans (until now). I can tell you one thing — I’m not going to be their guinea pig!

A sampling of comments from respondents regarding mRNA vaccine (

Ultimately, we’re talking about mingling something foreign with our DNA. I can’t see how this could end well.

Is there a chance of autoimmune reaction as the body continues to attack the ‘foreign’ spike being produced by it’s own cells?

Since the proteins will be synthesized in the host, how then will the immune system “decide” that these proteins are non-self and should be destroyed?

Is it not possible for mRNA to cause epigenetic changes to DNA? Is it not possible for such changes to trigger production of entirely unexpected cellular proteins with unpredictable long term sequelae (aftereffect)?

How accurate is the mRNA material in the vaccine to consistently represent the COVID protein versus some other unrelated protein ?

Are the scholars sure what happens to mRNA when it is no longer needed?

Nature must have a feedback loop to tell DNA to stop making endogenous mRNA. Surely some of the expired mRNA switches off its own production in some way? The danger is in how that happens. What if part chains of expired mRNA are reabsorbed into the nucleus, bind back onto DNA and cause epigenetic change? That could cause oncogenesis?

It all sounds good, but there’s little data on how well these work in mass populations.

One risk is, could another, 3rd virus use the cell penetration mechanism and combine with it to produce a new virus that is self replicating and makes the antigen for the 2nd? Very new tech, needs a lot of testing before it’s ready for mass inoculation, I do not see it being ready for SARS-ncov-2 . But RNA vaccine seems like a good way to produce antigen in vitro, much less risk that way.

Why would we not simply boost our immune system by providing building-block nutrient minerals, viruses, bacteria, and fungus DESIGNED to protect us. Many of these elements are missing due to bad habits, poor diet, and soil degradation.

The following excerpt is from Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
Yes, he is a nephew of Joseph Kennedy Jr., President John F. Kennedy, and Senator Ted Kennedy.

Kennedy is the chairman of Children’s Health Defense (formerly the World Mercury Project), an advocacy group alleging that a large proportion of American children are suffering from conditions as diverse as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, food allergies, cancer, and autoimmune diseases due to exposure to certain chemicals and radiation.

Though his point of view is apparently slanted or biased against this vaccination, I wanted to copy/paste his recent statements as a counter to the massive pharma/mainstream pro-vaccination messaging that is upon us:

For the first time in the history of vaccination, the so-called last generation mRNA vaccines intervene directly in the genetic material of the patient and therefore alter the individual genetic material, which represents the genetic manipulation, something that was already forbidden and until then considered criminal.

This intervention can be compared to genetically manipulated food, which is also highly controversial. Even if the media and politicians currently trivialize the problem and even stupidly call for a new type of vaccine to return to normality, this vaccination is problematic in terms of health, morality and ethics, and also in terms of genetic damage that, unlike the damage caused by previous vaccines, will be irreversible and irreparable.

The Genetic Defect Is Forever

Dear patients, after an unprecedented mRNA vaccine, you will no longer be able to treat the vaccine symptoms in a complementary way. They will have to live with the consequences, because they can no longer be cured simply by removing toxins from the human body, just as a person with a genetic defect like Down syndrome, Klinefelter syndrome, Turner syndrome, genetic cardiac arrest, hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, Rett syndrome, etc.), because the genetic defect is forever!

This means clearly: if a vaccination symptom develops after an mRNA vaccination, neither I nor any other therapist can help you, because the damage caused by the vaccination will be genetically irreversible. In my opinion, these new vaccines represent a crime against humanity that has never been committed in such a big way in history. As Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, an experienced doctor, said: In fact, this “promising vaccine” for the vast majority of people should be FORBIDDEN, because it is genetic manipulation! ”

The vaccine, developed and endorsed by Anthony Fauci and funded by Bill Gates, uses experimental mRNA technology. Three of the 15 human guinea pigs (20%) experienced a “serious adverse event”.

Note: messenger RNA or mRNA is the ribonucleic acid that transfers the genetic code of the DNA of the cell nucleus to a ribosome in the cytoplasm, that is, the one that determines the order in which the amino acids of a protein bind and act as a mold or pattern for the synthesis of that protein.

Principia Scientific International

My opinion?

It’s simple really. I will not be taking this vaccine. It’s rarely a good idea to be among the first with something new like this. For one thing, it’s too rushed. Too many potential unknowns at this point. And, there are a number of effective treatments for Covid-19 if you should be unlucky enough to get it.

The risk/reward for this vaccine doesn’t fit for me, given the statistical data of “death by covid” (as opposed to the important distinction “death with covid”).

The vast majority of most everyone in reasonably decent health will make it through if they happen to get it.

I have personally used Covid to motivate me (and Mrs.J) to up our health game. Eating right. The proper Food Nutrition and Supplementation. Exercise and Strength. We both feel great. If either of us happen to get this thing, well, I’m confident that we will be in a better position to battle it off.

[ Read: Covid-19 Management Protocol & Vitamin Supplement List ]

Day to day healthy protocols. Our protocols are not much different from being cognizant of catching the flu. Washing hands. Awareness of eyes-nose-mouth (how it gets in!). Common sense.

Vaccines have their place. They have eradicated epidemics like smallpox and polio. Time will tell how this one goes… But they’re going to do it without me at this juncture.

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  1. Thank you for this information. It has been a great concern regarding the health complications the vaccine could possibly cause.

  2. My genetics are goofy enough without throwing another mRNA hand grenade into the mix. Too much risk at this point, not enough known. NOPE, I’ll pass on the vaccine, thank you.

      1. Jeb so why volunteer for an extra mRNA? I tell you what I’m a generous man I LET you HAVE My Vaccine Shot free, gratis, just fake my shot record for me mmmkay?

  3. Absolutely not. If that means crashing the vaccine stock market and the totalitarian system, well, so be it. Mark of the beast anyone?

  4. Vaccines bring chemicals, heavy metals and a series of “bugs” that will only affect your health more in the medium and long term, both physically and mentally. It’s your body, and it’s your right to decide about it, and about your physical and mental health. Would you trust a vaccine after a virus has been created to exterminate humanity?

  5. sigh………and the genetics in the young people that are of child bearing age, as well as the adolescents who will be having babies in the future, what will be the consequences……anyone remember the Thalidomide children in the UK. Not a vaccine, but used for some skin cancers, leprosy, morning sickness, insomnia. Taken off the market in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s because 10 to 20 thousand babies were born with severe birth defects in 46 countries. It was approved in the US 1998 for use. My point is THEY do not give a damn. Mammon is the only goal along with control.

  6. Nope. Not taking it. And why is DARPA involved with this? And Moderna? I don’t want anything Bill Gates is involved with. But I understand he will vaccinate Africa and India first. You know, countries that he feels are overpopulated.

    Nancy Pelosi can have my vaccine.

    1. And the only way I would trust that any of the “Elites” actually took the vax is if I’m able to drive them to a random vaxing site of my choosing. Otherwise I believe they are publicly getting a saline solution. It’ll be a big fat NO for me. Get back to me in 5-10 years when the effects are 8n full force.

  7. Ken are all of the candidate vaccines mRNA or just Moderna? I certainly didn’t plan to get the vaccine for some time, maybe a year or more but if they are all mRNA …NEVER!

    1. Apparently JNJ and Astra Zeneca are using a modified virus and not mRNA. Still I will wait a year or more if I get the vaccine if there are no issues, 2022,2023 maybe.

  8. This is the typical case of the “cure” being a greater threat than the illness. There simply is no valid need for this “vaccine.” Why? Covid, itself, does not justify it.

    The various “vaccines” cannot be trusted, their developers cannot be trusted, their financial backers cannot be trusted, the health officials involved cannot be trusted, and the actual purpose for these “vaccines” cannot be trusted.

    Besides, Covid is NOT adding to the total number of deaths, which we normally experienced BEFORE it appeared. That is correct. While you are being told of all the thousands of people dying from this illness, the total number of expected deaths from all causes is still within normal bounds. What is happening is the normally expected deaths from all sorts of causes are being attributed to Covid. Why? Money.

    The government is paying a bribe to medical institutions to for every death certificate, where Covid is blamed for causing it. So, instead of dying of the heart disease, which was the actual killer, the heart patient also had tested positive for Covid…and this allowed the medical staff to get an extra check.

    It is the death rates of the other killers, which are shrinking…in order to allow more people’s deaths to be attributed to Covid. The overall deaths of the population is not increasing at all…the deaths blamed on Covid are increasing instead…and lowing all the other percentages of the classic killing illnesses.

    The “vaccines” are just to allow the constant looting of government treasuries, while performing other social engineering goals.

  9. I don’t trust the government, politicians, big pharma, bureaucrats or rabid dogs.

    1. RC,
      like car guy, I trust the rabid dog over anything gov related,
      they can bite my left nut,

    2. Certainly not the federal government, and especially the party pushing this. Ask Native Americans, African Americans and Japanese americans if you should trust them based on their historical treatment by the government, and especially the Dems.

  10. They rushed the swine flu vaccine in the 1970s and it killed more people than the actual virus. So, yes I will not be in the first round of vaccinations.

  11. Synthesized genes being injected into your system by messengerRNA is gene therapy, not a vaccination of a virus to produce stimulation of the immune system. By altering our inherent genetic make-up we’re playing roulette with a loaded gun because there will be ripple effects to our systems.

    The other element that is deeply troubling is the fact that this will also open a Pandora’s Box going forward because the sky will be the limit once Frankenstein begins to re-engineer any living being into one that is disease resistant.

  12. My take on this : Vaccine being rushed – complications arise later – another Congressional Investigation with all the finger-pointing blaming.
    I haven’t taken any flu shots for the last 50 years, due to the one I did take back then made me the sickest I’ve ever been. I’d rather just get the flu.

  13. We did some research and this is what we found for the main drug companies. Many are working together.

    mRNA type vaccine manufacturers:
    Moderna working with NIH/NIAID (Fauci associated)
    GlaxoSmithKline/Sanofi Pasteur

    Viral vector DNA vaccine manufactures: vvDNA uses “empty” measles virus filled with COVID DNA to infect/inoculate cells
    Janssen (J&J)/Emergent Bio

    DNA plasmid vaccine manufacturers:

    Inactivated sars-CoV2 vaccine manufacturers:

    Sars-CoV2 spike protein vaccine manufacturers:

    We are VERY hesitant to take a substance that may alter cellular genetic makeup, however, there are at least two companies that are making the “old fashioned” type. Remember the sugar cubes laced with attenuated (non-virulent) polio viruses? If a vaccine becomes mandatory, the only one I would consider is the Novavax. All I’m saying is that there may be alternatives to the mRNA/DNA vaccines.

    1. Great info!

      Another consideration for the pro-life folks, is whether aborted fetal cells were used in the development and production of the vaccine. Apparently Pfizer and Moderna did not, tho’ they may have been used in later testing. AstraZenaca, however, apparently has used aborted fetal cells from the HEK273 line in design, development, and production. Looks like we need further research for the other manufacturers AZoffgrid has listed above.


      1. I started my research by looking into the vaccines that use human fetal cells. In the United States, the only MMR available is grown in fetal cells. Standard yearly flu shots usually use embyonated chicken eggs and and some viral vaccines use monkey kidney cells to grow viruses.

        1. Found this list of vaccines using fetal cells, there may be others:

          • Chickenpox/Varicella: Varivax (Merck)
          • Chickenpox+MMR: ProQuad (Merck)
          • Hepatitis-A containing: Vaqta (Merck); Havrix (GSK); Twinrix Hepatitis A+B (GSK)
          • Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR): MMR II (Merck)
          • Polio: Poliovax (Sanofi) and Pentacel Polio+DTaP+HiB (Sanofi)
          • Rabies: Imovax (Sanofi)[A]
          • Shingles: Zostavax (Merck)


          I had a DFM that was allergic to eggs, which made which vaccine to use (esp tetanus) important to know.

          1. Are they getting the fetal cells from umbilical cords? This cord would be discarded after birth.

          2. The fetal cell lines are from infants aborted as late as 1995. No recent fetal cell lines have been acknowledged. These cell lines were chosen for their genetic purity and are usually from the kidneys. HEK refers to human embryonic kidney. There are a number of specific fetal cell lines used in various industries. That’s the official line. Who knows what is used off the record or in countries with no restrictions against the use of fetal cells

          3. AZ + Mrs U, the story is these cells have been replicated for the purpose after they murdered the babies.. so why would anyone need an ekg, before receiving? also if allergic responses to certain substances- could have sudden anaphylactic reaction.

          4. Technically, viruses aren’t alive; they don’t eat, have no metabolism, and cannot reproduce offspring. Their claim to fame is the ability to get living cells make those nasty little bots. Makes me wonder where they came from.

          5. Maybe a previous (now extinct) civilization decided to make an RNA vaccine?

          6. Then it is NOT a virus they are injecting. pretty simple logic.. Consider Q’s what is it for then? what long term side effects..say 2- 10 years out? What is in this mess that is only stable at 70 degrees below zero and if it is unstable above that… what does it do at 98.6.? me thinks will be a cold day in bad side of Hadean Realm when i take it.. Assault charges would be in order should they succeed….

          7. TOJS, I agree. I don’t want something developed from a preborn baby nor a laboratory frankensteined gene altering injection.

    2. AZ, yeah, but do you really trust any of these companies anymore? Do the alternatives still have fetal cells? Mercury, aluminum, etc? It’s still questionable to me. Seriously, what do you think?

      1. DJ, I agree that there are so many unknowns and toxins in the stuff we’re given to keep us healthy/make us compliant. At least Novavax, an American company not associated with DARPA/NIH/WHO. It uses a complicated process to make portions of the Sars-CoV2 spike proteins. The process uses a modified baculovirus in an insect cell to make the COVID proteins. The proteins are in the vaccine. I done have any info on preservatives. LOL, now I’m imagining myself turning into The Fly.

        1. Lol, the fly!! In truth, I quit taking flu shots and vaccines years ago and I’ve never been healthier. Rarely ever get a cold or sick at all. I think I’ll keep it this way.

    3. AZ,

      don’t forget the national labs working fervently on a new one as well (but, but they are also the bio w e a p o n s lab ones as well.

  14. I have just now read articles on two different web sites about the vaccine and not taking it. Coupled with Ken’s opening statement it would appear that TPTB are going to make your life as you are now living it impossible. A statement from the chief medical office, to paraphrase, says” What is possible is to create motivation. Whoever is vaccinated will receive a” Green Status” to go to cultural events, malls, hotels and restaurants.” This from Israel. In the U.K. the vaccine minister says bars, movies and restaurants will demand proof of vaccination to enter. They are highlighting how they don’t need to make it compulsory by law, they’ll lean on all social activity to make life impossible for those who refuse. I can see this being implemented at one’s workplace also or at the grocery store. I know a lot of the MSB family live in very rural and to some extent self sustaining households, but at some point there will need to be a “trip into town.” I cannot see the future and shudder to think that this, to a lot of people, this will be the hill I die on today.

    1. I can see some very bad things happening to employers and businesses that mandate vaccines for employees and customers.

      1. You and me both, RC. This won’t turn out good for them at all.

        As for me, I’m just going to try and hold off as long as I can (AD military retirement in 3 years) before they insist I take it. Hopefully, I’ll be out before they make it mandatory. Strangely, up until this year, we were only told to get the Flu shot and trusted to get it/show proof within a certain time frame. This year, however, they called me at my desk one day and said today’s the day. No ifs, ands or buts. Seemed really odd. I’ve got over 30 years in, so I’m considering just retiring when they try to ram it down my throat.

        1. Hopefully you will retire before they do so. Mr. told be that NO ONE no matter their rank could refuse a shot/vaccine. He said they used to come around with the air type shot/injection and he had to present his shot card. He was/is a one star.

    2. In the UK, Israel, and any country where the people have been taught to always give in to authority (which is not the US yet) this can be done. Too many people in the US aren’t going to tolerate force, and as long as the elections continue pressure can be used against any politician voting for it.

      Thus, the push for masks and social distancing, as well as the artificial distrust of voting and the political move toward governors/mayors wielding the power of life and death without recourse to law.

    3. Saw a comment somewhere that the vaccine passport, or whatever they decide to call it, will become the most counterfeited document since fake drivers licenses for teenagers. Hence, what others have talked about being something embedded under the skin. Wonder if that could be counterfeited as well?

      1. The embedded stuff? Well, I guess all the make up artist in Hollywood will be highly paid to camouflage that stuff :)

    4. Any guess on how long we will have until we are barred from public places? Will they give us a year to get it? Two? Strategy means taking one day at a time but also looking forward a little.

      1. I’ve read
        Restaurants, bars, and one other type of establishment, may be restricted to naysayers.

        I don’t give a rip. Doesn’t affect me, in any manner.

        But I do have heart for these types of establishments that employ and want to make a go of a business.

        Destroying capitalism is the end result.

  15. I hope people get herd immunity either by their recovery of Covid and vaccines before I try any of the 3 types that will be available. All they need is 70% of the population for herd immunity.

    I am isolated as it is, get most my stuff on line and shipped to me, and I rather like it that way. It means no exposure to crowds while Covid is rampid, and the products I buy are cheaper than the brick stores and save money on gas to get there.

    Getting Covid may be worse than the RNA vaccine , it is unknown the long term effects of the vaccine, but known many people who had Covid have damaged organs.

    1. I wonder what else is in the labs? Oh, guess I do not really want to know!!! With Trump out, guess we are, for the moment, clear of the deep state and china will close the lab doors, for now.

  16. I will pass on the shot and take my chances…..
    Every time I got a Flu shot when I was young, I always got the Flu….

  17. Ken,

    Below is the Nov. 26th Johns Hopkins University Study that says COVID-19 Has ‘Relatively No Effect on Deaths’ in U.S. — it was spiked (removed) after publication.

    The link below is the story regarding the “spike” and WHY it was so swiftly removed. Both should be mandatory reading.

  18. I will never get it. I ask everyone i meet if they will get it. 2/3rds say prob not. The 1/3 that say probably, are usually emotionally desperate for a solution to the lockdowns etc.

  19. On the website there is an article about the new Cry Babies doll that lets the child “vaccinate” the doll with an injection when red spots occur on the face. Interesting point that they make about normalizing a child’s response to accepting vaccines through play. Granted most little girls play doctor but to release the doll at this time is somewhat ambiguous.

    1. M’Lynn,

      I’m guessing they had an article on the new toy AR-15 young people can tear down and rebuild and learn how to safely handle real firearms……..No?…..well that’s a puzzler…..up until covid-19 guns were the biggest threat to mankind……….weren’t they?…….I’m so confused…..of course I was raised in a time where parents and grand parents spent time teaching children things they needed to cope with life’s decisions……not to be easily led by others……..Now it seems that the “leaders”, if they can’t kill them in the womb, want to transform them into mind numbed obedient followers……….

      1. Dennis –
        After posting this I read the comment about Dark Winter referring to a smallpox outbreak being next up, which led me to wonder if this will be a dual purpose doll since it gets the red spots on the face.

        From the MayoClinic: “Naturally occurring smallpox was wiped out worldwide by 1980. Samples of the virus were kept for research. Advances in synthetic biology have made it possible to create smallpox from published amino acid sequences. This has led to concern that it could be used as a biological warfare agent.”

        Let’s all invest in a company to manufacture that new toy gun teaching tool and get it into every stocking this Christmas. Our kids will need that knowledge soon at the rate we’re going! Maybe the My Pillow Guy could start a side gig. 😉

        1. M’Lynn, I’ve also been watching this “Dark Winter” information about the next virus (supposedly). Watching an outbreak in Africa now, could be similar. Some calling it a ”chickenpox outbreak” among fishermen. Source for info is Guess we’ll see. eh?

        2. Only the CDC in Atlanta and one lab in Russia have live samples of Small Pox. So, if there is ever a return of Small Pox, the Russian government or the U.S. government would be the culprit.

    2. I was watching TV, I think a CBS program, and I saw a commercial for the flu vaccine; multiethnic actors saying “My shot” and “I do it for her/him.” It shows pictures of a younger and middle aged person with their arm around an elderly loved one. This is a prelude to the guilt inducing commercials and PSAs that will be designed to pressure people into taking any vaccine that is offered. Such obvious manipulation.

      1. AZoffgrid: If it was a “mutli-ethnic” actor delivering the Covid message, then the message has gravitas and you’d better pay attention! The media these days reserves all of the white guys for roles where they are bumbling, socially awkward, foolish, cucked beta’s used primarily as lap dogs for powerful females, various sight gags and the butt of jokes. Now when the major media brings out a bonafide sub-Saharan brotha, like the Allstate pitchman; or a rap star; you better just drop everything. … Morgan Freeman was God you know.

  20. I don’t intend to take it but I have a feeling that they will find ways to force people to take it. Like maybe – if you want to travel out of the country you’ll need to show evidence of taking the shot. Or if you need medical treatment at a hospital maybe they will force you to take it. Maybe not, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

  21. “Any vaccine that needs to be shipped and stored at -80 degrees isn’t a vaccine. It’s a transfection agent, kept alive so it can infect your cells and transfer genetic material. Don’t let them fool you. This is genetic manipulation of humans on a massive scale. Shut it down.” — Doc Evenhouse, The Disruptive Physician (Twitter)

    Wise man. I think I prefer to listen to him over Big Pharma or the corrupt government.

    1. Master SGT it’s not a vaccine unless you think of it as a part ONE of a TWO part eugenics program.

      Bioweapons are quite uncontrollable UNLESS to get the Target Victims to have injected the extra needed part to make COVID 20 SO SORRY a New MORE Dangerous COVID appeared to mutate and kill off so many previously vaccinated souls…

      Great Reset requires a lot of useless eaters to die off. WHO (World Health Organization) determines who are the useless eaters you know.

      You will see the level of propaganda and tyranny they will do to force this vaccine for a disease that ONLY Kills less than 3% of the infected… And most of them sad to say were already medically supported souls that in decades past would have already died of “Natural Causes”.

      Everybody dies, it’s how you live that matters. Spiritual preps are Important too.

      1. Agree, NH Michael. Most important prep, though, is having your heart right with the Lord.

  22. Never before has seen 95% effective vaccine against virus? How come now, out of blue, comes vaccine that beats every single vaccine we have seen so far? To this day, even flu vaccines have been max 60% effective And one must remember, viruses do mutate very, very rapidly. But not covid-19? This smells really bad.
    Mark of the beast, MHO

  23. They have to alter your dna because the antibodies produced otherwise fade away within months- this means booster shots all the time, which won’t be very effective against mutations anyway… and once you get covid and recover you can get it again, even worse than the first time.
    I think this is not going to go away for a long time.

      1. Tom: I haven’t gotten around to looking into it yet – but – is this the first time in history a vaccine has worked this way? Are there other vaccines from the past that “alter your dna” to be able to work? Does anyone else know?

        1. As far as I know mRNA medicine has never been tested on a human being. It has certainly never been used in the form of a vaccine. It was in the early stages of research when the companies were given the excuse to turn it mainstream.

        2. The bio-technology being used in the mRNA vaccines today, has only been used before, during the Ebola scare, on people involved in the experiment.

          The current use of mRNA to provide immunity to a virus is virtually brand new to history and it is not fully understood…and is basically untested…when compared to other vaccines and DNA modification drugs.

          There is no reason to have confidence is this “vaccine” whatsoever, as there is no history and no amassed data to justify such confidence. Instead, we know the makers of these “vaccines” are to be held completely harmless…are to receive large financial gains…and seem to have other motivations than just to prevent people from getting an illness, virtually everyone easily survives.

          The risk presented by Covid is less of a threat than any of these experimental “vaccines”…even those, which do not use mRNA technology. Ask yourself: Must I alter my genetic code EVERY TIME a new stain of Corona virus comes along? If my own immune system is more effective than this “vaccine,” and safe, proven, and inexpensive, therapeutics exist to fight Covid, and the chance of dying from Covid is extremely small…is playing roulette with an unproven drug, with known hazards and side effects, which permanently alters your genetic code…worth it?

          How can we know, after all the lies we have been told, that this new and experimental chemical cocktail, does not have a real purpose, which has nothing to do with helping people survive an already very survivable illness, but to do great harm to them instead?

          With Covid you may experience a completely non-symptomatic infection, experience slight cold-like symptoms, experience a flu-like illness, or be one of the small percentage of people..who experience serious respiratory trauma and require hospitalization…and, eventually be one of the small number of people, once placed on a respirator, who die..from, or with, this disease. JUST LIKE ANY NORMAL FLU.

          1. Imagine a vaccine, so safe, people are being profoundly threatened in order to make them take it, because they need to be made safe from a disease, so deadly, people need a test to know if they have it…or once had it.

  24. I watched a video by JFK, jr. end of Oct./1st part of Nov. raised the hair on my neck. Tried to rewatch the video to take notes, bingo – gone! Got to wonder why….your article above tells most of the story but there was much more JFK, jr. spoke of. I warned both of my daughters, they were to pass along to their adult sons, hope they did, can’t fuss to much, they think maybe mom’s gone around the bend. Will not take the eugenic Gates shot.

    1. GrGrandmom, I think the video by JFK Jr you mentioned was over at

  25. I’m with you Ken. They need to show more proof of concept and long term data which they will only have after they study how this vaccine effects us. I will continue to isolate and pray and maintain good health.

  26. In California, the nanny “governor” has already said that he’s going to make the vaccine “disproportionately available” to “people of color.” The useful idiots are cheering, unable to translate this into “We’re going to try this stuff out on “people of color” first, to be sure it’s safe.” As for me, I’ve been tooling around for the last nine months and haven’t picked up the Kung Flu. I’d say my immune system is already doing a bang-up job, and doesn’t need any help from Big Pharma…

  27. BREAKING NEWS!!!! The anti COVID-19 vaccination committee will meet after the Flat Earth Society and the Chem Trails Association get to gathers at the new
    Dunkin Donuts on Market St. in down town San Francisco.

    Come on!! Just a joke. On second thought maybe not.

  28. A very informative and timely article. MSB’rs are lucky to have a good administrator/editor. I’ll let the MSM control the weak-minded while Kamala and Bernie control Joe. As for my wife and I, we’ll let the Socialists go first followed by BLM and ANTIFA. After a year, If they don’t mutate into Michelle Obama, we might give it a try.

  29. According to a doctor on Biden’s team, you are not going to be able to choose which vaccine you get. You will have to take what is offered. It was on CNN. I didn’t get the name of the doctor; it was flashed on the screen quickly. I think his name was Hotez, or something like that.

  30. Thank you for the info. You have helped me make up my mind. I will take my chances of getting the flu and getting over it naturally. God made my DNA. I don’t want to alter it.

  31. The truth is, no matter who is president, vaccinations will be, at the very least, strongly encouraged by means of economic pressure; and, at most, submission to medical tyranny will be mandated in order to travel, work, shop, buy, or sell.

    MSB Patriots, if it comes to this, how are we gonna survive in this scenario: “Vaccinations will be mandated in order to travel, work, shop, buy, or sell.”

    The American left is altering the deal, and it now stands as this: either you end your way of life voluntarily, or we end it for you.  That’s it, take it or leave it, their way, or the cemetery..

  32. Has anyone mentioned this story over at “American Thinker”?
    “Renowned scientist tells Laura Ingraham the COVID-19 vaccine is ‘downright dangerous’ and will send you ‘to your doom’ “
    Since I no longer watch FOX, I missed the program, but ran across this article. This guy seems well qualified….says Fauci’s statements show an utter lack of knowledge on immunology.

    Two scientists walk into a bar…………….

    Sorta hard to follow the science when the scientists get into politics………..

    1. Dennis,
      Interesting article, thanks for posting about it. There was a clip you could click on to see most of the interview. He wasn’t very expansive in his responses to her questions, lol! His book is available on Amazon. Wonder what he meant by “doom”?

    2. Dennis
      Saw the article but did not have the time to follow up on it. Dh had a doc’s appt today in town, and after we got home it fast speed forward to catch up.

    3. Dennis –
      RAIR Foundation had an interview with him that I just read and your last line is basically his sentiment too. Scientists have fought against Genetically Modified Food but now are silent about genetically modifying your system with a gene altering vaccine. There’s a reaction involving your lymphocytes that know to fight the flu on their own getting confused it seems and triggering an autoimmune reaction. That’s what I perceive to be the doom aspect.

      He spoke of 25% of people who had gotten the vaccine getting a variety of reactions that the testers eliminated by giving medication to counter before injection. Knowing they would get fever, the testers gave the patients acetaminophen before the vaccine to trick the outcome. He plainly states that big Pharma is pulling strings. He is on record calling out the German govt. for using fear as their main tool to control the population to get the vaccine which he does not feel is warranted. He calls out Birx for directing that anyone with Covid who died would be listed as dying from Covid. Mentioned that big Tech is censoring him. Politics rather than medicine. So basically…..everything that we have learned right here from our esteemed host and incredible contributors is what he laid out in chapter and verse too.

  33. To continue TeamCoops posting,,
    i wonder what the government jagazzez from the cDc etc who approved this vaccine, are going todo when all the newly vaccinated healthcare workers start falling ill and dying? They already approved a hold harmless cause for the big PhARma,,,
    i have a bad bad feeling about this

    1. Kula,
      Have you heard Senator Dan Krenshaw’s speech emphasizing what so many doctors and scientists have affirmed, that there is no genuine, real, verifiable scientific evidence.
      The Swedes, Fins, and Norwegians are probably gasping in disbelief and horror about the American response.

  34. The ongoing coverup of inexpensive and effective treatments is becoming more difficult for the mainstream:

    WHO-sponsored review of Ivermectin trials indicates 83% reduction in Covid mortality.

    Dr Andrew Hill of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool (UK) is currently performing a WHO-sponsored review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of Ivermectin against Covid. 

    His preliminary results, which indicate a highly significant 83% reduction in Covid mortality (95% CI 65%-92%).

    This is extremely notable, since it is focused on mortality, while the Covid vaccine trials were focused only on symptom reduction.


    1. Go meet with your mortician.Make and pay for your final arrangements. need in leaving that burden with others.

      1. AC,

        You can still find it. Go to the site, click on articles, then the month and year from the drop down menu. Looks like a video plus article, but to read it you’ll need to enter your email. Video starts in German, but switches to English.

  35. One of my daughter’s friends from high school works is a medical professional, mid-30s, college athlete, and healthy. She took both shots. With the second shot she got very sick including numbness and loss of use of the arm in which she received the shot. It was a month to get over most of the reaction symptoms but she is still having neurological symptoms including with her arm. She is from a wealthy family and close to notable medical institutions. She has been to 6 specialists already and no one knows why the reactions or has any idea of how to treat them. She posted recently she was told at the time of the shots these were possible reactions. But what she wasn’t told was the medical profession does not understand why these reactions are occurring and at this time has no method of treating them. That was the point of her post. Had she known, in addition to these possible reactions, they were possibly permanent, she would not have opted for the vaccine. Her employer is not requiring their employees to receive the vaccine at this time.

  36. Adding this to the most relevant Covid thread, even though it may not be seen by many.

    This weekend I chatted with a neighbor in suburbia I had not seen much of lately. She is a kindergarten teacher in her 50’s. She caught covid and recovered with lingering fatigue but otherwise okay. Went back to work and was strongly encouraged by her school to get vaccinated despite having had the virus. Her doctor told her back in January that she really needed to get the vaccine since she was now weakened by having had the virus. He put her to the front of the line, in fact. So, she did as told as soon as the jab was available.

    Now, she is suffering pretty badly. She had a serious immune reaction to the jab (the single-dose version). Her fingers are now twisting with arthritis, her joints are terribly painful, and she suffers from frequent and recurring outbreaks of hives all over her body. She is fit and was very active, loved to ride her bike daily. She can’t do that now, nor can she squat, bend, grip or do most of the things a kindergarten teacher does daily. She now shuffles when she walks (and it exhausts her completely), and is awaiting blood test results trying to determine if she has the “rare” syndrome the jabs are now listing as a possible side effect.

    The school told her since they did not threaten to fire her she cannot claim workers comp for getting the jab as it was not truly “required”. The specialist says she should not have had the jab since she had the virus, and her immune system is basically out of control right now. But of course, the doctor who told her to get it is not liable either. Nor are the manufacturers, distributors or anyone else involved. She wakes up every day regretting that she followed the school’s and doctor’s advice, but of course it’s too late for that now.

    And my work place is in the process of deciding whether or not to make the jab mandatory, or how miserable they will make the lives of those who are not jabbed.

    1. SoCalGal
      Truly disgusting.
      Tell your neighbor she is on a prayer list, as many are.
      Thank you for posting this.
      Heard today, on the radio, two back to back jab advertisements.
      The $50,000 lottery was one, and I’m pregnant, I wanna save my baby.

      I hope you all post further of these jabs and the door2door, especially now that SC NG are involved in stepping up the program.

      If my employer enforces, I quit, but not without a fight. That goes for everything, that these pushers want to enforce on the non-vaccinated.
      There is no doubt about it.

        1. aka
          Only because they believe they have the right to demand this. Give anyone you know a copy of the printout I recommended to SCG.
          Americans have been dumbed down royally! Those who fought in WWII and died so that generations after that could live with out big gov climbing down their throats.
          What happened to the saying “Do not trust big brother”? 😖

          1. I’m just waiting to see if they mandate it for any veteran using the system. I use the veteran’s choice program. I do have the document saved too.

          2. aka
            They were pushing the shot on the vets last summer or fall as they called acdh to let him know he could have the shot. He said he did not want the medication and they could call the next person on the list. Six months later they called again and got the same answer.

            They can offer it to you, but you do have the right to refuse it. Get those data sheets for you & anyone one you know.

          3. AC, aka, they are actively sending letters to anyone who served. Advising people they have not seen in more than 12 years to get a jab of a toxin with no long term studies….. NOT KNOWING of allergies or other medical conditions. the letter advised to get “protection” . Recipient. said ….if needed any protection , would get a CONDOM.

          4. aka, another reason to find alternate medical provider, asap….. in addition to taking care of own health challenges,
            in refusing care, ie…not reporting for every chipped toenail we deny them our medical $$$$.

      1. Thanks, JC… and I agree that what is being done is disgusting. Here in CA it’s been concert tickets, cash, all kinds of prizes (come large) to get people to submit. It’s just unbelievable the extend being gone to to shove this down everyone’s throats (or more literally into everyone’s arms).

    2. So Cal Gal
      Pull up the sign treaty from WWII regarding human experimentation regarding this possibility of them forcing employees to take the jab. If I understand those who are being forced their employers are in violation of this medical compact agreed upon by several nations. The US of A is one of those nations!
      Then there is the print material you will have them sign where by they are liable for any medical complications which arise from you being FORCED to take an illegal drug into your body.
      Go to ‘Freedom Taker’ print out those forms asap.

      1. So Cal Gal
        They are violating HIPPA, if they require proof you did this to your body. FYI Pull up that gov document jic.

      2. AC
        Thank you for posting that site.
        Down loaded three already, and I haven’t even skimmed the rest.

  37. Ken
    Check you in box for a special photo with a quotation below his statement, that could make a great piece for AOL. mho

  38. Thank you all for your input, i cant believe that on such a short time we are seeing such over the top demands

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