Is the Pandemic Behind Us? How Does All of This End?

The pandemic has certainly changed our lives this past year. 2020 was a highly disruptive year. We were all affected. Most of us were impacted financially (in one way or another), socially, and even tyrannically (to varying extents).

When it first came to light early 2020, I wrote extensively about it – as news came in. Most of us here were ahead of the curve and were able to supply well before the shortages. As time went on, thankfully, it became evident that it wasn’t going to be “the end of the world” so to speak. As real medical science became evident, I backed off the gloom of this pandemic. Though the mainstream kept the panic going.

We witnessed a sort of political science brush aside medical science (or medical science which challenged or conflicted with their narratives). We saw politicians making broad sweeping decisions and decrees – many of which brought great harm to the people. The pandemic was leveraged by the mainstream media to instill inappropriate or disproportional fear into the minds of the masses, even after it became clear that we were not “all going to die…” This fear was used for maximum political advantage.

All crisis are “used” for political and financial gain. 2020 was no exception. But here we are a year later, 2021. I have been reading many reports and statistics of this thing winding down. And I wonder to myself…What are “they” going to do when the public at large realizes that “this thing” is winding down for real… There’s money and politics at stake here. They’ve got to keep it going, right?

Anyway, I read an article this morning that I would like to re-post for your interest. Permission granted via their Creative Commons license.

(I added sections headings)

Authored by Jeffrey Tucker via The American Institute for Economic Research

There is a sense in the air that the pandemic is winding down

There is a sense in the air that the pandemic is winding down, and the toxic culture of division, fear, and hatred along with it. Cases are down dramatically. Deaths too. Hospitalizations are no longer irregular. Restrictions are being repealed. You can follow all the action daily at the CDC’s new and unusually competent landing page on the virus (it only took them a year to build this). 

Despite all the talk of a new normal and infinite mandates, there is hope that it could all unwind quickly, pushed by force of public impatience and frustration with restrictions, and a political scramble to avoid responsibility by running away from all that they did for the last year. 

The list of signs and symbols could be made very long. 

  • The politicians who overreached are suddenly being held accountable, with both Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom on the hotseat. Calls for governors and mayors to resign consume state and local news. There is clearly major political tumult building. 
  • The Great Barrington Declaration scientists can hardly keep up with the requests for respectful interviews, now that it is becoming clear that they were right all along. 
  • The experience in open states like FloridaGeorgiaSouth Dakota, and so on, makes it impossible to ignore the grim truth that the lockdowns achieved nothing for public health but did harm health, businesses, liberties, law, and civilized life. 
  • The push to open economies, by the same people who locked down the economies, such as Boris Johnson in the UK, is an implicit repudiation of the nonsensical ZeroCovid movement. Everyone seems now to agree with what AIER has been saying for a year: humanity must deal intelligently with pathogens and stop pretending that political forces can control them. 
  • AIER visiting senior fellow Naomi Wolf had a hit just last evening on the Tucker Carlson show, and they spoke as allies in the reopening efforts after years of ideological sparring. 
  • There is growing weariness of Anthony Fauci’s daily word salads that have massively mixed up the public health messaging for a full year, to the point that Meghan McCain has called for his firing. 
  • A year ago, Slate was making sense until the virus became political and they joined the lockdown mob. Now the publication is back to making sense again, with this excellent piece
  • British medical journal The Lancet is publishing excellent short pieces on the cost of lockdowns, including this riveting letter from Martin Kulldorff. 
  • A prestigious European journal of public health has published a blistering attack on the very idea that a power government should ever be trusted with virus mitigation. 

The cleanup begins

The people who have committed their careers and lives to this pandemic and the policies surrounding it might soon need to find a new raison d’etre. Then the clean up begins – how did this happen, who did it, how to make sure it never happens again – and does not end perhaps for decades. 

It’s been fascinating to see the early drafts on the reasons why. There will be some perfunctory efforts to credit lockdowns, masks, human separation, and closures for somehow making the virus go away. The trouble is that there is no evidence of this. There is evidence for many other explanations having to do with herd immunity and “seasonality” (another way of saying the pathogen comes and then goes) and possibly more precision in testing. 

For example, this new article by the very sensible Jennifer Beam Dowd of Oxford names many factors (while downplaying the role of vaccines) but says of masks and so on that it is “challenging to identify their specific effects, and cases are dropping in almost all states even with a wide range of policies.” 


The reckoning will be taking place for months if not years.

The reckoning will be taking place for months if not years. In the end people will be left wondering why we took such extreme measures that wrecked so many lives when the endemic equilibrium comes in time regardless of all these measures. We tried a crazy experiment in social and economic control and we are left with scant evidence that it made much difference on the virus but vast evidence that they demoralized and ruined life for billions of people. 

What about the opening? There will continue to be those who will cower in fear, still dealing with the deep psychological trauma that comes from watching TV journalists scream panic for the better part of a year. But there will be an emerging majority that will be more than willing to go back to real life. 

And so on goes the opening, slowly at first, then quickly, then all at once. The decisive turn is when the public returns to thinking rationally, refuses to be locked up anymore, and decides to trust themselves and the medical profession rather than the powerful elites who only pretend to manage disease. The trauma lasts, of course, but the healing also begins. 

Last April, in a more naive time, I truly did imagine that these lockdowns and restrictions could not last. I had underestimated both the public panic and the government’s willingness to double- and triple-down on unworkable policies. 

I also overestimated what I had previously imagined to be a widespread commitment to liberty and property that would have inspired some public revolt early on. So here we are a full year later, with the reports of lockdown carnage pouring in by the day and hour. It’s a gigantic mess, to be sure, but the end does seem to be in view, and thank goodness for that. Let the blowback begin.

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  1. You know. I went to several places yesterday–wonderful weather, time to get out.
    I noticed so many still wearing a mask inside places–I still refuse and I still have not been approached.
    This behavior of the masses scares the S**t out of me–pardon the language…no other way to say it.
    I have always been a person that NEVER thinks like others–G always commented about that—where do you find these questions?? They are just there.
    We that know the truth are gonna be alone when this farce is exposed.
    But before that, how many will have been killed with the second vaccine or the reaction engineered with that vaccine…in a month, year, several years??
    Who knows; staggering the deaths by bio-engineering it will make it look normal and not deal with mass burials.

    Not my president…

    1. One other thing…am I the only one thinking how nasty are those masks when worn repeatedly, stored who knows where, stuffed inside the glove box, and worn again??

      1. Have you seen videos of the disposable masks manufactured overseas? I am at the point I doubt everything I see even! However, last year, my husband was showing me how the masks were being sewed as fast as possible in long streams. And, just laying on the dirty factory floor as the came off the machine/table.

        1. Oh, I am sure that happens…what is a patriot to do when everything is from Shyna or another country with same practices or worse??
          A**holes, thanks for nothing–shipping our jobs overseas.
          There is a place for these fools.

          1. Hi JayJay – The total compensation of the workers “over there” in evil land is approaching parity with US workers. Reduce our Federal and State governments overreach by about 90% and the jobs will come back organically. No one actually shipped our jobs overseas. They were pushed out by excess taxation and regulation. And by consumers who demand an artificially low price point, regardless of the decay of their currency.

            How well do you think a $1,200 150cc push lawnmower would sell? That’s what it would take to bring jobs back. So in reality, a demanding consumer base, detached from the reality around them; they drove the jobs overseas.

            You asked what is a Patriot to do… Be a Patriot and DEMAND a return to Constitutional government at once. Get the parasites out of the way of commerce.

        2. JustATY – Disposable masks are not ‘sewn’. The expanded PE feedstock rolls are electrostatically charged and will pick up any lightweight debris and destroy machinery. Anyway believe what you want, but if you are going to post something as fact, kindly include a supporting link.

          1. I’m sorry.
            I wasn’t posting that as fact.
            Said I wasn’t sure if the video was true or not.
            I have been out half a dozen times in 13 months because I can’t wear the stupid things and we get confronted in this area.

            I’ve tried a few times here and given a few bucks a few times, but I finally get it. :)
            I’ll research elsewhere.

            Best wishes to you all and sorry I came across as stating the video/sewing as fact. Don’t have the knowledge people here do. Wasn’t my intention. Probably just finally going stir crazy/nuts.

          2. Just ATY,
            Don’t worry about it. Some folks here get their panties in a twist over comments without rereading what was said or asked. You pissed a little to close to someone’s food bowl is all.I have seen that video too btw. Keep researching and asking questions…

          3. BJH – It’s a big, yummy food bowl indeed. :>) Opportunities like we used to have in this country, a long time ago. You saw a video? How cool. I’ve seen videos too, about us, about life in America. It’s real knee-slapping stuff Mr. Horse. You are familiar with the practice of propaganda, yes?

          4. Tmac,
            You missed the point.
            You missed a teaching moment as well.

            The person was asking for confirmation. With the Chicoms abysmal record of poisoned food and lead paint toys making its way to US stores a video like that would raise questions. Your need to defend your Chicom benefactors puts many of your posts in a question mark category. Many times I considered you to be a “troll” on here.

            The comment you posted after just ATY’S last post should of been your first reply.(that teaching moment)

            From the post from just ATY that person may very well left and never read your post. I mentioned that I also saw the video so just ATY would realize others had seen it. I did not post my opinion on the veracity of the videos content. I did encourage just ATY to stick around.

            I’m not singling you out as others here chase newcomers away or discourage them from commenting or asking questions. I don’t comment often anymore. Not wasting time on toxic posts.

            Now you will see this as constructive criticism or you won’t. You have many good posts. That was not one of them…

          5. Bill Jenkins Horse Tmac’s reply was a little undiplomatic but this unknown persons comments didn’t ask for confirmation of unknown facts it was a Yeah ME TOO Reply to Jay Jay truthful comment about how folks mishandle soiled masks. Then Jay Jay agreed with this unknown person about “Shynia” bashing.

            There is a LOT of Asia bashing going on in America. His Wife is Chinese, IIRC your Lady is Asian. The Asian community is suffering from random physical assaults and daily insults like having Listerine splashed on them. Maybe a little compassion for long term posters who has posted quite useful and often compassionate postings to others on this list.

            Peace bro, not every random stranger is who they seem. Red Dog Master seems interesting for a bit. I await to see who ATY really is.

          6. NH Michael –

            OMG – THANK YOU! I never saw that coming, but I am immensely grateful for your post.

          7. NH MICHAEL,
            The problem is any new person who”dares” to comment here is under suspicion of being a troll by the “regulars”. Maybe JUST ATY is Asian or family members are Asian. Would anyone know Calirefugee is Asian by his posts?No,we wouldn’t if he hadn’t told us.Assumptions have become the problem on here.
            I have invited folks to check out this site.
            Our agreement is we won’t acknowledge each other on here. I know their call signs. They know mine. Neither have posted.
            One is a former member of our group. He took a once in a lifetime opportunity and ran with it.
            His take? “The men whine,the women teach.”
            The other runs his own group. Likes the articles presented by Ken.
            His take?”Too many FB type comments posted by the regulars.When did men turn into whiny bitches? Most won’t last a week unless they’re hiding in their basement”.
            Pretty scathing rebukes don’t ya think?
            My point is that if you have knowledge lead with it. Knowledge shifts paradigms. Emotional responses do not …

          8. BJH I carefully listen to folks postings. I also follow patterns very well.

            But to lead with knowledge and stay on topic the COVID WAS a Political Power Grab. Thus in Politics as in the Sock Puppets election promises “once I’m elected all this will end”. He was clearly referring to COVID and Antifa.

            So far day by day since his “Election” the numbers and reports on COVID has diminished replaced with new stories about Kim’s butt and Tiger Wood’s car accident. Not to diminish Tiger Woods BTW.

            Also the near total elimination of our yearly common Flu cases rolled into COVID being “Resolved” and the reduction of the PCR high test cycles because Cut and Paste:

            Health experts say PCR testing – the most widely used diagnostic test for COVID-19 in the US – are too sensitive and need to be adjusted to rule out people who have insignificant amounts of the virus in their systems because they’re likely not contagious.

            I.E. your own Immune System would kill it off as designed. Not a real problem.

            The Pandemic numbers have fallen WAY TOO Fast and too EARLY for the “Vaccine” to have made a statistical reduction. 

            I respect and listen to your opinions BJH.

          9. JustATY –

            It’s fine. For 11 of those 13 months I have had an intense relationship with the US FDA. This includes paper trail audits for very expensive post-EUA testing as well as uniformed, badged inspectors showing up unannounced to track inventory movements and to slice open random boxes to take samples for their own testing. It has been arduous.

            Most of the “Uncle Intel” rumors you hear about Chinese manufacturing have origins in the terrified remains of US manufacturing. 30-50 years ago we learned an awful lot from Japan about quality processes, just like we learned from the Germans during WW2. We perfected and integrated those processes. And then Bill Clinton and company gave it all away to China. No reasonable person should be surprised that China accepted the gift.

            The bottom line is they aren’t so much cheating the process much anymore. They simply took what was given to them and proceeded to kick our asses with it. Whose fault is that?

          10. Really? Two downvotes on innocuous, but verifiable reality? Do we have a bunch of TikTok kids hanging out here now? The aggregate IQ seems to be plummeting.

          11. Actually I believe Frederick Taylor had something to do with Japan’s manufacturing rise using methods he tried to introduce in America but was thwarted by the entrenched PTB. Of course, being “hungry” post WW2 provides motivation to take what works and make it work better. On the flip side, the Japanese gave us LEAN manufacturing processes so no money is tied up in inventory. Look how well that worked. Ha ha.

    2. If I heard my stepmother say one more time, “I don’t do it for myself, it’s because I am someone who cares about others” (she also started yelling at a woman that accidentally got within 5 feet at the store instead of 6 feet)….well, oh yeah…that’s right, she doesn’t talk to me anymore.

      I have been really shocked at how easily people I considered independent/strong just “fall in line”!

      And I agree with your line of thinking on this – I don’t think we are ever going to be told even half the truth.

      1. The Truth?
        The reason I wear a muzzle in stores is to prevent me from biting Dr Fouchi and those paranoid and yelling to not be within 10 feet of them.

  2. Everyone here in our county is pretty much done with masks, etc. Spring isn’t far away; farmers are getting geared up for the season. Not many around here even wore masks to begin with. People are ready to get on with life here. And they pretty much ignore officials spouting anything. I only wear a mask in one or two places requiring it, although most stores don’t anymore unless they are a major chain store, like Home Depot. All the independents (that have survived) are open now. It’s great!

  3. “There is a sense in the air that the pandemic is winding down, and the toxic culture of division, fear, and hatred along with it.”

    I agree somewhat with the first part of Mr. Tucker’s statement, but not at all with the second part. Whether or not the pandemic was caused by a deliberately created man-made virus, or just a variant of ‘the flu’, it was used to good effect to scare the general population into submission.

    Masses of people gave up personal freedoms without much pushback or hesitation. We won’t be getting those back without a fight. Small businesses were decimated, and supply chains damaged severely. Those things won’t be going back to normal any time soon.

    The division, fear and hatred is being stoked daily with the domestic terrorist, white supremacist narrative coming out of the media and political institutions. Virginia just declared racism a public health emergency. Public figures are still calling for the round-up of dangerous white supremacists, public school curriculum is being altered to mandate critical race theory propaganda, transgenderism is being pushed on young children, and federal money being allocated to fight domestic terrorism.

    What’s next?

    1. Hi Farmgirl! – Stupid Liberal ‘Logic’. I was arguing with a guy the other day. He’s from Madison… m’kaay? I pointed out the miracle drop in everything-covid, since Grandpa Simpson was innaugu-stalled. Without skipping a beat this aging, wealthy, liberal idiot shot back at me: “Well that’s because MOST of us have been wearing our masks!”

  4. The public at large doesn’t care about facts. They care about the daily dose of circus which is fed to them without effort on their part. If the media continues to push the narrative, they will continue to eat it up.

    The .gov will say the roll-out of the vaccine is responsible, regardless of the facts.

  5. -“The .gov will say the roll-out of the vaccine is responsible, regardless of the facts.” So true; but such a shame it has cost the public and the nation so much as it has.

    -Papa S.

  6. As soon as ol sleepy Joe got his foot in the door the all clear was called. They were crafty about it though. Don’t want the clueless to catch on. So they started slowly. The serpentine cattle chutes outside the big corp stores were slowly reduced then disappeared. The employees cleaning carts and making sure you used hand cleaner slowly melted back into other work duties.
    Wearing masks and staying 6 ft. apart are still in effect. Have to keep the sheep compliant and a little fearful.
    Then the indoctrinators and the propagandists can give all glory to the potato for allowing the serfs and slaves a small taste of what their lives were like before…

    1. We got a mask reminder at Lowes for the first time this week. Woman practically jumps out in front of us, demands to know if we have masks and tells us she can get us one if we don’t. The place has been essentially maskless for a year. I wonder if someone complained and they got fined?

      1. That was my first thought—but I tend to believe no one has confronted me because I look like the type to not mess with–determined!!!
        AND, the employees have been told–who cares?? Is it worth getting shot over??

        1. Well, living in Kentucky has a lot to do with it also—Tennessee was the doctor office that demanded I put on a mask….not kentucky.

          1. Funny how only one state away makes a difference. Ohio (northern) and I have been out only 6 times in 13 months because I can’t wear a mask easily. We have “mandates” in our county.
            Gotta move. Hubby says Costa Rica or Montana. I vote South Dakota (but hate cold).

    2. Racism has replaced the Covid pandemic as the country’s worse epidemic, this time for sure it has been given back to man made hocus-pocus, a switching of the hands, something real with something fake, and it has variants called social justice and sexual identity homophobia which is coming back to plague us.

      You mentioned potato…they are upset now that they discovered Mr and Mrs Potato Head should not be a male potato and a female potato. Can’t be racist because they are both brown, but something has to be done about this identity crisis of the Potato Heads or the world will end!

      Uuuhhh, can I leave this world?

      1. Stardust,
        How do you figure that the Potato-heads are racist? It’s all what’s inside, and I got white potatoes, yellow potatoes, brown and purple! Heck I have some that are green. But as “PC” persons, we’re not to mention that. Back to the salt mines for me.

        1. Minerjim:
          What the heck dude, ya ain’t got no “Black” Taters?????
          OMG thay is a goina come for ya ole son… LOLOL

          1. NRP & Blue
            I wonder if the white tater hates the gold tater, or the brown tater hates the red tater….There are 12 different racist scenarios here… besides which tater should be one of the 65 different sexual identities? Shall we call the Whitehouse? or is that racist? Should we call it the Blackhouse, the Yellowhouse, the Redhouse, or call it the Nursing home?

  7. Been working for a year by Webex….had my first “in-person” appearance today….WITH masks, sorry to say. But nice to be back in the real world!
    Most folks around here don’t wear masks, but keep them handy if in grocery store or sense others are uneasy….small town politeness. Sunny ad 40 ish today, took DH and all the dogs for a walk. Absolutely beautiful, and soooo “normal”. YAY

  8. How did it play out in other countries around the world? Pretty much the same.

  9. It’s all so sad. I know of many suicides, but 0 covid deaths. I can only hope this tyranny ends soon. So many people I chat with are just simply too terrified to go outside, having been blinded by media. So many friends have abandoned this state for Texas and Florida, but are still too afraid to say what the real issue is for fear of being shunned :( The government now knows they can drive us to suicide without us fighting back, it is a shame.

    1. The weak always die first. The government knows nothing. No sympathy for suicides, but possibly congratulations might be in order.

  10. A few months ago, when our South Florida public beaches were closed during the lockdown, I had the nerve to actually go to the beach. A few minutes after arriving, on the beach, not one but two police boats arrived. I was told to exit the beach immediately or I would be arrested. Seeing they were in their boats and knowing that the cops, fully uniformed, would not jump into the water to come after me, I started arguing with them, telling them that this was a public beach, for the people, and they did not have the right to tell me to get off, as I was committing no crime. They then told me that I would now be arrested.
    At that point, I decided to hastily retreat back up to my car. Just as I arrived and entered my car, completely off the beach now, a police patrol car arrived, and a fully outfitted SWAT Team member got out and ran down to the beach. I quickly drove off.
    If anyone thinks that the cops won’t enforce these restrictions, they are deluding themselves.
    We ARE becoming a ‘Police State’.

  11. I am still skeptical. Who can really say with certainty what has happened and what is yet to come. I don’t trust any thing I read and less then half of what I see. Just my take. Stay frosty.

  12. There was no pandemic outside of an odd flu mutation. I’ll stand by those words.

    I’ve shared before that I was directly involved with the importation and sale of N-95 masks. Cargo jets are expensive, so were the masks when they arrived. We were ‘heroes’, for a minute. Turns out, >90% of the stockpile was never used, then the bottom fell out of the mask market. Now the “pandemic” is winding down. Now these health care entities that bought up all the masks with emergency funding (your tax dollars) are presenting very creative arguments for a refund. …. Surely they intend to return the emergency funding to Uncle Sam, … right?

    The entire world was duped by this hoax. This is the mass ‘event’ that will be blamed on a worldwide currency reset. A lot of bodies and other cumbersome things will be buried under the false history of Covid.

    It is always easier to fool someone than it is to convince someone that they have been fooled.

  13. Twatter – Here we go:

    NEW – Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum (WEF) tweeted yesterday that “Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world,” accompanied by a video showing deserted streets, empty factories, and grounded planes. After backlash, they deleted it.

    Well how about that?

  14. Our son has been sending pictures from a jam-packed SoCal Food Festival today…

    Local Authorities: “Event must close by 2pm for COVID”

    Attendant Public: “Fark you!” — All the food was sold-out by 12.30, event closed itself 90 minutes early.

    See how this BS continues to stimulate a moribund economy? Create an artificial shortage. Works like a charm. Every time!

  15. It’s not going to end for some time yet. This has become a tribal thing. Has anyone else noticed the ridiculously stupid mask culture that has invaded democRat public images? None of them wear disposables anymore. They wear these custom fabricated, wardrobe matching monstrosities that wrap up their whole face below the eyes, all the way back, covering the ears. — This is literally the stupidest shat I have ever seen in my entire life on this stupid planet — which is longer than half a century — so I’ve seen some remarkably stupid trends come and go. — The stupid! It burns!

    1. I wish they all were pictured with huge buck teeth with no other choice. perfect look for Biden.

  16. Wait. Stop. Yahoo News right now, oddly tagged under ‘Coronavirus’ — “Exclusive: White House orders enhanced airport screenings for Ebola”.

    Well there you go Ken! You are officially part of the renegade media now. You posted some data about steep declines in Corona; and your efforts are immediately countered with an Ebola scare.

    Assclown world. Just when I was learning to tolerate humanity a little; the mask fad came along.

    1. Hey Tmac, I heard from a friend in W Africa a week and a half ago about cases in two countries. Turned it around and passed to another friend in guv medical hierarchy to pass it on to TPTB. Interesting that it took this long to hit the news. Given all we learned last go around in W Africa about Ebola transmission and where/how long it lurks in the body, I wish ol’ No Borders Joe would simply prohibit flights originating in those countries until this eruption has burned itself out. But then, some folks don’t like addressing potential low-probability high-impact events.

  17. On Thursday a US Federal Judge in Texas struck down the Covid eviction moratorium; evictions to commence at once. As if we needed further proof COVID=BS. Fake pandemic to cover a global financial reset.

    The pandemic is over folks! Grandpa Simpson and The Whore have saved us all!

  18. Thanks for the article Ken. My county is starting to open up gradually starting this past Friday. Though I can complain about the lockdown, I choose to sit and read or listen to the experience of others. The pandemic delayed my plans of retirement in the healthcare field and I had an undergraduate education in Economics. My wife is also working closer to the front lines than I am. ( charge RN within a SNF/skilled nursing facility ). She has 5 current + cases within their facility. On days off, in addition to shopping, I cook for her and do as much as I can to support her in her job. ( much as I did when I was the cook for the fire crew in addition to being one of the squad medics.)

    This being a blog on survival, within our home and family, we have been taking care of each other. This is the first time i have ever seen society and government put out mandates to close so many businesses. I am watching to see which ones will come back. 2020 was a good year for 1 type of restaurant: the franchise or chain restaurants. The bigger ones that were able to adapt thrived as did meal delivery services.

  19. I cannot say whether or not I disagreed with the lockdown because I am still employed and as an older worker that has seen “bad flu years” come and go, much of my job was to show up for work and dispell fear and loathing among my younger coworkers in addition to the patients I work with. I have talked before of working on the front lines of numerous flu events in the past: 1/3 turn over of beds within a nursing home, cleaning and wrapping of bodies waiting for the funeral home or the coroner to arrive. wiping down mattresses with disinfectant and moving a new patient in while the disinfectant is still drying on the bed.
    The thing that disturbs me about the last several flu events is the anti-asian sentiment I have observed or witnessed in recent years. Myself, being asian, I tend to head to the ethnic neighborhoods when i go out to eat and shop. The anti ethnic sentiment is why “chinatowns” and ethnic neighborhoods exist and are not going away anytime soon within the USA. Other than going out to ethnic neighborhoods to eat and shop, I have been avoiding crowds as advocated by Uncle Remus.

  20. Last year, I caught some grief by people on this site for “talking tough” about suiting up and going to work. For me, it truly was business as usual though there was more time being spent trying to tamp down the fear that patients had. I did not do a lot of talking at work. People were reassured that if a senior citizen like me can drag themselves out of bed and into work each day, things may not be so bad after all. Just another day treating butt rash, athletes foot and the heartbreak of psoriasis.

    To all on this site: I kept my promise. I suited up for work and worked my shift at my job just as I did when I was a fireman/paramedic, police officer in SoCal. I think more about retiring but the powers that be want me to stick around because there is work to do so the training of my replacements goes on. Lastly, I did not yet get any vaccine. It was not yet a mandatory requirement at work and I had to clean up after my wife had a violent reaction to the Pfizer #1 vaccine.

    One aspect about this I will miss is being able to walk into my bank while wearing a mask. ( and nobody called the police!)

    1. CaliRefugee,
      You suited up and did your job because you have an excellent work ethic, something many these days do not have. I find it admirable, as do a lot of employers. It was the way we were raised. There will always be naysayers though. What do you think of the new J&J , one dose vaccine? I understand it is not a mRNA type, but more “traditional”. I’d value your opinion on this.
      Hope things in your AO start getting back towards normal soon.

  21. Reply to Minerjim: The J&J vaccine is so new that the jury is still out. I figure that at some point, I will be required to take some type of vaccine. That day has not yet come.
    Sometimes, it is not a good thing to be first one at the finish line. The first vaccine to hit the open market has many side effects as I mentioned with my wife having to take the Pfizer vaccine as part of her employers mandate when this started last year.
    As time goes on, the virus mutates ( ie. South African Strain, British Strain etc.). The makers of the vaccine can also incorporate samples of the new variant protein into the development of their vaccine and have a product that is effective against a wider spectrum of corona virus possibly with fewer side effects. This is my hope for the future and why I am not in a rush to become vaccinated.
    In the meantime I will still wear a mask inside my bank when I pay the mortgage. I’ll be OK as long as I do not brandish a gun. I see a lot of misinformation out there still.

    1. Thank you calirefugee for all you do!!! I cant believe people would make you feel unwelcome in any restaurant other than China town, seriously? What is wrong with this world, I just don’t know anymore…anyway, just wanted to let you know that you are greatly appreciated as a fireman, medic, healthcare worker with a great work ethic and morals. Thank you!!!!!!

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