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Omicron Data Spells The End Of Covid Misadventure

Here’s what I have observed from Omicron data around the globe. Omicron is amazingly infectious. It also equally infects the ‘vaccinated’ and the unvaccinated. Seemingly most of us may get this bug. However, don’t be afraid…

[ 2022 Update below – via chief epidemiologist / Denmark ]

Here’s the Christmas present… Covid is over. Omicron symptoms are incredibly mild compared to past variants. And for most people it’s barely a cold, if that. This is clearly spelling the end of the Covid misadventure.

I respect Dr. Chris Martenson whom I’ve somewhat followed for many years. He has also been a sensible source of data analysis since Covid began. His unique ability to slice through data and present the logic is admirable.

Having recently read the following article, and having watched the associated video presentation (technical analysis of Omicron data / numbers), I felt compelled to share it with our readers here on Modern Survival Blog.

Why? Because it’s good news. Please ignore the fear mongering about Omicron. It is pure hype. Fear not, because this Covid misadventure might be coming to an end.

Here’s Chris…

Omicron Fears Are Not Deserved

Various world leaders, mainstream press outlets, and pharma companies are working hard to whip up fear and anxiety about omicron. Are those negative emotions deserved? No, not in the slightest.

Omicron spells the end of Covid

Omicron spells the end of the Covid misadventure. At least that’s what the data suggests at this time. That’s great news. For you and me. Not so much for power and money-conflicted corporations and politicians who are rather attached to Covid being an endless and mind-numbingly expensive affair.

Omicron is explosively transmissive, but…

Omicron is explosively transmissive, that is quite true, but it is also incredibly mild compared to past variants of concern. For most people it’s barely a cold, if that. Sniffles, a headache, and some tiredness.

True, a very small percentage of people run into trouble with it, but that’s been true of every prior cold and flu in history. It’s just how it works, and setting a new bar that says “our goal for omicron is zero deaths or illness” is simply delusional. Life is a risk. Bad things sometimes happen. We absorb the losses and we move on.

Resist the imposition of new rules

Before your country’s leadership uses omicron as an excuse to lock you down further, to destroy your economy even more, and to hamper your ability to live a full and rich life, you should do your best to learn the data and then share it. If necessary resist the imposition of new rules and agitate for the relaxation of old ones.

Omicron doesn’t care if someone is vaxed or not

More to the point, omicron doesn’t care if someone is vaccinated or not. It explosively moves through every population it has entered as if there were zero difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. In other words, vaccines do nothing to temper the flow of omicron within or across a country.

Covid is over

Bottom line: There’s no more reason to lock people down or to enforce vaccine mandates. Covid is over. The data is all coming up roses for omicron. The best we could have possibly hoped for. That’s what the data says.

Remember, if the data changes, so will I, but until then, this is where we are.

~ Chris Martenson from

Omicron is very mild

Chris Martenson discussing Omicron Data:

[ Update JAN 3, 2022 ]

Omicron Data Study – ‘We Will Have Our Normal Lives Back’

Denmark health chief says Omicron is bringing about the END of the pandemic and ‘we will have our normal lives back in two months’.

Tyra Grove Krause, chief epidemiologist at Denmark’s State Serum Institute said the Covid-19 Omicron variant is bringing about the end of the pandemic, ‘we will have our normal lives back in two months’.

The expert said that the highly infectious Omicron variant appears milder, and therefore more people will be infected without having serious symptoms.

As a result, she said, this will provide a good level of immunity in the population.

‘Omicron will peak at the end of January [2022], and in February we will see declining infection pressure and a decreasing pressure on the health care system,’ she said. 


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  1. I have been reading the Fauci book. Evil, pure evil at work and not just him.
    All of the numbers are $$$$$ and not for the people. We have Regan to thank for the bill that lets big pharma off the hook.

  2. Thanks for publishing this article Ken. As a healthcare worker that follows epidemics, this confirms what I have been taught about virus and viral disease. (as a virus starts out, it is primitive in that it will kill a lot of people versus a more advanced virus that spreads quickly and easily because it sickens the host without killing the host).

    I have seen bad flu years before and from what I have seen, this was another bad flu year. I have never seen society shut down and strangling of the economy. Fortunately, I was prepared at my home so I was able to continue to show up for work during the past 2 years. I was glad to see other essential workers finally getting recognition during the past 2 years. (people thanking their check-out clerk at the grocery store, people waving to the driver of the semi-truck). I was saddened to see many small, non-franchised restaurants close their doors.

    To Lauren: As an educated healthcare worker, It does still bother me that a majority of the population will get their medical knowledge and advice from Better Homes and Garden or People Magazine. The internet chatter can be even worse. My wife and I continue to show up for work and take care of others within our facilities. Things are available (at higher prices) for purchase and the Covid 19 is becoming another Corona Viral Disease for the history books. I was one of the last to get vaxed last June. I have not and probably will not get the booster or a flu shot this year.

  3. – Ken, let me second Cali’s thank you. This is exactly what I was taught about virus diseases as well, and I have to agree, “this was another bad flu year.” Not a problem for me, although DW seems to have been one of the first to come down with the stuff, before it even had a name. I have yet (knock on wood) to have it.

    When DW’s doc asked her to get the J&J vacc, I went along and got stuck as well, about the same time as Cali. When he asked her to get the Moderna booster, just to make sure she didn’t get it again, I again went along with her. I have had no symptoms, no problems, and got the Flu vacc both times as well. Haven’t had any problems with either. Employer is happy, though.

    And my Johnson (outboard) hasn’t turned colors or fallen off, either.

    – Papa S.

    1. Yes I’m very encouraged to see this Omicron playing out as it is… Very mild (comparatively). Many have no symptoms whatsoever, and the fact about what we’ve been taught regarding virus is playing out right in front of us. This is apparently a classic sign of the end.

      There’s no surprise as to the fear mongering and over-reaction yet again…because of course we know the various motives.

      However, unless another virus is released, it looks like this one may be just about over, once Omicron runs its course over the next months. Can we get on with our lives please?

      Good News Christmas Present

      If millions of people get a cold, do we all panic about it? We never have before… Anyway, this all looks like good news to me, and a timely Christmas present.

      Don’t let them get you down! Be happy! Live your life! Live healthy! Eat right. Take your Vitamin D3, Zinc, C, Quercetin…

      If you get the sniffles, use a tissue! Got a little headache? Some aches? Take an Advil (this is not medical advice haha…).

      [ Read: Covid-19 Management & Vitamin Supplement List ]

    2. Cali, Papa,
      Agreed. Viruses mutate. It’s what they do. Common knowledge within the “educated health care worker” group. Each of us makes our decisions according to our knowledge/belief.

      Here’s hoping all of our decisions work out well. I chose NOT to take the vaccine. I never take the flu shot. Wishing you both a Merry Christmas.

      1. i almost never get sick from anything. back in the late 90’s i was talked into taking a flu shot.
        i stayed sick all winter.
        never again !
        i don’t trust anyone who does not have to guarantee their work, like lawyers and doctors.
        you loose your law case. pay me
        if we give you the wrong meds. and you die, pay me. it’s all about the money.
        not no but hell no.
        stitches are another matter, i’ve had many and they all turned out good. the only reason i go to a doctor is when i can’t get the bleeding to stop by myself.
        if anyone watches TV and has noticed the ads for meds. , listen to the list of side effects they list. good God.

  4. Follow the money.
    Billions upon Billions dollars and destroyed lives.
    And I will guarantee Fouci and friends have made millions from their investments in the Pharmaceuticals.
    Or someone tell me I’m wrong.

    1. I’m reading The Real Anthony Fauci right now. You are absolutely correct. The book goes back to AIDS when Fauci came to power and it’s a cartel and has an insane number of references after every single chapter. Control of what does and doesn’t get funded, the complete blending of govt and big pharma, the money and power, the ability to make or break any drug, research or career – and the crushing of any dissenters. Ruined careers, countless lives lost – it’s completely criminal and corrupt and morally bankrupt and no one is stopping it.

  5. This variant began in South Africa. It has already peaked there and is dramatically coming down. It appears to be just about over – at least where it started…

    “Rapid drop in South Africa’s COVID-19 cases means Omicron may have peaked, experts say.”

    “In South Africa, variants, even highly mutated ones, will run out of people pretty quickly,” “Pretty much by the end of last week it was running out of steam; there just aren’t enough people left to infect.”

    What are Omicron symptoms?
    This is apparently typical:

    “It actually started with a male patient who’s around the age of 33 … and he said to me that he’s just [been] extremely tired for the past few days and he’s got these body aches and pains with a bit of a headache,” she told the BBC. The patient didn’t have a sore throat, she said, but more of a “scratchy throat” but no cough or loss of taste or smell.

    “presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. So far, we have detected that those infected do not suffer loss of taste or smell. They might have a slight cough. There are no prominent symptoms.

  6. Ken J.,
    body aches and pains with a bit of a headache, shoot,
    i may have had the Omicron for the last ten years. LOL

    1. Ya right? Me too!

      In fact, the past two days I’ve had just a slight sniffle. ((((GASP)))) I’ve probably used half a dozen tissues! Oh Nooooooo!

  7. Very good video. Everything he said, is exactly what I have be hearing about Omicron being the death blow to Covid-19.

    Viruses by nature become weaker with mutations, not deadlier.

  8. The lemmings are easily led as they haven’t the IQ or common sense needed, nor the desire to think for themselves. That’s why socialism is so appealing to so many people and the government and big pharma are more than willing to use their gullibility to further their agendas. Expect more BS, hype and lies in 2022 as America is in its death throes.

  9. King Fauci says masks on planes forever. It is a power thing and many of the population love being subservient it seems.

    1. But the good thing is this omicron is behaving like the last gasp, the end of the misadventure. Or more specifically, it’s behaving like what viruses do after multiple mutations. Many will be infected over the coming weeks. However, most all of them will apparently have very mild symptoms, or none at all. Omicron will burn itself out quickly. It’s already basically over where it began in South Africa.

      Who cares about the mask. Whatever. Just stop listening to the fear mongering hype. It’s BS. And many of us know exactly why.

      Lets just get the message out that this is mild. Because it is. Stop the fear. Pursue happiness. Live life.

  10. Yes it is a lot of BS, corruption, push for mail-in voting, corporate power over small businesses, …..

    But I love Idaho more every year. People are working, happy, normal, …. but maybe too welcoming as many from other States moving in.

    1. Places like Texas and Idaho are welcoming people fleeing the failed liberal states and they will regret it in the very near future when these “refugees” start voting democrat and pushing the same liberal agendas they supported in the sh#t hole states they are running from since they will never learn. I live in a relatively remote area and I welcome no one and I don’t give two sh$ts what they are leaving, what they are seeking nor do I need a new neighbor or buddy. I don’t want nor do I need anything from them and I don’t want them to expect anything from me.

      “Stay the **** away from me!” should be the rally cry for all of us that have enjoyed living in rural America as these johnny-come-latelys will be nothing but weeds that will ruin the garden if given a chance to plant their roots. A fed dog will never leave and the same goes for humans.

      1. Romeo Charlie,
        agreed !
        don’t advertise a good place. it won’t stay good for long.
        Idaho , Texas and Florida are good examples. soon to turn into blue s**t holes. watch em and see.
        just like southern Nevada with the people moving there from Cali.
        at one time it was a good place to live, no more. Hell no.
        they are like a virus , infecting and corrupting peoples minds.
        or like locusts, a biblical plague if you will. destroying and corrupting everything in their path and then moving on.
        just keep your safe place to yourself and don’t advertise it. people from out of state move here but they don’t stay long. the people here are great, warm and welcoming but most newcomers can’t deal with the lifestyle and leave. i think it it’s to quiet for most, other than people target practicing or hunting. it unnerves some.
        the whole world thinks our area is a s**t hole and we don’t discourage the idea. EVERYONE gets along with each other, and people who try to come in and get something stirred up with any race or creed is shown the door by them. we are all neighbors and friends and none of us play that crap. not gonna happen. we’re all happy and like family.
        it’s not heaven, but we can see it from here.

        1. – nyscout, south Texas may indeed turn into a blue s**t hole. West Texas, OTOH, is too much hard work for those locusts. It won’t ever turn blue, they can’t tolerate it and we won’t tolerate them. We may indeed have to withdraw from the rest of the state, though.

          – Papa S.

        2. nyscout,

          You sound like me! It seems the “conservatives” that are leaving those states are considered moderate liberals compared to our small community. They say they are pro-2A yet complain about people shooting, they buy a house on a gravel road and then complain to the county because there are no plans to pave it (the locals don’t want it paved), they want to “get away from it all” but whine they have no cell service or Grub Hub.

          Anytime someone asks me how it is where I live I give them the it really sucks, there is nothing to do, it’s tough blah, blah, blah and I wish I had never moved here in hopes it discourages anyone else from invading. Keep on enjoying your paradise because one day soon these sanctuaries will be priceless…but we have to defend them.

    2. Ken J: Pursue happiness. Live life. Exactly! I had covid very early 2020, kicked my behind for a couple of weeks. So happy this Omicron is milder and may allow immunity for many without the harsh effects. I have refused to play the games of mask up and lock down tyranny since this crap started. I believe one should not try to escape life, nor comply their way out of tyranny.

      1. Ema,

        The good thing is… now you have natural immunity! And, congratulations on not falling for the fear mongering.

        Eat right. Be as healthy as you can be. Support your natural immune system. Normal precautions such as ‘eyes-nose-mouth’, wash hands. And most of all, smile and be happy!

      2. Good for you, Ema! And who knows how many others waiting tentatively for ‘permission’ to live life will be positively affected by your example. Kudos to you!

        1. Farmgirl: Thank you for your kind words, I just wish I could be inspiring for one of my sons who has disowned me for not getting the shot, thinks I am a threat to his family I guess. I am not anti-vax, heck even my dog gets vaccinations, I just happen to not need nor want the covid vax. If anyone is trying to decide on getting vaccinated, please research so you can make an informed decision on what is best for you. Only you should decide that, not your government, your boss, etc., but only you.

    1. Norm,
      I am glad that this helped you. It made the whole post worthwhile.

      Ignore the fearmongering. There’s absolutely no need to panic on this. Pursue happiness!

  11. Reply to Papa Smurf and Plainsmedic: Package check…yep it is still there. I had the Pfizer # 1 & 2 last June/July and so far no new appendages and nothing shriveled, turned black or fell off. I am the asian guy sneezing in the produce aisle of the nearby grocery store – no longer getting the look of fear from shoppers around me. I am hoping these mandated orders will fade away as another set of unenforceable rules so companies can resume hiring of all people that want to work. Some type of mask has become part of the new normal though it is only the occasional Karen that will jump on your case if you shop in the supermarket without one. I am noticing store managers either turning a blind eye to this situation or simply letting it slide these days. I am hoping hiring managers will likewise follow suit.

    1. Frosty the Snowman was seen in the fresh produce section picking his nose……standing right over the carrots

  12. Just had a conversation with a part time neighbor up for the special after Christmas 3-day hunt. He and his wife are both schoolteachers. The conversation turned to covid and vaccination status. He allowed that his family, like mine, have resisted taking the shot(s). He went on to say that the only member of his extended family that has taken the shot, an aunt, is also the only one who has had the covid. She now has had both shots and refuses to have any contact with family who isn’t double vaxxed….and…she is currently back in the hospital fighting covid for the second time. Go figure.

  13. Denmark health chief says Omicron is bringing about the END of the pandemic and ‘we will have our normal lives back in two months’.

    (article updated above)

    1. We can hope,,,
      But i have my doubts out here where politicians and bureaucrats have grown accustomed to controlling the flocks,

      Am 50/50 on thinking i will face a vaxx mandate at work, it will be a 100% oh hell no on my part regardless of the fallout for myself personally, gotta take a stand somewhere, thats as good a reason as any,

      Will remain to be seen what 2022 brings

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