image: Reuters/Duane Tanouye (Costco stores overrun)

It is happening in coronavirus covid-19 hot zones. It is happening all around the country too, at an increasing rate. There are reports, images, and video of shelves being decimated in the aisles of stores. Not everywhere, but it’s definitely happening in lots of places.

It’s Blowing Up

It feels like there is a perfect storm which is now beginning the ‘blow up’ phase. Bombogenesis. A rapidly intensifying storm under ‘perfect’ conditions…

Fear Soup

I am eluding to several things.

  1. The potential rapid end of the current massive global credit expansion and markets which are insanely overdue to go over the cliff (in my view).
  2. The GREAT DIVIDE here in the USA between socialist-communist-marxists vs. the rest of us during this unfolding election year.
  3. And now this bio-weapon COVID-19 coronavirus, unleashed (by accident or on-purpose) .

There’s more in the FEAR SOUP, but those are the biggies right now… but I digress.

UPDATE (1 week after original publish date), The markets ARE blowing up. Right now. But if you’re reading this you likely are aware.

Panic Buying at grocery stores is the result of coronavirus covid-19, and fear thereof.

Long term food storage companies. They have been wiped out. Everything’s flying off the shelves. Consequently there are big delays to get product (better late than never?).

Many grocery stores and warehouse stores (i.e. Costco) are being hit hard in certain categories (read on).

With that said, there’s still some good news. Short term food inventory. Ordinary grocery store food is mostly readily available at this time. Reports of low inventory here and there but restock is keeping up. That’s good. But for how long? We’ll see.

(UPDATE) They’re calling it hoarding. But Americans are increasingly stocking up on food and some food shortages of various types are beginning to appear in grocery stores. Straining the JIT inventory systems.

A big crush on our JIT system has not happened before. There are thresholds at which various inventories will be affected to the extent of obvious shortages. It’s a complex system. Could covid-19 be the one that tips it over? It will be if more and more people panic and flood the stores…

TIP: I highly doubt that stores will keep up with food inventories if and when a significant portion of the population all take action — and stock up on food — all pretty much at once (or within a time period which breaks the system). So, take that opinion and do with it what you may…

First things disappearing (or being hit hard)

What’s flying off the shelves first?

Toilet Paper
Disinfectant Wipes and Sprays
Some over-the-counter Medicines

Actually, those are the things that I topped off first as well. Priorities right?

I began noticing this in my own current location nearly two weeks ago at a Walmart (TP and medicine sections of the store). I briefly visited a local grocery store today (I took precautions). There too I noticed many empty portions of shelves in the medicinal area (some had notes apologizing for running out).

Scouring the internet for evidence of panic buying, it is evident that the public is increasingly taking proactive actions and stocking up. If you have not already noticed some of this in your local stores, I’m reasonably certain that you will in the near future.

UPDATE (1 week after original publish date), I am seeing empty shelves at a local grocery store near my location. No more disinfectant wipes and sprays. No more toilet paper. Bleach almost gone.

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Is It Panic Buying?

Listen. I’m all for preparedness, stocking up with consumable supplies and food, medicines and other items. In essence that is what these people are doing. Stocking up. Good for them!

How many of them are panicked? Probably a good percentage of them. What is their motivation for doing this? Fear. It’s a strong motivator. And in this instance, I’m okay with that. Why? Because we do know that governments have been covering / glossing over covid-19 data and facts. And when they do that, they’re hiding something. And that’s cause for concern.

The Government is NOT going to save you.

Sorry, socialists. We’re talking about something so potentially big, that government will only do what they can to save themselves. You will be pacified, until you are suddenly quarantined.

A commenter here on the blog said today (regarding covid-19 coverup), “We just need to make sure that nobody knows until everybody knows.”

Take personal responsibility.

The good thing about coronavirus covid-19 is that IT IS WAKING PEOPLE UP to the notion of preparedness. Unfortunately it’s taking a crisis fear motivator to get people’s butt off the couch and into the stores to buy supplies.

More and more people are taking personal responsibility. I don’t care that many of them might be getting panicked (even if overly so). Sure, some of the reported actions may be over-the-top (due to sudden fear). But it’s opening eyes. How we’re too dependent on China for products. How we don’t keep enough food and supplies at home for emergency.

The government does not want you to know.

The government (logically) does not want panic buying. Why? Because they know it will disrupt systems of JIT (just in time). Visible shortages will itself create more panic buying, and all this could create quite the crisis. I get that.

They also have their own motivation to self-preserve, their power, their jobs, and “the system” that “feeds” them via tax dollars and a economy perceived as “good”… We in essence are their hosts. And they need us alive enough to fund their operational infrastructure. To suck our blood… But not too much such that we can’t perform. Hey wait a minute! That sounds like a virus!! I’m digressing and going off the rails…

Okay, they are looking out for all of us. They have our best interests at heart. And they’re telling us everything they know about all this – so that we can make better decisions on our own. Don’t stock up. Don’t buy any masks or nitrile gloves. For heavens sake, don’t buy extra medicine! You’re not going to get sick. It’s nothing more than the common cold, or the flu, just like any other year. You idiots…

(/sarc off)

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