At some point in time, the sheeple will panic. When that time arrives, it will be too late for you.

While the current Ebola outbreak continues to be downplayed by the mainstream, the fact is that there may be a tipping point in time when enough people become frightened to the point of rushing to the stores to purchase food and supplies to hunker down.

If and when that happens – the shelves WILL empty very quickly – and may not be re-stocked for a very long time.

Here’s why:

For those of you who are ‘aware’, do what I did this morning and examine your supplies of food and consumables. Be sure that you have enough on hand to be isolated for months (or longer).

Think about this:

We know how fast the supermarket shelves empty before a blizzard or hurricane. With an Ebola panic, the same thing will happen – but it could be a very long or even permanent shortage.

Here is how it will happen:

Most people buy food for a week at a time. They do not have much food reserves. Maybe two weeks. The reason is their faith in the food supply system. The belief that there will always be food at the grocery store.

If the deadly Ebola virus were to spread into the United States (or your country), the people will begin to panic and will begin to stock up more food storage – maybe several months or even six months food. They will have suddenly realized (an ‘oh $hit’ moment) that in order to increase their odds of survival – they will need to avoid contact with other people – and will start buying extra food and supplies to self-isolate for awhile.

Imagine what will happen:

The demand for food will balloon 5 times or more within a short time. Shoppers will begin to see empty shelves in the grocery stores which will stimulate even more panic buying. This will signal the end of our reliable food supply system. The stores will be picked clean almost instantly. This will cause people to want even more (perhaps a year) reserve food. Since we do not have much food warehousing and a near-fixed resupply capability, we will be potentially looking at a PERMANENT condition of no food on the shelves.

The Just-In-Time (JIT) supply chain has been trimmed to manufacture, distribute, and resupply stores based on today’s ‘normal’ consumption. Once that breaks, it will take A VERY LONG TIME to resupply.

We will be looking at food rationing, price controls, and worse.

We have a precarious situation indeed. And the only way to protect oneself and family is to PREPARE. Now.

My advice to you is this:

Quietly prepare for yourself and family, before the panic ensues. Do it soon. If the Ebola virus is successfully squelched, you will have lost nothing. You will be prepared for whatever may come next…

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