Preparing For A SECOND WAVE Of COVID-19

graph of 3 waves of Spanish Flu

The Covid-19 curve is flattening. It’s the Spring of 2020.

It was the Spring of 1918. The infections and death rates from the influenza virus of 1918 (The Spanish Flu) was flattening, then falling.

But do you know what happened next?

Though exact data is sketchy from back then, there was a SECOND WAVE of mutated virus which struck like a sledge hammer upon the world in the Fall of 1918. It killed far more people than the first wave. Lots, lots more.

Because of the lack of comprehensive medical records from 1918-20, there is not enough evidence to conclude with certainty an accurate number of deaths in any of the waves of the pandemic. However it is widely reported the second wave was devastating. The graph of three predominant waves of Spanish Flu shown above is from the CDC website (I just added the SECOND WAVE title).

Will SECOND WAVE of Covid-19 Be Like The Spanish Flu of 1918?

I have no idea.

“Well Ken, if you don’t have any idea, why are you posting this?”

Let me rephrase. I do have an idea but I don’t know for sure.

My thought is this… It is not uncommon for virus to mutate. Viruses are constantly copying themselves, so it’s rather frequent that some of those copies will have mistakes, or mutations. The ordinary influenza virus does this (which is apparently why it’s near impossible to get the annual vaccine right).

The Covid-19 virus already has many mutations. Some research reveals that it’s presently one strain with different versions (“L-type” and “S-type”) primarily comprising about a hundred mutations.

Who’s to say or know what it might morph into later on — and whether or not it might be more lethal come Fall (or not)… ? I suppose we’ll find out in a number of months.

What about the Second Wave of the 1918 Spanish Flu?

In the US, the second wave of flu emerged at Camp Devens, a United States Army training camp just outside of Boston, and at a naval facility in Boston. Between September and November, a second wave of flu peaked in the United States. This second wave was highly fatal, and responsible for most of the deaths attributed to the pandemic.

World War 1 troop movements were a big contributing factor during that time. Just imagine the spread while in tight quarters such as this ship with troops from WW1 pictured below:

So is it fair to draw parallels of the second wave of Spanish Flu with what might happen to Covid-19 during the Fall of 2020?

Well things were different back then. Quite different. Especially when comparing today’s medical research, knowledge, technology, and know-how. This virus is not the influenza of 1918. But it is it’s own beast.

The graph of the waves of Spanish Flu as pictured up top reveals a very big factor (multiple) for the second wave. Five times worse?

Covid-19 Second Wave?

Is it very smart to assume that this Covid-19 will not re-emerge this Fall any worse than it has been? Or to presume that we’ve got it under control right now as the curve is flattening?

Thankfully this virus did not pan out according to original (terrifying) models suggesting millions dead this year. We are up to nearly 90,000 deaths here in the US at this moment which is about twice the amount we may typically get from the “flu” virus each year. (There’s 312,000 deaths worldwide so far).

The Spanish Flu is said to have killed about 50 million people worldwide (~ 675,000 in the US) according to the CDC. Most deaths were during the second wave. We had 1.8 billion people on the planet back then. Today we have 7.8 billion.

Should We Prepare For A Second Wave?

I am. Yes.

Why? Because “if” we get one, even if it’s not multiples of the first wave, I do know that governors and governments WILL clamp down again, and very likely much more than we’ve already witnessed. This in itself could (indirectly) kill us or many of us. And I’m going to do my best to mitigate that.

Many places are beginning to “open up” as we speak. There will be some increase in disease which may result in renewed clamp-down, be it over-reaction or not… However come this Fall, when virus typically re-emerges (like the flu), the fear factor may be really crippling.

We are already experiencing shortages, massive job losses, defaults, poverty, and other terrible results of closing down a society. There is always a lag affect. And by the time Fall rolls around, and “if” a second wave of Covid-19 re-emerges, you think it’s bad now? Just wait… and your problems might not just be virus.

So I am using this time to reinforce my self sustainability to the extent that I can. Acquiring the things I need to do that. And additionally I’m giving more thought to security in general.

This Fall we have a few bad things that will be happening at the same time. One is Covid-19 and a probable second wave (and all that it entails). The other is the November election during a pandemic which is going to create much angst among the people. We’re walking a fine line. There’s fresh dry tinder all over the ground and there’s about to be a book of matches lit on fire…

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  1. My plan is just to have everything in my possession I will “need” till next year. If it’s not a second wave, which I think it will be, the financial fallout from all this is going to keep rolling in for a unforeseeable time. If not either of those things this election is going to get nuts I just see it coming like a train on a tracks.
    But yes I think a second wave will be much worse. The “experts” and “leaders” have already laid it out that’s is coming.
    That and people I talk to are worn out of re

  2. Sorry big fingers.
    People I talk to are worn out of the restrictions and having no school. People are angry and stressed everywhere. I don’t think life will return to normal anytime soon, physical school as we used to know it probably won’t be happening fully next school year.
    I don’t get angry or stressed from this stuff personally. Government only has the power over you that you let them. I will not let them control my anger, anxiety, stress, or happiness.
    I think of every human in history and the hardships of their lives, we are blessed beyond belief and I am going to enjoy every second of having one of the easiest lives in human history.
    With that said stay vigilant,do anything you can to disconnect from the fake modern world we live in and be more independent. Love those you care about, life is so short.
    God bless

    1. Nicely said Sarkin. I believe we are going to be living in “changing” times for a while. I, like you, refuse to allow gov to dictate my emotions and lifestyle. I will continue as I have for the last 20 years.
      On a side note, I do notice that many of my “younger” peers are complaining of reduced income because of the stay at home, and likely are suffering because of the restrictions. I guess I am happier than ever to be in a position of totally retiring, should the work dry up altogether (or actually, should the youngers need it more than I do!)
      People ARE worn out from the restrictions, and tempers WILL/ARE flaring, along with a HUGE desire to just BUST OUT! A perfect example was last weekend when a new local greenhouse opened for grand opening sale…..EVERYONE within miles was there! Folks were wearing masks, were polite and even jovial. Everyone was taking their time strolling through the multiple greenhouses just enjoying the freshness! Was my first trip out of the house in over 9 weeks! Delightful!
      I have faith that sanity will prevail….possibly naive?

      1. Pio, no, not naive. It is important to enjoy these beautiful moments we are offered each and every day. When we are overwhelming busy, we forget what life is about. I am thrilled greenhouses are open because more people are going there and thinking about growing something. There is enough bad in everyone’s life, so enjoying the good is even more important! Balance and perspective…I think you have that.

    2. sarkin

      I just saw evidence of someone who suddenly has had enough. My friend and neighbor who I used to go walking with until the virus came, had been refusing to leave her house. Her daughter is a nurse in a nursing home and my friend babysits. She had been afraid she might give it to her daughter, who might then infect all those old people.

      But today, she called and wanted to go for a walk. I said I would meet her at the trailhead so we didn’t have to share a car. She said, “no” she is through social distancing. She had her hair cut, went to Walmart and our local store, and is now perfectly willing to give me a ride in her car.

      So, if we are going to have a second wave, I know at least one person (besides myself) that is not going to worry about it. There are lots of remedies, including some I recently heard about such as Vitamin D and blood thinners.

      I think the danger from the virus was overblown to influence the election and to destroy our economy so China could be first. I hope the 2nd wave is mild, but regardless, we can’t go on destroying small businesses so that the Fortune 500 companies have a monopoly on everything

      1. Here in China, they are worried about a second wave. One area in northern China had an outbreak of allegedly “4” local infections of the virus. The gov locked that area down completely. The gov is allowing only one member of a household to go out once a day to get supplies. Some businesses where I am still require people to wear a mask if they want to enter the business.

    3. I think we can all appreciate our modern comms like Ken’s Blog as well as others has given us an advantage. We are truly blessed by God to be given the advance warning and knowledge of this current situation and we have the ability to protect our families and thrive. Thank you Ken!

    4. Sarkin

      You make a huge point

      I think of every human in history and the hardships of their lives, we are blessed beyond belief and I am going to enjoy every second of having one of the easiest lives in human history

      No matter how bad we think this whole thing is it pales in compare to most of civilization that we know of. or thousands of years people struggled just to stay alive day to day and most of us are complaining because we have to stay at home and can’t go out to dinner , the movies , grocery store ect

    5. Sarkin,

      Very well said. Folks are not fully appreciative of the relatively easy life we have lead in this country. For the first time we are experiencing the reality of dictatorial, arbitrary rules………and many are finding that they don’t like it….at all. Suddenly, some folks are coming to the realization that it actually matters who gets elected to these offices.

      Suddenly these words— “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”—-are being seen in the light in which they were written.

      Folks are waking up to the fact that these “unalienable rights” are, in the eyes of their elected officials, not “unalienable” at all. They are waking up to the fact that these politicians see themselves as rulers, not servants…….and they don’t like it.

      Interestingly, the words quoted above were written in a letter to a tyrant, from a people who were fed up and saying “we ain’t taking this no more!”. Sort of reminds me of what those protesting the government shutdown of small businesses and “stay at home” orders.

  3. Mutate is the buzz word. These are some of the smallest of creation and have been given life and the power to stay alive albeit unconsciously so.

    1. A virus particle cannot live independently. It is waiting to infect a living cell. So it takes the cell over using the cells genetic code and protein replicating “machinery” , that’s where the mutation occurs. So, it’s not alive, but it’s not dead. It’s alive when it takes over the host cell. If it can take over cells and reproduce then it’s alive, just not independently living. If there are no more hosts, there will be no more virus. Which is why social distancing works…

      1. Beach’n – thanks for explanation..
        but, sheesh

        sounds a bit like a friggin ZOMBIE

        1. Jane Foxe,

          Zombie sci-fi is based on virus’s, especially rabies. So, if no one gets “bit”, the virus dies. Also, in zombie sci-fi the walking dead bodies seem to “live” forever. There’s no way dead tissue could support a virus. Which makes it sci-fi.

          Okay this is getting deep…
          Gotta go tend to my dehydrator. Squash, zuccini and red bell peppers looking beautiful!
          luv ya’ll, Beach’n

          1. Beach’n yikes…well, there you go…nasty stuff..

            for now, I much prefer the mental image of your veg reclining in dehydrator…One year I had big bunch dehydrated very dry…I then put a bunch different ones in blender and pulverized the bejuzzes out of them. Fine powder. Made a great hot drink/added to most anything – soup/stew/great sprinkled on top of casserole/great sprinkled on buttered toast, etc…

      2. I regret to inform you, it does not work in the long run. People must be exposed to this virus and then and only then will the body develop immunities to fight it. You better do some more research on the subject.

        1. jcb, ohhhh the powers that be are going to help us along with the vaccines. Herd immunity is in the past. Toooo many dollars to be made for big pharma.

  4. Perfect, Ken. Absolutely perfect timing.

    Last year I read The Great Influenza by John Berry. Nice thorough recounting of the Spanish Flu. Can get it through your AMZN link.

    I wrote a note to a friend the other day. Here’s some of what I sent:

    Respiratory Virus Resurgence 2028-2032 – Astrophysics and Virology

    What does the Modern Grand Solar Minimum have to do with respiratory virus resurgence? Two things. First, colds, flu, and pneumonia are associated with colder darker weather, mostly due to (1) less humidity in the air, (2) people crowding together inside thus facilitating transmission, and (3) less vitamin D acquisition negatively impacting peoples’ immune systems.

    Second, I fear that if there is a reduction in plant life to the extent predicted, normal wild reservoirs of virus – bats, ducks and other birds, pangolins – will venture farther afield seeking food. More likelihood of crossing paths with people and their domesticated birds, dogs, and pigs. And an increase in people venturing into viral strongholds to gather and consume bush meat to stave off starvation. It’s a grim picture for sure.

    I encouraged my friend to stock up on PPE when available and keep the pantry and freezers full. Said it would be needed in the long run, and in the short run too, esp if SARS-CoV-2 becomes seasonal.

    What do you think? Would a second wave be like the Spanish Flu second wave – just an extension of the initial outbreak, or will it herald a seasonality for this covid virus?

  5. People will resist being told to stay home if there is a second round. The true intent of many state, local and federal officials has been exposed as power grabs and most people feel they have not been told the truth and that political agendas drove the narrative. Common sense was left out of the solutions and the knee jerk policies that have been implemented are un-Constitutional.

    If there is a second round expect more deaths by more exposure, civil unrest if stores and businesses are told they have to close through the holidays and people will not be as cooperative as they were in the past couple of months.

    1. Romeo Charlie

      You are correct for sure. People will not submit peacefully to a lock down such as we had this spring. The next few month are a window to “up prep” if you will/can.

      Politics is being used and will increasingly be used to gain power instead of common sense solutions to combat illness. A dangerous combination indeed.

    2. I had a conversation with my father-in-law back in early February here in China. The country was in lockdown. Almost every business closed, emergency travel within your home area only, stay-at-home orders, –the works. This is before the first reported case in the US. We knew it was just a matter of time before it spread outside China. I distinctly remember telling him that the lockdowns and such would never happen in the US. That was because we have a constitution that prevents the government from enacting those draconian measures. And then a month or so later I had to eat my words big time. Almost every measure taken by a communist government where the people have no po wer to protest were enacted by US government officials.
      So what I saw in a communist dictatorship is a mirror image of what has occurred in the land of the free (?????) USA.

      1. INPrepper, POTUS used best info he had available. It was his request, and info he passed that convinced people who were fragile to stay home. He ,POTUS,put the decision as to what was /not necessary in hands of each individual governor. Those in blue states have had a nightmare. Others have had something less than that, but not our optimal. Our state had feed stores, grocery stores, gas stations, car repair places, medical offices open in some manner. take out food avail. in cities.. of course big corporations were deemed essential and many small business were not. the backlash of people needing groceries for their kids and their entire life savings(business) wiped out because of a “bug” planned event.(201) is not going over well. Nor will the forced vaccinations…. never mind we will not need those.. according to the Health Ranger there is a cure for kung flu.Ecuador research…

  6. We plan on a second wave flu occurrence.I pray we are wrong but we will stock up the supplies that we deem necessary to survive that scenario. We already have plans to enlarge our food growing capacity.
    We fear the knee-jerk reactions by the political leadership and what may be the decisions to control the citizens through rationing of everything. I fear the further erosion of our Constitutional rights.
    The November elections will no doubt be very interesting times for our country.

    1. Bluesman, Plan on a second round natural or man made. They wish to up the ante. Just heard on the news that the gov hopes to have over 300 million doses of vaccine by January 2021. That is very telling to me.

  7. yes, I think “it” /something else will happen..

    I plan to try to prep better. lots of holes to fill, best I can.

    Of course, will need more TP …

  8. I am waiting to hear how the economy is going to adapt and change to the new reality as things settle down and people are still talking about re-opening society/businesses/etc.

    Viruses are the smallest organisms that affect us in a big way. They are not even considered to be considered a life form in some circles. ( they do not reproduce, they replicate.). Essentially being a chain of DNA within a coating of plasmid protein, they are around us, plants and animals to do one thing: replicate and take over cells of their host.

    Like many things in nature, change happens in the form of mutations. I do not fear COVID 19 so much as I fear the next virus that comes from where-ever that has a high rate of morbidity and mortality. Those people that have worked in public health and as a first responder have lived in a high sense of expectation for something like this for years. ( a virus that has the capacity to shut down multiple organ systems simultaneously in a short period of time which is spread by airborne transmission.)

    Other than those of us that work in healthcare system, the only other places I have seen where there is high use of tyvek suits, filter masks and door mat-pools of disinfectant were large scale poultry farms and some other intensive livestock operations. Those that raise livestock are well aware of what a new virus can do as well.

    The other side of me wonders when society will reopen and I wonder if our efforts to avoid catching this bug have killed the economy or simple placed it in idle. There was an economic resurgence in the years after the second wave of the Spanish Flu. At what point do we reopen our businesses and society with a stoic sense of fatalism? ( We know we cannot live forever but we got to stay in business so we get paid.)

    In the past weeks I have posted on my experiences as a first responder picking up the bodies of overdoses when uncut heroin hit the streets of a large city. I have posted about the winter of flu that led to high turnover in the nursing facility I was working in. During the SARS epidemic 12 years ago, I came to work giving breathing treatments and replacing O2 tanks from start to end of shift.

    As I approach retirement age, I have faith that the smallest organism out there will take me down when it is my time and my immune system is overrun. I’ve come to accept it because I have seen it happen to so many others over the years. The price of living into old age.

  9. I totally believe there will be a “Second Wave” or something else maybe?
    There are quite a few folks here on MSB that have been preparing for a very VERY long time. Now we add those that are newer to preparing, PS: welcome to all the new people out there.
    Anyways, this Pandemic has hit the Country/World hard, thankfully not as hard as thought, but no matter.

    So here are my humble thoughts

    I personally have zero intentions of slowing down my Preparedness at all.
    I intend on continuing on with my increased food production, with selfsubstaning every way I can, increasing my pantry any chance possible, and becoming more and more skilled.

    One needs to think on this for a second or three. This C-19 is very contagious BUT not nearly as deadly as it “could” have been. Are we, the US, really so nieve to think there is not a C-19 out there OR mutated one that would kill 90% of those infected? Are there not enemies out there that would not use such a Virus? Think of this C-19 as a trial run that China could or could not have released on purpose.

    So, in conclusion am I going to keep my Deep Pantry full? Am i going to keep my fuel toped off, am I going to make dang sure I’m as healthy as I can?

    So it comes to the long standing question.
    “Is 600 rolls really enough?”
    Anymore I’m not so sure.

    1. If they do another stimulus bill or something like the house bill, hope not, I told old man we needed to spend the money ASAP. Inflation is going to read it’s ugly head quickly and it will quickly become worthless. We talked about what we would get and I think another freezer filled with our local ranchers beef would hit the spot.

    2. NRP and Blue,

      Lamb’s Ears (the plant, not real lamb’s ears!) and Mullein make excellent toilet paper, should you ever run out of the manufactured kind. Kind of luxurious, really. :-)

      Hope you’re finding some relax/play time in the midst of all this.

        1. Mrs. U

          I loved those when I was young! Not as toilet paper, though. Lol. Made good booster seats, too, for little ones.

    3. 600 rolls might be enough. If the next bug that rolls through causes the squirts, those 600 rolls would go pretty fast. Might be better to add another zero to the number. 6,000 should be enough. The next problem would be getting to the toilet. Because where is one going to store that much TP?
      Or, if a company ever sold a roll of TP the size of a round bale of hey. That might be sufficient.

      1. in steel drums, in attic? don’t know how many would go in 55 gallon drum.. don’t have enough to test that hypothesis. do not want to break packages open.LOL

  10. I am by far more concerned with government tyranny and the greatest depression than the virus. Especially with the tracking task forces starting in WA. CA. and I’m sure other states along with SB 6666 Congress is going for. This will be 100 fold from what was implemented after 911. Unfortunately They just can’t let a crises go to waste.
    I have been saying for decades, which was one of the reasons I started prepping is that we have never experienced ANY adversities since WWII. Those build strength and character. Because of our lives we will just run away and hide and this is most of the world waiting for a vaccine that will be untested and more than likely mandatory.
    Yes, I’ve been extra busy prepping since this started and will continue.

    Ken, I still don’t know how you can come up with and write so many great articles. Keep it coming.

    1. Thanks Papa J!

      My writing and topics usually come from within (guided by someone above…) So I can’t take all the credit ;)

      Really though, often I feel compelled beyond myself to write on certain subjects. For what reason is beyond my pay grade.

  11. BJH(Bill Jenkins Horse)state that WE all needed to know each an every states law(s) on medical emergencies.

    I did as he advised only problem, our state does not have such item in reference to this situation. It has one for FLU, Malaria, an other known pathogens, but the rules do not give the governor the right to DICTATE any mass shuts downs as which happened under the Grewsome Nuisance.

    It falls to the country Board of Supervisors for each an every county. As I understood from a medical professional on this mornings radio program. Also a Board member from a county told the state they were opening up, where by this supervisor & those they represent were threatened with the state withholding financial ad should it come to pass in the future. This Board member then send a copy of the correspondence to the Attorney General Barr because of this threat and low & behold CA dictators back peddled on their position. As IF they had one to begin with, so let it be known you need to do your homework on this matter.

    Would like more information listen to the State of Jefferson state of mind of 5/17/20 on KNCR. It will be in the archives by now, two ladies worth listening to so you know how to stop the lunacy in your area. FYI

    1. In a hurry again..
      stated -not state financial ‘aid’

      chores are calling later

  12. Yes, keep prepping. Anything you need for the next 12 months should be acquired as soon as circumstances allow.

    1. The Covid-19 virus keeps mutating, another round of infection is possible. I think a vaccine is unlikely.
    2. The “common” flu could hit harder this fall since all of the sheltering at home can weaken immune systems.

    Given the response of our gov’t officials this round, if either event occurs I would expect even harsher lockdown rules. And harder push back from anyone who just started to get a paycheck again. Not something I wish to see.

    I’m going to be looking to stock up more on Vit C, D, and Zinc. And looking at holes in other influenza items.

    I’ve signed up for a local CSA and getting a weekly allotment of fresh produce. Supporting a local business, leaving supermarket items for others and maybe getting some extra for sharing or preservation.

    1. Rosie,
      I like the idea of a CSA, don’t know of anyone doing one…in our area…we agree on all but time ..think 16-20 months optimal-unless in area, situation that can grow most of what you require.
      be sure to get your supplies for processing those foods in early…may be a lot of people scrambling for jars, lids, rings, sugar, vinegar…
      . My reasoning…. Is May- has been too wet to plant, my location-all but few things.we will harvest nothing until end of July. August-Sept will be too hot/humid to breathe.frost mid October..
      … Solar and weather patterns are grow window may be even shorter OR require more protection from UV… Consider Short season crop seed…radish, lettuces, cold tolerant things and cover’d /protected area if possible.
      Consider taking those fresh fruit and doing unusual things with them… remember watermelon rine pickles, Cantaloupe jam is wonderful.

  13. What type of over the counter and natural medicines do you think would be beneficial to have ready for the Fall?

    1. T in TX — for those who can take it, Vitamin D…Lots of reports on this COVID, folks who had high/higher levels vit d, less sick/not sick/recovered better
      ==med for fever/aches and pains
      –lots of reports this COVID causes masses of inflammation…research what mitigates/limits inflammation
      —don’t forget thermometer
      –powdered or bottled electrolyte mixes in case of severe illness
      –anti viral herbs/supplements

    2. T in TX,

      Everyones list of medicine products to stash away will be a little different but here are a few things we have set aside. Aleve, X strength Tylenol, Tylenol PM, cough syrups, Coricidin, Mucinex-DM and black elderberry syrup. We also have vitamins C, D, B, a multiple and emergencee powder mix.
      I have been using cinnamon and honey mix for years to alleviate arthritis in my hands. Lemon and honey is good for sore throat also.

      1. T in TX have some Sweet Gum trees in your area? If in East Texas you probably do. They have those prickly seed balls that fall to the ground. The young leaves and stems are a natural anti viral. The green seed pods are very much anti viral but are a few months out yet. Soak for 2 months or longer in PGA 190 proof. Then you can drops in water. Videos on you tube and Just Sayin might chime in on this. Echinacea is good if you do not have an allergy to these type of flowers.
        Elderberry long know for it’s ability to help the immune system. The syrups are available now. The were sold out.

        1. T in Tx, Sweetgum must be double tinctured and has the same active ingredient approx amt as liquid tamiflu. can can be taken safely by its directions if made properly. all plant parts can be used to make tincture. some of the strongest ar green balls and the fresh bright green leaves of early spring… if need to can strip off a limb and allow tree to give you a fresh batch of leaves… i keep a batch of leaves in freezer for second half of tincture… You tube has several video’s of those making sweetgum tincture.

    3. T in TX,
      Vitamin A, C, D, Zinc (be careful with Zinc – don’t take too much – research this).

      It’s best to eat foods high in these vitamins. Though vitamin D will be served by being out in the sun (if the government allows us outside).

        1. IF one uses the zinc lozenges, they are more fully absorbed. The easiest way to tell if your levels are too high is the flavor change from pleasant to unpleasant. at that point i remove my lozenge wait 5-7 days and try it again…( mal absorbtion, major problem)

          1. Just Sayin’, you are saying our zinc level can be elevated that quickly? My first preventative lozenge was pleasant to the end. The second one a day or two later started great, then changed to taste horrible! I couldn’t believe it! As if the lozenge had ‘gone bad’! Made myself persevere til 3/4 done. Took almost 24 hours to get my ability to taste back.
            Was this a reaction to my zinc level or am I just nuts? Be honest, I can take it. And you know I haven’t taken a 3rd one!

          2. Kate114, When one uses sublingual (under the tongue) OR oral lozenges.(all oral mucosa is highly absorbable.). yes the zinc is almost all completely absorbed. … When blood sugars drop a 1/2 teaspoon of honey/sugar under the tongue can quickly raise a blood sugar. so can holding a mouthful of whole milk. the zinc pills, are less fully absorb-able and come in 50 mg.
            You are not crazy. You are not sick. Your lozenge is not bad. sounds like your level was low or borderlne and you boosted it up. (I found this out from lab tests done on self.years ago. I have a mal absorbtion, must manage my own care.).To keep levels @higher/ normal try a lozenge/or part of one, every 5-10 days. notice the flavor…AS SOON AS it goes to unpleasant, remove it -save for later…. wait several days, try keep levels at high normal and effective.If i eat liver, i only need a partial lozenge,every7- 10 days.This will be highly individualized because your levels are varying with your diet.

      1. Ken, is correct on zinc. My wife and I started taking 50 mg of zinc twice a day. We soon began having shortness of breath. Our research showed that shortness of breath could be a side effect of zinc. We stopped taking the zinc and the shortness of breath went away.

        1. As far as my research on this subject of zinc, 50 mg should be max per day in this regard. Therefore, 30 mg may be a reasonable consideration in my opinion – consumed during a time of concern. This is not medical advice.

          1. Our bodies store minerals, zinc, mag, calcium, and fat soluble vitamins A and D. B is water soluble and not stored. Your urine will be more yellow in color. Vitamin A is one to take sparingly. Especially if you eat orange and deep yellow veggies and fruits which have beta carotene. Balanced diet is of course best. However for many of us who do not farm or have livestock we depend on the store. Most commercial land is over farmed and not replenished thus the animal eats grass or grain from depleted earth. Thus we miss out on these in our diet. Boron is one in particular. Needed for bones.

          2. Typical quotes from research on the subject:

            “Unlike fat soluble vitamins, zinc is not stored for long periods of time in the body, so we need a constant supply of quality zinc from diet.”

            “The body is not able to store excess zinc, so continuous dietary intake is required.”

            “Zinc can’t be stored in the body, so you need to get your daily fix through food or a supplement.”

          3. Ken, just a FYI,… Most zinc tablets are only available in 50 mg…and are gluconate, which are not highly absorbable. Citrate form is considered (of tablets) most able to be the body… the lozenges are almost completely absorbed., because of method of administration. Because of this, do not need to be taken daily to maintain levels… I have a pack of cold eze i have been using for 3 months- there were 20 in the pouch. Those supplementing should be aware..and get checks on levels yearly-minimally..Some men have higher needs because of excretion and hormonal level variances. This is not medical advise,instead are observations

    4. T in TX

      Also recommend a pulse oximeter. Here’s what a friend wrote to me when I asked for advice on what to look for JIC

      “O2 Sat levels are critical; monitor frequently – in many patients they remain stable until they fall precipitously. If you find yourself in a lower O2 sat level that hangs there call your Doc immediately.”

      Friend means that if one can’t breathe (pant, gasp, cleansing breath) O2 level back up to normal get help stat.

      They are available through Ken’s AMZN link.

      1. Another thing to add with the pulse oximeter that they sell on amazon is canned O2. It’s called boost. I have used it in the past. Some reviewers say it is an empty can. It is not. O2 weighs nothing.
        Another couple things are an ambu bag to assist breathing. And they sell a set of instruments to open the airway. I think mine came with 6 different sizes. From infant to large adult sizes.

    5. T in Tx.. Some more things to consider.
      herbal and natural antivirals-antibacterial and anti-fungals.w/diffuser and instructions for each you choose.
      Sinus/allergy medications. Pain creams/patches?
      If not allergic to aspirin, Willow bark.
      Something for iodine , i use sea kelp. selenium , both immune boosters. Arthritis? ginger? ,turmeric? moringa?
      Every supplement your family takes in amounts to last one year.if taken daily…stock sooner rather than later.
      cough drops and vitamin c drops
      also hard candies, small treats
      ace wraps,knee supports, ankle support, medical tape, vet wrap, qtips/applicators/sterile w/sterile bandage materials…(feminine supplies that are individually wrapped serve well as absorbent dressings.)
      Drawing salve, Magnifier’s of various strengths and tweezers
      Eye drops-moisturizer, anti redness, saline eye wash,

  14. Jane Foxe,
    That’s a great list. Thank you for your help. It’s nice to have a second opinion and input.

    1. T in TX – you’re welcome…check out the other suggestions…most more learned in this than I. Don’t forget some sort of cough candy….can make a big difference. And too, those packs of chicken noodle soup you just add water…Can be very handy/soothing if sick..Plus, one of those, some veg, any leftovers, you have a “instant meal” for when tough to cook.

  15. My daughter-in-law, who has resisted any idea of preparedness although they live 10 miles from the nearest small county seat town, amazed me yesterday by telling me she has learned her lesson and is starting a pantry! They do have a garden and some chickens. I was raised by parents in a small town where almost everyone had big gardens, orchards and chickens. We canned extensively, and at times lived almost completely off our gardens and fishing and hunting, buying only things like flour, sugar and coffee. My husband was raised on the farm the same way. We have always had a deep pantry since we were married and were astonished to find our kids had almost nothing in the way of supplies. I am grateful she has finally seen the light. I think she will need to be more prepared by the fall, as our son believes too. Better late than never.

    1. IowaSue really really good news. Certain you have a load off your mind, now this family will be more prepared to look after itself. Always a worry. You mention they have a garden and chickens…Do they can? Maybe you can offer they can bring some stuff (and supplies) over to your house, and you will give them instruction (put as a hand) to home can veg and chickens…Once they taste those home canned chickens, they will be converts for life…grin.

      1. Yes, actually she can do home canning and has one of my pressure canners…her folks were raised like us! It was things like flour, sugar, toilet paper!!
        I believe she will can more than she has the last few years. Like many young people she has the idea that only fresh will do…not considering that “fresh” food shipped in from places like Chile are not really fresh.
        I don’t know why folks sneer at traditional food preservation.
        There’s a big difference between plain frozen or canned vegetables or fruit, for example, and salty, preservative-filled box meals or frozen meals. I homecan a lot of meat, chicken, bean soup, split pea soup, stock and the like too so we’re not so dependent on our freezer and I can have a meal without defrosting something first.

        1. IowaSue all good she is a canner…huge even.

          re the “fresh”…and from long away..i have often read that frozen or commercially canned veg are often fresher/more nutritious than “fresh”, because in many of these countries/situations (apparently) the processing/canning/freezing facilities are next to/close to fields where produce is grown..As you say, “fresh” is “treated” with many chemical sprays to destroy any pests/bugs (do not want strange bugs invading national food crops/supply where it is shipped), and then is sprayed with some chemicals to make it last (ever got a head of lettuce which looks fresh/good and it decays in day or two?)…and then the long trip, and I’ve heard at/prior to any border crossing is again seriously sprayed for pests/bugs/ etc…So, long trip (how long?) , then sits in back room at store for bit , then sits on shelf for bit. It would be interesting to know how long it hung around from day it was picked…

    2. IowaSue,

      I have been wondering (and hoping!!) that younger generations will discover the sensibility of preparedness because of this virus pandemic. I wonder what percentage have come onboard, at least to an extent.

      I have a feeling it’s a pretty good chunk…

    3. IowaSue

      That’s got to be a huge relief! My folks are in Iowa, and we have a reverse situation. They listen a little to my suggestions, but have either strong normalcy bias, or just fall back to “It’s all in God’s hands”. I’ve taken to suggesting that maybe God’s trying to tell them something through my phone calls! Glad your kids are getting on board.

      1. Farmgirl,
        I have been down this road. I am just thankful that many who do not want to listen are too far to appear on my door. I was told if to just trust God…and everything will be ok. It is not my trust in God lacking but my distrust of the scum of this world. So Noah prepared a big boat over -more than a hundred years…and by their standards he did not trust God. That does not compute since he is in the chapter we think of as faiths hall of fame… so this has become my answer.
        It has always been in God’s Hands.
        It is time to ask them ” How did that work out for most of the world in Noah’s day? ..preacher of righteousness and saved 8 souls.(2pet 2:5)

  16. I’m definitely expecting a second/third wave, and will use whatever grace period we get to keep on filling gaps in preps. Since budget is an issue, I just keep making lists, and cross things off as I can. Food and security are highest on my list, and also tough winter farm clothing for us. The biggest item on my list right now is a manual well pump, but I’ll also be searching out someone to show me how to use the generator for that in the meantime.

    Last time in our local food co-op, I noticed that supplements were nicely restocked, so I got more liposomal C, D, zinc, selenium and CoQ10. We grow a lot of our own herbs, and I’ve spent years learning what I can about what we use. The boys help me pick elder flowers/berries – it’s a seasonal ritual for us.

    I’m grateful for whatever time we’re given to be as ready as we can be.

  17. Reporting from South FL

    Looming at counties DADE (MIAMI AREA) YUGE spike! Average 200 and change Yesterday 550+! they be f’d

    My county a small spike so far since reopening…. average 20s now 30s we shall see in my AO what gonna go down.

    Well ain’t that a bitch!

  18. Reporting from South FL

    Looking at counties DADE (MIAMI AREA) YUGE spike! Average 200 and change Yesterday 550+! they be f’d

    My county a small spike so far since reopening…. average 20s now 30s we shall see in my AO what gonna go down.

    Well ain’t that a bitch!

    1. Well really, I question the numbers! Huge spike? We just learned that our county that had some nursing home cases just decided to test the rest of the residents….and found….a HUGE spike! The most cases in a day!!!! Well, do any of these residents have symptoms? I think the numbers are continuing to be massaged for the taming of the masses.

      I am glad people are picking up on this and are exercising their rights to protest!!

  19. this is the very reason why my wife and decided to take our 1200 bucks each and buy 2 months worth of freeze dried meals and hold some back for the unexpected crap that can show up
    we both are in the high risk category so are gonna keep doing the common sense stuff and the social distancing we both would rather be live chickens than dead fools

      1. Yep, as long as it is things you know you can make into meals and will eat…and some supplies used to do that.. Jars, lids/rings/ziplock bags..labels/markers..etc. we have used part of ours to get meat to can, as available. one of checks has not arrived yet.

  20. Hi everyone. I, too, believe we will see a resurgence of covid-19 this fall along with possibly another virus, Bill Gates is already talking about the “next” pandemic to come. (He scares me). Does everyone remember how they (multiple countries and the WHO) game-played this coronavirus last fall? And gee, it actually happened. So what else is coming? Add to that possible inflation (likely IMO), economic collapse (possibly and global), and more tyranny from local government (likely), etc., etc. Add to that I believe the November election will be a nightmare. Yeah, I’d say we better REALLY be prepared by next fall to sit it out for six months or more. Possibly for most of the winter months. That is our game plan here right now. We are aiming to prepare for at least six months on the homestead. We are doing home repairs now, painting, setting up new garden areas for next year, adding to the orchard and small fruits, more chickens, and the list goes on. Adding or replacing warm clothing and socks. Lots of socks! Warm and waterproof footwear and outerwear. Keeping things simple and basic. Still purging lots of unnecessary stuff around here. Gone.

    And what comes will come. Peace to all. God is still on His Throne. Be not afraid. Well, except for Bill Gates.

    Blessings to all!

    1. I was told this morning that “Bill Gates is a good man with a lot of experience, and Youtube is a private company. They can take down anything they want.” My response was that he’s had a lot of experience with viruses (lol) and YT calls themselves public when it serves their purposes.

      1. Lauren

        I read a speech today from an Italian Parlament member calling for the arrest of Bill Gates for crimes against humanity. Seems like a lot of people don’t trust his motives.

          1. Such a brave woman for that speech! That Italian politician is not afraid to tell the truth as she (and many of us) sees it, and did MSM cover it? Nope. Bill Gates = evil. Look at the vaccines he gave to Africa and India. And they now hate him….

  21. The Sweet wife looked at me like I was nuts when I asked her to put together a list of everyone in the family’s clothing and shoe size. I want to get a head start on extra clothing/shoes to just put away, especially socks!!! Dry feet are happy feet!

    My buddy sent me a great shirt for my Bday. Basically has a message to Keep your Powder Dry. How true it is…..


    1. Double Tap

      Last Christmas I got a pair of 100% Alpaca wool socks. Late winter I had them on, rounding up steers who got out, wading through really cold water. Those socks were amazing! My feet were a bit cold, and a bit wet, but not like they could have been. Good socks are essential!

  22. I’m optimistic there will not be a second wave in my part of the country!!
    Yep–I said it. Today, I shopped at a lot of places and I BET by June 8, this will be the horrible past….AND LET US NOT FORGET THAT WE ALLOWED THIS AND DID NOTHING!!

  23. I still don’t believe this coronavirus was a natural occurrence. I believe it was made in a lab in China. Assuming that is true, the real question becomes was it an intentional release or not? One thing is for certain, if this coronavirus was manmade and if China released it on purpose (as a first strike against the U.S. economy), they won’t have any qualms about doing it again. They have plausible deniability if they’ve chosen to engage in this type of warfare.

    Considering China’s history of cruelty to their own citizens, I don’t believe they would bat an eye at releasing a terrible virus and risk losing millions of their own citizens in order to take down the United States. On top of more possible waves of coronavirus (or whatever else China has), we are still overdue for a natural pandemic (assuming that my belief about this particular coronavirus being manmade is correct).

    1. Southern Man
      +1 on that,
      I believe it was intentional, they were scrambling, economy diving because of the US squeezing them, it will get worse,

  24. Wow. Article today (May 18) on Armstrong Economics that the state supreme court in MA (1905) UPHELD mandated vaccinations. (“Supreme Court Held Vaccines Can Be Mandated”). There is your precedent for government forced vaccines.

    1. DJ5280
      Common Wealth of Massachusetts courts(both) as I read the entire transcript violated his rights by NOT instructing the jury that they could also find a plea of not guilt. So the jurors found him guilty. As you also read the courts transcripts rejected his evidence.
      Talk about rigged court system….mho [not an attorney]

  25. DJ5280
    Read the synopsis again.
    “Could be mandated by legislatures like that of city’s governing council”.

    If I read this correctly it does not fall on the US Supreme Court but at the local level. That is where you stop such lunacy. Will pin the case to my task bar for a review of how this came about, it does mention the measles outbreak apparently around 1905 or a miss read on my part.

    1. AC, I was focused on the last sentence stating …”but sufficient information analyzed by elected officials at the time MADE IT REASONABLE TO MANDATE VACCINES TO COMBAT SMALLPOX IN 1905.” That is the scary sentence! Some people will see that as a precedent, IMO. Not a lawyer, but married to one, lol! I’ll run it all by the DH. Blessings!

      And no vaccines for me. Period.

      1. DJ5280
        This family shall not take any vaccine either.

        Dh can not take the flu shots any longer do health issues, and I have scene what they do to family members who have no choice. They work in medical field, which their employers mandate they take them. Even though they become ill every time they receive the inoculation.

        Keep the court cases coming, I do enjoy reading the results even if I highly disagree with the final results. Especially when it goes against us.

        Did you catch the $5.00 fine they would receive in the court case? Five dollars back then was a LOT of money!

        1. It sure was a lot of money back then. I immediately thought of my grandparents – $5 meant a lot to my Grandmother and she didn’t easily part with it. Wonder what she would think of things today…

  26. I hear that China is offering to share their vaccine with the world when they develop it. That idea really makes me nervous. No Thank you.

  27. Over time, we are ALL going to be exposed to this virus, Just like all the other viruses that have struck the USA. As far as I’m concerned, open up the country and let us take our chances!
    It is ridiculous to destroy this country the way it is being destroyed by the politicians.
    I think they are not reporting the true fatality rate, because they want to keep ruling us, not serving us, and to get more federal aid.
    Yes I know people will die, and I am in the highest age fatality group myself, but this shutdown
    and restrictions on business has become ludicrous!
    I live in Southern New Mexico, and our Governor is acting just like Cuomo did in NY. One size fits all. Most of the cases are in Northern New Mexico, but the entire state is treated like everyone up north. And she is using the State Police to shut down businesses who dare open.
    But people here are getting fed up and starting to defy her.
    We all need to start being Americans and not subjects of a nanny state, which is also tyranny
    under the guise of keeping us safe.

    1. I am not for sure, but it may be the states and cities are pushing the closures so there can be no class action law suits against them for NOT doing something. If they did Nothing and children, wives, husbands etc. died people would BLAME the state for doing Nothing. My opinion is We the People bring this on ourselves for the lack of taking responsibility and being ready to sue so we can fill our pockets. Rock and Hard Place.

  28. When purchasing minerals consider the chelated and citrate type. They will more absorbable. Spend a bit more if you can.

  29. Ken and others:

    In my earlier attempt, I droned on about viruses, their ability to mutate and their relationship to man and myself, I did not mention the items I went out to purchase and top-off prior to this whole shut-down by the government. My wife and I are both in healthcare and are working at this time so this is a list of what we bought when we heard about and saw the storm coming:

    #1 Grooming supplies like skin and hand lotion ( Aveeno brand ), soaps for body and hands, shampoo. Skin hair are our bodies first layer of defense. We try to keep out skin intact and free of breaks. Part of maintenance and inspection is cleaning and inspection every day. Skin and hair is the largest organ on the human body.

    #2 Detergents for the dishwasher and washing machine in addition to dish soap for the sink. There was never a run on this stuff though I did see the supply dip when the schools were initially closed. Cooking and eating in meant more frequent dishwashing especially for families with multiple children.

    #3 Paper products in general like paper napkins, paper towels and facial tissue because this flu hit the same time of year my hay fever goes nuts. Toilet paper goes without saying at this website yet many of the uninitiated were amazed and horrified when they got down to 2 rolls or less within their home storage area. The toilet paper issue is what scared many sheep to begin the path to preparedness. Proof that some sheeple can learn adapt and change.

    #4. Medications for whatever ails you: For whatever condition you may have, have at least 2 weeks worth on hand for your ailments. For my seasonal allergies, this is the guideline by which I stock my medication cabinet. I have at least 1 un-opened container of whatever I am using like an inhaler or nasal mist. If my supply of pills or capsules goes below 1/2 full, I begin to make preparations to obtain more. ( call in the scrip or go to the store to obtain more.

    #5 If you decide to stockpile pills and capsules, check those expiration dates. The bigger the molecule, the faster it breaks down and the shorter the shelf life. For this reason, I do not stockpile most medications. Discount stores sell things at a discount because their stock is frequently close to expiration date. ( 1 week or less.)

    #6. Household cleaning agents and spray bottles: bleach, alcohol and ammonia based cleaners to clean and disinfect hard surfaces in the home. With the large number of cats I have, I am frequently cleaning up cat vomit. A roll of cheap paper towels and spray bottles of ammonia followed by alcohol based cleaner will remove the stain and odors from soft surfaces like furniture.

    #7. Food for the pantry in the form of cans/bottled pasta sauces in addition to meat and poultry for the freezer, favorite condiments and spices like ketchup, mustard and taco sauce/hot sauce. We have plenty of rice and beans on hand so that is the one item we did not buy as we watched the supplies run low. We also bought some convenience food mixes like Hamburger Helper for the ground beef that is in the freezer. We have always had some on hand, We simply topped off our supplies in the days to come.

    #8 Supplies for home and hobby: With things being locked down, I was able to go out purchase the Ryobi string trimmer in addition to my Ryobi mower. Both use the same battery and were purchased after multiple good reviews on this website. This flu hit at the same time the spring growing season has arrived and these tools are used hard at least once per week. ( I found I use 1+1/2 fully charged battery to cut all the grass around my corner lot each week.). The RN I trained has just bought a new house so she and her husband will be getting my old mower and string trimmer for free.

    As for shooting and reloading, I have several hundred pieces of brass waiting to be reloaded after my annual squirrel shoot in Eastern Oregon. ( I violated the “soft lockdown” order in my state in order to play whack-a-mole-with-guns in mid April.).

    My wife loves to read and we have many books on hand as well. ( happiness in our house is a fat cat in your lap and a good book to read.) All of the above helps us maintain our sanity.

    Thus ended my list of what I purchased prior to the lockdown as I saw things go weird. Most regulars on this site are veterans of weird events. I guess my list was written to be passed on to the newbies out there. I ope this helps some one out there.

  30. There will a second wave, count on it…I estimate the lock downs to begin approx 3 weeks before November 3…

  31. I am expecting a 2nd wave because they have told us there will be one. So there will be one, manufactured or not. I will be stocking up on many of the things I have used during this 2 months of isolation. And then I will be adding more. I agree with Calirefugee that things for comfort are key – including hand/body lotion to keep the skin intact and happy. Living in an extremely dry environment means we need daily lotion. And I am extremely glad I picked up more dishwasher and dishwashing detergent because I do not have to go out and buy more for a long time, but will stock up on what I have used. It is amazing how many more times I am washing the dishes and doing laundry.

    But the things I am stocking up on most are the comfort type foods. Chocolate has kept us sane and happy. Chips of all things – once in a while those are just a miracle! Nuts and other snacks – those make us think things are just all right with the world.

    We have started eating a big breakfast and lunch and not eating dinner. That has done well for us and our waistlines. I am the only one of my friends who has not gained weight, even with the snacking.

    I already have everything we need medically for a year or two so those preps are fine. I will stock up on some of the supplements that are looking like they are beneficial to treating the ‘Rona Virus and common colds and flu.

  32. Honestly there is enough covid out there to survive the summer. God only knows if or how it will mutate. The Second wave will be coming. Will it be as bad as the 1918 Spanish flu, time will tell. I do believe it will come this fall.

  33. I’m certainly glad that they shut down the country and trashed our economy. Their quick action stalled the progression of a virus that only 99.98% of the population would have survived had they not stepped in.

    Wait a minute…….what……..?

    Ok, I’ll get back to doing my chores and leave the thinking to my betters………

  34. It occurs to me, that those of us (and incudes most on here) who have usually avoided crowd situations, been particular about washing / disinfecting hands after touching icky things/shaking hands with icky folks, etc, may have an edge. Last few days, as some restrictions have come off, seen photos fr all over the world, and north America of huge crowds/crowded way too close, jumping back to “normal”..In looking at them, I immediately thought…yikes, even before, it is not likely would have found me in that crowd…etc..

    1. Jane Foxe –

      I’m with you on crowd avoidance. Not really because of the germs and viruses… it’s the pathogenic hosts that irritate the crap out of me. My wife scolds me for not buying fuel at Arco. They have the lowest prices, which attracts the biggest crowds. This makes me nervous enough. But let some nasty-ass hood rat jump line ahead of me… and I start thinking about murder. I’d rather pay 30 cents more per gallon than pay a criminal defense attorney; or bail.

      Costco – I cancelled my membership, almost entirely because of the “free sample stations” they set out… and the mindless, stupid piles of wasted, humanoid protoplasm they attracted.

      I think I actually just hate most people found dawdling around in public.

    2. Jane Foxe

      When I was a young person, crowds seemed exciting. Loved to go to live concerts, the bigger the better. Now, I’m worn out if I have to spend too much time navigating through Walmart. People really do act like steers sometimes – clumsy, unpredictable and dangerous when the herd is startled.

  35. “Antibody tests used to determine if people have been infected in the past with Covid-19 might be wrong up to half the time, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in new guidance posted on its website.”

    Is this any better than flipping a coin? Asking folks how they feel? (and I have read even worse numbers).

    Almost seems like these tests are a bit of a scam…. Someone is making money off them…

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