Social Distancing | How Many Will Go Nuts, Needing Social Interaction

Coronavirus social distancing and self isolation

We the people are all alone right now (or will be, soon). Social distancing. Isolation. Thanks to COVID-19 Coronavirus.

People Aren’t Used To Being At Home

Our modern way of life. It’s busy. Active. On-the-go. Work. Travel. Lots of errands to run. Things to do.

The lifestyle has us away from home quite a bit. But what happens when everyone is suddenly at home, ALL THE TIME? That’s going to be interesting…

Personally I will have no problem with it. It’s just me, Mrs.J, and the dog. I work online anyway, so I’m already ‘at work’. We are supplied well enough to stay at home if we choose – for quite a long time.

However, we’re not normal – in that most people don’t live the life that we do. So what about them? Are they going to be able to stay at home if they have to? And for how long until they “go nuts”?

Here’s a thought: Think about the millions who live in urban / cities. Lots, if not most of them “eat out”, a lot. Minimal food prep at home. Restaurants are closed. Now they have to cook, prepare food at home — assuming they have food to do it. That’ll be fun… (sarc)

Personality Types

There are all sorts of personality types. Some people will have little or no problem hunkering down, social distancing. But others will — have problems.

Social Butterflies

I know people whom I am certain will have difficulty. They “need” social interaction, beyond that of just online social media. Social butterflies, so to speak.


I also know people who might be described as “shepherd’s”. They think of themselves as flock leaders. They have a “need” to interact with the flock.


Similar to the shepherd, I know the “controller” type. Their motivations are different though. They’re more or less, power hungry. They have their own groups that they directly or indirectly control. A “need” for interaction.


An enterprising person. Enjoys staying busy. A strong drive to accomplish things. Often this involves helping others (I know a few charitable types who are driven to interact in this way).


Good luck with that. The good thing is today’s electronic / video-game world. That’ll keep ’em busy for awhile. But, kids get “bored”!


Even more luck with that! For the most part they really “need” to interact with their personal support groups. Plus, teenagers don’t like to be home (except in their own cocoon – their room).

How Long Will Self Isolation Last?

We really don’t know yet. This Coronavirus situation is in the beginning stages here in the United States as of this writing. The data is still muddy. Though we do know it’s very contagious.

The only way to work on flattening the hyperbolic contagion curve is to self isolate / social distancing. Only draconian measures will stop it. However we cannot “magically” get everyone to comply, and for long enough. So the best we can hope for is to lessen the steepness of the hyperbolic curve.

Social distancing and isolation “orders” are increasing. Today, it is “advised”. However it is becoming (supposedly) mandatory in regions. I’m not here to argue the Constitution in this regard (maybe another article). Though I believe we will face more so called “mandatory” quarantines and restrictions as we move forward.

What’s your opinion? Are people going to have trouble with social distancing / isolation?

In what areas?

Good thing for TV and the internet, right?

Imagine families being forced to live together instead of going their own ways every day? Yikes…

The reason why I wrote this. It is my opinion that social distancing and self isolation is going to be much, much longer than 2 weeks. I have a feeling that most of the general public may be looking at this as several weeks. But as this gets worse (and it will), the realization will set in. This could be a long haul. And how are people going to adapt (or not) to social distancing, self isolation…

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  1. Looks like it should be over soon. The drugs good for Malaria seem to have promise. And now they look at Africa and realize it’s not a big issue there. They’ve been using these drugs and may have a bit of immunity due to their long time using them. Fingers crossed it works out.

  2. Ken,
    Oh so relevant!
    Personally i see most people blowing this off, the damn tourist over here and many ignorant residents still crowding up here n there, is mind boggling.
    We are already starting to isolate, will be even more active with that starting this week. I just dont need to go anywhere and same for the rest of the family.
    But i see it on local news websites and hear it from people i know that many are still crowding into stores and restaurants and piling onto the beaches,
    So to them i say too bad so sad dont grumble when you end up sick.
    For myself i am asthmatic so really dont want to get sick. Already been feelin the allergies coming on, everything is starting to bloom!

    Your quote was
    “Here’s a thought: Think about the millions who live in urban / cities. “

    I have, i thank the Lord that is not me.

  3. My neighbor “has no fear” while he nearly was breathing on my face unaware that perhaps other people do.

    1. We have a problem with our group member family that just arrived.The very next day their daughter texted my grandson and granddaughter during school time. Stirring up trouble. Sheknows the rules but didn’t care. Mad that she has to be cooped up with her parents.
      We fenced off a nice sized piece of land. We can accommodate 4 RVs or travel trailers. Built a good sized covered area with gas grill,sink,counter. A nice patio table and chairs , lounge chairs and a fold down 2 person swing. Nice as any RV park and they have it to themselves!The only reason I moved our RV is so we didnt have to sanitize it if they were sick.
      Technically my 2 grandkids broke the rules by forwarding her text to their DAD during school time.
      My son’s in laws live here too. they are older than us and have some health issues especially his MIL. They’re definitely at risk.
      The girls Dad didn’t like my son confiscating her phone. That’s SOP For all the kids who break the rules. The parents know that.
      He just told me that there is a good chance they will be leaving no later than Tuesday morning .
      The girl was outside using her mom’s phone when he went to check on them. Better to remove them from the group now then later especially if this goes south. People change when under a crisis and not always for the better…

      1. I was talking with a friend who went to get a prescription at Target. Nowadays you can only get them a few days before you run out.
        Anyway, they are counting how many folks are in the store at the entrance. He goes in and the strong smell of Starbucks coffee about knocks you down like they are circulating the smell through the store. Kind of like how the little diners in cities would grill onions and exhaust the smell to bring in more customers.
        And sure enough,people are elbow to elbow waiting in line for a cup of their favorite drink. While he’s waiting to get his prescription it seemed like almost everyone in the store had a Starbucks cup in their hand!
        So much for people keeping their distance.
        He said the weird thing was the pizza hut kiosk was closed. Made no sense to him and he was glad to get out of there.
        Most can’t even go a couple of days much less weeks or months. Not good…

        1. BJH,
          The coffee might have been a nice psychological diversion from the ongoing concern about the virus. Some believe that the aroma of coffee can have a nice uplifting effect, even to some who don’t drink it. 🍵 Ah!
          If things were to go south, and kid’s phone bills can’t get paid, hmmm! That could be interesting.

      2. Bill Jenkins Horse

        I’m not in your position. We are all, gonna have to make hard choices.

        I would ask a favor of you.

        Sit down with the parents and this girl. In-still the fear of God into them. Explain in strict terms, what is at stake here. The parents need to be informed, aggressively, with what the rules are ,why they are in place. They are responsible for her behavior Ask direct to their faces, This protocol that’s in place is there for a reason, can you obey, because, this is the last time we have this conversation, then you gone.

        If you evict them, it could be a death sentence.

        I know full well, I’m taking a BIG chance with you here, and I hope you can see, I’m just offering another option, I have No intention of telling you what you should do. I had to that some of my own advice once, and it was a very bitter experience.

        I pray, our Heavenly Father will guide you in the very difficult decision.

        I’m a big boy, so you can tell me to mind my own business, and I will understand.

        1. SMG
          I would agree with you that a second change would be warranted but not in case since it appears to be a marriage of ONE, not two.

          The mother apparently gave the daughter her phone, or the daughter stole it after the daughters was removed for the ‘first violation of trust’.
          Then the young adult violated the groups trust again using her mothers phone.(strike #2)
          My perspective is this child(female)is use to having her way via the mother. What the father thinks or wants does not play into either the mother or daughters thinking or caring.
          Yes, I could be wrong but not from what I have read, doubt it.

          Think about it this way. IF they were allowed to stay with this much upheaval and they are not ”even” out of quarantine yet.
          Imagine what life on the ranch would be like when they are told they have to meet certain working requirements. Hoeing the garden weeds, scrubbing toilets, a few other unsavory jobs that we all have to do, but dislike.

      3. BJH,
        People are VERY touchy where their kids are concerned. This infraction, in the grand scheme of things, is minor, compared to if we were further into this virus, and she did something to endanger the group. Not saying she is in the right.
        Parents always side with kid when others are involved.
        Hope they reconsider leaving.
        Like SMG suggested, maybe a face to face with her and parents could bring the point home about seriousness of situation.
        Hope I made it clear that I am not siding with anyone, just offering suggestions.
        Didn’t you write that when they showed up they agreed to the rules? Maybe they need a copy that is signed by all of them after reading , again.
        Sorry this is happening in your group so early on.
        Good luck and keep us posted how it was handled. We may all be in this situation in a couple of weeks.
        Peace to you and your group.

      4. BJH
        Good thing I gave you a heads up on the pre-teen. She is use to having her way, better to discover it now than later.
        I am so very sorry that this happened to your group.

        The parents may ask to return back to the group later on, so please be aware of this possibility. Give your son a heads up— FYI

      5. Hey all,I appreciate your input.
        They were sent an email with the new protocols before they left home. We have people here with extreme risk if they catch it.
        The issue wasn’t that she texted. It was during school time that was the issue. Not allowed as per the teachers(moms).loss of phone privileges for 3 days is the penalty. The kids that have phones have not had one infraction since implementation last year. Protocol is you show the teacher the text and the teacher makes a determination if it needs to be answered during school time. It’s to keep frivolous conversations out of school.
        My grandson and granddaughter both forwarded the text to their Dad because of the subject matter but didn’t clear it with her teacher and my grandson ‘s teacher(me) first. So 5hey too lost their phone privileges. It’s a teaching moment about rules,responsibilities and consequences of your actions.
        The problem arose because the Mother allowed her daughter to circumvent the consequences of her actions by letting her use the phone.
        The Dad was upset because my son required the phone be given to him. My grandson and granddaughter both gave their phones to Dad .
        My son told them and I agree that if they can’t handle the little things they will fail at the big things. He gave them the option to either stay or go back home and shelter in place. He gave them til Tuesday morning to decide. They can get home before the weekend if that is their decision. I expect the mom and daughter will vote to go back home. Familiar surroundings.
        Again thanks for those who gave input. That’s what makes this a great site. Interaction of ideas and points of view. I welcome that on anything I post…

        1. Bill Jenkins Horse
          We have seen the ups and downs that your family has been through the past few years.
          Although we have never met, more than likely will never meet. Hate to see all that you & yours have strived hard to put into place come tumbling down. Because someone was unable to follow the rules which were set in place a long time ago. Which they agreed to, but when it came time, decided the rules did not apply to them and theirs.
          Although your grandchildren broke the rule on the phones, I have to commend those children for understanding and giving them up. They were raised love and discipline which is lacking in modern day homes across this nation.
          Congratulations to you & Mrs. BJH, you have set a wonderful standard for your family to pass down through the generations.

    2. Grits,
      One good shot at a snowflake’s direction and they are good to stay back and puke a little in their mouths too…lol.. Usually, shortens the conversation too..

  4. Neither of us have ever understood ‘social creatures’, so we already practice ‘social distancing’ from most people. I’d venture to say about 85% are either flat-out boring, ‘liberal’ or or nut-cases. What’s to miss? LOL

    The restraints going on now means we cancelled our dental check-ups and have ended any trips to the grocery store. We will allow no visitors (not even family) and the only way someone gets on our property is to climb a fence or gate by trespassing, which is posted. If family needs to come to stay here, 30 day minimum quarantine in the RV with our rules, so if rules are broken they’ve lost their opportunity to be here — it’s a matter of safety and survival, not socializing.

    We’re busy, regardless of what’s going on ‘out there.’ We’re cutting firewood for next Winter, we’re starting to work in the perennial garden beds, and I’m tending to the greenhouse seedlings and starting more seeds in the house. We have had to address the need for a much larger garden area than we were planning on for this year. So we will be measuring and fencing very soon — two gardens, not just the main one. We still have the footprints of 2 other gardens, so it’s just a matter of clearing/tilling. With the crazy young dogs, we’re going to need to fence these gardens, too. We have ample cattle panels for one garden, but the other one will challenge us. We’re scrounging the property now any kind of surplus woven wire to spare. LOL

    We have also set up a plan in case we need a sick room. I hope others have thought of this! I already had all of the equipment needed, but it all needs to be gathered. If one of us gets this virus, we’ll be a bit more prepared this way. Tomorrow I will collect some of the items we’ll need to do this (plastic shower curtains, buckets, portable TV tray, etc.

    Plans in place, now for implementing some of them….all part of preparedness.

  5. I hate people for the most part anyway, so these are good times for me. Keep the gate closed and locked at the end of the driveway and sit atop my deck 100 feet away with the AR. Come up my driveway without reason and you risk getting your brains rapidly evacuated from your skull.

    1. Hey Vulcan,
      Didnt they say ventilation was good for getting rid of the virus!
      Just doin yer part,,,
      Im sorta of the same cloth

  6. It seems to me that people that live in the city are more apt to want to ‘get close’. folks in the county are used to talking at a distance, over fences, from one truck to another on the road with 8′ between them. I think it will be hard for the young people to get into the practice of “social distancing”, until they start seeing (sadly) some of their friends come down with and die from this virus.
    It will be interesting to see how this affects social interaction a few years from now, once the virus is under control. Perhaps allowing someone to get close enough to hug you will be seen as an act of extreme trust.

  7. Saw something the other day that said ” social distancing, an introverts dream ” Ha!
    Any old timers here remember any of the old games played at home way back when?
    How about what was done to keep folks busy (after chores) before the advent of television.
    This could be a blessing in disguise, as it could possibly be used to help rediscover family time and help to make families strong again!

    1. Social Distancing: I thought of those high school dances where “chaperones” would walk around and separate teens from getting too close lest they start to neck and pet, which was risky .
      Younger kids instinctively understood the dangers of Cooties. You could give your friend a vaccination using an index finger to trace circles and dots on their forearm while reciting the rhyme, “Circle, circle, dot, dot, – Now you’ve got the cootie shot!” Unfortunately you could also get some bad medicine, and then it would be “Circle, circle, square, square, Now you have it everywhere!”

    2. Here in China there was an uptick in divorce filings after things started opening back up. Many families here have a family member that works in another city. Families were together for the Spring Festival holiday and then had to spend the next few weeks together at home. Evidently, spending that much time together in close quarters reopened up some old arguments or differences and it was too much. Then again, many of those filings were later rescinded. I guess being cooped up together for several weeks drove some people a little crazy. After things were opened up and people could socialize again, the craziness went away (some).

  8. Some ppl in upper Wisconsin saying screw it we do what we want.. I kinda see this getting really ugly and staying that way for a long time. Ppl very selfish in today’s age.

    1. I have kids. So balancing freedom and caution is important. Who takes care of them if something happens to me or my wife.
      Home is paid for a year worth of supplies. The kids can play and be safe and we never leave the property.

  9. agree with Ken–this is going to last more than a couple weeks.

    more like a couple months or more.

    i’m very happy in my back yard, planting and sittin’ with chickens. got 6 new babies :)

  10. The “experts” are saying, “Once the temps rise the Wu Flu will go away” So tell me, why in hell are there over 200 cases in hot South Florida? It’s in the high 80’s here in North/Central Florida during the day and our number of cases keep growing too.

    I don’t believe this thing is going away anytime soon. DW, dog and I are happy to be alive by God’s grace.

    Stay safe and God Bless.

    1. Seminole, the numbers go up because we are full of dang idiots in this state… I have a college house next door they had a st. paddy party and now yesterday a pool party… What a bunch of fools…

      If you look at the demographics currently ages 20-29 are at a higher level of infection with covid-19 vs. 30-39, 40-49, 50-60 and over 80… The geezers that are in the 60-80 rage are having comparable rates of infection as the college idiots…

      Good to see that in the end Darwin awards will be passed out to many millennials and gen z
      Good riddance!

        1. Cracker, Weren’t we all stupid/students in our early day? Thanks for the link Bubba.

        2. White Cracker,

          Give it another week. After the spring break beach parties, the college kids will test positive in droves.

        3. Bam, There have already been two test positive, I do not know where they were ( from- or where the test was given)that info was not given in article i read…but they went to the beach..

        4. Just Sayin’
          Is your state in lockdown yet?
          If not, are you anticipating one soon?

        5. Joe C.,

          We are not on lock down yet. Our governor is more interested in tourism dollars than human life.

      1. At least they have no fear,which is what the Government wants.Utter and complete capitulation of our freedoms.

  11. “Are people going to have trouble with Social Distancing?” Yes, it will be difficult for many Americans as we are used to having freedom and our own free agency. As soon as someone says “you can’t … more than half the population claims “I will.”

    Along with the personality types mentioned, IMHO, children can be side tracked with electronic games and running around the back yard or getting some other exercise, maybe running up and down the apartment stairs. Most teenagers have no brains, plenty of hormones, but are used to social media to communicate and after getting caught sneaking out by caring parents, hopefully with resulting consequences, they may actually listen. Young adults, have just gotten use to being independent and making their own decisions and they won’t give up those easily. Those of middle-age with families will try to be compliant for the good of the family but they will still have that urge to escape and get out. Older folks (usually) have more experience and can think through various options and figure out what is best.

    I feel sorry for those tied to city apartments or suburbs; it will be hard for them and they will have to think out of the box. If they can get some form of exercise, have enough food and essential supplies, hopefully they will come out OK. As long as our basic utilities and communication networks are functioning property, most will be able to cope. Folks of any age who are prepared both spiritually and physically have more peace of mind and will most likely settle in until the danger passes.

  12. I’ve always been a bit of a hermit, people for the most part are a pain in the a$$ it isn’t uncommon for me to not leave property 2or 3 weeks at a time even when there is nothing to worry about.So no big deal to stay home a month or 6.But I know social butterfles that must leave home everyday no matter what. Including family members that live on their own. It’ll be tough for lots of people.

  13. We need to develop a “social-distancing” society. Small local grocery stores, one room schoolhouses, drive-in movie theaters, a milkman delivers the milk and leaves it at your back door, grow a garden to lessen trips to the store, change your own oil. What else did they do in the 50’s?

    1. Chevy, ” What else did they do in the 50’s?”, watch “Father Knows Best” on a black and white TV, drink Coke from a glass bottle, and vote for Ike for President.

      1. Also in the 50s a whole lot less people traveled all over the continent and brought back diseases!

    2. The boys always played ARMY! And, the girls had lots of DOLLS, Playhouses, Bake Sets!

      We played OUTSIDE, with gangs of children wandering the neighborhood…and anywhere they could ride their bikes.

      Boys would go exploring, build forts, climb trees and fish at the local pond.

      I do not remember what the girls all did…girl stuff, most likely.

      1. I was a tomboy so I did mostly boy stuff! We didn’t have computers so we were all outside until it got dark. Also I remember you didn’t call people outside your town unless someone died or had a baby.It was long distance.

      2. I too was a tom boy. So I rode bikes, built forts, played football and shot the heads of my dolls with my brother’s BB gun.

        1. Bam, in today’s world, you would be ‘violent’ and immediately sent to a psychologist….. Ha!

        2. The psychologist will most likely prescribe loads of mind altering drugs to “fix” the problem. Protective services will most likely be called due to children being in the presence of a “firearm”. Hehe

        3. Modern Throwback,

          No–in today’s society I would be encouraged to “identify as male” and adopt my own personal pronouns. LOL I would have selected “it”. Wouldn’t that have messed with peoples’ heads.

      3. Ision, I believe you have called out the ‘tom boy’ group!
        My favorite game when I lived in the ‘burbs for 5 years was Army. Two families had built log cabin forts for their kids, so we had great times.
        We also had cowboy gear, including our cap guns. A couple of us (myself included) would set the caps off with our nails, to the amazement of the more timid kids. Good times.
        Football and softball were big in our area and since my mom was a PE teacher, she gave us some used up, cast off equipment to play with.

        I hated dolls and only a few girls in our area played with them. We all hung around outside — all the time until we were rounded up in the evenings. Kids’ lifestyles sure have changed…

        When we moved to the country to get away from suburban life, I got into archery, horses, and school activities, and got serious about piano. Then came boys… lol

      4. Ision,
        My memories of early childhood are from the early 60’s..not 50’s , The main thing we did was we stayed home-until 1st grade, before any very early age “education”.
        ..The only place we went with regularity was to one(other too far to walk/ visit often) grandparents house- and were allowed to walk thru the woods @ times.- the only car was gone with our main bread winner.Much of the time he stayed in a motel near a construction job site thru the week and we only saw him for a few hours Sat. and part of Sunday..Dad either brought in groceries or one of our Uncles took DM and DGM to get every couple weeks.
        The phone was an 8 party line and everyone knew your business, it was at the grandparents. The only calls we got were emergency calls.Or a Dr’s report from a serious injury or illness of DFM.Almost all calls were long distance.
        We had a garden most years.We also helped DGP with a truck patch of Purple hull peas, and processing of vegetables in bulk…and purchased what we did not grow from a GU who farmed, delivered by phone request. Dad bought a freezer(’66) and got 52 whole chickens with it.We had chicken for sunday dinner for a whole year.
        I was also a tomboy.with my only playmate a twin brother most of the time and otherwise we had 2 sets of neighbors that we could play with every 6-8 weeks or so..planned several days in advance.. those neighbors came at separate time and play was outside in fresh air and sunshine. We had a tree swing, part of the time a tire swing and sometimes a board..
        .The only sleep-overs involved someones parents/sibling being in the hospital- and were a time of stress.
        WE did not get Mumps, measles or chicken pox until 2nd grade, it went thru the school.And we got it ALL at the same time.
        We were blessed to have a small sand bed and a few outside toys that gave us many hours entertainment..I had my dolls , my brother took the heads off of them..I learned hand sewing by making clothes for them from old socks, and material scraps.
        . Mom made or remade some of our clothing, and cooked most food from basic supplies.The radio was our main news, there was local and there was learning opportunities, if one wanted to listen. DM sang along with many of the songs. There were many songs and she learned the words to all of them from seasonal , like “Edgar the eager Easter Bunny”, to “Hello, Darlin'” and Her response was “Why Hello, Conway! It’s nice to see you too.” LOL

        1. Just Sayin’
          Thank you.
          I can relate to some of that you posted.
          Hard times as a kid, almost seems like a paradise world now.

          Who woulda thunk it?

        2. Joe C, Yes looking back things have changed so much… the whole times were different. we were a long way from rich, in the “poor” slot…yet- blessed in many ways. My parents both worked hard and as a team. Both sides of our family had been neighbors for a couple of generations….and Both sets helped ease us thru hard times…DM’s Mom ran a small grocery store.When we moved to Haiti Mo for a job for Dad that did not materialize, tho promised. He found something but did not pay as much as promised…DGM would send DGP with a box of things we needed, and we were infants-so it included PET milk for our formula. We were about 6 when The parents were able to pay for the last of those groceries. Most job s available were seasonal- and not ale to be done in the wettest weather.. logging, cutting and loading of pulp wood, farming- row crops and construction. We learned by their example to have groceries for the lean months.
          As small children we did not know we were poor. We lived happy and content. Our parents and grandparents had good relationships. All was right in our world. By the time we became aware we did not care what other thought of us, for we were secure in our person.
          This is why some people have issues with social/personal distancing…ie they are not secure in themselves and their worth. Many depend on others to verify self worth… just one more reason to homeschool .

        3. Just Sayin’,

          I spent my very young years (ages 4-7) living on Westover Air Force Base. My father was a Navy recruiter. This was right after the peak of the Vietnam War. All the kids would ride bikes and when we spotted one of the “black cars” we would all follow it to see whose dad was killed in combat. My dad was home every evening but still I followed the cars wondering if he had been killed in action. After they closed the hospital on the base, we would break in and play Star Trek. There was an episode where all the adults died once they reached puberty. So we would play that–kind of morbid, now that I think about it.

  14. We have closed the gate here at the ranch, no one is allowed to come or go out. I am really surprised how well everone is getting along, 18 of us. It seems that all my past training has actually paid off. I do wonder how long this will last but I have told everyone to expect at least 3-4 months isolation. Our lock down is only 6 days old and I have had to turn away a number of people. Some of those people were demanding even belligerent and our country has only just now entered in this pandemic. It makes me wonder how forcefull people will get. I pray that I will never have to use a weapon, but I can if I am forced to do so.
    As I ask people to do different chores they do so without grumbling – so far.

    1. Texas Boy, When there is a crisis people come together to fight a common enemy- in this case a disease. the honeymoon period will pass soon enough so glad it is going smooth for you for now… We are quickly getting to our lockdown line..

  15. And, good luck to all the people in San Francisco and the Bay Area, where many “rentals” now have a “No Cooking” clause in their contracts.

    How can you perform social distancing when you are forced to either go out and buy pre-made food, or have someone deliver it to you?

      1. The best universal cooking device to have in any place without a kitchen…is

        The FOODI NINJA!!

        It is not cheaply made, and it is not cheap to buy. But, it will cook just about anything you want to make…from Baked Chicken to Brownies. It air fries, it pressure cooks, it slow cooks, it steams, it bakes. Not only will it cook your rice, it will make your beans and stews.

        As long as there is electricity…a foodi ninja will cook like you have a complete kitchen.

        I have one.

        1. I was a tomboy so I did mostly boy stuff! We didn’t have computers so we were all outside until it got dark. Also I remember you didn’t call people outside your town unless someone died or had a baby.It was long distance.

  16. How long will people tolerate being told to stay inside their homes?
    Sooner or later some will want/need to get out and mingle.
    What do the “powers” do then?
    Folks will get restless — then what?

    1. tango

      They’ve already mentioned on TV that police aren’t going to be making arrests unless they were felonies. So unless they make going outside a felony then there isn’t very much they can do when people get “restless”.

  17. Gov Cuomo told people to stay inside their homes for their physical and mental health. Guess getting 1 out of 2 right is not bad. I thought “what an idiot!” Gotta be a member of the hive mind to tolerate the intensive high rise housing profile of NYC.

    My BFF is packing up at her very urban house @ 100 miles away and coming out to the farm. We’ve been friends for 48 years. With schools, businesses, parks, and the nearby mall closed, she’s not feeling safe enough to stay. Will be nice to have the company.

  18. Ken,
    Kids Fire HD 8 Kids edition tablet. And Bluetooth headset w/microphone.
    Couple of recommendations for kids having to be schooled at home.
    May as well get them through your link.

  19. Wife is complaining about not being able to shop. I suggested she start a diary. Day 7, down to 499 1/2 rolls of TP. Getting desperate, I knew we should have listened to NRP. May have to break into the emergency backup of 9000 baby wipes.

  20. I bet that there will be a lot of babies born in early 2021.
    Just sayin.

  21. A DIL tells me that her mother wants to come & stay with us. When I asked her if it’s because her mother thinks we live far enough from the virus, she said it’s because we grow a garden & have a large pantry & she wouldn’t go hungry. Mother is a socialite who doesn’t like to garden. Can’t imagine where that would lead. Anyways as we age we thought we might cut back our garden a bit this year but have now postponed that idea. We are self isolating but I know a lot of people who would find this very difficult to do. I feel it selfish to risk others health even if you don’t worry about your own. I also know people who think is just silliness because it is just the flu & don’t choose to educate themselves on the subject. So sad.

    1. canadagal…
      tough situation. if your son and DIL are coming, I cant see you will be able to outright avoid her mother coming. If nothing else, son and DIL are likely to bring her with.

      maybe the best you can do, (assuming they are not on the way), is “get ahead”, so all (including mother) understand they too will need to contribute, etc etc..

      start by stating (don’t be wishy washy, or you’ll end up sorry), you are now making up lists of
      -assigned duties (weeding/laundry/toilet scrubbing/dish washing/disinfecting etc)
      -state how often these things will need doing
      -you will have extra folks in house…it will need more cleaning/disinfecting/etc…
      -keep in mind you/husband/partner are the ones in will need to keep an eye on all, to keep everyone safe/keep things running
      -keep in mind, you need to keep yourselves (who ever else is currently living there) safe and healthy first…or you cannot possibly help others/accommodate others. It will take someone (YOU) with a firm grip on the situation to keep just yourselves organised/toss in few extra or someone not “in tune” it will take some tact/maybe more firmness
      -tell them son/DIL/mother you are making up these lists, what are they comfortable starting out handling?
      -tell them all will be rotating on daily/bi daily/weekly basis
      -if they seem to have the idea you will (or husband) be doing most of this, please clear that up immediately.
      -reasons need not be giving (as in just say no..especially if they want to come/they will help)
      -or reasons can be given….
      —-someone needs to keep an overall eye on things
      —-you/hubby have some reason you cannot do such and such
      —you /hubby are just too old, and they will need to pick up slack (hey, don’t be proud..)

      but, you need to start now, be firm, be specific, or you will end up with them there, and thinking “holiday”. Worse, they may even bring others.

      If they are not willing to do the hard work, best they start looking now for another place

    2. canadagal
      You & your dh are the important ones in the dilemma.
      It will be hard to tell your DIL that you regret to inform her that additional parties who have not met the work requirement need not apply.
      Tough call but it is your home after all.

      Good to see you posting, I was getting concerned about the two of you.

    3. Canadagal,
      Did you offer your place to this woman? If not, I would not let her come. From what you have said it would be a diaster . She obviously isn’t interested in your way of life and to just come because you prepared and she didn’t? How unbelievably rude.
      Hope this doesn’t happen to you And your DH.
      Good luck

    4. canadagal;
      This is going to sound callus as hell…..
      Ask the DIL and “mother” how much food/water/medical/so-on they/she is bring with them.
      Ask if they actually think you stored everything to just give to them.
      Ask and make sure they understand that when “their” food runs out they will need to go.
      ALL of course if you don’t mind others taking your food etc. and using your stores until you run out, and they will move on to the next “Prepper” that will simply give to them.
      They are NOT interested in the fact you have a Garden (except to eat your food) nor would they care if you have chickens, rabbits, other food sources.

      This decision is going to be very VERY hard, Yes they are Family, and Yes this is going to end someday, Then what????
      You can already hear the words that “you would not help us when we needed, we will NEVER talk to you again” sort of thing.

      BTW, this is happening all around the world. The decision to help others or to turn them away.

      Best of luck with your decisions.

      1. NRP
        This isnt callous, its just good common sense.
        Its one thing to help aN elderly parent who lives on property with you all the time amyway, its a whole mother for some inlaw mooches. I forsee a similar issue, some folks frugality is going to bite THEM in the ass

    5. Canadagal: Is your son’s mother-in-law bringing her friends? … Are you SURE? If she is a socialite, she probably has lots of them. Even if she doesn’t bring them, will she tell them where she is going? How can you be sure MIL isn’t bring the virus with her? She is a socialite!

      Is she bringing her pets? Do you have enough pet food to feed them?

      Where would she sleep?

      Find some excuse to make her say home. If no acceptable excuse, tell her to stay away anyway.

      1. If there are pets you can at least get a few more good meals out of them. ;)

    6. Canadagal, you could also tell them that all the beds are spoken for and the only space left is the floor. Them tell them to make sure they bring sleeping bags or bedding as everything you have is in use.

  22. As a retired op, I can tell you this: With just about all activities outside of the home shut down, the ‘Domestic Disturbance’ calls to the local Police will increase dramatically.
    We would always see an increase especially after 3 day holiday week-ends.
    Families do get on each other’s nerves after too much close together time.
    Now that here in Florida the beaches, boat ramps, and marinas have also been closed, in addition to schools, theaters, restaurants, malls, gyms, etc. etc., it’s only going to get worse, especially when Mom/Dad, or both lose their jobs.
    It will only get increasingly worse as the situation drags on.

        1. Tip of the iceberg!
          Anne Frank lived in a small, confined space with 6 others. One learns to adapt if one wants to survive. Seriously with the age of the internet-there is much that can be done without ever leaving one’s home.
          The tsunami waves of patients in hospital starting (one major hosp in NYC has over 500 covid19 cases alone) It’s going to get uglier. They are not checking everyone for covid 19 anymore in NY-only those who are getting admitted to hospital as that would affect overall management-others will have to self quarantine and treat their symptoms as it progresses (again most of population will have mild symptoms) so the actual numbers of americans infected may appear lower than it truly is.

      1. President Trump said that they are going to send a hospital ship, and also probably using cruise ships that are not being used at this time as well. Good idea. Converting cruise ships into hospital ships. Someone had their thinking cap on 😊

        1. One obtains an immediate hospital by simply converting the massive Hotels and Resorts into them. But, without the equipment of a hospital, seeing as supplies seem to be very low, they just become wards for patients not in need of it.

          Perhaps, one can use a Hotel conversion just to handle the NON-corona patient issues, keeping the actual hospitals less impacted, and preventing uninfected patients from swimming in the virus contaminated hospitals.

          Exactly WHO is trying to make RESPIRATORS now? How LESS FANCY can they be made, in order to properly function? We do not need a Mercedes, when a Ford will do.

        2. I’ve been telling everyone I can think of that the older ventilators would be easy to 3D print and required no electronics.

        3. me….that is likely a good thing to know, except that the folks who could make it happen are solidly “educated” and “stuck” on “modern technology”. I wonder if you sent the suggestion to some 3D printing companies, Govenors, Health Officers, or even say Bezos or Musk or Gates? Seems like a good solutions..for sure.

  23. Closing the beaches, marinas, launching ramps for smaller boats, is going too far.
    The safest place now is out in the open fresh air.
    The more wealthier, who have their boats at their private docks, are not affected by this ‘rule of law’. More distancing of the ‘elite’ from the masses. (We working stiffs.)
    So now, the guy/gal who wants to enjoy some time away from it all, and take the family out for some enjoyment, is screwed.
    This also applies to those beach goers who live close to the beach and can just walk on over to it. Doesn’t have to park the car, where all the beach parking has been closed.
    Again, more distancing of the ‘haves’ from the ‘have nots’.
    This does not bode well for the unity of the country, and gives hypocrisy to the “We’re all in this together”
    baloney that is being touted by those in power.

    1. Don’t let that get to you too much concerning the rich scum…. I am in South Florida too… There is a big reset coming. Now is not the time. Keep your powder dry.

  24. Now, I’m mad as Hell !
    I’ve just learned that any and all parking anywhere near the waterfront (In this case, the Intracoastal Waterway) has been banned, and will be strictly enforced by local law enforcement.
    This is no longer about Safety ! It’s about Control ! We have half a dozen County Commissioners telling a million county residents (Palm Beach County) what we can and can’t do. It’s not their beach. It’s OUR Beach ! Now I can’t even go Paddleboarding by myself, without getting Fined !
    Now THEY have finally gone too far, telling me I HAVE to stay home and do absolutely nothing, until THEY say I can !
    The Tipping Point has been reached. THEY can go to HELL !

    1. JustWatchin’
      You just have to be more clever.
      Park in an area where you can put in that is off the main streets.

      Our parks are all closed so we can’t kayak in the nearby lake that is part of a large park. But we can put in on the Shenandoah, or travel a bit and put in on the Potomac or James.

      They can’t be everywhere. You just have to be more clever than they are.

      (Does make me wonder if all fishing licenses have been halted. Hmmm…)

  25. It’s ironic to me to be ask to stay home as a solution when that’s my favorite thing to do. Ken’s examples of personalities who will find this very hard to do, is correct however I am sure many will adapt. However there are some who will literally lose their minds. They may become very difficult to reason with. The police will be busy and some of us will find our selves in the unfortunate position of having to deal with them. In these situations it is preferable to allow those with a firm spiritual connection to take the lead. Prayer may well be the most important prep of all.

    1. Man O Foot,
      Same here,
      I am actually thrilled! Can stay home and work on all the stuff i havent been able to get to. Is actually a huge blessing. Looking forward to it.

      1. Yes, Kulafarmer,
        I love my home. I have plenty of stuff to keep me occupied. Also since I retired my wife has stopped washing clothes and vacuuming. She is cunning and knows my weakness or compulsion to keep things clean and orderly. Thanks

  26. We’ve become a Nation of Sheep.
    The attitude of ‘It doesn’t concern me, so I could care less’, is exactly how Totalitarian
    Governments thrive. Eventually, it WILL effect you !
    This country is becoming divided like never before, and those that choose to stand idly by on the sidelines will be the worse off for it. It’s going/getting to be ‘You’re either with me or against me’. No neutrality.
    Do you think for a moment that when this current crisis subsides, that all of a sudden all of the rights we have lost will be returned, just like that. Don’t kid yourself. It’s a matter of Control, has nothing to do with Your Individual Safety.
    You’re going to deserve what you get.

  27. My wife makes t-shirts and she made us all in the house State Farm t-shirts to wear if we must get out. It has State Farm wrote on top and instead of the three circles it has the bio-hazard logo and at the bottom it say’s “like a good neighbor, stay over there”. We’re just making it through the best we can and trying to have fun.

    1. Prepper Dan,
      I love it. Beach in had a good one also.
      Here is my little funny.
      Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts!!!
      Humor will see us through this tough times

    2. Prepper Dan…
      might be a real good idea. While I have heard lots speak of being a bit less conspicuous (large family group all wearing same top), I have also heard this very thing often recommended. It was recommended, so if you are looking for any member of your group in a large crowd, it is easier to spot/keep track of.

  28. Week or two ago some friends said they are moving to my place. Told them okay, have plenty of room. You can drop your 40’ container just about anywhere. “Container?” they say. Yes, says I, for year’s worth of food and supplies you’ll be bringing.

    If they follow up, and they just might, will also advise them to bring mattresses to have something to sleep on in the container. And to have a window and a walk door installed in the container. Course, they could also bring a camper; that would work with the container.

    Don’t mind being a bit generous with what I have. And what I have is acreage. As for my supplies – they’re all spoken for.

    1. Anony Mee:
      Just called the Trucking Co. to move my 3 Conex’s, and the 3000 gallon water tank, will tow the Camper myself hehehehe
      Can Blue come also?

      1. Anony Mee,
        Take NRP up in this!!
        Toilet paper King, his big lover dog blue.
        Sounds like a win win.

      2. NRP

        Why shore he is. Xander and Cookie would love to make a new friend!

        That dwarfs my two and the 1250 tank. It sits in the sun and water stayed warm all winter.

  29. Indiana, today declared stay home order for next 2 weeks starting Wednesday. Essential businesses only. Groceries hospitals etc to stay open.This is where I live. It’s here and it’s gonna stay awhile. My son’s work is cancelled so today we cleared and did first tilling for a garden for him in a field we have . We will build 8 foot fence to try to keep deer out.He’s getting on board finally, better late than never. But he has only tomorrow to buy fencing ,posts and seeds and such.I wish my kids had paid attention to me yrs ago. Woulda been easier.😑

    1. It’s to much to ask for the the younger generation to listen to advice or even the thoughts of the elders.
      I could go on and on with examples of being ignored by my children.
      They know everything and what is best. I pray that it isn’t to late for them.
      If they can make it to my house they will survive.If not they won’t .

    2. Maggie’s farm
      In Michigan, TSC will continue to be open.
      I called our local elevator today.
      “Normal hours. They are considered an essential work place.”

  30. NormlChuck,

    Now you know why I call my dog ” son”, he’s the only one of my kids that listens to me any more. LOL

    1. Minorjim
      My son calls Sadie his little sister.
      Yeah, she don’t listen to me either!
      My son is getting better, though. It’s only taken 30yrs.

      1. … fact, he just sent me a picture of his elderberry stash.
        Good, boy.
        Daddy’s proud

      2. We were blessed to have a Pug brother for 15.5 years, He blessed our lives without limits,He was more obedient than we were at a younger age.He had a good vocabulary. He would vocalize.”.Mama! help me, ” “Let me out “, and once he used an expletive.He has been gone for 8 years-those precious memories remain.
        In this time of social distancing from others these companion animals are extremely important for peace, comfort and entertainment. If your elderly neighbor is shut in and has a loving critter make sure they have what their pet needs as well, if you are able.

  31. Has anyone here taken the Myers-Briggs Assessment? It’s a personality typing quiz. Go to humanmetrics[dot]com and take the test. I have found that most preppers fall into the INTJ category. That’s strange because INTJs account for less than 2 percent of the population. The “I” stands for introvert. Most of us will be fine because we prefer to stay at home–our own company is the most intelligent company. The “N” stands for Intuitive–this is contrary to sensing. We just see things immediately. Others prefer to see and touch things in order to understand the situation. We intuitively knew the coronavirus would come to the U.S. and we began preparing weeks ago. The “T” stands for thinking, as opposed to feeling. We make decisions based on reason, not on the whims of feelings. The “J” stands for judging. We see the world for how it should be while others are perceiving–they just see the world. They don’t add any value judgments to what they see.

    Check it out–humanmetrics[dot]com. The test is free.

    I think our personality types explain why we are able to processes new situations almost instantly while others suffer from normalcy bias. Preppers are just wired differently.

    1. Bam, re: Myers-Briggs, took it many years ago, very helpful to understand why I go about things as I do. If I recall correctly, this analysis may have included how a person mentally approaches doing anything during two conditions: either a no stress condition or a stress condition. My result in a no stress condition is a creative thought process, a stress conditon I shift to results oriented. Also helpful to know how one goes about daily efforts. May not have been Myers-Briggs, long time ago.

      1. Grey,

        I haven’t read about the connection with stress but this makes sense. I think it would be fascinating to figure out the link between prepping and personality type. Understanding the non-INTJ would help us convince meaningful people in our lives into getting prepared.

        1. Bam

          Understanding non-INTJ? Wow, that’s gonna be a hard one.

          Life style is gonna play a big part. We MSB Patriots are used to a life style of taking responsibility for a lot of things, people that live in cities are never exposed to. But, us who have never lived in a city don’t understand that life style either.

          Gonna be a hard one to figure on.

    2. Bam, I’ve taken the test 3 times. I am always an INTJ.
      We discussed this at Creekmore’s site and we also talked about it at The Conserv. Treehouse.

      Another good quality of being an INTJ is that almost all INTJs can easily become leaders, but most don’t want the job because they’re secure in who they are and don’t need the ‘ego trip’ or hassle that goes with being a leader.

      INTJs are also quick problem-solvers and analytical. Like you said, INTJs “see” how systems work and how to make the fixes.

      1. Interesting, just took test INTJ, also. Maybe that is why we prep.Mindset.

    3. Took it in high school. At the time I was an INFP. Took it later and became an INFJ.

      1. Or was it INTP? Can’t remember. One of those letters changed, anyway.

        1. Bam, Mine INSJ…?on last two my responses were very close… within 5-6% of another type…

    4. Oh wow, and there I am….INTJ. I remember taking fire officer classes where we did all these personality traits. The guys hated it when I called them Cosmo Quizzes! Haha

    5. Bam

      Interesting, add another INTJ to the list. 🤣 I would analyze it but judging by the questions in the quiz it’s pretty obvious why most of us are preppers. 😎👍

      1. Grits,

        Can you expand on this? What is obvious to you might not be obvious to others. LOL That’s actually a trait of INTJs–we think everything is obvious and that people are just lazy if they don’t draw the same conclusions we do.

        1. Bam

          I don’t think prepping is a trait that only INTJ’s gravitate to. But I do think more introverts are interested in it than extroverts. There’s quite a few combinations of types of introverts and I think a majority of preppers would fall into that category, and not just INTJ’s.

          As far as extroverts go, take an ENTJ for example. Even though they have the knowledge and intuition to want to prep, their judgement may be clouded by their driving desire to be sociable. In society prepping often carries with it a negative stigma which wouldn’t sit well with extroverts. However, if prepping ever becomes fashionable they’ll dive in head first just because everyone else is doing it. (Just look at toilet paper)

          As far as the questions go, if I answered any differently than I did I’d be more like my social butterfly/ostrich SIL and less like myself.

    6. Another INTJ here….hey Ken, you should do an article on this! It would be interesting to see the breakdown of those on this site.
      Bam, I think we are wired to be preppers! The next few months should tell us a lot. Its been interesting to see the prepper bashing that has gone on. While very few know my (and our) position, they don’t understand that it took most of us years to build up our supplies (of whatever) and we are not those that went to Costco in the past month and bought 90 rolls of TP at one time. (Yes, betting even NRP didn’t do that!)
      Hey NRP, give Blue a hug from us here!

      1. Ken,

        I second the request to do an article on this. I know there is a strong relation between prepping and the INTJ personality type. I just don’t know why. (The “experts” probably can’t answer this either.)

  32. Governor Blackface has now closed school for the rest of the school year. Ironically, the areas hardest hit with Coronavirus are the more urban areas where it takes 2 incomes to support a household — so where will the kiddos go? Many people in the top half of eastern VA work for the Feds or a feeder/contractor of the Feds. The lower eastern VA area is military/govt.

    The Gov also has mandated that all businesses remain closed, except for essential businesses or medical facilities. Gatherings of more than 10 is verboten, and that includes church.

    The Gov has also decided to keep the ABC stores open, probably to keep alcoholics from going to the ERs with DTs. Glad he isn’t a Gov of a southern state, or he’d allow the borders to stay open for drug business.

  33. Here am I sitting in the upper hermit kingdom without problems, and I am making a living using on-line sources. Looks like I will be more isolated since I won’t be working the forest campgrounds anymore…BTW I took the test and I am an INTP. Introverts do well being the master of their castle and having dogs as devoted subjects.

  34. This is so not a problem for us. As many have mentioned, a lot of us are more than comfortable in our own skins. I would rather be like Stardust and hang with my dogs!

    1. Pegasus,
      Someone asked me what i was planning on doing because its so difficult to have to isolate,,,
      One answer was spend more time throwing the balls for our labs,
      Another was to hang out with my chickens in the garden.
      People i dont miss.
      I kinda like the silence, its been real quiet for the last week, kinda nice!

  35. I took the test 3 times, I think it broken.
    3 times, all 3 times, IDIOT.
    Anyone know what IDIOT means?

    1. Websites dictionary says Idiot, one who did not prepare for a disaster or pandemic.😶

    2. It isn’t “IDIOT,” It’s “ID10T.” :) “I Don’t of10 Think.”

  36. So many threads going on covid-19, really don’t know where to post this comment, so I’ll post it here.

    I had an appointment for a routine blood draw at my home clinic. Got word that they had set up a “triage” tent in the parking lot, mainly as a precaution, to pre-screen patients prior to being allowed to enter the main clinic (in this case, a small town clinic about the size of a moderate size residential home).

    Called to check if I should keep my appointment tomorrow, was advised it would be better to reschedule.

    Remember, this is Podunk Holler America, the largest town in the county with a population of 2,600 people (total population of county is less than 14,000).

  37. Just heard 6 confirmed cases in my county. This is a one horse town so to speak.1 hospital/ bandaid station. Every person in this county shops same grocery and wally world. We are in for it big time , brothers and sisters. LOCK DOWN!

    1. You have a wally world? Heck as I recall Daisy has to drive 60 miles to get to one.

      1. Yeah we have a wally w. It is the cultural center of our town. Half the people don’t even change out of their PJ,s to go shopping.🤔

        1. You know you are getting old when you have friends you used to party with in nursing homes. We got a message the other day from one that said when it got to 8PM they changed from their daytime PJs into their night PJs.

  38. When locals here want to move to big city they head to Podunk Holler.

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