The Silver Lining of Coronavirus COVID-19

There’s plenty of bad news about coronavirus. There are lots of questions about it too. Like how to prepare for coronavirus. How is it spread. What to stock up on.

I have been addressing these questions and have been writing about it here on the blog.

One popular article is this one:
** How to Survive a Pandemic

(search MSB on Coronavirus)
lots of great comments too…

What’s the Good News about the Coronavirus?

Today I decided to try and look at the bright side of this unfolding situation. The silver lining, so to speak. Is there one? Yes, sure there is. There are several. And I’m sure you will add more in the comments below.

Ordinary People Are Prepping (Who Never Did Before)

That’s great! People are waking up to the very common sensible notion of preparedness. I’ve been writing about it for more than 10 years. But it most always takes a crisis and fear to motivate people to take action. And this coronavirus is no exception to that. People are scared (at least when it pops up in their area). But they are going out and stocking up on supplies.

People (some) Are Using Better Hygiene Habits

It’s so true that washing your hands (the right way) is one of the best ways to mitigate the spread of pandemic (among other things). We’ve heard it so many times, but this time it’s “sinking in” to the minds of more people: “Wash your hands before you touch your face.” Even the mainstream is repeating it.

More Time To Do Projects Around The House

Self isolating? Or just minimizing your running around out in public? I’m sure you’ve got a “list” of things to do at home, right? Maybe that is (or isn’t?) a silver lining ;)

Learning About Boosting Our Immune System

People are stocking up on immune system booster supplements (as well as other items). Some are self-educating about the the things we can do to help our bodies fight this thing. (recent article on this subject)

Opening Eyes on China Reliance

We live in a global world. We all know that a majority of manufacturing has moved to China. And now we’re beginning to see the risks of doing that, given the severe effects there. Quarantines. Shutdowns. The full financial ramifications may be just beginning.

Okay I’ve listed a few silver linings of the unfolding coronavirus pandemic situation. Lets hear some of your own:


  1. We were at the docs office yesterday for a previously scheduled appointment. His maybe tongue in cheek thoughts were that it was designed to reduce the amount of money that us very costly seniors get. If DW and I die off the amount of funds social security saves over the next 10 years will be close to a quarter of a million dollars. Multiply that by tens of millions of people and it is substantial. Add medicare costs to that and it goes up even more.

      1. Lauren, Not a positive for me for sure. For the youngsters hvig to support the old folks with their taxes, maybe some would view it as a plus.

        1. As an elderly person who has paid Social Security taxes my entire life to the generation ahead of me, I would appreciate having that repaid to me in my lifetime.

    1. Me, I think you just hit the nail on the head. For all we know this thing was engineered to thin out us seniors.🤔

      1. With the virus my very first thought was of the Georgia guidestones….and someone’s idea of population control. My thoughts now? Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21). “They” got 10 years to implement their agenda. Have they started? At first I thought this was just a virus, or an escaped virus from the wuhan lab. But look how fast and how evenly spread it is moving across the world. Almost like it was being deliberately spread…call me crazy, I know. I’d better buy more tin foil for hats.

        1. Have you seen the pictures online that FEMA is now moving them around the country? Tho I admit these days it is difficult to know just what is the truth out there anymore.

  2. Ken
    Agree 110% that there is a silver lining here,
    Many layers too it in fact.

    The biggest one is the paying better attention to immunity, the most satisfying one, possibly everything shuts down, allowing me the time to do all the stuff i havent been able to do because of life and being busy working.

    As a state,
    Perhaps it will open peoples eyes to how our governments direction of making us so dependent on tourism is a BAD THING!
    It will OPEN PEOPLES EYES TO OUR DEPENDENCE ON OUTSIDE SYSTEMS EASILY DISRUPTED (not yelling, just wanted emphasis on that)
    And like you mentioned will hopefully make people think a bit more about preparedness, hygene, and a slew of other things. I doubt it sticks though, people are short attention spanned.

    As a nation,
    Who knows, this is sorta where my confidence disappears, and leans back into pessimist land. So will leave that one alone.

    1. I do not think this is a positive. Humans are THE MOST important species on the planet.

      1. Humans,
        Are the most destructive, vile, arrogant species on the planet. If Natural selection took over for a bit it might not be such a bad thing.
        Sure there are good,
        But lets be honest, what is there more of now days?

        1. I’m glad you said it. I didn’t want to. We are arrogant and think everything is ours. I could keep going…

        2. Really truly,
          I hate to be general like that but so far its no stretch

        3. Thanks “me”. I never go very far…I just don’t say much :)

        4. Kulafarmer, the song Only the good die young, comes to mind.I agree the world is probably over populated and there are a lot of people who spoil, trash and otherwise ruin the nature of our planet. But I for one am still glad to be alive to enjoy what God has given us.Peace.

      2. Pegasus – That’s rich. Let me know the next time you pass through LA and we can go for a short ride around the area. I think you’ll change religion pretty quickly. ‘lovelypoet’ put it very, umm, poetically.

    1. tmcgyver: At my house the silence never last long. A mild case of laryngitis is sometimes ok.

  3. Yes, Ken, I am one of those doing kitchen remodeling for the next few weeks. I also walk 2 miles a day and lost 20 lbs in the last 3 weeks, better for my health and taking more anti-oxidants in my food, and eating less–no bread or big carbohydrate items and eating more veggies (and T bone steak) which takes some thought on meal planning and preparation …not going anywhere may be boring without occupying your mind with things to do.

    Stocks went down, corrections from the big C-virus scare gave opportunities to make money on stocks since they are going back up.

    Checked on my supplies for preparedness since this emergency came up–yep, I’m good for the next 2 months.

    1. Good for you, Stardust!
      I’m in the same boat…lost 16 pounds in six weeks. Another ten and I’ll be what I should. Eating better also.

      Maybe you all have heard this one… a guy got the coronavirus and went looking for a lady that had Lyme disease…he thought it would be a match made in heaven….

  4. I will agree with everything in your article.
    And hopefully this virus and its disruptions bring light to the Golden corporations.
    That they, too, can be affected by any means.
    In saying that, hopefully they will rethink outsourcing jobs, production, JIT, how valuable a full, in-service workforce is.
    (Wishful thinking, I know)

  5. Another silver lining:


    Now that pollution is taken care of Greta can shut the hell up.

  6. Bright side of Convid-19?

    NRP can stop buying TP, maybe ?

    More folks visiting here?

    Won’t be making my weekly trip into Wally Word ?

  7. Buongiorno!
    I write from Italy, so, I know what “panic people” mean in these days, Expecially the MASS MEDIA/TV scaring the people.

    About your topic I have my thoughts, maybe a bit “cynic”, let me say: Positive side of Corona Virus.
    MOTHER NATURE say THANKS, and takes back what is hers.
    Let’s start:
    – in China a lot LESS of POLLUTION in the last month, due to the factories closed and less traffic jam. (NASA said)

    – here too, in the last week the Pollution drop dow a lot!.. never had a good “air quality” since years!…

    – In case of increasing of infections all our habit will change, and a lot of AIR Company will close, and bankrupt— GOOD!!.. less pollution in the sky! (sorry for the loss of job, but it’s a matter of “change work”) Flight Pollution is one of the most responsable of climate change.

    – Gasoline price is dropping down, GOOD!… and less business for the Arabs..

    – The most of the people (maybe) learn what is really important, and buy food and what is really necessary and stop to buy Crap things..

    – Let’s start to make and buy things made in our own country, and give work to the people here, non far kilometers away

    – less factories = less pollution..
    ok, economy COLLAPSE!!.. GOOD!!— is this a “good” economy??.. I don’t think so… this is not economy, this is madness…

    Maybe the mass people finally understand how fragile is this economic system, but, I’m sure, they wont :D

    – maybe we need another Suine, aviarian and, why not, a new “bovine” cow flu, so, the people finally stops to eat meat, another responsable of Pollution in the world.
    … and Planet Earth will be a better place…

    1. Fell, Cows near me graze and convert natural grass year round into protein for people who do not tolerate an all vegetable diet.( inability to digest- those using strict vegetarian would murder those people by denying them ability to eat what they are able to digest.-.. so not a viable option for all.
      Do an experiment.Try a diet no greens, no nuts or legumes, no nightshade family, limit carbs to even 75 CHO a day.- see what is left.) Cows also produce fertilizer so i can grow my vegetables… They provide a place for flies to lay eggs and bids to feed on the larvae… There is NO way in Hades I am going to stop eating meat! The garbage about cow gas is simply a lie. However one can make methane and use it to power cities from the excrement.
      The climate has been changing since the beginning of time. that is what makes it CLIMATE!
      I agree with each country producing much of what they need at home. It begins with us producing gardens and knowing how to secure our needs from what is around us. The one serving of greens i can tolerate each week is taken from my yard, they are varied and natural. There is medication for my blood sugar and blood pressure , vitamin C source , and allergy medication here. on my property. it is a small place.

      1. Yes, You are right.
        My point was a bit cynic and extreme :)
        Also cows are good for milk and dairy products, good protein and fats, as long as they are grass fed, and not in an intensive farms.
        let’s see what will happen.

  8. I agree with lovelypoet, Tmc, and Kula.

    And I don’t have much faith in the masses becoming educated in preparedness, hygiene, or thoughtful living, either. A few may make some changes, even fewer will adapt to lifestyle changes, but the masses will continue along as they have always done.

    1. Oh thats just racis and zenophobic etc,,,,
      Democrats, what boobs

  9. Wow a lot of cynical folks here! I have been among the masses, responding to their 911 calls for help. While I have not been in their shoes, God has many times shown me what their lives are like and how many of them need compassion.

    We are all cherished children of God, and God gave us dominion over the earth and flora and fauna. While I do not like it when one of those children cut me off on the road or do other things, including evil things, I still say humans are the most important.

    So on that note…maybe a good thing of this is that folks realize how important family and friends are and take the time to enjoy them and tell them how important they are. As I have witnesses many times, none of us knows when our time is up, and if the virus does not strike, a wrong way driver could, or a tornado.

    So I hope a silver lining is that many more folks realize it, and realize how good we have it…before it becomes not good.

    1. Pegasus – Yeah, I’m cynical. Some of those “children of God” are really bad actors. God may have given them dominion over the Earth, flora and fauna…… But the state and Federal government has given them dominion over my income, savings, freedom, personal space and peace. Sorry to harsh your vibe, but a right proper cull is long overdue.

  10. In tough times God’s children turn to Him. Thus displaying our great/wonderful/loving Father’s grace and mercy. God IS good all the time/ all the time God IS good . I believe that this pandemic is a way that He is gathering His Elect.

    Praise God from who all mercies flow, praise Him all creature here below!

    1. Seminole Wind: Amen! Praise His holy name! I pray that those who don’t know Jesus as their Lord and Savior will turn to Him in these uncertain times and that their faith in Him will exceed their fear.

      I agree with you re: this pandemic.

    1. Yes, also for HIV, rattle snakes, gators, fire ants. Also cold beer, thick T-bones, a kiss from your Mom, a date with your Sweetie. Because this world is full of His Glory to those who have eyes to see it.

  11. I just stumbled upon this (not a regular reader/viewer of Info Wars) and it sent chills up my spine. Can those of you familiar with the site shed any light on the likely validity of this? For the first time, I’m a bit…scared. Husband is DOD (33 years) and it may have even shaken him, but also didn’t surprise him.


    1. Ellie — or anyone..

      I tried to watch this and all that comes up for me is a blank page.
      Is it working for anyone, at this point in time?

      been blocked by?????????

      1. AJ has said a lot in the past that has come to pass. I did not watch this video but I assume that’s it’s about the virus. I’m prepared, but I will take a wait and see approach. Seems like the fake news and some conservative news are blowing this up. We just don’t know what will happen.
        I live here in CA where there are a lot of Chinese, many who went to China for the new year and returned. Not to mention Chinese’s tourists. I would think a the virus would have spread a lot more by now.

    2. Ellie, it does play it takes it a little bit to load… pretty much looks on track to follow China’s example. Even worse I believe the disease has been enhanced by refusing to test- by not continuing isolation to a minimum of 30 days….. How closely they will follow? unknown…as to how the hospitals and containment centers will work..Supplies un necessary for the general public…while the government purchases everything possible.The masks work for hospital workers- but not for the general public? WHAT? Does not even make sense.
      Do you see a hospital without bathrooms or showers, in dorm rows to infect all who enter? ..Will a crematorium be required to serve everyone and all materials be disposed of in one location? Will testing be available to those without an insurance company to bill.?
      How the people choose to protect themselves using antivirals? unknown…Are you able to shut your doors and or lock your gate?
      1500 people believed to be spreadin washington state.. spread thru air travel… shut down the air travel and use ozone decontamination on every air plane….between flights…

  12. Seen some headlines (out of Britain) stating there are two strains of COVID 19, and that most folks catch the worse strain. Anyone know?

  13. I’m having a hard time finding the silver lining(s) right now, except that I had an opportunity to go through my supplies and fill some holes. Particularly, anti-virals, OTC cold/flu relief and cleaning/disinfecting supplies.

    I’d like to believe that companies would change where they source their supply chain, but that may not last. Once this crisis passes, companies are likely to return to their old buying habits, or may substitute another low-production-cost area for China. Many companies work on slim margins, and will simply not be able to stay in business if they do not do low-cost outsourcing.

    For those non-preppers who got panicky and ran to their local big-box store for supplies, I’m betting that unless their family is impacted directly by this virus, they will burn through whatever they bought and not restock. Worse, the next time there is some sort of potential emergency, they may hesitate to stock up early, as they may feel foolish that they stocked up ahead of “that virus scare a couple years ago”.

    And, there is one of my co-workers. She let me know that she knows better than to fall for the news stories about “the virus”. This is no big deal, people need to stop going to the store and buying extra stuff, because they are the real problem. She also let me know that her family does not eat rice or beans or canned foods – pretty much just fresh produce and meats – so there’s no point to her buying non-perishable foods. Her plan is if by some long shot she has to be confined to her home for some reason, they will go on the computer and get their fresh groceries delivered within hours. Problem solved.

    Yep… feeling pretty cynical today.

  14. So Cal Gal, Just tell her like i told someone. ” Good Luck with that”. “You better stock food you will eat because you won’t eat- what i eat.” another line i used… person i have known for 30+ years said ..”I’ll just come to your house”.. (.This person has greater income than we do, and goes on frequent trips.)… ” Just tell me,Who is not going to eat- so you CAN eat -when you come to my house? “

    1. Just Sayin’, when people tell me that (just coming to our house) I always reply, “Good! I need the target practice!”

      1. Love it!

        I have also thought a great sign on the driveway might help: QUARANTINED, INFECTED, DO NOT ENTER

        1. We have a sign on the gate which says “Prayer is the way to God, but trespassing is faster.”

        2. Farmmom,

          You need to add mine.
          “If you hear a gunshot… weren’t the target”

      2. I generally just tell them if you do I’ll just shoot you. They start to laugh till they realize that I’m not smiling.

    2. JS
      My reply to said parties.
      “I do not recall you handing me money to purchase supplies”.
      The other good one I have for them.
      “YOU are?” “Where is your storage container?”🙄

  15. Improved air quality and reduced emissions in China are very good news too, although they both are temporary.

  16. I work for a health care system.
    The area hospitals are posturing for Covid. Pts are being moved from the larger (city) hospitals to the smaller (rural) hospitals. To free up beds at the larger hospitals. There isn’t any free beds at either, right now.
    They are also telling us to use the Tele-med. which is calling your MD via face time/skype.
    They are telling us to get the flu shot so we don’t have to wear masks (B.S.) I don’t get the flu shot. The shot that is going around is not the same strain as the flu that is going around. The Flu shot is not protecting people from the flu or Covid. So don’t wear a mask, see where that gets you.

  17. Another huge silver lining – with the virus targeting and killing the elderly, there is likely to be some openings in the workforce for millennials and GenXers to finally get some upwards mobility.

    1. Worthless college degrees, lack of work ethic and motivation, and no marketable skills are a larger obstacle than old folks still working. Plenty of jobs out there for young folks with meaningful educations, and willingness to contribute. Why do you think employers are clamoring for skilled, educated, migrants? It ain’t because they’ll work cheaper. It’s because they WILL WORK.

      1. Jobless Claims Fall To 216,000, Suggesting Labor Market Remains Strong Despite Coronavirus Fears On Breitbart

        There are plenty of jobs out there for anyone that wants one, has any kind of motivation, has any kind of skill, is not high, … time to cut off welfare for able bodied young people.

      2. Dennis,

        As is typical, your commentary was far more eloquent, reasoned and better stated than my spastic twitch – still it was satisfying riding shotgun with you on this call. Hand Salute to you officer!

    2. Hey No Name… Has it really come to that? Geezers have to DIE so that the new, infantile, entitled youngsters might have a chance at employment? Is your generation really that LAME and useless that you cannot even compete with oldsters? Your only hope for gainful employment is for society to have no other choice?

      Grow up kid. I see way too much of this among your tribe.

      1. That reminds me of a scene from my favorite movie Joe Versus The Volcano. Paraphrasing here:

        Mr. Waturi on the phone:
        I’m not arguing that with you!
        I know he can get the job, but can he DO the job?
        I’m not arguing that with you!
        Can he DO the job?

        IMO this was Tom Hanks’ finest acting. Lots of range in this role.

    3. Hey no name,,,,
      The biggest problem with that is an engineering firm or a contractor or developer or pretty any other industry has no use for a millenial or gen x er with an art history or transgender studies degree,,,,,,,

    4. If I had a response like that i would NOT publish a name either… My family might decide not to pay my phone or internet bill.

  18. Opportunities for marketers of new products; how about marketing shower hats in the shape of the corona virus? Just wear that at the mall and see if they take you away.

    1. Chevy

      If it is a wally world, they won’t think anything of it. Always an interesting place, specially on EBT day.

  19. I’m thinking of making bumper stickers and a sign for the front door “Covid-19 infected inhabitants”.

  20. Screaming terror headline on Daily Mail:

    “Mother reveals her husband and two sons from LA community (are infected) less than ten miles from Kim Kardashian’s house!”

    The horror!

    OK well that settles it. Shat just got real. Imma start digging my hole right now.

    Gosh, talk about a silver lining… get the lot of those ugly horse-face zero’s into their G-wagon together… ‘Aah-Choo!’

    1. tmcgyver got a bug out sailboat or a place to bug out too?

      I prefer the silver lining of catching a nice fish for dinner looking over the water at a City aflame.

      Panic can make any situation impossible. You DO Remember the Rodney King Riots don’t you? Now add to that the police-firemen-EMS honestly worried about COVID19 also.

      Those Boogaloo fires might have to BURN OUT.

      Tiny houses can sail away you know… That free PDF of sailing the farm has home made solar desalinaters for fresh water. Pro tip as a boat camper I find that a gutter style catch basin under your raised mainsail boom catches a LOT of rainwater from any modest rain. A lot like Ken’s article about rainwater collection with tarps.

  21. Very easy now days to get ahead of the line at a crowded grocery store. Get your cart in line and pull out your little packet of black pepper and inhale and start sneezing and before you know it you will be at the head of the line.
    But maybe not necessary, in these times it might be and ideal time to hit the stores when they are phobia-vacant.

  22. It’s feels good, real good, but kinda weird being a prepper and finally being at the stage where all of it isn’t crazy.

    I started in 1979. I got totally burned out in a house fire, and had to use food stamps for 2 months. WOW, was that embarrassing. I told myself, I would NEVER, EVER, be in that position again.

    All those smart-ass remarks, all that money, all that work, (I’ve take a lot of sh-t for my preps) now facing possibility of the biggest threat to my life, and my family well being, I know I got a lot of bases covered. I feel really good.
    I didn’t panic. Instead, I but my head down, and got it done.

    Now I sit here, super stocked up, and watch the sheeple panic. It’s damn hard, not to say, “I told you so.” But, “I told you so.!!”

    1. And yet, with all the craziness going on my pig headed SIL has my brother and their kids brainwashed into thinking it’s nothing and everything is gonna be just fine like always. She gets mad when I try to talk rationally to her about prepping, even just mild prepping. Just a couple days ago she even hopped on a plane and flew to Florida. Maybe she’ll see some stuff going on at the airports or at her destination that’ll wake her up. Anything coming from me she’s just gonna ignore. 🙄

      Anti-preppers, they’re the worst. Worse than the sheeple that just don’t prep cuz they don’t know any better.

        1. Same here,
          SIL is a nurse pushing the its just a strong flu,,,,
          Well, they all have fried immune systems in her house soooo
          Yea, well see how that works out.
          Me personally, im enjoying these last few weeks, months?? It may get ugly, with people already scuffling over TP and such, it wont get better,
          They better be more concerned with food, cause when they cant eat cause theres no food bein able to wipe their butts wont matter.
          If it is reality perhaps its not cynical.

        2. Ken 😁
          I gotta keep trying to lead them to water. Not just because they’re family but also because of their disbelief that anything is actually going on they aren’t going to allow me and my 85yo sickly mom to self isolate. They have keys so I can’t exactly keep them out. They travel, eat out 3-4 times a week, and constantly socialize with their large suburban social network. I may have to throat punch someone, with nitrile gloves on of course. 😝

  23. Although this article is more about an ingenious tactic dealing with a quarantine than it is about this specific virus, it is worth looking at under this topic.

    From the article: “Not much out of the country has given us hope since the coronavirus outbreak began, but this story should possibly give future generations optimism about young Chinese citizens’ eagerness to band together and overthrow authority.”

  24. Well it’s kept 2 buttheads from visiting Ohio for their rallies

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