There’s plenty of bad news about coronavirus. There are lots of questions about it too. Like how to prepare for coronavirus. How is it spread. What to stock up on.

I have been addressing these questions and have been writing about it here on the blog.

One popular article is this one:
** How to Survive a Pandemic

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What’s the Good News about the Coronavirus?

Today I decided to try and look at the bright side of this unfolding situation. The silver lining, so to speak. Is there one? Yes, sure there is. There are several. And I’m sure you will add more in the comments below.

Ordinary People Are Prepping (Who Never Did Before)

That’s great! People are waking up to the very common sensible notion of preparedness. I’ve been writing about it for more than 10 years. But it most always takes a crisis and fear to motivate people to take action. And this coronavirus is no exception to that. People are scared (at least when it pops up in their area). But they are going out and stocking up on supplies.

People (some) Are Using Better Hygiene Habits

It’s so true that washing your hands (the right way) is one of the best ways to mitigate the spread of pandemic (among other things). We’ve heard it so many times, but this time it’s “sinking in” to the minds of more people: “Wash your hands before you touch your face.” Even the mainstream is repeating it.

More Time To Do Projects Around The House

Self isolating? Or just minimizing your running around out in public? I’m sure you’ve got a “list” of things to do at home, right? Maybe that is (or isn’t?) a silver lining ;)

Learning About Boosting Our Immune System

People are stocking up on immune system booster supplements (as well as other items). Some are self-educating about the the things we can do to help our bodies fight this thing. (recent article on this subject)

Opening Eyes on China Reliance

We live in a global world. We all know that a majority of manufacturing has moved to China. And now we’re beginning to see the risks of doing that, given the severe effects there. Quarantines. Shutdowns. The full financial ramifications may be just beginning.

Okay I’ve listed a few silver linings of the unfolding coronavirus pandemic situation. Lets hear some of your own:

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