There’s Something Very Different About This Ebola


The first case of Ebola was during 1976 which infected 318 people (280 died).

The second major Ebola outbreak was during 1995 with 315 cases (killing 254).

During 2003 Ebola infected 143 and killed 128.

In 2007 Ebola affected 264 individuals resulting in 187 deaths.

This time, in 2014, as of this post date, Ebola has been confirmed to have infected 7,000 and is expected to rise to 20,000 by November and perhaps 1.4 million by January 2015.


I am not in any way a medical professional. I am simply a critical thinking human being. While the mainstream, CDC, and government officials continue to downplay what is happening, my observations tell me they are hiding something.

Something is very different about this Ebola.

While I’m not trying to be alarmist, I do believe that you should pay attention to what is happening – in a very serious way. We have not experienced a devastating deadly pandemic in our lifetime (yet). Therefore we are suffering from ‘normalcy bias’ and disbelief that something so terrible could happen or affect us. Please stop thinking that way. Don’t be stupid.

Just this morning I see that a NBC cameraman on location in Africa has just contracted Ebola. I was watching the NBC News propaganda last night and while watching their segment with their resident Doctor (Dr. Nancy Snyderman) who (foolishly) traveled to the home of Thomas Duncan in Liberia (the guy with Ebola who travel-escaped to the U.S. for treatment and is now in Dallas) – I was stunned to see them reporting there. I said to Mrs.J, “These people are probably going to get Ebola”. I am not surprised to learn today that the cameraman now has Ebola, and I will not be surprised if Nancy Snyderman gets it (of course I hope she does not).

Something is very different about this Ebola.

Unfortunately our ‘leaders’ appear to be completely inept at their jobs and are allowing their political correctness and warped liberal thinking to cloud their judgement. It seems completely insane to continue and allow people to enter this country originating from countries raging with Ebola. It’s completely nuts to send news crews to ground zero and to then return to the United States. They need to be quarantined (I believe Nancy said she would self-quarantine). I would not want to be on the same flight home as them…

Something is very different about this Ebola.

The family of Thomas Duncan (in Dallas) are currently quarantined and they are complaining they want to get out. The workers who are supposed to clean up and dispose of Ebola infected ‘debris’ are balking about doing their job (who could blame them?). This is a microcosm of what will happen if more people become infected with Ebola. They will escape their quarantine and infect others. People will refuse to go near them and sanitize, etc. for fear of contracting themselves.

Something is very different about this Ebola.

It is reported today that even now there are thousands from Ebola nations who continue to enter the USA Without additional screening. This is insanity.

The CDC Chief just said “We can’t shut the border”. This is insanity. Who are these people? Would these same people accept the challenge of loading 3 bullets in a 5 chamber revolver and pulling the trigger while putting it to their head? Same thing with Ebola. Who would chance it?

Again, I’m no expert. I’m just observing what is happening coupled with what I know about human behavior.

If you were an African living in Africa and you suspected that you had contracted Ebola – if you could afford to do so, would you not attempt to get to the U.S. for treatment? When survival instinct kicks in, you may do ‘whatever it takes’. It’s human nature.

Something is very different about this Ebola. I don’t know what. But it has spiraled out of control and my gut tells me that this will not be contained. I hope I’m wrong!!

When more and more cases start to crop up (in your region), there will more and more people who will take this very seriously and will not risk exposure with something that will likely kill them. They will stop going to work. They will stock up on food and supplies (until the shelves run bare). This will create a problem which you may never have imagined.

The Spanish Flu of 1918-1919 killed up to 100 million people in a world that was very different from today. A virus (Ebola?) that mutates to be very contagious will dwarf that number.

Be prepared.

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  1. When health care workers won’t rise to the situation in Africa, when Doctors Without Borders fails to recruit, that should tell you something. It should tell you that doctors and nurses are afraid too, because it is different. It may or may not be a different strain of virus, but it definitely did not kill off the hosts so quickly that the infection could not spread. It is out of control in part because those local governments could not control it or protect its people. It surpassed a tipping point and spiraled out of control.

    Our government knows the calamity of panic, and the chaos when JIT falls apart. The food crisis in Western Africa is quite real. The government isn’t downplaying the Dallas situation because of some conspiracy or other paranoid theory, its downplaying it because they know the price of panic. Behind the scenes, I suspect the CDC is beginning to take this gravely seriously, but they cannot portray that. Its a fine line…. protect the masses from the contagion that they might be able to control while protecting the masses from panic that would inherently lead to more contagion and looting and death. They are betting on the possibility they can control it, and thus they push that “everything is OK” in the meantime to prevent the panic.

    In the meantime, I am quietly topping off. I sure hope they control it.

  2. Well said! I can’t put my finger on it but I can feel in my very bones that we’re being lied to. The only good that can come out of this? MORE AMERICANS ARE REALIZING HOW DANGEROUS GLOBALIZATION ACTUALLY IS AND HOW ITS A THREAT TO OUR NATIONAL SURVIVAL!!!!

    But back to the point. Something IS very different about this Ebola!

    1. Any virus that kills most of the people who contract it won’t survive. An infectious organism must leave some people alive to spread the contagion.

      Syphilis used to be called the “great pox” to distinguish it from the “small pox.” But it mutated, became less virulent and more easily spread. I think that is what is happening to ebola. It is becoming more contagious and less lethal.

      1. It’s still plenty lethal. But I am not yet convinced that the virus is behaving differently. I still think it might be the medical system that is behaving differently. Before, tribes would isolate the sick alone in straw huts, and if food and water stopped being taken, they would burn the hut. The sick had little chance of survival, but the contagion was stopped in its tracks. Now, they treat the patients, which saves more, but at the expense of much wider spread.

      2. You’re forgetting that the “normal” ebola would burn itself out in 3-5 generations because of mutation & the fact tha if quarenteened, it destroys all the available hosts & there is no more victims. But the last 6 months or so, have shown this not to be the case. Not only is their quarenteen measures nonexistent, but there are too many generations of ebola reproducing. The spread is not mutating itself into extinction as Marburg & the Washington episode of monkey ebola. This one is not acting normal (term used very loosely).

  3. I have been saying all along we NEEDED to cut off these nations RIGHT NOW to have FULL travel bans from these nations and I was laughed at, this is once where I WISH TO GOD I didn’t have to say this BUT I TOLD YOU SO

  4. Standard procedure during previous epidemics has been to isolate the affected area and contain the virus. Instead,here we find free travel is allowed. Ebola is spreading to new areas. Why has the CDC changed their basic procedures?

    1. The WHY is because of decades of political correctness training of our population. I heard today an author of a book about Ebola saying that America was to blame because we created the country of Liberia (200 hundred years ago) and now we are responsible…and should take in those who have ebola to get care in the USA. Louis Farrakhan is also saying the CIA created ebola to kill off black people. Our politicians are too scared to take drastic action like stopping immigration and flights from West Africa.

    2. In the early years of jet travel, before 747 Jumbo jets made travel affordable to everyone. You were required to carry a health card. You were also required to declare if have traveled to countries with communicable diseases such as Malaria, cholera or yellow fever. There was a list of countries on the health alert.

      You could be quarantined if you hadn’t been vaccinated or had come into contact with anybody displaying some illness in the country you had visited.

      Post jumbo jet introduction the sheer volume of passengers eased the restrictions and comprehensive checking of health risk.

  5. I still cannot believe they are not stopping air travel to and from Africa. That there is proof. I mean that is common sense to helping stop something! But no. In 2010, Obama stopped the CDC programs on Ebola training for hospitals and clinics. Coincidence?

    Everyday the numbers increase. What about numbers we are not being told about? There could be more and more dead that we are lied to about.

    Please read the The Hot Zone by Richard Preston if you have not already. Very eye opening.

    1. “The Great Influenza” By John(?) Barry 2005. In depth study of the Spanish Flu of 1918. Reads like a novel.

      Information was not released for various reasons (political, war time) that increased the severity of contagion. Not to mention that radio was in its infancy and telegraph was predominate. Will be interesting to see the differences now that info is all pervasive and immediate worldwide.

  6. I believe the CDC and local systems can contain small batches of individuals like the one who flew to Dallas. As long as it remains small in scale. But its not the US I am worried about. It is Mexico and other Latin American countries which do not have anywhere near the capability to contain imports that we do. If the virus takes hold in one of these nations south of our border you can bet it will spill over our border in sufficient enough volume to breach containment.

    And that all assumes someone doesn’t decide to use it as a weapon first.

  7. I can’t say that I blame them for not wanting to incite panic. I’m not sticking up for the way they’re handling this but if I was trying to quietly handle a situation and not add mass panic to the things that I was trying to handle, I’d tell you everything was fine as well.

  8. A serious question: how can they know the cameraman has ebola if there hasn’t been the 21 day incubation period?

    1. Blood test. The question is, “How did the cameraman come in contact with the virus, if it isn’t airborne?” Also, notice that ALL the infected Ebola victims in Africa, associated with the Liberian National, died. Notice that the first American doctor contracted his Ebola (he says) by just patting a victim’s family member on the back. I assume the person he patted was not showing symptoms of Ebola infection at the time. Hmmm. Why have we not seen the survivors of Ebola in Africa? We see the victims, but do not see anyone, who had the disease from this current outbreak, but survived it, interviewed. Hmm.

    2. CDC says median time to show symptoms is 5 days. This means half of people show symptoms in less than 5 days and half in more. Incubation never takes more than 21 days, which is where that number comes from.

      1. I get the articles from the NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine) and they had an email with ebola articles on Sept. 23rd that was very interesting. They plotted the time from the exposure to the onset of symptoms for each country hit by Ebola and a combined plot. The combined plot had the peak of the curve around the 6th to 7th day after exposure. The VERY interesting part of the plot is that they had a few cases past 35 days with the longest being about 44 days. So even after 21 days, there was still many cases being diagnosed. Maybe it was a delay in diagnosing the onset due to being short staffed or maybe it really does take some people a lot longer to get sick…

        1. Let’s not forget about the “Typhoid Mary” types out there that never show the symptoms and will unknowingly pass Ebola on to others.

  9. The one thing that blows my mind is the ineptitude of the people who are in power and their unwillingness to take ownership, starting with the CDC, local politicians, Defense Dept. and on up to the White House. No one wants to own this one!

    It just feels like there is zero accountability across the board. Reminds me of Hurricane Katrina in the first 72 hours with all of the confusion that occurred. We didn’t know how bad it was for about a week at least.

    With all of this having been said, I have tried to take a step back from Ebola news several times to let it all sink in and try to understand how this could really be happening and the only thing I come back to is that this is an act of God to punish mankind for our disobedience and arrogance.

    That is a heavy topic to ponder if you think along those lines as I do sometimes, i.e. a true apocalypse and end times…

    The other thoughts running around in my mind are Ebola as biological warfare and an intentional population thinning. After all, we have a finite amount of resources here on earth. That’s quite a stretch though!

    What I am watching for very closely now is how this outbreak of Ebola spreads and how effective the news media are at reporting it. Already it seems like one diversion has taken place with the Secret Service Director stepping down. Timing on that was planned rather nicely to take the headlines for the day. Maybe Hong Kong is our next diversion?

    And, for the first time in my life I found myself this morning not wanting to shake hands with someone upon introductions due to risk. I know it is virtually non-existent, but my mind is already thinking along those lines and what my limits are for taking our children out of school if this spreads…

    Some tough times right now and we are all in reactive mode until something dies down or escalates this bigger.

    1. We’re with you on thinking ahead to when would be the time to pull kids from school. For us, it’s when we hear of contagion in our capitol city, where my husband works. He would take a leave of absence in that event.

      Our kids are not in school there, but it’s the nearest major city and so we can’t be sure kids at their school are not in contact with family from another country, a hospital there, etc.

      This is very serious business; not time to be waffling on when to pull your heads in, that’s for sure! I hope everyone on this site has discussed with their loved ones on when to pull the plug on going out in public.

    2. Obama owns this one whether he wants to or not. He practically hand engraved a personal invitation to have the ebola victims come here for treatment.

  10. Panic is a contagion too! You hear or read something, not unlike what is posted above, ‘it’ gets in your system. It grows stronger every time another story is passed on .. truth or rumor. In time you become symptomatic. You begin to present terminal symptoms .. food storage .. water barrels .. extra cash .. tyvex and nitril outer wear then finally .. bulk rolls of heavy plastic and .. Duct tape ..

    Whooooooa! Waitamin ute! I had all that stuff ages ago… Eh! retract that.. forget the rant.. keep calm and keep your ears open isallittakes. Bull S – – t comes in so many many packages these days.

  11. This outbreak is so bad because it is in large populated areas, where as outbreaks in the past were confined to small, remote villages where it could be contained.

    1. That’s it right there, no “conspiracy theories”, no evil plots, it’s simply geography.

  12. We can never, ever have complete trust and confidence in what the government says. History demonstrates that the government is too often found to be lying or at best lacking in the critical information necessary to make informed decisions.

    Just a few examples in my lifetime: (1) soldiers wearing “flash goggles” with a literal front row seat at a nuclear bomb detonation (really, I’m not kidding); (2) Gulf of Tonkin incident where the US Navy was attacked by “ghost ships.” This served as President Johnson’s legal justification for deploying US conventional forces and the commencement of open warfare against North Vietnam; (3) Iraq has “weapons of mass destruction.” You know how that worked out; (4) The NSA is not spying on Americans.

    I really don’t want to beat up on the government so much as I want to see the government being truthful with the American people. Maybe that’s a pipe dream. Until then, pay attention and exercise your best judgment. That’s what I’m trying to do.

  13. The Zaire Ebola virus is the deadliest of all the strains of Ebola. It has a mortality rate of 90 percent. Scientists initially believed that Central Africa’s Zaire strain of the virus was responsible for the outbreak.
    However, it is now known that the current virus is a NEW, mutated strain, of Ebola Zaire, which is 97% similar to the current virus now spreading through Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, and the United States.

    Transmission vectors include: Reuse of unsterilized needles and medical equipment; CLOSE PERSONAL CONTACT; body fluids; and PLACES WHERE THE INFECTED HAVE TOUCHED.


    “Being within approximately 3 feet, or within the room or care area for a prolonged period of time, while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment, or having direct brief contact (e.g., shaking hands) with an EVD case while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment.”

    What this means is that this stain of Ebola CAN be transmitted THRU THE AIR, in the form of expelled vapor droplets, even those tiny enough to remain suspended in the air for quite some time. (What the CDC means when they refer to an “airborne” one that remains active AFTER it is dry and can be blown about like dust.) Yet, this virus CAN be spread thru the air in suspended droplet form. Therefore a SNEEZE can shoot such infected droplets across a room, and remain suspended in the rooms air for quite some time.

    Other vectors are obviously ANYTHING the infected touch, or have contaminated with any personal fluids of ANY kind. The moist tissue the infected wipes his nose with will remain dangerous for DAYS.

    Prepare to hunker much longer than 21 days. The 21 days STARTS from the LAST infected person…not the first.

    1. ebola can NOT be spread through the atmosphere or by close personal contact that doesn’t involve touching the infected person or their bodily fluids. it can be transmitted by shaking hands; not by being in the same room or airplane or building.

      1. Riiiiiight. And the check is in the mail. USA has been importing hordes of turd-worlders. What could go wrong?

  14. so many good questions/concerns. seems to be a lot that is not be done/not being told. very “odd”.

  15. UN: Air travel from Ebola nations should continue

    the operative phrase here ?

    “political and economic ”

    you’ll notice NOTHING is said about health and spreading ebola through air travel

    these decisions have nothing to do with stopping the spread of ebola
    they are POLITICAL and ECONOMIC decisions

    “Dujarric emphasized the importance of screening at travelers’ departure and arrival.”

    and I just love that line of B.S.

    want to get around screening?

    lie on your form and take some tylenol an hour before going to the airport

    is the world run by idiots or what

    I’m not the tinfoil hat type
    but DAMN
    I’m almost beginning to believe that they don’t want to stop this thing
    they seem to be doing everything they can to ensure its spread ?
    their actions defy common sense at every turn

  16. Ebola now possibly in Washington DC. Howard University Hospital. The patient had traveled to Nigeria recently.

    More than 100 people in Dallas now suspected that they were exposed to Ebola.

    Possible Ebola case now in Hawaii.

    Ebola now suspected in Montgomery County, Maryland. Shady Grove Adventist Hospital.

    Possible Ebola in Cobb County, Georgia.

    Probably just the tip of the iceberg.

  17. well, no one has mentioned this, but have been wondering…

    a) why are they moving the four quarantined NOW (after leaving them exposed for days to virus in the apartment??? Most likely to situate them so the news media has no more access???? They don’t want AC playing any more live phone interviews???

    b) the sick man threw up in the parking lot….maybe in the apartment….I have heard no mention of any concern/checks re any animals getting into the vomit/etc, and maybe spreading it. I heard it was originally spread by animals in Africa. Surely they are not thinking this is the one place in America without cockroaches/mice/rats/stray dogs? All good potential to eat/track vomit/etc???????????????

    1. Reporting from Dallas.

      Sidewalk was power washed by unprotected maintenance workers. Contaminated water and splashes present in gutter, on personnel, shoes & equipment. Hope they washed their hands.

      Paramedics report that the ambulance used to transport the victim was kept in service for 48 hours before being quarantined. . It was operated by numerous crews and transported numerous patients. No one was warned of any possible danger.

      The family was placed under court ordered guarded quarantine today because they would not stay in the home. One of the isolated student family members actually went to school on Thurs. they sent him back home.

      Many more than 100 have been exposed.

  18. Folks, pay attention to what is not being said.
    They are trying to avoid a panic.

    How does a camera man, who should not be in contact with anyone, get Ebola??

    They know a lot more than we are being told!!

  19. The time to prep is almost past…

    Let’s think about this, how will a pandemic

    affect the mid-terms?…

  20. earlier today, I read online an interview from the friend of the ill man. the friend visited the ill man, at least twice in the apartment. once the day he left in the ambulance. Both visits, the friend stated, the ill man was laying on the floor/carpet, covered with blanket/sheet. Friend said the man was too ill to get up to the bed etc.

    the man threw up many times, according to reports. Sweated profusely. I wonder then, if some of this vomit and sweat is on the carpet? it seems likely.

    I watched the news tonight. The nice gentleman in suit, who was giving us all a review/reassurance. Nice man said all the sheets/towels similar stuff was now in barrels, sealed, etc. Nice man talked a bit about this. There was no mention of the hazmat crew tearing up the carpet. Suspect carpet is still there, still possibly contaminated with Ebola.

    Nice man, to illustrate how confident he is, mentioned he has wife and child. Nice man said he went in to this apartment, and asked the quarantined folks to travel with him in vehicle to new location. They did.

    Well, I am wondering about the Nice Man walking on the Ebola Contaminated carpet. Seems risky. Especially when he walks back in his home tonight/he takes his shoes off. etc.

    1. Nice man went to the grocery store to pick up milk for his kids. But nothing to worry about. You can’t catch it from someone who isn’t showing symptoms.

    2. Try renting any apartment in the whole complex to anyone who knows of recent events in the Dallas area. If the owner has a mortgage, they will default.

  21. Could be they might be using this as an add on to the Agenda 21 plan , instead of having to release a virus themselves or this might have been a released virus by the NWO , remember those folks still have plans to cut population numbers down to 500,000 worldwide if they can . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  22. Even though the death toll has climbed in West Africa (primarily Liberia) and the worldwide number of cases grows, we can see that there are a number of underlying reasons for this:

    1) Overcrowding and no – repeat NO – sanitation measures available to the general population in that country.

    2) Fear, superstition and violent panic of the tribal units and families, and rigid adherence to burial customs that involve touching the victim’s personal effects, coming in contact with the recently deceased and lack of protective gear and precautions when doing so increases the likelihood of getting infected.

    3) Fear and superstition causing villagers and tribes to shun and chase away modern medical practices.

    4) Attempts to develop isolation methods that are meaningful are largely ignored

    5) I will repeat – NO EFFECTIVE PUBLIC SANITATION IS IN THIS COUNTRY! Indoor plumbing as we know it (soap, germicide, toilet paper, all very basic elements of acceptable hygiene) are NOT AVAILABLE for most of the population in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea.

    People–get a grip on fear–that is exactly the reaction TPTB (aka big government) want.

    1. With the correct psyops program, fear, superstition and panic can be induced upon any population on the planet. All it takes is media.

    2. Add a contrived blackout on a wide scale, and sanitation in USA regresses about 200 yrs. Many Americans will keep pooping in the toilet even if it hasn’t flushed in days. Visit “people of WalMart” for mugshots.

  23. While I do agree with this round being different, I have to disagree with the restriction of travel. Hear me out and imagine this scenario…a person wants to bug out of their infected home country (just like we sure would), maybe they have relatives in South Africa they can stay with. They make it to a country where they can make it to the US, they realize they’re sick and seek medical treatment. They fail to disclose the fact that they came from an Ebola hotspot for fear of prosecution or deportation without treatment. Now, the medicos aren’t alerted to this fact and figure it’s a low grade flu or some other viral infection. They send him home with a script for some antibiotics. Now they’re on the loose, the virus is on the loose too, doing what viruses do. Restrict travel to these places, really screen the folks trying to save their lives. Make sure they’re good before they pass…a quarantine wouldn’t be farfetched. Small inconvenience to make sure the virus is contained.

    1. Stop ANY flight from these countries from flying to USA. They would do the same. Deny boarding to anyone with a passport from any country with an outbreak (even on connecting flights). Social isolation worked for the ruling class during the plague years in Europe. Even buying time and slowing the spread is worth it. Anything less is supid. There is no rational argument for allowing travel from afflicted countries to continue. A scenerio like this is one of the main reasons for the passport system in the first place. Using the system to create jobs for the otherwise unemployable is a recent development.

  24. So Friday Afternoon the Obola Goon Squad at the White House was trotted out to say, Just Look The Other Way – It’s not Obola’s Fault. EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL.

  25. The ebola virus is probably one of the most popular topics on the internet. Every time I refresh my page, there’s a new article, a new story, and the dates of all these pages fit on a timeline from August 2014 to October 6th (present day)

    I will admit, at first when I got a hold of the first confirmed case in Texas, it sent me in panic mode. This is before I had dived into a 72 hours of researching regarding

    A)How could they possibly even let an infected traveler into our country and

    B)How is this going to be controlled?

    Over and over again we are reaffirmed that the CDC is working double time to be able to get a grip on this thing, and have been repeating the same words over and over again. In fact, all the articles I stumble upon anymore, all say the same thing.

    It is well burned into my head how it was brought here, the timeline of which these 100 Dallas people were potentially infected, and just how confident our CDC is in gaining the control it needs to stop it right in its tracks here in the United States.

    All of this is a sigh of relief for the person who turns on the news everyday or checks their daily CNN app on their phone. But what about the people who know better? Well, I know better. I know not to trust any information that is given to me without reasonable evidence or resources to back up what is being stated. I myself live by that rule.

    So of course I have done my own research in the subject matter and have found a few things that seem out of place and one can only come to the conclusion, “Why hasn’t anyone else been questioning this?”.

    The CDC plans for “control” involves them going door to door and tracking down anyone who had come in contact or have some sort of risk. Well, in all reality how effective does everyone think that is? I mean, common sense tells me, in a situation like this, CONTROL would be cutting off future possibilities, isolating and quarantining any individual has a potential threat.

    We are merely relying on faith here people, faith in the CDC that their methods are the most effective, and faith that whoever they come in contact with is telling them the truth. The only and best advice I have to give is, do NOT trust our corporate media. Question everything. If you find those questions are being unanswered, then there’s a problem right there. IF and only IF we really are being told the truth will we have any chance in obtaining control of this virus.

    But, if my gut and instincts and research are correct, there are lies. Whether they be lies mingling with the truth.

    Prepare for this to be bad at all costs. Either way you can’t rely on the government to come flying in wearing a cape to save the day. No matter what the severity of this situation is, we as human beings should always take precautions.

    Instead, we have people who have no idea what’s going on or people who have no care in the world for it. When it comes to a virus that kills humans faster than any other virus threat out there today, it should be taken more seriously than “Oh, I’ll be ok, I can’t contract it, because the CDC says so.”

    Well with as many times as they have to reaffirm, “we have it under control” and no in depth explanation, I think everyone should be on guard, and diving into their research on the topic. You might determine the results you find are a little more hard to swallow, after all, our own government themselves invested in a hefty 160,000 NBC suits. Sure it could be to help their efforts to control this, but how much are you willing to trust them after consistently failing and endangering our country even more with every step and precaution along the way.

    All I’m saying is, be aware. Don’t panic, stay alert. And to NEVER rely on what our government says to be your only source of information.

  26. doesn’t make sense…all along the CDC/Medical Experts have been stating Ebola incubation is 21 (although some do say longer)…

    so now, a person who was looking after Mr Duncan while Mom was at work/who tucked him up with blankets/who was close when he vomited wildely / who called the ambulance/who RODE with him in ambulance while he vomited…

    she has been told, after a mere 8 days,

    “go back to work”, by CDC, and she works as a Nurse’s Aid, with vulnerable people…WTF?

    Dallas Ebola victim’s stepdaughter – who took him to hospital as he was ‘vomiting wildly’ – is given all clear to return to work as nursing assistant

    Youngor Jallah, 35, was called by the CDC on Sunday to say she can go back to work
    Ms Jallah was with Thomas Eric Duncan when he was taken to a Dallas hospital. She made him tea, helped him move and was in ambulance with him

  27. just reading about the Spanish nurse who came down with Ebola. Basically they are saying (Spanish hospital) they cannot imagine how she caught it, as all safety protocol was followed.

    another scary “fact” in this article, which I haven’t seen elsewhere..
    “One big, big problem with Ebola is that in men who have recovered from the Ebola infection, they have live virus that persists in the testis for 4-6 months. Unprotected sex has a high probability of infecting partners.”

    1. Did you also read that the nurse only had a fever and no other symptoms. The priest died on Sept 25th and she has had a fever for a few days so she quarantined herself and urged them to check her for ebola.

      Another thing that I just read is that the blood test for ebola is not accurate for the first 3 days of symptoms. (lots of false negatives) That is why they can test some people right away and others they have to wait a few days. There is another test to look at the immune system cells involved but that test takes 4 days to complete. So for the first 3 days of ebola symptoms… you cannot get an accurate test on any ill person. That is why they are testing for malaria and other diseases since those results are much faster to obtain. So another question… if someone has malaria, can they also be sick with ebola? As soon as they get a diagnosis for something else, ebola seems to be ruled out.

      Now we have the camera guy saying that he thinks he got exposed from back-splash from cleaning out an infected car. So are airplanes, taxis, buses, etc. going to be safe?

      As for the semen and vaginal fluid, I have read that the virus can remain there for at least 7 weeks. Read an article of a guy that recovered from ebola in Africa and was released only to go back home and infect his girlfriend weeks after his infection was declared over. I did also see another article that the first doctor they brought back to the US was also advised to refrain from certain activities due to this 7 weeks of virus remaining in his system.

      Given that the chart (I mentioned in a previous post) has the onset of some cases as long as 44 days (NEJM), it does make me wondering if this 7 weeks is really accurate or really only a best guess. I am guessing it is longer in some people… How much do they really know about this since they haven’t studied it in detail…

      1. yes, read about the “splash back”,… I for sure brought to mind the poor smuck in Dallas who got sent out to “hose down” the vomit off the sidewalk, with a garden hose….

        it is all concerning, and, as others here have mentioned, and as I have seem some American Doctors question…

        “maybe they are not telling us all”

  28. Sorry to sound like Chicken Little…but, that apartment in Dallas, which had an ill Ebola man, for some days, as well as his body fluids/vomit, in apartment and on street…may truly have presented an opportunity for rodents to spread the disease.

    Taken off of the CDC website
    How are hemorrhagic fever viruses transmitted? (of which Ebola is one)

    The viruses carried in rodent reservoirs are transmitted when humans have contact with urine, fecal matter, saliva, or other body excretions from infected rodents.

    Viruses causing hemorrhagic fever are initially transmitted to humans when the activities of infected reservoir hosts or vectors and humans overlap. The viruses carried in rodent reservoirs are transmitted when humans have contact with urine, fecal matter, saliva, or other body excretions from infected rodents.

    However, some of these vectors may spread virus to animals, livestock, for example. Humans then become infected when they care for or slaughter the animals.

    Some viruses that cause hemorrhagic fever can spread from one person to another, once an initial person has become infected. Ebola, Marburg, Lassa and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever viruses are examples.

  29. Monkeys, bats and a menagerie of animals can spread Ebola. Now there’s worry that dogs or one dog in particular might spread it, too. Officials in Madrid got a court order to euthanize the pet of a Spanish nursing assistant who has the deadly virus.

    Q: Can dogs get Ebola?

    A: At least one major study suggests they can, without showing symptoms. Researchers tested dogs during the 2001-02 Ebola outbreak in Gabon after seeing some of them eating infected dead animals. Of the 337 dogs from various towns and villages, 9 to 25 per cent showed antibodies to Ebola, a sign they were infected or exposed to the virus.

    Lab experiments on other animals suggest their urine, saliva or stool might contain the virus. That means that in theory, people might catch it through an infected dog licking or biting them, or from grooming.

    infected dogs don’t show symptoms, and it’s not known how long the virus can last in them.

    “we are not monitoring any animals at this time,” said Texas Health Commissioner David Lakey.

  30. It’s important to realize what “direct contact” means from a medical standpoint. I encourage critical thinkers to look that up and not just believe what a random person from the Internet says.

    People hear “direct contact” and think, “Oh that means the splashed fluids must contact my mucous membranes and if that doesn’t happen, or if I don’t physically touch those fluids or come in direct contact with a person with Ebola, then I am safe.”

    The news media has done an awful job and for the most part have done nothing to dispel that misinformation. Why would they for as long as the general public thinks their version of “direct contact” is true, then it avoids a panic.

    In reality, the medical definition of “direct contact” means coming within three feet of an Ebola victim as their body is shedding virons. Those virons act as fomites and contaminate where they sit, are expelled by their breath, for there are minute tears in their alveoli in their lungs and they expel them when they breathe. Virons are in their sweat.

    The medical definition of “direct contact” is far different that what you would think unless you bothered to look it up. In fact, I recommend that Ken does an article demonstrating this to rid the false illusion that Ebola is only spread in the manner that the average person thinks is true.

    Look up the physical dimension of the Ebola virus. It’s so tiny that for the most part, outside of a Biolevel 4 containment area, with special respirators with their own HEPA filters, and using an extremely strict regimen of sanitation with things like bleach, copious antimicrobial soaps, and phenol, then the fomites that remain might get past the personal protective equipment.

    It’s highly likely that the medical center where the Spanish missionary was treated and later died, used every precaution but didn’t use Biolevel 4 containment procedures. Why? There are very few of those facilities.

    1. Because some people might just take my word on it, here is the CDC medical definition of “direct contact”:

      “Low1 risk exposures

      A low risk exposure includes any of the following

      Household contact with an EVD patient
      Other close contact with EVD patients in health care facilities or community settings. Close contact is defined as being within approximately 3 feet (1 meter) of an EVD patient or within the patient’s room or care area for a prolonged period of time (e.g., health care personnel, household members) while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment (i.e., standard, droplet, and contact precautions; see Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations) having direct brief contact (e.g., shaking hands) with an EVD patient while not wearing recommended personal protective equipment.

      Brief interactions, such as walking by a person or moving through a hospital, do not constitute close contact”

      1. Sorry, forgot the link:

        Be warned, if you are within three feet of a person with Ebola (and they might not be exhibiting symptoms yet but still be shedding the virons), then there exists a potential for aerosolized virons to be breathed in within that close proximity.

        Which means if you’re standing next to someone in a crowded commuter bus, sitting next to someone on an airplane, in tight quarters, arresting a suspect, giving medical care to someone in the field, giving someone a cab ride, etc then you could be potentially exposed to the virus.

        All of that is a far cry from what the talking heads are saying. So sheltering-in-place is key if it appears in your city. The last place you want to be during a contagion is in the grocery store to stock up on supplies at the last minute as people might be shedding the virus, right?

        1. have read on two other sites, that two more Deputies who were in Duncan’s apartment, “are feeling sick”….but authorities say not to worry.

  31. 2nd case of Ebola in Dallas (Frisco – a Dallas suburb).

    Had contact with patient zero (Duncan, who has just died).

    It is unknown how many other people may have been exposed to the patient.

    The patient is being transported to a nearby hospital by Frisco firefighter-paramedics.

    1. so..

      will this person get the experimental treatment denied to Duncan???

      they kept saying there was
      no more ZMAPP – yet Canada donated 1000 doses…(were/are these being held in reserve for important people?)

      did these Frisco Firefighter – paramedics wear hazmat suits?

    2. One of the Sheriff’s Deputies who was forced to enter the apartment where Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan stayed before he was taken to hospital has fallen ill.

      A statement issued by the City of Frisco, a suburb of Dallas, suggests that a second potential Ebola victim has been taken to the Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, the same facility where Duncan stayed before his death this morning.

      The CDC claims “the patient did not have direct contact with Duncan and he was not one of the 48 people being monitored by federal, state and local health officials.”

      However, according to a Dallas Morning News report, the individual was one of the Sheriff’s Deputies who was forced to enter Ebola victim Duncan’s apartment last week. Duncan’s family told the media that they received no advice from the CDC on how to go about cleaning the apartment and it was a number of days before a professional Hazmat team arrived to clean the building.

  32. CNN Ebola reporter ‘horrified’ by airport lack of screening in Atlanta upon returning to the U.S.

    CNN’s senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen just flew back to the U.S. from Liberia where she was covering the Ebola outbreak for CNN.Cohen tells HLN Robin Meade, she and her crew were “shocked” by the lack of screening they received when coming back through the Atlanta airport.

  33. I wondered about the safety of those Deputies who first entered Duncan’s apartment….unprotected…

    Deputy admitted to hospital over Ebola concerns
    Marjorie Owens and Jason Whitely, WFAA-TV, Dallas-Fort Worth

  34. In a statement issued Tuesday, the Association of Flight Attendants said its 60,000 members on 19 airlines are “most likely to be exposed” to Ebola if a passenger with the deadly disease flies on a commercial plane.

    “We are not…professional health care providers and our members have neither the extensive training nor the specialized personal protective equipment required for handling an Ebola patient,”

  35. I heard often in the news, that officials suspected Ebola got into the African population via eating contaminated animals/meat.

    Does anyone know, did the virus/contamination last after the meat was killed, for a time – does it survive “drying” – does it survive “smoking” etc?

    I am wondering about this, because there is quite a wide “traffic” in ethnic (in this case West African/African) foods. On border security shows, I have often seen the officers “discover” meat being brought back in folks suitcases. One has to assume not all is “discovered”?

    also, I googled “African Groceries ……..(my city name)”..and got an amazing bounty of choice (in my city) for purchasing various African Groceries/Meats. Wonder if there is risk?

    for example–
    “We carry food items from several African, South American and Caribbean countries. In addition to African products, we specifically carry products from Venezuela and Columbia.

    We directly source our products from Nigeria, Ghana and from other countries”

  36. There are scatter reports in multiple countries now of Ebola-like symptoms. As the initial tests have a high chance of false negatives, and since historically folks seen in ERs are discounted from being seriously ill (there actually was a case in Europe with Marburg where the person was sent home only to return in days back and it was discovered), there’s a high chance of missing a case of Ebola.

    Which means if you don’t get your supplies now, even if Ebola doesn’t turn into a pandemic, then due to panic buying, and Just-in-Time inventory practices, there could be empty shelves, right?

    So why not be prudent and calmly purchase some dry and canned goods, rotate your stock in your pantry, and then at worst you’ve bought a buffer of goods. Since prices tend to go up month to month, you’ll actually save money. If there are shortages in lots of places, that definitely will drive food prices higher too. There really isn’t a downside to have extra supplies.

    Or when there is an issue, and your kids are hungry, and your spouse looks at you in shock, then you can give her a dumb look like, “Well I thought we’d be fine…”. Please don’t let that happen.

    Ebola is very vulnerable to bleach water. You should make sure you have some unscented bleach on hand in case the water supply gets iffy, for the water companies also use JIT inventory practices, and many could run out of chlorine treatment in an emergency situation at the two week mark. I’m serious.

    A smart prepper who had pool shock, and knew how to use it, could literally a huge supply of water from a local safe source, and save a lot of people from dehydration.

    Stay calm. If things get bad, the natural inclination is to go out and look for information. If things get bad, be very cautious about that as you could end up bring an infection back home.

    Check your maps, figure out how far you have to go to fetch water. Many local water sources might have agricultural chemicals in them as runoff. Which means you need to find a safe water source and you need to have a way to haul it, and a way to carry that heavy load, and return back to purify it. All of that takes some intentional thinking. Clean water is the most important prep as you can go awhile without food but not water.

    If Ebola spreads, then it’s naturally going to start in cities with international airports, but because of hubs, there’s that potential that a domestic air traveler came in contact at a hub with some infected folks. Which means it’s expected for any contagion to diffuse from those areas first. The more isolated your small town the better.

    Bugging out would be the worst thing in a contagion as you’re separated from your supplies, tools, books, and don’t know the region. Fully expect for issues bugging out and for locals to be hostile due to fear and worries about travelers buying up supplies.

    Stay safe and pray, and let’s hope that we’re worrying needlessly.

  37. There are reports of a British citizen who has died of Ebola in Macedonia. His travel companion claims he had no contact with anyone with Ebola. It’s a mystery and his blood is being analyzed to see if he actually had Ebola.

    In Paris there are 60 people in locked quarantine.

    HHS is admitting there may be unknown Ebola infected in America at this time.

    There are reports of potentially 200 people in Russian with Ebola.

  38. Remember this:
    Isolation is done when a known infected patient is isolated away to minimize contagion.

    Quarantine is done when a person “might be infected” or has been exposed to someone who might be infected.

    They are two different things. Isolation is far worse. Because of the changes in executive orders under the Obama administration, anyone who even displays symptoms of a cold could technically be quarantined until such time that the medical cause is identified.

    Lots of things could cause a fever. Technically speaking this form of Ebola doesn’t look initially like the nightmarish kind from the movie Outbreak (where it was labeled Motaba). There isn’t initially bleeding. Someone might have microlacerations in their alveoli in their lungs and this coats the bronchii and so that narrowing of those respiratory channels can result in coughing to clear the restriction in air flow. Which means you’d likely see issues with fever and coughing first well before outward signs of a compromised blood supply.

    In an emergency, a lot of people could be quarantined suddenly, and unless you have supplies on hand, then who knows if you’ll get supplies or not, based upon the amount of people who are quarantined and if the authorities can get someone to deliver supplies to you.

    Don’t expect for FEMA to help you. That would be a major mistake.

  39. WASHINGTON, October 9 (RIA Novosti) – The final medical bill for a Liberian native who was the first person to test positive for Ebola in the United States could range from $250,000 to as much as $500,000, a Washington D.C. health think tank analyst told RIA Novosti.

    Come on in to the U.S. and get free medical care!

  40. Today from the London Independent

    Officials are urgently investigating reports that a British man has died of Ebola in Macedonia and another has contracted the disease.

    The Britons, who are believed to be friends, had traveled to the country from the London on 2 October, according to a spokesman for the Macedonian Foreign Ministry who confirmed the death.

    The Macedonian authorities said the dead man was 57 and his friend is 72.

    The patients had been staying at a hotel in the capital, Skopje, when they fell ill. The now-deceased man was admitted to the city’s Clinic for Infectious Diseases at around 3pm local, according to a Macedonian government official. He died around two hours later.

  41. I have been reading article after article. Backdated to current as well as other areas diseases popping up around the world. The bubonic. But this ebola outbreak is something to leave one speechless and full of prayers and hope. But in the midst of searching back I noticed the strange coincidence in the U S Military presence and where to and apparent why. It all seems too strange too me.

  42. ran across this article..Have been wondering about the risk of smuggled meat / products from Ebola Countries North America..

    at least someone in Europe is also concerned about this…Hopefully soon it will be addressed in North America..

    “Ebola: European food safety experts to assess risk of bushmeat to EU countries

    persistent claims that illegally smuggled meat evades controls prompt fresh evaluation

    There is little data on how much bushmeat is smuggled into Europe

    European food safety experts have been asked to assess the risk of Ebola being spread in EU member states through eating contaminated bushmeat

    extremely little data about just how much bushmeat, often from primates but also other wildlife hunted in Africa, is illegally imported into the EU or how it is treated, handled and cooked.

    researchers sugested in 2010 that 270 tonnes of illegal bushmeat reached Paris Charles de Gaulle airport each year

  43. wow.. another article…this time re America

    Smuggled Bushmeat Is Ebola’s Back Door to America

    By Gerard Flynn and Susan Scutti / August 21, 2014

    has been living in New York for 10 years. A former GNC employee, he sidesteps questions about his current work status, but is cheery and candid when it comes to bushmeat. “Akarnte is the best, my favorite,” he tells us. Akarnte, he explains, is a type of “grass-cutter.” His brief curbside mimicry of buckteeth suggests a large rabbit, but the grass-cutter is in fact a large rodent, more commonly called a “cane rat” in the U.S. Cane rats are similar in appearance to a guinea pig, prized as a source of protein throughout Ghana and other parts of West Africa, and officially unavailable anywhere in the United States.

    Bushmeat, which can range from bat to monkey to lion, including a number of endangered species, is beloved by many African-born Americans, despite the fact that it is illegal in the U.S. In the Bronx, the high price (up to $100 for six or seven pounds, Appiah tells us) attached to bushmeat (or viande de brousse, as it is known in the French-speaking world) indicates a luxury indulgence in the same way illegally imported caviar might for Russian émigrés in Brooklyn.

    Bushmeat may be a luxury, but it may also pose a deadly threat. A memo obtained by Newsweek that circulated among customs officers and agriculture specialists in 2007 noted that bushmeat is “a potential vector of diseases such as Monkeypox, Ebola Virus, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and other communicable diseases.”

  44. try googling

    bushmeat north America

    seems like a pretty big problem…and a huge risk re Ebola (and others)

  45. not looking good…

    Reuters) – A health care worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital who provided care for an Ebola patient there has tested positive for Ebola

  46. (CNN) — The deadly Ebola virus has been contracted by someone inside the United States

    A nurse who had worn protective gear at a Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas with an Ebola patient who died, tested positive during a preliminary blood test, officials said Sunday.

    The woman had on a gown, gloves, mask and a shield during her visits with Thomas Eric Duncan.

    The patient is a nurse at Texas Health , an official who is familiar with the case told CNN.

  47. DALLAS (AP) — A second health care worker at a Dallas hospital who provided care for the first Ebola patient diagnosed in the U.S. has tested positive for the disease, the Texas Department of State Health Services said Wednesday.

  48. just watching CNN

    that second Health Care Worker, now diagnosed with Ebola

    flew the night before being diagnosed,

    from Clevland to Dallas.

    Airline now attempting to notify passengers

    WTF was she doing flying/going anywhere?

    I thought these all were told to stay in isolation?

    isn’t that what happened to the NBC news crew?

    they broke isolation to go to restaurant, so were then put in mandatory/legal quarantine????


  49. just watching CNN…head of Nurse’s Group interviewed.

    Nurse’s at Texas Health are telling her, that Nurse’s who were caring for Mr Duncan, without proper protective gear, would care for Mr Duncan, and then proceed on to care for OTHER patients.

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