Top Scientist: Ebola Virus Mutation – More Contagious


New fears that the Ebola virus is mutating and becoming even more contagious.

Chief scientist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Peter Jahrling, said (to vox media) his team has run tests on patients in Liberia, and they seem to carry a much higher “viral load.”

“There seems to be a belief that the virus load is higher in these patients [today] than what we have seen before. If true, that’s a very different bug.”

Apparently this virus burns hotter and quicker.
[meaning it’s more contagious and easily spread].

We have been saying here on our blog, based on simple historical Ebola statistics, that something is very different about this Ebola.

The first case of Ebola was during 1976 which infected 318 people (280 died).

The second major Ebola outbreak was during 1995 with 315 cases (killing 254).

During 2003 Ebola infected 143 and killed 128.

In 2007 Ebola affected 264 individuals resulting in 187 deaths.

This time, in 2014, as of this post date, Ebola has been confirmed to have infected more than 9,200 – while the real number is likely much much higher. There are estimates that 10,000 new Ebola cases might soon be turning up each week as it continues to rage on.

Something is very different about this Ebola.

Current World Health Organization Ebola statistics (situation reports).

Ebola victims today apparently have more of the virus in their blood — and that could make them more contagious, according to Peter Jahrling – whose team continues to test further.

…thought you would like to know.

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  1. The “Weekly Standard” online has an article by J.V. Last which goes into detail on this version of Ebola. The virus is called “Guinean EBOV” by the New England Journal of Medicine.

    The frightening fact is that this version was studied by 58 medical professionals recently, of which 5 then died from it!

    All of this info can be found in the article “SIX REASONS TO PANIC” at

    1. If this virus continues to rage in Africa …. Projections are 4,000,000 million infected by April.Consider the implications of that.

    2. Yup, those 10,000 infected in Africa are not real, just created by Fox News and Republican’s. Liberalism is the greatest mental illness and needs to be listed as such in DSM. Nobdy, I sign you up to help decon the next victim’s apartment.

  2. Unconfirmed news that there is six cases of the virus in El Paso Texas. Supposedly three kids.

  3. just reading about the Ebola protocol in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

    They seem to be stepping up the seriousness, including a door “which can be locked” to keep persons inside. — wow

    Winnipeg’s largest hospital has set aside 10 isolation rooms for potential Ebola virus patients and trained 36 physicians — and many more nurses — to tend to them.

    Health Sciences Centre put on a show-and-tell for the media Monday, listing the resources it has marshalled for a possible fight against the lethal disease that has mobilized medical officials around the globe.

    The 180-square-foot isolation rooms have negative air pressure, meaning when doors open, air is drawn into the room and not out. Each has an anteroom, where air pressure is also negative compared with the rest of the hospital.

    “These rooms are separated by doors, and only one door can open at a time,” said Dr. Perry Gray, Health Sciences Centre’s chief medical officer. “Therefore, should anything escape into the anteroom, you still have a negative pressure compared with the hallway and therefore, limiting the spread of any airborne organisms.”

    Six of the 10 isolation rooms are tucked away in a unit that is separate from other patients. “It is essentially a dedicated area separated from other clinical areas by doors. We can lock those doors if necessary,” Gray said.

  4. _________________________________
    “A New York doctor who recently returned from Ebola-hit Guinea in West Africa has tested positive for the disease”.

    “New York officials said Dr Spencer had travelled on the subway and gone out jogging before he started feeling unwell”.

    Ebola outbreak: NY doctor Craig Spencer tests positive

  5. Someone I know just told me that a close family friend has a kid (medical doctor) that returned from an ebola country just after the first doctor with ebola got here in the U.S. This family-friend doctor did come down with ebola once he got back in this country and he recovered but it was never reported on the news.

    Does anyone know of any other cases?

    Just makes me wonder…

    1. It is VERY interesting that you mention that… Approximately one week after the Ebola news here in the U.S. (after the Dallas situation), I noticed a sudden dramatic drop off in mainstream news reporting in general (about topics ‘Ebola’). It seemed odd at the time. Not only that, but I noticed that the articles which I had written regarding the Ebola situation (which had been getting LOTS of daily hits from people who were searching for Ebola information via Google) had abruptly slowed way way down – as if there were some search-engine ‘adjustments’ made regarding the topic.

      Since then, I’ve read several articles that claim that the president made it known to the mainstream media (who are essentially part of the government machine) that Ebola news NOT be put out there for the public to fear (to avoid a rising panic). Given the abrupt stoppage in news, I believe it to be true. Also knowing that major organizations like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others are participating in the government’s (NSA) ‘PRISM’ spying program, it would not be surprising to discover their cooperation too.

      I would not be surprised to discover that Ebola is still simmering here in the U.S.

  6. am wondering more and more, about how contagious ebola is, possible ways of spreading..

    “experts” in North America seem pretty adamant there has to be “close personal contact”/”contact with body fluids,
    yet more and more, when I read reports about how one person got if from another in West Africa, the contact does not seem to be “close”…in fact, barely any contact, if any..

    “The patient, a church caretaker, had apparently become infected when an old woman with Ebola was brought in for prayers. The caretaker would soon die of Ebola”

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