Bernie Sanders plan for America

Bernie Sanders is a socialist. He won the New Hampshire primary. It’s indicative.

A system of governing that has been responsible for the death of literally hundreds of millions of people — who have been killed, tortured, murdered, put into forced labor camps — because that’s what central planning socialism and communism do.

Both socialism and communism revolve around central planning and the government owned means of production. Under this system, you work for them.

If you don’t want to work for them, don’t worry, they’ll put you in a forced labor camp or just kill you. Read your history. Seriously. Read it. Look it up.

By backing Bernie Sanders, the democrats are backing a system that has snuffed out the lives of millions of people.

“Our campaign is not just about beating Trump, it is about transforming this country” says Bernie Sanders.

I ask, “Transform into what?” “Transform what?”

Forced labor? Government planning and bureaucracy where they take over your businesses?

Bernie Sanders wants YOU to work for HIM. The government. Turn your businesses over to him. Your kids. Their education. Your healthcare. Everything. He is a socialist communist. Is that the new democrat party? Evidently yes.

You can take your socialist revolution and stick it up your caboose.

Do you understand what this guy wants?

He wants to make private insurance illegal. He’s recommending tax rates of 60 to in some cases 90% which will be necessary to finance the free stuff that he is recommending!

He wants a FULL takeover of the education system.

He’s a millionaire, raving and ranting like a lunatic, against millionaires.

Liberals — get you heads out of your arss. Wake up. He’s preying on suckers, like you liberals.

“Everyone has the right to free healthcare!” says Bernie. What does that mean?

Have you ever considered that that’s not possible? No, you don’t have the “right” to free healthcare.

Why? Because when you “create” a “right” to something like this, you confer or bestow an obligation on someone else. Servitude.

“I will pay for our military, I will pay for our courts, I will pay for our law enforcement, and I will pay for a basic social safety net – because in the richest country in the world there are going to be people left behind by no fault of their own.”

“But if you have two legs, a functioning heart, a healthy body, no kids and no dependents, get off your ass. Get off your ass now and get to work. Ass, get up, and get to work.”

Dan Bongino

Credit: Some of the comments above were inspired by Dan Bongino’s recent podcast, “A National Nightmare Last Night”

Bernie Sanders and other socialists like him want to enable a dependent class. They want power. Over you. The government is the answer. Freedom and independence is not. Get in line. Shut up. And take your medicine.

Is this where the USA is headed?

Not if I can help it…

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