The Libs are apparently going absolutely nuts after Trump ‘trolled’ them on Twitter with the following picture of his head on the body of “Rocky”.

I think it’s hilarious how the haters are freaking out…

Trump head on Rocky body

Trump is an expert at trolling the haters and revealing who they really are by their follow-on responses and reactions.

I saw this tweet from Trump a few minutes ago and I just had to post it. I just started laughing while knowing the Trump haters heads are exploding…

What do you think? Do you hear any heads exploding out there? Or do you think this is “UN-presidential” and shouldn’t have done it?

I believe it’s just the way he is. A NON-POLITICIAN. Someone who’s shaking up the ‘establishment’. An OUTSIDER. NOT afraid of the swamp.

It is uncomfortable for some people, which is interesting. It is comfortable for others, which is distressing to those who find it uncomfortable.

Sometimes I wonder why one would feel that we need “POLITICIANS” in government rather than a VARIETY OF PEOPLE from MANY WALKS OF LIFE & CAREERS? (Isn’t that how the framers intended?)

When we happen to elect a business man who happens to build skyscrapers and big real estate construction projects, and who has non-establishment ideals that congealed with half the country… what’s the problem that he’s not a politician? What’s wrong with that?

The Libs (yes, I’m painting a broad brush) are having a coronary because of this man. It has been a non-stop 3 years (to date since his election) of attempts to take him down.

He’s still standing (like Rocky) (incredibly).

So he tweets this picture and their heads explode.

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