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Preparedness Level 1 (Basic)

List of specifically tailored articles to help get started with the basics of preparedness.

Again, I have lots of additional related content on this site beyond just this. However I felt that this series might be a good place to get started if you’re a new prepper with a desire to get into preparedness.

Being a prepper is simply being preparedness-minded. There’s nothing kooky about it. It’s just plain old common sense to have a bit of “insurance” and “know how” for just-in-case scenarios of disruption.

I recommend that you read this overview of how I’m defining Preparedness Level 1 – 4.
Prepping and Preparedness 1 – 4

Then read this… It’s an overview of Preparedness Level 1 (Basic).
Prepping and Preparedness 1 -Overview

Level 1 preparedness is simply having enough supplies to last about 1 week without services. This really is easy to accomplish, but surprisingly most people only have enough supply for about 3 days of disruption. Don’t let it be you!

I have segmented this content into a number of topics so that you can focus on each one separately while working your way towards basic preparedness.

Even if you feel that you are already prepared at Level 1, you might get an idea or two if you read through the articles and comments. We have a large base of regular readers here at MSB and many of them add great additional value with their comments!

Water and Food

72 Hour Kit For Your Car

Kids and Pets

First Aid and Medical

Without Electricity


Seasonal Considerations

Safety and Security

Consumable Supplies


Planning and Documentation