2012, It’s Almost The End

Last updated on August 31st, 2012


The Mayan Calendar. December 21, 2012
Galactic plane transition.
Nibiru, Planet X.
Asteroid impact.
Solar cycle 24 (sunspot/flare/CME/EMP effect) peak (2012-2013).
Power grid EMP vulnerability.
Rapidly moving magnetic north pole.
Weather extremes.
Soaring food prices.
Burgeoning world population.
Deadly pandemic.
Magnanimous earthquakes.
Volcanic winter.
Nuclear disaster ongoing (Fukushima).
Major war, WWIII (Spark = Israel/Iran).
Nuclear explosion.
Middle East revolutions and government overthrow.
Decimated middle class.
New World Order.
Executive orders.
DHS stripping away liberty (for our own ‘safety’).
Increasing police state.
Bloating governments.
Euro verging on collapse.
Staggering world debt.
Risk of contagion global economic collapse domino effect.
Ongoing recession/depression.
Keynesian economics failing.
High stakes US presidential election.
Rumors of false-flag event.

Whether or not you are cognitive of the 2012 ‘thing’ or give credit to any of the listed apocalyptic predictions or risks, there certainly appears to be an exceptional level of risk while heading straight on into the remaining months of 2012.

Do you feel it? Are we approaching a tipping point of sorts?

Are you prepared?

While the world may not end in December 2012 (or will it?), the risks we are facing today will likely be at least the same, probably worse, and some of them may have developed into full-on crisis.

For those who realize the risks, and how we live on the razor edge of a ‘just-in-time’ set of systems of distribution and delivery, let’s hope you’re prepared. Times could get interesting as we approach the end of 2012.

No one knows of course if, when, and what may come our way. But being aware of the risks that we are facing is a responsibility that we all should bear as a duty to ourselves and our family. Unfortunately most people do not bear such responsibility and blindly assume that nothing that ‘bad’ could ever happen, and should disaster strike, that they will be helped and taken care of. This enormous bulk of society will be the problem facing those who have prepared. Plan for that.

It’s almost the end of 2012. Examine your preparedness. Top off your supplies. If nothing happens or if the current risks do not evolve into crisis, you will still have your supplies to use, rotate, and consume into the future. Most of these risks will not go away at the end of the year.

Update: By the way, I recently received a bashing ‘comment’ to this article (which ended up in the trash bin along with their IP address so we won’t have to see them again…) spouting how when nothing happens by the end of 2012, we (preppers) will be proven to be idiots. What this person does not understand or misunderstands is that this site is not proclaiming that there is anything significant regarding the year 2012 itself. What we do point out are the many risks that we are facing as a society, and coincidentally enough we are within the year 2012. When 2013 rolls around, my guess is that most if not all of these same risks will be there (or worse) for us to consider. Anyway – just pointing out that we are not 2012 doom and gloom’rs, although we do occasionally reference the year to grab attention. It’s not about the year, it’s about the substance of what is happening.

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