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After having received my first hand made knife (hand forged-hammered) from this small business in America (Made in the USA – what a concept…), as soon as Mrs.J saw it, she wanted her own! Well she just received her new knife, an 8″ ‘Skinner’ with a beautiful ‘Desert Camo’ Kirinite handle. The smile on her face when she opened the box was priceless.

Here’s more…

The company, Indy Hammered Knives, IHKnives.com, is a sponsor vendor on Modern Survival Blog. The proprietor and knife maker, James Wahls, is an amazing ‘artist’ when it comes to a hand forged and hammered knife – and my original knife review (and more about his process) can be read here – My Hand Forged-Hammered Knife.

I’m posting this new and brief look at his latest knife because not only are we very impressed with it, but I am happy to promote a ‘Made in the USA’ business.

This knife is 8″ overall, has a 4″ blade, and is 1/8th” thick – made of 1095 Hand Forged, High Carbon Steel, which has been hammered and polished sharp enough to cut paper.

The custom Desert Camo Kirinite handle is a site to behold, and fits very well in one’s hand. It also has a brass lanyard hole.

The handle material, Kirinite, is very durable and very hard (like Corian).

The sheath is hand made leather and is a perfect fit. Both knives that we currently have from them fit very well in their respective sheath (which is of high importance so as not to lose your knife!). The snugness is just right. In fact, the further you push the knife into the sheath, the tighter it gets – so in essence you can choose your own ‘snug’ fit.

Any of their knife sheaths comes with an optional ‘dangler’ loop – which I happen to personally like because of two reasons.

One, I simply like the knife further down from the belt loop by using a dangler for comfort under a variety of conditions. Sitting, walking, moving – it just feels better for me (and Mrs.J).

Two, I much prefer to draw the knife from its sheath at a natural angle by grasping the sheath with one hand and withdrawing the knife with the other (see picture).

These knives are very solid, rugged, and will obviously last ‘forever’ given normal care. It’s so sharp, that it easily cuts paper. The high carbon steel will hold an edge much longer than others, and this knife will see its duty here at our mountain retreat ;)

Lastly, I ask that if you are in the market for a very high quality hand made knife of this type, visit James over at IHKnives.com and see what he has to offer. In addition to what he normally makes, he will also make a custom knife of your own choosing. Just email him.





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  1. SWEET!! About the dangler loop…does it have a snap, or do you thread the belt through it? Happy Resurrection Day!

    1. You thread the belt through the dangler loop (there’s no snap – but there’s a rivet), and the dangler loop itself is held to the ‘normal’ belt loop on the sheath via a ‘key ring’ (so you could remove the dangler if you wanted to, like you would remove keys from a key ring).

  2. I have two of his knives ( I told you that you would like them) I had them made out of an exotic wood. The name escapes me at the moment they are oil rubbed and beautiful. One for me and one for a close friend . I just hope your readers don’t overwhelm him as I am looking forward to ordering another. Gault

  3. Does the scabbard have a belt loop on the back , I am partial to having the scabbard on the belt . Great looking knife , good leather for the scabbard . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  4. JUST ordered one of these knives last night, the Sorjurner? Just caught my eye. I’m into made in America products, and especially quality made in America, products. I had a great chat with James, last night and was impressed with this young mans vision and his attention to detail.

    I’ll be ordering a second Indy knife after the new year. I shared James products with my wife last night, and we decided that we are goin g to gift our nieces and nephews with James knives. We have been slowly helping these young adults build bug out bags for their cars.

    . We spend the money on quality kit as these young adults are amazing young conservatives, who take great care of their kit. ” they normally get silver for presents” however I really want all seven of these young adults to each have one of James knives.

    Anyway, thank you for the review, and GREAT call on this knife maker and his products.


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