America Breaking Apart

Is our nation breaking apart?

The following sentiments excerpted from a few recent comments on Modern Survival Blog are likely indicative of how lots of frustrated conservative Americans feel.

I am not a ‘conspiracy nut’, however I firmly and logically believe that some of what has been going on has been intentionally orchestrated and funded. When 97% of “the news” is negative towards traditional American ideals and anyone who represents it is attacked, this is not coincidence nor is it conspiracy. It is orchestrated.

A question is “why”? I already have a pretty good idea why. However I’ll let you discuss this in the comments below.

The attacks have accelerated across the board. Suppression of the voices from conservative think is in full tilt. They are going after those voices monetarily. This is a fact.

Political correctness has been taken to a whole new level with the term “hate speech” which ‘they’ are defining as pretty much anything that doesn’t fit with their own far leftist ideals.

The 1st Amendment is under full assault while the masses are brainwashed to believe that we have no right to speak out against them, and in fact should be punished, fined, attacked, physically beaten, or even imprisoned for such speech! Just look and listen to what has been going on at these protests lately… There is no discussion or debate. Instead they only attack. Like they’re Zombies incapable of reason, argument, or alternate views. This is very dangerous.

I could go on with a long rant about what has been going on in my view, however I decided to post some of the words from a few of our regulars here on MSB, ‘Modern Throwback’ and ‘Bill Jenkins Horse’ to get the ball rolling.

By the constant bombardment from the mainstream media one would begin to believe that ‘we’ are in the minority. However is this truly the case?

Will we lose our nation, so to speak?

Feel free to rant below…

Modern Throwback:

It’s very unsettling to watch our Nation being destroyed. We try to ‘do the right things’ so that America can heal itself from so many of the wrongs that have occurred. But we can’t seem to change the path of destruction that so many are hell-bent on following to bring America down.

I believe we have been witnessing a breakdown of American culture (intentional?).

And I also believe some of the activities that we hear about and see have been planned as provocational events and actions to try and force the hand of American patriots, the Conservative working class, and those who actually have a moral compass.

But because we are the ones who are well-behaved and not lawless, and WE are the ‘tolerant’ ones, we keep taking it on-the-cheek.

Will we snap? Will we finally reach a point where we say, “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” and react accordingly?

Will we ever ask the difficult questions about revolution? Or will we just continue to disengage from the continuing conflicts while we watch America fall?

I, too, get angry at what I see and read about. I get EXTREMELY disgusted at BLM, AntiFA/AntiFirstAmendment, and the far-left intolerant radicals. I hate their violent style — and I absolutely do NOT believe in their agenda or their message. But, THEY are getting the attention, and the MSM-biased press. From where I sit, THEY seem to be pushing THEIR agenda forward while we lose our American way, over and over again.

I will say it:
I believe we have been witnessing an INTENTIONAL breakdown of American culture.

I know in past centuries, our Founders, our American patriots, our III% would NEVER tolerate this takeover of America. We know the enemy and it continues to grow, not weaken.

Will it be enough to simply ‘go Galt’?

Bill Jenkins Horse:

The problem is we are combating a hive mentality of takers and non producers manipulated by powerful entities hidden in the shadows.

We have reached a tipping point where abhorrent behavior is the norm in society. Morals and ethics have no place in the hive mentality. In fact, we stand out in society which garners attacks from the hive.

We are like that poor beetle that happens to cross over the red ant hill. The ants know the beetle doesn’t belong so all the ants pile out and attack the beetle. The beetle has done nothing to warrant the attack but the ants don’t care . It’s not an ant like them so it must be eliminated.

That is how I see the clueless hordes and how I believe they see us.

[Ken J. adds:] I can’t help but wonder where this is all going. It has become quite evident that there is no compromise from those who are attacking us and our ideals, and as such will eventually lead to ‘our side’ either giving in, giving up, withdrawing, or fighting back.

Note that I am not advocating violence (they are the one’s pushing violence). However at what point does it snap? I know that if I am backed into a corner (so to speak) I will fight back. And it sure feels like ‘they’ have been backing ‘us’ into a corner does it not?

I realize that I have generalized and used ‘they’ and ‘us’. It’s really the only way to discuss it in a short post without diving deeper into specifics. Just saying…

Your turn: Rant on!

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