Is Our Nation Breaking Apart?

America Breaking Apart

Is our nation breaking apart?

The following sentiments excerpted from a few recent comments on Modern Survival Blog are likely indicative of how lots of frustrated conservative Americans feel.

I am not a ‘conspiracy nut’, however I firmly and logically believe that some of what has been going on has been intentionally orchestrated and funded. When 97% of “the news” is negative towards traditional American ideals and anyone who represents it is attacked, this is not coincidence nor is it conspiracy. It is orchestrated.

A question is “why”? I already have a pretty good idea why. However I’ll let you discuss this in the comments below.

The attacks have accelerated across the board. Suppression of the voices from conservative think is in full tilt. They are going after those voices monetarily. This is a fact.

Political correctness has been taken to a whole new level with the term “hate speech” which ‘they’ are defining as pretty much anything that doesn’t fit with their own far leftist ideals.

The 1st Amendment is under full assault while the masses are brainwashed to believe that we have no right to speak out against them, and in fact should be punished, fined, attacked, physically beaten, or even imprisoned for such speech! Just look and listen to what has been going on at these protests lately… There is no discussion or debate. Instead they only attack. Like they’re Zombies incapable of reason, argument, or alternate views. This is very dangerous.

I could go on with a long rant about what has been going on in my view, however I decided to post some of the words from a few of our regulars here on MSB, ‘Modern Throwback’ and ‘Bill Jenkins Horse’ to get the ball rolling.

By the constant bombardment from the mainstream media one would begin to believe that ‘we’ are in the minority. However is this truly the case?

Will we lose our nation, so to speak?

Feel free to rant below…

Modern Throwback:

It’s very unsettling to watch our Nation being destroyed. We try to ‘do the right things’ so that America can heal itself from so many of the wrongs that have occurred. But we can’t seem to change the path of destruction that so many are hell-bent on following to bring America down.

I believe we have been witnessing a breakdown of American culture (intentional?).

And I also believe some of the activities that we hear about and see have been planned as provocational events and actions to try and force the hand of American patriots, the Conservative working class, and those who actually have a moral compass.

But because we are the ones who are well-behaved and not lawless, and WE are the ‘tolerant’ ones, we keep taking it on-the-cheek.

Will we snap? Will we finally reach a point where we say, “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” and react accordingly?

Will we ever ask the difficult questions about revolution? Or will we just continue to disengage from the continuing conflicts while we watch America fall?

I, too, get angry at what I see and read about. I get EXTREMELY disgusted at BLM, AntiFA/AntiFirstAmendment, and the far-left intolerant radicals. I hate their violent style — and I absolutely do NOT believe in their agenda or their message. But, THEY are getting the attention, and the MSM-biased press. From where I sit, THEY seem to be pushing THEIR agenda forward while we lose our American way, over and over again.

I will say it:
I believe we have been witnessing an INTENTIONAL breakdown of American culture.

I know in past centuries, our Founders, our American patriots, our III% would NEVER tolerate this takeover of America. We know the enemy and it continues to grow, not weaken.

Will it be enough to simply ‘go Galt’?

Bill Jenkins Horse:

The problem is we are combating a hive mentality of takers and non producers manipulated by powerful entities hidden in the shadows.

We have reached a tipping point where abhorrent behavior is the norm in society. Morals and ethics have no place in the hive mentality. In fact, we stand out in society which garners attacks from the hive.

We are like that poor beetle that happens to cross over the red ant hill. The ants know the beetle doesn’t belong so all the ants pile out and attack the beetle. The beetle has done nothing to warrant the attack but the ants don’t care . It’s not an ant like them so it must be eliminated.

That is how I see the clueless hordes and how I believe they see us.

[Ken J. adds:] I can’t help but wonder where this is all going. It has become quite evident that there is no compromise from those who are attacking us and our ideals, and as such will eventually lead to ‘our side’ either giving in, giving up, withdrawing, or fighting back.

Note that I am not advocating violence (they are the one’s pushing violence). However at what point does it snap? I know that if I am backed into a corner (so to speak) I will fight back. And it sure feels like ‘they’ have been backing ‘us’ into a corner does it not?

I realize that I have generalized and used ‘they’ and ‘us’. It’s really the only way to discuss it in a short post without diving deeper into specifics. Just saying…

Your turn: Rant on!

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  1. I recently read some pertinent scripture that I hope others will find interesting and enlightening:

    25 Therefore, choose you by the voice of this people, judges, that ye may be judged according to the laws which have been given you by our fathers, which are correct, and which were given them by the hand of the Lord.

    26 Now it is not common that the voice of the people desireth anything contrary to that which is right; but it is common for the lesser part of the people to desire that which is not right; therefore this shall ye observe and make it your law—to do your business by the voice of the people.

    27 And if the time comes that the voice of the people doth choose iniquity, then is the time that the judgments of God will come upon you; yea, then is the time he will visit you with great destruction even as he has hitherto visited this land.
    (Mosiah 29)

    We are starting to see how the voices of a very small percentage of this country are starting to have greater and greater say in how the rest of us should be living, thinking, acting, and speaking. As it continues, we have been told that greater punishment will come. We are already starting to see it, not just in this land but in others. I’ve seen people claiming that as a whole the earth hasn’t seen such peace and prosperity as we have now, but to those individuals I tell you that you are blind to what is really going on in the world and what is going to be coming. I’m sure I’m coming off as a doomsayer or crazy religious nut or whatever you want to call me, but I know what I know, and believe what I believe. Nothing anyone says or does will make me deny the knowledge I have.

    1. “These things must come before the end of the age….”. Yep. America will decline either from forces within or without. That’s why we prepare for independent living as much as we are able. I have learned that the more simple I keep things the better off we will be in the future, I hope anyway.

    2. Well it appears that both extremists life and right are pointing their fingers to one another for our nation falling apart piece by piece. Remember our nation is a extension of the battle’s with our Mother land Europe. The people failed to follow European principals so the masses began a culture of their own American. One would think that after experiencing European Aristocratic government that the masses would have adopted and allowed honorable freedom. Instead, powerful America’s indulgences with greed give both to native Indians slaying and confiscating their land. Of course, now we have slavery for profit and well being.Americas becoming rich off the backs of salvery and the disenfranchise. Now we have a commander in Chief that supports a Senator that engaged in child molestation. Knowing our country and countries are going through a epidemic of traffickers. Are these the morals that you are referring to? We cannot talk about the now without talking about our history.

      1. My reply is in hopes that you will use the money that you earn being a troll and get out of your mom’s basement but more importantly use it to educate yourself.

        I suppose that earned you a $1 or $2. Spend it wisely. Don’t expect a reply to whatever you post.

        Piss off you not wanted here!!
        Adapt and Overcome.

  2. YES I’m afraid the country will end up becoming balkinized and even the idea of scares the crap out of me and it makes me sick to think of what my nieces and nephews will have to face and deal with in the near future.
    I’m afraid we are looking at full open armed rebellion and civil war in the near future.

  3. The far left and the far right of our country need to realize most people just want to be left alone. I’m an average guy with my family who just wants to go on with my business. As far as being backed into a corner most people will come out swinging. Look at the drop in NFL viewers for the past two seasons. People have the right to protest, Kaepernik, people also have a right to counter protest by not watching. That is just one example look for yourself and you’ll see several corporations suffering. The great silent majority is screaming enough no more.

  4. Ahh, like Rome we have become spread out to far so to speak and can’t handle our affairs. Somewhere there are new Goths waiting…………..
    People are feeling uncertain in their souls thus ALL of the prepper sites, supplies, etc.

  5. Interesting, As I watch these useful idiots protest in the streets… I head out to the range to hone my marksmanship skills….
    As they march for a mile destroying shop windows… I head out on my biweekly 3 mile run…
    As they make poster signs… I maintain my rifle.
    If they do come to kill me… I will be sure to not be in that location and only fight them on my terms not theirs.
    You are either the Butcher or the Cattle. I am a Butcher.

    1. WC
      You reminded me – I can’t run forever like I once could so now I have to be unseen. Got to get back to working on my Ghillie suits. That’s the trouble with living in an area with four seasons – colors change. Now quiet as a bunny but tough as a wolverine.

      1. Your Right the preparedness mentality should be above all the “gray man strategy”. Unfortunately I feel at some point we all will be flushed out of hiding. The time is now to prepare for this event. I thought with the new president, Americans could feel safe again to express their non violent point of view but now we are all haters if we are conservatives, libertarians, pro American populists democrat or republican it does not matter. We are the new “American Taliban”
        I guess one man’s terrorist is anther man’s freedom fighter.

  6. I tend to agree with you. If there is any small consolation, I know many, many people who are like myself: we used to identify as fairly liberal, BUT have switched to Independent or Republican because the left has collectively lost it.

    It’s one thing to debate climate change, or causes of poverty but totally beyond wacky to burn down neighborhoods, tear down statues, joke about harming the President, prance around with vagina hats. (I’m a woman, and still cannot believe that happened. It’s so ridiculous….) Where we used to be able to disagree on issues, and still respect one another, now it’s all this nutty, manufactured hatred.

    We likely tipped the last election, not the “far right fringe” that captures the media’s imagination and is used to “excuse” the Antifa weirdos and their ilk. We are rarely mentioned. Ordinary Americans. We’re too busy working, raising families, being part of our communities, just trying to live our lives. We don’t make interesting headlines, I guess.

    1. It bothers me to hear or see people threaten to kill the President of the United States or Blow up the White House & not at all get arrested for it.

      Used to be if anybody made any kind of threat to the President or White House, they would be arrested. K. Griffin & Madonna got off scott free. There are others also. I don’t understand how people get away with what they do or say these days. The desecration of the Monuments cuts deep to me.

      So at a loss for words—all I can say is Almighty God please have Mercy on AMERICA.

      1. K. Griffin and Madonna get off scott free? Of course, they’re rock stars and regular laws apparently don’t apply.

      2. Agree. It horrifies me. Normal, decent people do not think or say things like that.

        Also? I’m at a point where I don’t want to talk to anyone offline who isn’t a close family member, or trusted friend. I’ll probably accidentally offend someone by wearing white socks, or buying bubble gum that oppresses endangered gender fluid moths, or by holding the door and saying Good Morning.

        I’m only in my 40s, but suddenly feel very old. All of this idiocy seemingly sprang out overnight. It’s sad, and dangerous.

  7. I too have had the same quite feelings. I grew up in the 80’s taught to be afraid of the Soviet Union. Thru the 90’s, it was anyplace that wasn’t a democracy. After the century turned, it was stateless terrorists.

    Now, I am more paranoid of my own government then the last two above.

    We went from the greatest generation who knew what it meant to have ethics and morals to a generation who wanted to rewrite that book to a generation now that can’t even read for themselves. And there is where “they” got us! We have gotten to the point we don’t care about the “other side” and fight rather fight and argue (or try to shut down the government) than try to find a solution together.

    The rifts in our society have not just appeared, I feel most of them have been fomented in some way mostly over the past 30 years.
    Political, racial, religious and economic divisions have only gotten deeper and more hurtful to us as a whole. To speak out or about anything that goes against what the puppet masters feel is pretty much a crime now.

    Morals and ethics have gone out the window because there is no money to be made off a world where everything is copacetic and everyone lives with tolerance towards each other. To keep us divided makes us easier to control thru our hates/biases. We are all inclined to swing one way or another on a topic, but we are allowing “them” to twist our words and our views to the point that it makes us seem wrong for even entertaining a thought that goes against the “vision” of what/who we should be. As Kevin said, my biggest fear i have is the state that our great country will be in when my son grows up provided it has all been mortgaged off to foreign debt.

    1. I think it sharply increased in the past few years. I remember having friends who held a variety of opinions, even 10 years ago. Sometimes we would just agree to disagree, because we knew we had more that united us, than divided.

    2. Actually America has always been divided to various degrees. There was a big Red Scare in the 50’s and then a lot of leftist unrest in the 60’s and 70’s, a conservative resurgance since then over the last 40 years. Yes, the divides have intensified since WWII within this country.

  8. When children are taught about sodomy in first grade and teachers black balled if they refuse to teach far left rhetoric, yes it is orchestrated.

    I remember years ago I put up a blog post about the 1st amendment. The only comment was from an individual who insisted that only “truth” was protected by the 1st amendment, truth being defined by his point of view. If I disagreed with him, my speech should not be protected.

    The problem is that the changes take place over a period of generations. People grow up with the “new” normal and are taught in school what they’re supposed to believe. We didn’t get here in a day, or a year. The fact that these changes have been so consistent and consistently presented (following the communist handbook almost to the letter) tells me also that they are being orchestrated.

    From the Communist Manifesto (emphasis added by me):

    “The proletariat will use its political supremacy to wrest, by degrees, all capital from the bourgeoisie, to centralise all instruments of production in the hands of the State, i.e., of the proletariat organised as the ruling class; and to increase the total of productive forces as rapidly as possible. Of course, in the beginning, this cannot be effected except by means of despotic inroads on the rights of property, and on the conditions of bourgeois production; by means of measures, therefore, which appear economically insufficient and untenable, but which, in the course of the movement, outstrip themselves,necessitate further inroads upon the old social order, and are unavoidable as a means of entirely revolutionising the mode of production.These measures will of course be different in different countries.Nevertheless in the most advanced countries, the following will be pretty generally applicable.1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes.2. A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.3. Abolition of all right of inheritance.4. Confiscation of the property of all emigrants and rebels.5. Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and anexclusive monopoly.6. Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the State.7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the State; the bringing into cultivation of waste-lands, and the improvement of the soil generally in accordance with a common plan.8. Equal liability of all to labour. Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equable distribution of the population over the country.10. Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children’s factory labour in its present form.Combination of education with industrial production, &c., &c.When, in the course of development, class distinctions have disappeared, and all production has been concentrated in the hands of a vast association of the whole nation, the public power will lose its political character. ”

    I was looking for the one that talks about how to do this, over a period of generations rather than as a revolution, but I can’t remember what it’s called. I think it was published in 1913 or some such thing?

    1. Yes and let us not forget about the kindergarten Trans Gender unveiling. When I was 12 years old my girlfriend and I had discussion about the f word. Heck we did not even really know what it meant in 1964!!! We are going to sleep and becoming complacent. The hope lies in the Proles. Which is us.
      1984 George Orwell

      1. The gender stuff is just mind-boggling.

        I used to identify as liberal. I still really don’t care what two consenting ADULTS do in private, as long as I don’t have to hear all about it.

        I do remember being happy for gay friends who married. They bought homes, went to work, just went about their lives the same as anyone else. I worked in travel and hospitality, and a lot of gay men, in particular, seem to work in those industries.

        I do NOT remember ANYONE identifying as gender fluid, or pansexual or any of the other really out there stuff we are all supposed to just “respect.” I remember a couple of ppl who considered themselves bi, but really, they were primarily dating men or women. Not both, or women who used to be men who dated men that used to be women.

        I think there probably is very small number of people who really were born in the “wrong” body. I don’t think it’s common, and certainly is not something we need to confuse little kids with.

        True story: I kept stumbling upon the label cisgender online. I had no idea what it was, and really didn’t want to Google it, but eventually gave in.

        At first I laughed. How completely ridiculous is it that we need a special label for agreeing with our birth certificate? Then, I realized it was just one more way society was going insane.

        I’m talking 1990s-mid 2000s, for reference. Major city. I had a very broad, diverse professional and personal network, and yet never met ANYONE who was confused about their gender. It wasn’t that long ago……Totally nuts!

        1. No matter what you call your self if you were born with male or female body parts, you are THAT. It doesn’t matter how many hormones or surgeries you have or physiological problems you have, YOU ARE THAT. The underlying currents of this fracturing of the human self is very disturbing, but it is not going away. The world is becoming very muddy so to speak.

          1. I guess I see it more as a medical oddity? I think I first heard of it in middle school when I found one of those old medical books at a yard sale that discussed different unusual medical conditions. I remember just thinking “Euuuw. That’s really weird.” Then I went and read about conjoined twins, people born with extra toes, stuff like that.

            But now it isn’t even limited to some rare case profile of a guy who deeply believes he’s a woman necause he was born with ambiguous genitalia, but instead there are these seemingly endless variations. Like it’s a perverse fad to see who can be the most bizarre?

            I guess I wonder where it ends? The world IS dangerously muddy right now. It happened FAST too.

            Glad my child is old enough to just roll his eyes. I worry for his future kids though. I’d joke about what he might be forced to explain, but it’s past being funny.

    2. The communist manifesto was a creation of the warped mind of the evil Karl Marx as a plan for destroying society and replacing it with a formless unnatural dehumanizing soulless sterile mass. His ideas were partly inspired by and gained traction due to the excesses of the industrial revolution. They first came to fruition in Russia though which was not really a land of the borgouise and the proletariat but rather of aristocrats and peasants. So according to true Marxist theory communism did not quite fit there.

  9. Hermit us
    You asked “Is the State of Jefferson realistic”, the answer to that question is a resounding YES!!!
    They had their hearing Sept 8th, and the judge was amazed that over 200 ‘working’ citizens showed up for the hearing along with the (cough-cough) sleazebag for the other side. They had to amend certain items in the complaint before her, but she basically said what she was looking for, that is being done at this very moment.
    Do not quote me but the next phase is in October, then it proceeds to the 3 judge panel. State of Jefferson had 4 attorneys representing 23 counties (counties went up in #’s). If you wish to hear, an archival programs at soj.51 which you can listen to on line.

    1. That would be too Cool for you western folks. Brown just signed the Sanctuary State Law. Looks like that beautiful state is going back to the Hispanics. Time will tell as it always does. States that do not comply. States wanting to succeed. Has the ring of history, huh.

      1. And a judge in Chicago (?) just said that .gov can’t withhold grant money to cities/states that don’t follow federal law or cooperate with federal law enforcement. Talk about “I’ll do whatever I want and you will still give me money”.

      2. Mrs.USMCBG
        There are several states waiting in the wings for this to proceed farther, then they are requesting the SOJ51’s to assist them in their paperwork.
        In Josephine county Oregon, they have filed against the state of Oregon(not sure about other counties)under taxation monies not being distributed to their area, apparently it is going forward. They wanted to join Jefferson, but under rules & regulations would not be allowed at this time. The states that I am aware of are Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and there are a couple of east coast states.

  10. November 8, 2016, the Liberal/Socialist/Democrat/Snowflakes had a heart attack. Something happened that was not supposed to happen. Some Flamboyant Business Man with a bad haircut won the Presidential election over a corrupt lifetime criminal politician. And the ‘flyover people’ spoke unlike the Liberals have ever heard before. They don’t know how to handle their destroyed emotions besides violence (Humans will always revert to violence when confused), which was completely obvious within the next day when the Riots began, and have continued the hatred towards anyone that thinks differently than them.

    I believe with the number of catastrophes that are in action as we type are becoming overwhelming and will soon correlate to a total and complete crash. We all can list dozens of probabilities; please take 3-4 and think about what this country can do to maintain its control, its composure. I’m not talking the control of the .gov over the people, but the control to maintaining the status-quo of life as we know it, the ‘comfort zone’, the food supplies, the electrical demands, so-on. Take one or two of the critical needs off-line and poof, you have complete breakdown of this country as you now know it.

    Honestly I could give a flying fig what the Main Stream False News reports. Watch the Markets, the weather, the Stored Supplies, Inflation, the temperament of a City like St-Louis after a LEO gets equated. Some people are in a very hateful and revengeful mode. They are looking for any reason to take their fear, their hate out on anything they want, including burning their own city to the ground if allowed.

    A lot of people believe there is a Civil War coming, some believe NK is going to ‘First Strike’, others think the Economy is going to hit rock bottom. Personally I think the Martians are going to land on the Whitehouse Lawn and hit us with the Death Rays…… Seriously, what does it really matter? This GREAT Country can NOT keep down this destructive path for much longer, for it WILL self-destruct. How much longer will the Silent Majority keep getting punched in the face before we say enough is enough? How many times can ya poke the Bear in the eye before he rips off your head?

    I for one do NOT wish for this Country to fail, nor do I want a Civil War; we are a GREAT country with great people and great potential, I do hope we can outlast the people that HATE and DESPISE this Country so much they want to destroy it.

    1. DC needs to be reorganized if anything is going to go back in place, ALL of our problems stem from DC and career politicians and their appointed bureaucrats who like to stick their thumbbin us little peoples eye,,,
      Personally im over it, could give a rip what any politician or alphabet agency demands of me, they can cram it…

  11. To me, THEY are the pawns, the operatives, the minions who are a controlled radical group. THEY are run by THEM, a number of elitists who are engaged in the destruction of America.

    What do THEY hope to gain?


    THEY will do the dirty-work for THEM.

    THEY fight and cause intentional commotion and chaos. The goal, through the elitists, is to create for THEMSELVES a more militarized police state, a more controlled GLOBALIST society, a shredded Constitution, an impotent President, an unGodly socialized third-world Nation.

    When absolute power can be held in perpetuity by THEM, then THEY will no longer be needed.

    “Sometime before the year 2025, America will pass through a great gate in history, commensurate with the American Revolution, Civil War, and twin emergencies of the Great Depression and World War II.”
    Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning

  12. Already fractured in my view, the fissures are clear now and will only get wider over time.

    Skipping expending energy trying to glue it back together. Any two-way “conversation” attempts are a waste of time and energy.

    Eventually the hornets nest will get poked one too many times; right now am occupied building a “better” nest.

    Always civil and polite, until any action dictates that to change.

    1. @Grey,

      I agree – I am tired of wasting energy having discussions with people who refuse to see.
      I too am polite and civil. I watch, and listen and learn. I can see things going wrong, and so continue to quietly prep and continue to run through scenarios in my head of what can go wrong and what can be done in various situations. When things get worse, I want to waste no time being in shock – I want to be ready to recognize and process what is going on and make good decisions quickly.

      1. Me too. I always carry, I always keep an eye on the entrances to public buildings, just in case anyone steps in and looks like they’re about to start shooting.
        Stay cool, maybe we can meet up after it all goes south. I’m in the Atlanta area.

  13. I read a great article earlier today called “The Silencing of Dissent” over at TruthDig. It’s written by Chris Hedges, who writes from a perspective that is anti-globalist, anti Deep State, and Left. In many of his articles, he talks about Corpratist Looters and how they divide and suppress those who are Producers. In my opinion, it is this division that will be our downfall.

    It is extremely rare that we can have intelligent discussion with a friend who has a different political opinion. When was the last time you walked into a Mom and Pop restaurant on Main St. and heard neighbors discussing their different points of view over pancakes and coffee at the counter? That America has been taken away from us. The divisions have become too deep. More events are planned to keep those divisions deepening.

    The looting of the 1%, enforced by the government they employ, has left us with few options. The rise in number of those who are supporting Socialism is because they have been denied the possibility of being a producer by forcing massive amounts of debt and over regulation upon the masses. But socialism cuts into the profits and power of the 1%. They won’t let it happen. That leaves us with either accepting our enslavement or revolution.

  14. This destruction has been going on world wide for quite some time. There is an anti western movement that has been at play world wide for a long time but has picked up speed in the last decade. Europe is in its death throws as a result of ignorance, indifference and unrestricted immigration. The true German people will become extinct in a matter of a few generations as a result of low birth rates and unchecked immigration. In the US, unrestricted immigration of people who understand nothing of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and division of power are diluting the entire concept of what being an American is about. There are big profits and power to be obtained by serving this multitude. california is a great example. The concepts of what defines and binds a nation like religion, history, culture, customs, the family unit, etc is deliberately being unwound across all western nations.

  15. As we set back and watch our country come apart at the seams! I often wonder who is fueling this? They bus in heavy troublemakers at these Marches and Demonstrations……who is footing the bill for the vehicles, places to stay….and you can bet legal expenses for arrested. Our colleges are but liberal bastione’s teaching that if you don’t like it – shut it down! I believe Soros and some of his Amercian Citizen Followers are the source of funds….the book Rules For Radicals keeps coming to my mind. We have celebrities who say it is okay to kill the President….and nothing is done. Maybe they are trying to take us to the scenes in France, Greece, Germany, to name a few. I hope we can swing this pendulum back before it goes beyond repair.

  16. The globalists have been planning for a world takeover for a long time. Whether by communism, fascism, sharia law, or whatever. They want to rule and make slaves of all of us. Heck, most of us wouldn’t survive; they would have the machines do all the work.

    Last November, the globalist who planned to do her part to take over the world unexpectedly lost the election. They tried everything to stop Trump from taking office; then they have done everything in their power to delay approval of his nominees and stop legislation. The House has passed hundreds of bills that are languishing in the Senate. They advertised for “activists” to demonstrate in Charlottesville and many other places. No matter what Trump said, they would have said his reaction was inappropriate.

    Even Mrs. Trump can’t do anything right. She went to Houston in high heels! It would be worth your while to Google the Vogue “journalist” who criticized her. Her name is Lynn Yaeger. We should all look at her pictures to see how we should dress. Very important! Be sure to click on “more images” to get a good look at all her outfits and makeup.

    1. DaisyK
      I saw that and had a jaw dropping laugh. I first asked myself who dressed her and then where did she escape from……….

    2. The FNM criticism of Melania’s shoes really took the cake! If anyone bothered to watch their visit to Houston, both got on the plane rather formally dressed, and got off more informally….including tennis shoes for the First Lady. If she’d worn tennis shoes TO the plane, she would have been criticized for that. Talk about showing one’s true colors……

      1. OuttaCA
        No matter what they do, they will be ridiculed. They were almost to total control of all of us, probably within 4 years, but the wrong person won the election and they are frantic to stop the rollback of their policies. After 4 years, they might have to start destroying our values and our country all over again.

        Ridicule is what you do when you don’t have a reasonable argument.

      2. It is kind of amusing that insulting Melania’s shoes is the best they can do. Who cares what another adult wears to fly? Plus, I thought Good Feminists weren’t supposed to pick on other women’s attire?

        Melania is lovely, intelligent, gracious and seems truly kind. I don’t care if she flies in stillettos, Converse, flippers, or fuzzy bunny slippers.

  17. There is a utube video which I have just now finished watching after reading MSB and it helped me to become a better conservative. It is Jordan Peterson doing a lecture on “Twelve Principals for the 21st century Conservative”.

    The first follow up question reaffirmed my belief about the separation of church and state belief(must be a better word for that).

    I had also read an article on the seven deadly sins and how the left is guilty of all of them. Dr. Peterson uses the words pride and humility frequently during the lecture.
    I wish I had someone to discuss all this with but I don’t. I hope some of you here at MSB will listen to it and comment.

    If civil war is a possibility we need to be able to express and understand what we are fighting for.
    If indeed a civil war occurs we had better to be able to answer the question “What next” regardless of who is the victor.
    Stay frosty.

    1. Thats why most of us come here to this little family on a frequent basis, this is a support group of sorts and the peeps we can talk to about stuff. For that i am greatful and thankful,
      We are definitely in a fourth turning, who knows the timing, but by our nation turning away from faith and solid principals we have sealed our own fate, thats the bad part about it is we all get to pay like it or not

  18. I tend to shy away from discussions like these, why? don’t think my opinion matters. BUT
    Is our Nation breaking apart?
    YES. And it hurts to witness this and have good kids growing up in it!. I tend to type then delete.

  19. I believe that Soros and others of his ilk, are the main culprits in the Balkanization or Tribalization of A,erica’s inner cities. We need to remember that even Soros, in his WWII days, assisted the Nazis, in hunting down his fellow Jewish congregants in his native Hungary, and nobody of the Leftisit-Marxist-Holloywoodfuax Elitists seems to care at all. (Until the Antifa and BLM Black Shirts start marching on the sacred gatherings of the Faux Intellectual Elitism, the Emmy Awards and the Oscar Awards. Such an intrusion into “thier civil rights” cannot and will not be tolerated, not ever.
    However, those same self-serving Twerps of Tittilation would never stand up for any one who dared to oppose their rabid ideology.
    Our Republic is NOT a democracy, nor should it ever be. The faux intellectuals have been trying (and succeeding) in bastardizing the educational system by design, to equate “democracy” and mobocracy with our Republic. Never has been equal never will be. I’ve already chosen sides a long time ago without any guilt or remorse.

    1. Don’t forget the Bilderberger’s……………………….. read up on these people.

      1. So the Bildebergers, The Free Masons, the Purple and Blue Thursday movement, the Illuminati, the Legion of Doom, the United Nations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Rosicrucians are all in on this conspiracy. The manchurian candidate, the son of man, the whore of babylon are gathering together to establish this New World Order. The ant-christ shall lead them. You will know him by the mark of the beast, the chip implant on his forehead. Beware the false flag operation in the form of a stalking horse that will misdirect the sheeple. The true patriots will recognize this but are hopelessly outnumbered by the programmed idiots doing the bidding of the nefarious elites. Naturally, this is all orchestrated by those evil Yoos operating under the Protocols of zion. So too beward the jabberwock, my son, the jub jub bird, and the frumious bandershatch, Dare not enter the tulgy wood. Do not dilly dally and delay. Keep to the straight and narrow path, with a heart that is true, and pray to the spirt of Sir Galahad to give you strength.

  20. Freedom gives us great power. I am going to quote Uncle Ben from Spider-Man “with great power comes great responsibility”. WE must take responsibility for our freedom and teach the younger generations how to be responsible adults. I have tried to teach my kids how to be responsible adults. Now I am teaching my grandkids the same. There are many out there trying to teach them otherwise which means I must try that much harder to bring them up right.

    1. @carguy
      As mentioned earlier, the Jordan Peterson video talks about having the younger generation to stop talking about their many, many rights and to start talking about their responsibilities.

  21. Until we stop acting like PC idiots and start calling a spade a spade, we’re in trouble in this Country. To long have we sat back and allowed this anti American values BS being slung at us daily. You know What? Yes, I’m anti gay rights when it affects what’s being taught to young children, anti communist, anti Clinton, anti BLM, anti fascist, anti anarchist. I’m Pro American, Pro military, Pro 2nd amendment,, Pro Police, Pro constitution, and deeply Patriotic. I remember two car bumper stickers in the 60’s and one in the 80’s that rings true today. AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT!, and, WILL THE LAST AMERICAN TO LEAVE CALIFORNIA, P,EASE BRING THE FLAG!

    My friends we are in deep trouble right now. If something isn’t done very soon you and I will wake up one morning and the America we grew up to love, serve, and cherish will no longer be here. I was a teenager in the mid 60’s and I remember even then thinking we are entering a watershed moment when people dared spit on and burn our Nation’s flag with impunity. I gave the best years of my life to this country starting in 1971-1983 in the Armed Forces to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of Anerica from all enemy’s foreign and domestic, so help me God.! Even when I was discharged no where on my discharge paperwork did it say I was released from that oath only that I was released from the active military.

    If you want to continue to have what you have today, action is required, not talk, as talk is cheap. Being silent is no longer an option.! There is an insidious cancer growing in this country that must be stopped immediately. Half measures and talk will not stop it as it is most aggressive and has spread through out our System. It’s time we take back our Country, install the rule of law, stop compromising our American Culture and its history. I do not endorse violence but by God if there’s no other way to make things right, I’ll fight. God Bless America!

    1. Broadwing, I will step out on a limb and claim most people here agree with you. Most young people wont be able to remember living in a time when front doors and vehicles were left unlocked and families were made up with a father and mother. Respect was applied not only in the home but in society as a whole. Church was mandatory as doing homework, chores and a bedtime. TV was entertainment for everyone without the fear of filth, homo sexual propaganda, lowbrow humor or leftist ideology. These times are very troubling hence the reason people are on this web site. I use to wonder what the poor people who had to survive and raise families went through in communist counties. Now I know.
      These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. THOMAS PAINE

      1. Go back another generation and find no tv but radios, phonograph records, phones, and cars still. Also find grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and in-laws in the vicinity.

  22. Broadwing
    I do not think that the liberal/socialists really know what giving up our freedoms would mean and the open borders – they might want to visit some countries whose people are flooding towards America.
    To turn around the disintegration of the country – first, send a strong message to the President to keep all his promises and not compromise the country down the drain – second, If Trump looses his direction, find a strong leader that will mobilize conservative support to oppose all the BS you have mentioned. Oath Keepers and the Tea party are good starts. The movie “V” comes to mind.

    1. Hermit us,

      You are spot on in your remarks. My fear is that even if we send messages, big money and lobbies to have their claws in everything for their agendas. Money talks! Yes, I voted for Trump, full well knowing what would happen, but I did think he would follow through more, and I really didn’t expect the roadblocks from his own party to be thrown up so quickly, and with malice. When I looked at both parties offerings for President I was disappointed as no where was a true leader to be found. As I look at our politicians today I do not see that special leadership quality needed in any of them? If you do please comment! I fear we have seen the last of our truely great leaders fade away with time.

      1. Broadwing
        Out of the current politicians, Tom Cotten or Jim Jordan come to mind – but I do not know that much about either. As a Attorney General, I like Trey Goudy.

        1. Joni Ernst has a job to do somewhere in government as well – you remember what she is good at.

    2. The message the political class should be sent should be composed of rope and high velocity copper jacketed lead

      1. A short rope and a long drop with copious amounts of lead poisoning administered liberally along the way …
        Nailbanger, I like the way you do business! !

  23. This country used to be a melting pot. Different things thrown together and melted and fused to become one. Now it’s a pressure cooker, loose focus and contents WILL explode hurting all around.

  24. Yes, we are breaking apart because we are being driven apart. There have been race relations issues, young people vs establishment issues, religious differences, etc… for generations. There have been riots, protests, crime, poverty and war (or the threat of war) for generations. But this does feel different. Disagreements are intensified, the media play us against each other for their own gain (more readers, viewers, listeners and ad dollars), fear-mongering is a given.

    A few months ago I read story that made me sick, it was on that rag Huffington Post. It was based on a poll of 20-somethings saying they prefer communism and socialism to democracy and capitalism. The gist of it was that these kids (who have few or no real-world experiences to draw from) think we would be better off under communism since they can’t get high paying jobs and have too much college loan debt. These dolts really believe that if they had free college and free healthcare that it would lead to high paying jobs, home ownership and a happy life. They are willing to trade away their freedom for freebies. Few actually want to work hard.

    Talk about having no clue about how hard the real world can be. No lessons learned from the World Wars, no thoughts about how many millions die under brutal communist regimes, no appreciation for what so many sacrificed and continue to sacrifice so that we have the freedoms we do. How on Earth can we reconcile this in the big picture? I was at a BBQ with a few friends yesterday, and one works for large company and part of her job is not just to manage but to provide mentoring. When she interviews kids still in (our straight out of) college, she’ll ask where they want to be in 5 years – and she hears answers like “I want to be the VP of a corproation” or “I want to be running a division of (insert big company name here)”. They don’t want to be responsible to start a company, they don’t want to pay their dues, they just want an executive job and are willing to work for a whole 5 years to get one.

    Not only are we a nation more divided by the day, but we have some kids with a real sense of entitlement coming up behind us, many of whom think communism and socialism are good. Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

    1. The main stream media are nothing more than part of the propaganda machine and are domestic enemies as far as im concerned,,,

  25. America must fall – or at least decrease, and here’s why:
    Israel is prophesied to become the head of the nations. That can’t happen as long as America, or any other nation, is the head.
    I’m an American patriot from the word go. Nobody loves this country more than I do but I can’t stand seeing what’s happening to us today. I’d rather fall than be ruled by leftists. America is only great as a Christian, free, conservative country.

  26. I actually think it is to late to save our country. I don’t see how we can turn the tide back to people being responsible, hard working individuals. We have gone way to far over the edge and there are too many people out there who are not going to give up government benefits to go back to work, actually raise their children in a responsible manor and on and on.
    I think the system has to crash and be built up again by those with morals and values.

  27. Who knows if it will ever come down to a “hot” civil war. Just in case, it’s a good idea to read up on basic military practices and maneuvers.

  28. I have lived in the (not so much anymore) Great State of California for a long, long time. I went to school here, went to college here, and raised a family here. I am now retired here. What I have witnessed in this state over the years is a deterioration of conservative and family values. No, not all Californians are liberal but there are fewer and fewer of us in this state. This is not the state that I grew up in. The new state of Kalifornia wants to declare itself a sanctuary state and there’s even talk of secession.

    I am a veteran of the UNITED STATES armed forces. I do not consider myself a California veteran in the sense that I did not serve in the California armed forces. I am an AMERICAN first, last and always. Though I hope and pray that the movement will fail, it is still deeply disturbing that the liberal left, including the Governor, has entertained talk of secession. Unbelievable.

    With regard to a deterioration of moral values, I believe this is related to a state and country that has distanced itself from our biblical roots. Whether we consider ourselves “religious” or not, basic biblical teachings provide the conservatives among us with a moral compass that guides us in our actions. The further we get from these biblical truths the further we get from a common set of moral values and the further we get from a united country. In my view, we are witnessing the fracturing of a nation and California is leading the way.

  29. Mr. KK moved to Canada from Cali 17 years ago. He was born in Maryland and raised in southern Indiana. He still remains a proud American.

    He says the America he grew up in and loved is gone, gone gone. I can see how much it pains him to say so. We were discussing what he would do if I pass away before him. I had suggested that perhaps he should consider moving back across the border. His entire family is in America. I suggested living close to his kids or perhaps going back to where he was raised. His school friends and cousins are still there. I thought it would be better than staying here.

    He said that he would never ever move back. With all that’s happening now, he doesn’t even want to go for the yearly family reunion. It was something he would look forward to all year long.

    With the craziness of the leftists and others, he worries about his kids and grandkids. It pains him to think of what they’ll have to deal with if society continues to decline. And that dear friends, are Mr. KK’s views.


  30. I believe we may all be missing the big picture. The end game, if you will. While we talk border walls, immigration, left-wing right-wing politics, prepping, survival, self sufficiency, etc., the elite are thinking planned human obsoletion. The idea of a universal minimum income for all who will accept that concept if they willingly drop from the workforce, is being floated by several multi-billionaire high tech titans. They predict that the coming boom in robotics will eliminate 80%+ of all low skill jobs. Something has to be done with these unemployable folks.

    Get ready for a large segment of the human race to become herd animals, to be managed, fed, housed, clothed with planned downsizing of the population by attrition (tightly regulated birthrates).

    Huge die offs due to EMP’s, starvation, lack of water, disease, anarchy, etc. would help their plan, not hurt it. It’s good to prepare and hold out as long as possible, but don’t expect the elite to shed a tear or lend a hand as they watch the suffering from afar. This disintegration of our way of life is not by chance, it’s by design. Don’t worry that it’s just us, it is world wide. There will be no borders or sovereign nations in their world.

    1. They are already managing birthrates…Ovarian damage is done by the gardasil vaccine. Some youg girls have had exreme reactions just after taking those injections. Many young women of age of 22-25 are now going thru menopause sympoms.. My daughter has had several miscarrages from ??? flouride and chlorine in city water? I see young women all time with symptoms of polycystic ovarian disease…No i don’t diagnose, or treat, but I recognise the symptoms .

    2. Dennis, your comment brought to mind the Georgia Guidestones, or whatever they are called. Has anyone ever found out where and who they came from?


  31. I think the evil forces will eventually provoke a civil war, then create a power grid failure And/or Nuclear blast! Remember, create chaos and bring Martial Law ” for everyone’s safety”! Once control under Martial Law then gun confiscation by mercenaries hired by UN!! They won’t give a damn about our Constitution. These are foreigners are are experienced murderers!! It will be brutal!! Get prepared, get trained, know who to trust and who you can’t!The US must be taken out before the rest of the world attacks Israel! The evil Globalist WILL DO WHAT EVER IT TAKES to TAKE US DOWN!!! The clock is ticking, not much time left!! When Martial Law starts you will need to be away from all med to large cities, so don’t hesitate to move into action! Those that are not prepared will be shown NO MERCY!! Once they are behind barbed wire!!

    1. Untreated schizophernia, and schizotypal personality disorder are difficult conditions to endure.

  32. The division of this country started many years ago. But the divide has increased in the past few presidents. Both D and R. Like I have said before the parties are one in the same. Just a snake with 2 heads.

    The Trump victory was the last shot across the bow. You can email, call, write letters all you want. They will fall on deaf ears. I am by no means a Trumpeter. I voted for him for 1 reason. That was time!! However millions of Americans woke up this election. They are not going to take much more. You can see the rebellion starting already. Look at the TV ratings, NFL ratings, ESPN, cable subscriptions, Hollywood star events. They are all dying. Those/Us who used to watch all that crap are done. The protests for morals are growing.

    The left are in control of all of those that we the people are saying no more to. That’s why we are seeing the division growing. Unfortunately the only way to fix the fracture is a complete destruction of the system. Without severe repercussions for the politicians that violated the system then there is only 1 answer. A complete reset.

    However beware. The left also want this. They think they will survive and prevail. But they are wrong. Too many Americans have seen the wrong doings and will do what is necessary to defend the Constitution and punish those who have violated it.

    The time is short. I figure this fall/winter will be the culling. Be ready.

    Adapt and Overcome.

  33. Once upon a time I thought maybe we could “vote” our way out of this quagmire. About a year or so before the election I changed my mind. The machine is too large, too complex, too CORRUPT, has too much POWER, with too many tentacles. I no longer think we can make a difference at the polls.

    When somebody is elected with a net worth of 270k as was Dennis Hastert and leaves in disgrace and goes to prison after 30 or so years with a net worth of 17 million as I read that he did, something is drastically wrong with the picture. That does not happen for any of us working a job for 30 years now does it? This kind of crap in politics is the rule rather than the exception. This mentality starts at most of our county offices and goes all the way to D.C. For these thieves and liars it’s a “lifestyle”.
    Some kind of change is inevitable, I think. I feel certain we won’t swallow this same bitter medicine indefintely. What that “change” consists of remains to be seen. Change is difficult, I for one am completely ready for something to change. I hope I live long enough to see it. I want to be here.
    There’s a lotta people ridin the train that ain’t payin a fare. At some point we as a society will have to revert to CONTRIBUTORS instead of so many “takers”. I hope nobody gets mad, but, from my standpoint the sooner we get this mean, agressive, ornery cow outa the way, so to speak, the sooner we can put another cow in it’s place that will work out a little better……I am ready; In other words what we been doin aint workin…just my humble hillbilly musings on the matter.
    Thank all of ya’ll for the info and opinions.

    1. Wood56gas

      We all got your message. Who cares about paragraphs and such. Be well fellow American.

      Adapt and Overcome.

  34. Great conversation. Simple question. Do you think white supremacists have the right to call someone a Nigger or suggest outwardly that Jews should all be murdered?Just one example to see how you all define “morals.”

    1. @’Me’, It is my understanding that threatening to murder is against the law. Have heard countless murder threats though from the leftists which have gone without charges, so perhaps it is open season for all?

      1. Ken
        Don’t let “Me” bait you into a discussion about the First Amendment or force you to draw the civil limits of that Right. The whole country is questioning what limits should be placed on free speech, if any.

      2. Myrel Streep? Meh… the list goes on. It’s amazing how these people get away with things. I’ll bet it would be a whole bunch different if they said that about Obama. Just saying.

    2. @me

      Actually in this country any person or persons can call anyone anything they want. If you threaten to kill them then that is another matter that the law will address. But you can call anyone this or that but be prepared for the repercussions.

      You want to walk around in my neighborhood saying deragatory words be prepared to get knocked the F out. It’s called common sense. Or respect to others. Remember every action will have a reaction. You may not like it but it will happen.

      Use your grey matter. If not then eliminate that matter from your brain bucket for all our sakes.

      Don’t cause no problems, won’t be no problems.

      Adapt and Overcome.

        1. me
          I caught the difference, not only in the call sign but they way they spoke(wrote).

          We each have what I would refer to as a cadence in our thinking, and commenting.

          1. Antique Collector

            “We each have what I would refer to as a cadence in our thinking, and commenting.”

            Not I, I’m all over the board…. :-) :-)

            Long live the TP King… HAHAHAHA

            Hey someone needs to break the tension here

          2. NRP, believe me if I saw your writing in another forum under another name I’d recognize it. :)

            All joking aside, in the past I’ve identified several people on this site who are using multiple call-signs just from the way they write. Content is also king. People will often phrase the same thought in the same way, even when using a different name and trying to be sneaky about it.

        2. @me “the real one”,

          I knew it wasn’t you that’s why I was a bit harsh in my reply to them. I’ve read enough if your posted to know that you would not use words like that or even ask something like that.

          Adapt and Overcome

    3. Mark Twain Quotes. It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them.

  35. Me
    Why would you think some crazy radical on the far right or on the far left have any concern about morals? What they say is irrelevant to rational people and even more irrelevant to common sense people that post on this site. We can not waste out time engaging anyone promoting hatred.

  36. Then add in that the quasi .gov site deagle .com (sp) is calling for a US population of about 55 million in the year 2025. Just another factor saying trouble is here

  37. What if it truly was/is the Russians? Just a thought… nuclear war or even a conventional war with Russia between let’s say 1960-2000 wasn’t a doable thing for Russia. However,if they planted the right seeds during that time and with the right nurturing, you get SNOWFLAKES!!! Now they have it in their head that they’ve been lied to and cheated their entire lives and they demand change. Simply protesting and using the Constitution to their benefit doesn’t get their point across to the extent they want, it’s to slow to gain them recognition. If they spit on the Constitution and use the flag as toilet paper while setting fire to cities and fighting the police, now that gains the momentum they want/need. Now that the country does seem to be coming apart at the seams wouldn’t it be a perfect time for Russia to start pulling the fabric a little harder. Get little Kim to bang on the front door so attention is focused there, while the screen to the back door is slit and they’re starting to unlock the door for a big surprise. The possibilities are there I believe and it’s just going to be a matter of time before we start to hear the floorboards creaking behind us. Just a thought.

  38. ” My concern is not so much where we stand, as it in the direction in which we are moving ” Oliver Wendell Holmes

  39. I believe that Mr. and Mrs average citizen had enough of the radical crap and came out to show their support for their country. A hopeful sign that values, morals, and ethics can only be rejected by the fringe idiots.

  40. YES! Stop feeding the beast is what came to my mind as I read the comments to this post. Disconnect from systems controlled by contrary spirits. Return to a healthier, more peaceful life….for me, that means an agrarian one. Easier said than done, I know. But so worth the effort.

  41. Great speech by the President this morning at the UN. Now he just needs to rally his supporters to help him drain the swamp. Vote out the RINO’s, vote out socialist locally, stand up to PC unjust policies.,….. Show powerful corporations that they can not betray the moral standards of this country without consequences – Kelloggs, Target, are a couple feeling the heat. Find your individual ways to take this country back – some have gone Galt, some boycott, some work underground, some reject enslaving credit, some have become self-sufficient …… we can win this war.

  42. Just wondering if anyone else is as appalled as I am by the commercial with Ron Regan espousing atheism and pushing for more separation of church and state? As I see it church is what gives the nation a moral compass. Of course it is on TV as that is what still reaches the masses even more effectively than face book. Has anyone else considered there is a reason they call it programing?
    I’m not ashamed to say I’m insulted by this and yes he is the son of our former president. By the way Ken, this has been one of your really good subjects.

    1. Think about the laugh-track. For over 100 years people have been told what they should think is funny, and how funny, by the laugh-track. Few people dare to deviate. Yes, it is programming.

  43. I am not afraid that our nation will become balkanized as Kevin wrote, because I think we already are.

    There are groups on both sides that simply have lost the willingness, if not the ability, to think coherently and examine the issues at hand logically. Call a duck a duck, there sure seem to be a heck of a lot more of those groups on the “left”!

    When obama was president, one couldn’t disagree with anything he did without being branded a racist or a birther. That was my real weather vane moment; that was when I finally understood that my country didn’t just have “sides” or points of view that disagreed, we had balkanized and had camps of people who quite literally refused to see reality and instead simply screamed rhetoric and accusation at any and everyone who did not march in step with them.

    I could cite so many examples that you would have to scroll for DAYS to browse them (and I know many here could do the same!)

    When did the idea of protesting something one doesn’t agree with morph from peaceful, non-destructive behavior where the goal was simply to be able to present one’s argument to what it is now; i.e.- Full scale violent temper tantrums where the goal is wanton destruction of property, assault, arson, looting, etc.?

    When did this become acceptable? Don’t say that it isn’t. Sure there are laws on the books that prohibit such action but when they are not enforced, they lose their validity. Police departments being ordered to “stand down” and give the rioters room to “express” their frustration, cops standing by as they watch innocent citizens be assaulted simply for being in the “wrong” place at the “wrong” time, etc., all show that the law will be enforced only when it suits the enforcers to do so. More and more that enforcement comes at the orders of people who wish to use the incidents for political purposes.

    Many of these “balkanized” groups simply leap to the conclusion that suits their warped ideals and go full throttle regardless of any inconvenient facts. A good recent example? Ferguson, MO. They’re STILL arguing that he was a gentle giant murdered in cold blood by a heartless, racist cop. Screw the facts.

    This hasn’t just happened on a local level. IRS targeting of conservatives, court system targeting of Christians, laws being selectively enforced only against targeted groups lead to further separation and balkanization.

    The absolute FUBAR of what is happening at a national level does little to encourage me that we will see sanity and right ever take control again. All of the stuff hillary clinton did, especially the confirmed stuff (e-mail servers outside the law, lies, lies, lies, Benghazi, etc.), Comey, voter fraud, threats against the President, etc. that is NOT being prosecuted while allegations of “Russian” election interference just keep rolling, long after evidence to the contrary has been presented and subsequently ignored as inconvenient because it doesn’t fit in with what the nut jobs demand tells me that our nation is like an insane horse galloping towards a burning barn.

    The list goes on and on, and it just keeps getting longer everyday.

    What I fear is that although I believe the majority of us simply want to live our lives unmolested by the nut jobs, unencumbered by ridiculous legislation, and untargeted by government, the narrative is driven by the extremists, their benefactors, and the media. This keeps pushing us towards something far worse.

    What scares me is that although I am only in my 40’s, I do not understand how these people, most of whom are much younger, think! Their numbers seems to be growing week by week and honestly, if I had behaved that way 20 years ago, I could expect to be restrained for psychiatric testing. But… that’s the “norm” now?

    Like Jon, I too grew up in the 1980’s and was taught the same things. I am horrified by what I see today. Our children are being taught that nothing is true or factual until they “choose” for it to be so; even their gender!

    These separations are intentional. I do believe there are influential people who wish to see our country hurt or destroyed.

    As for Ken’s question: “Will we snap? Will we finally reach a point where we say, “I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!” and react accordingly? ” I would answer that some already have, and they have paid the price.

    A younger guy in his early 20’s is a friend of mine and he thinks like most of us here do. He is gobsmacked at the views, beliefs, and especially the behavior of his generation. He routinely says he was born too late. We have talked many times about a “breaking point”, some thing or time that would see the decent people of this nation stand up together and say “Enough is enough, we will brook no more”. We both believe there’s a “coin flip” chance of it ever happening. Too many people are willing to let too much slide as long as they aren’t too inconvenienced.

    That being said, I do think we are drifting into dangerous territory. Our nation is pulling itself apart based on cultural and geographical ideology. The coasts seem to be the home turf for the extreme left, while “fly over” country seems to be much more conservative. Many of us are just a little too fed up with the snowflakes, socialists, social justice warriors, et. al., dictating to the rest of us what is and what is not acceptable. I fear we are drifting towards states or even regions of the United States simply ignoring the federal government or even attempting to secede.

    That will bring further conflict, and perhaps even war on American soil.

    1. When the enforcers (and I include the MFN in this) only enforce what will further their agenda, and truth is defined as “anything goes” as long as it furthers the agenda, no one can go against that agenda without being punished. As long as those who snap do so in isolation, they can be dealt with in isolation and made to seem mad or sociopathic. When the majority snap, they’ll call it insurrection and react accordingly. So what happens, when the majority finally snaps and the military is called out? Do they do as they’re ordered and fight against the insurrectionists (who they’ve been told are anti-American, rebels, or enemies of the state) or do they join the insurrectionists and become the enemy?

      A book I read long ago had a phrase that fits. “Not one road to victory, but plan so that all roads lead to victory.” TPTB are setting up an “all roads to victory” scenario. If we fight, they use it one way. If we don’t, they use it another.

      1. When you go into the military you take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. what I fear is that many of us will be labeled as domestic enemies. The military will not have much of a choice.

    2. As an outside observer I am interested in how mueller got the special prosecutor job about the Russian interference in our elections due to the fact he was a director in bill Clinton’s FBI during WACO which makes him a Hillary ally I think he should have recused himself at the time of his appointment unless an inside job is in the making just a little info for y’all . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry.

    3. Well the factions are incompatible, the difference irreconcilable, the divide an unbridgeable chasm, a split inevitable.

  44. As many on this site know, I am still worker in health care. Having been police officer in prior career, my healthcare career gravitated toward behavioral health. I do not see a reduction in criminal behavior rather I have witnessed antisocial behaviors being labeled a medical problem as opposed to a crime. Defense attorney”s now bring in new words and phrases into the courtroom like : “Attention Deficit Disorder or Autism and Substance Abuse”. These days, everybody has a medical excuse. Crimes ranging from the very mild to the most severe are judged under a new spotlight. Many are sent to State Hospitals as opposed to Prisons.

    Would you like to know the difference between a State Hospital versus a Prison? Answer: about 100 thousand dollars per year per single bed space. ( Prison Bed space = 39 to 40 thousand dollars per year versus 140 thousand dollars per year for a State Hospital bed space. Guards are replaced by Nurses and Psychologists.)

    I now live in a time when there is so much antisocial activity out there that it has gone mainstream. We cannot count on schools to provide morals or ethics education so it makes it imperative for parents and grandparents like Bill Jenkin’s Horse to step up and set good examples.

    Like westcoastaviator I too grew up in California and lived and worked down there until I reached a tipping point. There comes a time to leave. Smart people and companies have been leaving the People’s Republic of California for decades. I left shortly after Buck Knives relocated from El Cajon CA to Idaho. The Barrett Family of Barrett Precision Rifles left Southern California about a year later and posted a very eloquent letter to the LAPD saying they would no longer service their precision rifles used by the LAPD SWAT teams. People, just like corporations have a bullsh#t tolerance level.

    There is a saying that : “Politicians watch what California does and follows suit.” California is now a high tax, state that is not friendly to 2nd amendment Americans where you can get fined by using the wrong bullet for hunting ( No Lead Zone to save an avian dinosaur ) If you live in California, just remember that you liven the most densely populated state west of the Rockies. Hence, I refer to California as the New Jersey of the West Coast.

    1. I did some time in a mental hospital. We used to joke that the way you could tell the difference between the staff and the patients was patients wore jeans and staff wore corduroy. I wore corduroy. This was a private hospital and it was back in the mid 80s. Insurance at the time would pay for 90 days of mental health care per year. New patients would ask, how long am I going to be here? We’d reply, 90 days. I worked with juveniles and that is where I learned that the difference between juvenile delinquency and mental illness was adequate health insurance.

      1. I began my work in a mental hosital. Our saying was he difference was staff got to go home at end of shift most of the time. Patients did not. Let there be a weather event and insufficient staff showed up, …We stayed, until relief came.

      2. Should have got my son in a program like that but he had to do summer school to get his highschool diploma. He made it into college but died of a fentanyl overdoseon 3 30 2020. He was delinquent, but the behavior is a symptom of an underlying problem. Yes, he had oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder that went into sociopathy The only real mental health diagnosis he got though was for anxiety though his fourth grade teacher rightly thought he was depressed. He also had migraines. Maybe he had bipolar disorder and adhd. His mother and maternal grandmother had schizophernica. Both his mother and he were moral idiots. He could have kept an army of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers busy for a lifetime. If we had more money and had suitable expert family servants we would have had that done

  45. My wife and I talk about this all the time. She is a true Southern lady and a daughters of the Confederacy and has family that fought in the Revolutionary War. Her take is that the nation is more divided now than in the War of Northern Aggression in 1860. As she has a B.A. in political science and a master’s in international law she is way smarter than me. From my side I have my only daughter that will not speak to me and keeps my three grandchildren from contact. She is a San Jose CA. liberal and Burnie worshipping Democratic Socialist. When I told her Democratic Socialist was just another name for Communist, that did it. I took a oath 50 years ago and it is still in force tell the day I quit breathing.

  46. To me: The only difference between staff and patients within a locked psych facility?

    staff have keys.

  47. Hi all,
    Thanks Ken for the rec.on this post.
    Hey folks,whether you are Christian or not read Matthew 10:16. (Google if ya have to. )
    Dovetails into being the gray man/woman.
    Fits INTO What We ARE Seeing /Experiencing now.
    I am teaching this concept to my kids /grandkids. I found that when the grandkids understand the concept of people lying to them (for whatever reason)their discernment towards what they see,hear and read is much clearer. The 2 oldest are actually teaching the younger ones (better than me) the concept of trust but verify. Kids catch on quick to being “harmless” as doves when interacting with people they don’t know.
    We were out shopping and the 2 oldest were with me waiting for the others to finish up shopping. A guy with 2 kids strikes up a conversation with me. Proceeds to tell me that homeschooled kids are socially retarded. Meanwhile,my 2 are over teaching each other the foreign language words for everyday stuff.
    *Spanish,Japanese,English). His 2 kids never looked up from their phones even when I had mine come over and introduce themselves to him.They looked him in the eyes,shook hands and said nice to meet you. Then mine went back to what they were doing. Learning,teaching foreign langugesto each other.
    When he left,his 2 kids followed,heads down not speaking a word.
    I realized then that his kids would be the ones in regulating the productivity of my Grandkids when they grow up.A scary thought.
    The icing on the” cake” was having my oldest come over after they left and tell me:
    Granpa,I thought I would fall into a diabetic coma having to be so nice and sweet to that clueless sheep and his 2 Zekes.”(from the movie Wold war Z.) Im not retarded and neither is my cousin.”
    Harmless as doves and cunning as a serpent.
    Wish they didn’t need to learn these lessons so early in life but it’s being thrust upon us.
    Better for me to teach it than the world of hard knocks…

      1. Thanks,it ain’t easy some times.
        I had to lightly chastise my Grandkids over his remark but I can’t say I disagreed with his observation.
        Teaching them who to trust is a real battle. Kids normally want to see the good in people and it clouds their judgement (adults too btw.)
        I will tell you that almost every meeting I have with the other groups these last view months has centered around 2 things.
        The safety of their children and what thuggery the gov.lackeys will impose on us all.
        Food for thought…

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