As Summer Winds Down, Are You Prepping For Winter?

( The leaves are begging to show some color, and it’s still August! )

I live in the north country. Our summers go by fast. The Fall season, and then Winter, gets here quicker (and lasts longer!).

The calendar is nearing the end of August. Believe it or not, many trees here are already showing hints of Fall colors. It has been very dry here this summer – may be attributing to that.

The recent mornings have had that somewhat “crisp” feeling when I take the dog out for his morning duty. Not yet time for a Fall jacket, but pretty soon — it will be here before you know it…

Though we will go through more ups and downs with temperature swings into the transition of seasons, as they say, “it’s all downhill from here…”.

It is evident that the sun is setting sooner — as we turn on lights in the house earlier.

All signs are pointing to the changing season.

Every year when it becomes clear that the Winter is getting inevitably closer, it signals / triggers me to “get ready”. Get ready to hunker down, so to speak.

This particular year of 2020 instills even more urging of preparedness. Why? Well I believe you know why…

This Fall and Winter are very uncertain. When coupling the natural urge to prepare for winter – with the unprecedented current events affecting our way-of-life… well, wow… It really makes you think about it, right?

The best we can do is focus more on our self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and security — as best that we can.

I’m not currently terribly concerned about my own security where I live (though shoring it up significantly). However I am concerned about shortages in general.

Throughout these past months it has been interesting (and weird) how certain things become hard to find. Obviously there are underlying explanations. However I’ve learned that it could be almost anything. Hey, when you factor in that nearly everything comes from China, that’s another big concern – given our present stance.

Awhile ago I ordered another chest freezer. I’ve received email updates that keep pushing back delivery dates. Now into November. LOTS OF PEOPLE are prepping. It is exceedingly obvious.

There are many examples of ongoing shortages. Some are nationwide (e.g. freezers). Others ripple through regions as supply chains lurch and stall.

As you all know, guns and ammo are nearly unavailable — nationwide! Absolutely unprecedented. What does that tell you? It tells me that an extraordinary number of people realize that there’s a $hit$storm coming.

Folks, winter is coming…


  1. It is definitely cooling down, at least at night it is, been in the mid 50s in the mornings, we dont really have the seasonal changes that you folks on the continent get. We do have some trees that change color and lose their leaves, the Ash trees and some folks have Japanese maples, or the false cherry trees we have on our place.
    Personally, its been really busy, between my significant other and I it has been a bit of a blur, but stuff is nowhere near normal, not outside our bubble anyway, and that affects us. I do like not having tourist crawling everywhere, and just not as many people out and about. Its been nice in that respect, but things are off, obviously.
    I dont have a crystal ball, whatever happens happens, Im tired of the news,
    Tired of the lying sackoschitt politicians and the ignorant gullible masses who take their word and the word of the lying manipulative MSM as gospel truth. It really is out of control. I CAN DO NOTHING ABOUT ANY OF THAT CRAP!!
    The only thing i control is the space between my ears! So am slowing things down, been so busy my own stuff has all been pushed off, that directly affects my attitude on top of all the other BS.
    Its good to get centered, mental preparedness is just as important as stuff, in fact perhaps more so, for obvious reasons.
    Mental preparedness, physical preparedness (the stuff and health), all bring peace of mind.
    The peace of mind brings confidence.
    For myself, remembering to have an attitude of gratitude and recognizing the many blessings is big. Finding joy in small stuff, or nature, like the bluejays. (Even though most times it feels like living in the mockingjay)
    Peace 😎✌🏻

    1. Here in Chicom country where I am, it’s still hot. Just yesterday it was almost 99 degrees F with a heat index of 111 degrees F. The days are getting shorter as I realized the other day that I have been turning on the lights earlier and earlier. Things should start cooling off in September. Last year, it was a weird feeling on a September day. The day before it was hot like usual and then the next day it was unusually cooler. It was a weird feeling that the body knew the oppressive heat was over for the year. Sure enough, the temps kept falling over the next few months.

      1. Hey INPrepper – How was dinner? Whatever drew you to Chicom land, enjoy it while you can. The way things are going you may one day be shipped back to the Land-O-Corn, saddened to realize it might have been your last visit. My passport is expiring with a valid Chicom 10 year visa, that I’ll lose if the passport lapses. I don’t think anyone is working in those offices right now. It was a solid 110F here yesterday, with monsoonal moisture. How’s that dam holding up? Are you out of its path?

    2. Kula
      Question for you, you heard any chatter about long’s on your side going autonomous
      check-out, heard mine is.? Mine had a batch of 40′ containers outside and I asked why,
      that was the answer I got, so just wonderin’.

  2. We’ve been canning all summer, cutting firewood, clearing brush and getting the Fall garden going. Fall is my favorite time as the leaves change, the crisp air and looking in the pantry and seeing your hard work stored in glass jars. There is something very rewarding about eating food from your garden that you don’t get from store bought food especially during the winter.

    Considering the political and social climate today the end of the year and beginning of 2021 may be of Biblical and historic proportions. Every season brings new challenges and planning and preparing ahead makes these tasks much easier.

  3. September, October and the first half of November, the best weather time to be alive and outside. In the woods hunting, apple picking, produce harvesting and preserving, finishing up the wood, bugs gone, camp fires, smoking some meats ( no, not that type of ‘smoking, although that might calm folks down a bit, that and a bag of Cheetos for after…). Last major effot this year before the snow flies, install security cameras/alarms. But, admittedly, a sad day when the jeans have to be worn due to temperature.

  4. Like Kula, I’m sick of the news also. We’ve been getting ready for fall and winter already. Fall seeds started, canning jars getting filled, going shopping for winter clothing and boots tomorrow, and making sure we get in more firewood for this fall and winter. Oh, and picking up more popcorn to watch the insanity of the elections in Nov.

  5. – We are in the middle of a cold front, the highs this week are averaging in the middle 90’s. (Yes, technically a cold front!) Hot, dry winds have demolished this year’s garden, although the Cherry tree I had planted on Mother’s Day, DS went to remove it and noted that the bottom part is still alive. The Apple is looking dry, despite almost daily watering for a couple of hours, but it is still green and alive. West Texas is hard on little plants.
    – Papa S.

    1. Papa Smurf are you going to plant a windbreak, brother from another mother? Worked for me when I was growing in Selah WA also known for harsh sand blasting weathers. Even a V structure of lattice placed in the prevailing winds helps. Saved my berries and garden corn with a lattice to break the winds.

      Expensive today? Maybe but what’s the price of food when there is trouble?

  6. I am still in wood gathering mode, but as the seasons start to change I get the urge to start cutting and stacking the wood. I have this years wood already stacked in the wood shed. Next I start on future years needs. I hope to eventually have 5 years or more of wood. I don’t know how many more years I can do this kind of labor, so I want to get a good lead on this resource.

  7. Believe it or not I am gearing up for fall planting season down here in South Florida.

    I Just got done harvesting 2 lbs of dried cow peas after I ate the rest fresh. That is my survival edamame for summer crops. Now I will be working on liners for cucumbers Tomatoes for late September. Will be direct sow seeding in October for carrot,beets, Bush Bean and Pole… Harvest for sweet taters and dasheen for November. My only real down time is late June-September for dem cool climate vegetables you Yankees grow. I have a 1,000 sft. in near constant production using sqft gardening method.

  8. Yes, I feel fall, winter coming. We’ve canned and froze everything we could from our garden.Dug all our red Pontiac potatoes about 140 lbs. Only thing left in garden is sweet potatoes when ready.Behind on wood for heat but will catch up sept.October starts deer bow season here so I’ll be hunting everyday I can.Yes were headed somewhere strange this winter I hope we all get through it unscathed.I think maybe Kula referenced a favorite movie of mine, and we may see a different kind of hunger games soon.

  9. Might be an early one this year , apples are getting ripe earlier and I saw a buck chasing a doe this morning really early for this area for the rut .

  10. A cold winter with a deep snowpack in the mountains for the entire northwest including some coastal areas would settle down much of the violence in major cities. Mother nature need to step in because humans do not appear to be smart enough to preserve their own existence.

    Too early to begin the seasonal changeover. Right now is the time for us ants to build up the food and fuel stores. Ken, quit making me dream of a warm fireplace with minus temps outside and blowing blizzard – still got too much to do.

  11. im in west ny state i am drying fruits as much as possible as we are in a apartment canned stuff takes to damn much room we are getting ready for the shit to fly after november as best as we can because it aint gonna matter who wins then knowing there is nothing i can do about it is simple but prep pray and hold on

    1. I’m in NY too Kevin. I’m still stackin to the rafters and so is my MAG.

  12. I definitely feel fall creeping in here in WI. Chilly enough at night to warrant a jacket outside, though no self-respecting Wisconsinite would don a jacket this early – we’re too hardy for that! Firewood is stacked and looks to be enough, but I’m a big believer in more than enough, so a couple more cords would feel better.

    Two steers went for processing yesterday, and barn cleaning is ongoing. I felt like Kevin Bacon in Footloose today, tunes jamming, dancing with the manure fork. Kids did a little eye-rolling at me, but I know they were secretly enjoying it, too. Hot, sweaty, good honest work!

    I know it looks like everything is falling apart in the world around us, and sometimes I get really overwhelmed with it all. It’s good to step away from it for a bit, enjoy these beautiful days outside, and appreciate the beauty of God’s good green earth. I’m with Kula on the whole attitude of gratitude. There will always be injustice, cruelty and ugliness in the world. It’s always been that way, and it always will be. It’s just the nature of the world we live in. But there will also always be generosity, compassion, beauty and kindness in the world, if we who value those things practice them and look for them. It is a good day to be alive.

  13. Preparing for winter -no
    Preparing for the end of the world- yes
    Ever since you( Ken) posted that count down I’ve been working about 8 hours a day and that’s after going to regular job ( but I guess I needed that kick in the arse)

  14. I’m preparing for both seasonal winter and metaphorical winter, expecting the metaphorical winter to be the worse of the two.

    I agree with others here that it will take a combination of strengths to get through. Supplies, security, trusted neighbors/groups – as well as mental, emotional and spiritual preparedness.

    If it doesn’t turn out to be as hard of a “winter” as expected, that will be a wonderful blessing. If it’s as bad or worse than expected, at least we will be braced for the impact as best we can.

    You can feel it coming.

  15. I agree with all here that it is going to be a long hard winter.
    Having a shead roof put on the back of the garage for more covered storage,wood and vehicles.
    We are canning and freezing, garden and meat, all we can grow and can afford to buy! Hope it will be enough!
    Plan on putting up more wood now that it is cooling off, a little worried about gas for chainsaws and woodspliter if foolishness gets worse.
    Right now sitting outside enjoying the end of a fine day and hope everyone else had as good a day as mine!

  16. Good chill in the air tonight, even the days are cooler. Doing things I put off during the heat. Like scrape and painting the garage.(God I hate scraping paint).
    Had vary good luck with my change in the garden of veggies, I planted everything in rough totes. I was very surprised at the bounty. Still harvesting cukes, peppers, and tomatoes. The red cabbage was the only disappointment, my fault the pots were too small. Still have a little come through. Sad to have thoughts of tuning up the snow thrower!

    1. Oh, geez, Ken.
      Ya, had to bring up the coming winter….
      We noticed last night, the old man horse, starting his winter coat….
      And I noticed Sadie Mae starting hers…
      It’s only August….
      I ain’t ready

  17. We are getting a lot of things done this month.
    – new chest freezer filled with fresh beef
    – insulated part of the barn just in case we have to host a few extra friends and family
    – serviced all the vehicles
    – visited the dentist
    – topped off all the aux fuel tanks and propane tanks
    – stowed 6 tons of wood stove pellets
    – getting extra groceries every time we go to town
    – tending the garden and orchards
    In normal times we probably would have spread these activities out over a few months and into fall, but not this year. We have also felt the “urge” to get things done by the end of August. It’s been a long summer of preparation…and now we wait.

  18. Yes, winter is definitely around the corner , which also means flu season is around the corner! Imagine the flu spike around the Covid pandemic, it will not be pretty… which is a reminder stock up on your vitamins, cold medicine, immune boosters, pain relievers etc.. It’s already a struggle keeping things stocked now, it’ll be worse later!!

  19. It is 46 degrees here this morning in beautiful western N.Y. I purchased 8 more pullets at Tractor Supply since spouse said we need to have a few more young chickens and I didn’t want to wait the extra month for gathering eggs and hatch time. Bonus – they were $1 each.

    We still have things we want to get done including getting our hay barn up. Was supposed to go up this spring but my guy put us off. Now I get the embarrassed look and he will get to it soon. He has always come through well for us before, but I am a bit concerned.

    Additionally, our friend needs a new wood stove and we have to hunt for that. We are working at getting outside items more organized but there are not enough hours in a day.

    Yes, we are preparing for a hard winter and have the wood ready and the blades sharpened, along with extra bars, chains, oil, etc. And we are working on putting the food up, both animal and plant, but does it ever feel like it is enough? There are times I feel that things are okay and there are times I feel the unrest….times are unsettling right now. I am in prayer a LOT!

  20. I finally had some success with my patio garden and now smoke is blocking out the sun. Winter is coming early.

  21. Once a Vermonter but living now in the Southeast, so getting “yer wood in for the winta” is deeply ingrained. Multiple cords of rounds to split and stack. Going to be a sweaty Sunday! I’m starting earlier than normal this year (for winter 2021, not 2020), so the wood is pretty sappy given that it came down while the leaves were green.

  22. We are getting ready for our wintertime,first frost is usually mid October. We have begun canning from our garden and our onions and potatoes have all been harvested and stored.We have almost 3 years of firewood . Plenty of kerosene for lanterns .
    Our biggest concern are the festivities dealing with the November elections and how severe they will be and how long they will last.We can deal with winter but riots and any elevated levels of mayhem will be a new experience.
    We think shortages in everything will persist for some time . We have no clue how long the shortage issue will be with us but we think it will be quite a while.

  23. After Labor Day of 2020, I do not prepare for winter so much as I am on heightened alert status in regards to extreme wildfire danger. I type this in Winter of 2022 and there are still areas of this state (Oregon) that show burn scars and will probably never recover (from the labor day fires of 2020). As Summer turns into Fall, this was the time where we were most busy going from big fire to big fire in SoCal. With a changing climate, Native Oregonians are asking and listening to those of us from warmer climates that fought fire.

    We think about and prepare for the cold of winter when we are not too busy dealing with fires that happen in the late summer and early fall.

    1. Cali – we are in the same boat this year. I’m not worried about winter storms as that was taken care of in the spring/summer. I am worried about lack of moisture, no snow on the ground. Pastures are bone dry. We always keep min 2+ acre cleared around homestead in every direction and rotational graze the pastures to keep the fuel load low, but this year it’s scary how dry. Keeping the 4 wheeler, truck water tanks full in winter can be an option, but also can be a real pain. Hoping for snow and a wet spring.

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