Best Bicycle for Preparedness

The best bicycle for preparedness is the one that you have! That said, maybe there’s a better or best bicycle…

There are a number of considerations when choosing what might be the best bicycle for you. Additionally there are factors when specifically considering the aspect of preparedness

First, you need to decide on the main or intended purpose of the bicycle:

– ‘get home’ bicycle for one’s vehicle?
– local transportation while vehicle is out of commission?
– SHTF transportation, post collapse?
– ‘bug out’?

Then there are additional considerations:

Best Bicycle Considerations

– on road, off road, or hybrid
– expected cargo load
– equipped with a bicycle trailer?
– light weight, medium, or heavy duty
– method of cargo attachments
– aluminum, steel, titanium, carbon fiber?
– type of wheels & tires (26 inch standard?)
– gear speeds and type
– brake type (rim, drum, disc?)
– folding bike?
– comfort
– max load rating
– racks, bags, baskets, panniers
– brand reputation & reliability
– price!?

Just about any bicycle is going to be better than walking. However if we’re considering a bicycle for survival prepping & preparedness, we should probably put extra consideration on reliability, quality, ruggedness.

A Wally World bicycle might not survive the rigors of continued use under harsh conditions compared to other (although costlier) solutions.

Additionally the more complex a system (bicycle) the more likely you will have to deal with it. Keep it simple while keeping it purposed for reasonable quality and reliability.

Note: The first thing you should consider, is your own fitness! Stay in shape. Ride a bike back and forth to work, errands, grocery shopping, etc.

Note: You will need to self reliant ‘on the road’ with your bicycle — meaning that you will need some spares, tools, and the ability to fix it if it breaks down.

A few more thoughts:

– 3 wheeled bicycle? (better during bad weather)
– Attachable bicycle motor?
– Dynohub? (makes electricity for attachments, charging, etc..)
– Electric bicycle?

20″ Folding Bike
26″ Folding Bike
Schwinn Cargo Bike Trailer
Bike Bag Bicycle Panniers
Bicycle Touring Carrier Rack

Okay, let’s hear from you. Especially those of you who are knowledgeable about bicycles. What’s your opinion on the best bicycle for preparedness and what are your recommendations as far as what to look for, priority considerations, etc..?

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