Best Dehumidifier For A Safe Or Gun Cabinet


Best is subjective, I know, however I’ve had this particular ‘wireless’ (don’t have to plug it in) dehumidifier for several years and have been using it in my safe with great success.

Here’s what I like about this mini dehumidifier and why I think it’s one of the best:

It is an important consideration to keep your valuables dry. Do you keep cash in your safe? Important documents? Do you have a large firearms gun cabinet? (You know how important it is to keep your firearms dry – else face potential rust issues over time)

The following dehumidifier is too big to fit into a small safe, but its attributes make it a great choice for a larger safe or gun cabinet.


The ‘Eva-dry’ Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

1. The best attribute in my opinion is it’s ability to recharge. It’s renewable. Not only that, but the method is simple – you simply plug the dehumidifier into an ordinary wall outlet. When it’s plugged in, it heats up and removes the moisture which has been captured by the silica inside.



2. Relative to this is the dehumidifier’s moisture gauge. You simply compare the color of the viewable silica balls to that of the humidity color gauge (three colors from dry to wet). A quick look and you will know whether or not it needs a recharge and similarly you will know when a renewable recharge cycle is complete.


3. The size of the ‘Eva-dry’ is referred to as ‘mini’, however it is not that small as you can see in the top pictured photo. This dehumidifier will dry a large volume area, 333 cubic feet, which is equivalent to an area of 14x8x3 feet! It’s actually meant for closets, under counters, a bathroom, or even in your washing machine between loads (odor/mildew deterrent). The thing is, given its ability to absorb so much moisture makes it even that much better for a safe or gun safe to keep your documents, cash, or firearms very dry.

4. This dehumidifier is wireless. You don’t have to plug it in. Therefore it can simply be placed inside of a safe or gun cabinet without issue. Given its capacity to absorb moisture, it will remain active for a long time before the silica becomes filled to capacity.

Well, that’s it. Simple, but effective.

Eva-dry Renewable Mini Dehumidifer

Question for you:
While there are many choices out there for keeping a safe or gun cabinet dry, what have been your experiences? Any horror stories?


One obvious notable consideration is one’s climate. Living in a very humid environment nearly mandates that you have some sort of mechanism to keep your safe or gun cabinet dry…

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