Ladies and gentlemen… I have been experiencing the exact same phenomenon recently as is experienced just prior to a major forecast storm, where everyone is running out to the stores to buy milk, bread, shovels, gas and other supplies to hold them over. Instead of an atmospheric storm however, this storm I am referring to is of guns, ammo and the Constitution.

Today I observed an amazing situation. The Mrs. and I had decided to visit a major outdoor outfitter store, the one proclaimed to be the world’s largest for hunting, fishing and other such supplies. We had recently each purchased a new firearm (which contains another interesting story) and had decided to purchase some bulk ammo to stock up for target shooting, etc. Today is Tuesday. You would figure that the place wouldn’t be too crowded during the middle of the day. Well, I kind of knew better given the current threats by the White House of 19 Executive Orders surrounding gun control and ammunition.

All was fairly normal in the store on the 1st floor as we entered the elevator to head up to the 2nd floor where the gun dept. is located. The elevator door went ‘ding’, it opened, and we were staring at a mob of people bustling about and filling the aisles of the very large area of firearms, ammunition and supplies.

I could feel it in the air… high concern. In fact there were countless random discussions taking place all over by complete strangers commenting to each other on the current situation… The current Administration’s push for gun control and the unknown as to what would happen next. I purposely stuck my head in to many of these conversations, as did the Mrs., while we logically discussed the irrational behavior of this major coercive effort against law-abiding gun owners. There was talk about the logical fact that criminals don’t abide by rules and law, and any new law or executive order will have zero effect on those same people who would commit the crime. These criminals steal guns. They don’t go through the proper approval channels like the rest of us. Where is the logic in limiting the 99.9% whereas the 0.1% will not abide by the limits anyway?

The first thing that I noticed was the fact that nearly all of the shelves containing ammunition (half a dozen aisles) were half empty, while some looked 2/3 empty. This is a major retailer. I could hardly believe my eyes. There were clerks letting people know that they were limiting purchases to 10 boxes per caliber. People seemed to be scooping up whatever they could get in their caliber. I immediately started jostling my way up and down the aisles looking for the two calibers that I came there for. Fortunately there was some left, but lots were already gone (in all calibers). It was amazing watching it like people in the grocery store trying to find that last gallon of milk and loaf of bread.

The next thing that I noticed was the number of people sitting in folding chairs by the firearms checkout area, waiting their turn. These were people who were purchasing firearms and had to wait in line for the background checks, etc. There had to be 30 people waiting…

Everyone was very cordial and well mannered, however you could sense the urgency. The fact that spontaneous discussions were breaking out due to the obvious unusual nature of what was happening and the spectacle of it all… was telling. Everyone was on the same page, so to speak. It was reassuring to hear and chat with others who are like minded and understand the deeper meaning of what could be happening right now, and the consequences thereof. I must say, it was also unsettling in the sense that IF the 2nd Amendment is attacked the way that many feel that it is about to be attacked… this is going to turn into a $hit storm of potentially very wide proportions… something that I’m fearful could turn real ugly. And when I say ‘fearful’, I mean I fear for the well being of America given the current concerted efforts of the White House, the main-stream media, and their partners. They are all striking at very deep core values, the major differences of which could tear this country up.

We eventually made our way back home, only to discover that apparently the Obama administration will unveil their 19 Executive Orders tomorrow, while surrounded by throngs of children for effect. They are going for it. Unfortunately they are striking at the wrong people, and apparently the wrong things. We shall see.


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