Christmas Gift For A Non Prepper

Christmas Gift

Here’s a thought… Buy a prep related Christmas gift for a non prepper. A gift that’s actually discretely a prep item. What might that be?

Those of us who are already preparedness minded would likely enjoy watching a friend, relative, or child appreciate the value of a prep oriented Christmas gift.

Although some prep gifts would be obvious as such, the recipient might not even fully realize that you’ve purposely gifted a prep item. Depends what you get, their age group, interests…

What are some prepper gifts (for a non prepper) that might be good choices for a Christmas gift? These would be items that also have good practical general use besides being specific for prepping.


Prep Item Christmas Gift Ideas For A Non Prepper

A few ideas come to mind.

(UPDATE) Some great ideas in the comments below too…

Emergency Wind up Radio
Great for power outage emergencies. They also include the weather alert frequencies. Some of them will even charge up your smart devices via USB.
Kaito KA500

How about a nice compact flashlight to leave on the nightstand? Or maybe one to keep by one’s recliner? They make some really small flashlights for a key chain too. Also, what child does not love to play with a flashlight?
Streamlight Stylus Pro
Streamlight Nano Keychain Flashlight

I use a headlamp quite often. Nothing like a hands-free flashlight! One with an additional ‘red’ mode will preserve night vision.
Headlamp with White & Red LED’s

Pocket Knife
Who wouldn’t like to get a pocket knife as a Christmas gift?
Ontario Folding Knife

Knife Sharpener
I’ve owned this knife sharpener for awhile and it does a fantastic job on a dull knife. It has a fixed 24-degree edge sharpener and a retractable 600 grit diamond rod.
Lanksy Knife Sharpener

Hurricane Lantern
Not only can they be decorative, but a hurricane lamp will also be an emergency light source as they were originally intended.
Genuine Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern

Leatherman Multitool
Similar to a pocket knife, who wouldn’t love to get one of these for Christmas?
Leatherman Sidekick

Fleece Blanket ‘Throw’ for chair, sofa, bed…
Fleece is excellent for holding warmth. A great winter prep gift.
Fleece Blanket

Cast Iron Cookware
There’s something about cast iron cookware that intrigues people. Might be a good gift to inspire more home cooking.
Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Interesting Reference Book
Some people might like this popular reference book:
The Encyclopedia of COUNTRY LIVING

Field Notes Kit
I use the following items in conjunction as a field notes kit. Might make for a unique gift:
Bullet style ‘Space Pen’
Field Notes 3-Pack
Field Notes Moleskine Cover

Pocket AM/FM Radio
A little radio for on-the-go or anywhere. You might inspire a young one to listen to good old ‘radio’ rather than nose in the smart phone? Teach them about long distance ‘DX’ listening at night…
Sony Portable AM/FM Radio

A young boy or girl might become inspired to experiment with a compass. Thus learning a little more about the real physical world around them. Might get them outdoors!

Outdoor Recreation
I believe that most anything having to do with outdoor recreation will help to gift recipient to get outdoors more. Too many people today stay inside. Get out and smell the roses!
Outdoor Recreation

Safety & Security
The general category of Safety and Security is right in line with overall preparedness.
Safety and Security

Alright, let’s hear your further ideas of Christmas gifts for non preppers but gifts with a prepping and practical purpose…


  1. I like to give silver. I have lots of it, so when ever a birthday or special occasion rolls around, it saves a trip to the store.

    Over the past several years I have given my children a Ruger 10/22, ammo, Tannerite, flashlights, k-bar and other knifes, crossbows, bow and arrow, fishing poles and tackle, toolbox and tools, and quality bicycles.

    I’m getting the kids Motorola Talk-abouts this year. One year I gave my sister a box of 12 gauge slugs and deer butt plugs! She hunts a lot, so she was happy.

  2. We live in the Sierra Nv. mts. at 5600 ft. elevation. Most of my friends have money to purchase supplies in case we get snowed in. Guess what, they do not think it is going to happen to them.

    So on birthdays,, etc., I give them hurricane lamps, lamp oil, advertisements for generators, emergency food, firewood, and radios. It is like I am talking to a wall, they just do not get it.

    Being a retired firefigher/paramedic, I get it. Life can be changed in a instant. They see my supplies and think I am wasting my time, effort and money. It has been a very frustration challenge, but you can lead a horse to water, but cannot make him drink it. Happy Holidays.

  3. I was considering an oil lamp (and oil) as a housewarming gift for new neighbors across the street. Young couple with two little kids. No idea how prepper-ly they might be, but some off-grid lighting will help. As a plus, an oil lamp is quaint and home-goods. Covert prep.

  4. The Kaito has good ratings do you have one? Is this why you recommend? This would be a nice pres for the boys. They have most everything else.
    Thank You Ken

    1. Mrs. USMCBG

      I have the —
      Kaito KA600L 5-Way Powered Emergency AM/FM/SW NOAA Weather Alert Radio with Solar,Dynamo Crank,Flashlight and Reading Lamp, Digital Radio with Larger Battery and Solar Panel (Black) —

      Just got it a few weeks ago, absolutely love this sucker
      Also have the —
      Sangean MMR-88 AM/FM/Weather+Alert Emergency Radio. Solar/Hand Crank/USB/Flashlight, Siren, Smartphone Charger —
      Another GREAT Radio.

      1. Thank You Ken. I do add to the boys preps just in this way. My older son is an eye roller. My youngest gets it. I am going to get us one too. We have a Eton Red Cross something or another. Not to good.

  5. We dont do gifts, just senseless, people have gone so far away from the true meaning of Christmas, its sad,

    1. So very true it makes me cry. Mr’s grandson, 13, did not even know what Easter was about. We had a nice talk on the way shopping and the light went on a little!

  6. I am not to far off from Nailbanger’s comment except for those that have not been corrupted by commercialism aka the young. But i always limit a gift to those to one, not the dozens and dozens that seem to be just rip and tear gifts to be tossed into a pile.

    For adults, always something hand made, no exceptions.

    I do like Ken’s idea of a “prepper” item, maybe putting together a Fire Starter Kit or maybe a few items and bag for a GHB….. hummmmm thinking.

    1. So true. the 5 year old GD is drooling over the TV commercials, the 10 year old is a tiny bit more pragmatic. I’m not sure what I’ll get the 5 year old, the 10 year old is probably going to get a second hand boy scout knife which she will love and cherish. She’ll be told she may not take it to school and she more than likely will anyway. Think I’ll get in trouble for giving a boy scout pocket knife, AKA potentially deadly weapon to a 10 year old?

    2. NRP,
      I am making Fire Starter Kits for stocking stuffers! I’m using travel soap dishes for the container. Found tiny little jars of vaseline in the cosmetics department. Adding cotton balls, storm proof matches, small bic lighter, other tinder, etc. Other item for gift is a Fire Starter (one of MSB advertisers)

      1. I’ve been wondering about the cotton balls impregnated with Vaseline. Does anyone know if you can ignite one with sparks from a fire steel like the ones with the Mora knives?

        1. me

          Make sure when you impregnate the cotton you don’t get the Vaseline “too thick” or heavy. You will need to be able to pull the cotton ball apart some and expose some of the fine cotton fibers,

          These are one of the best homemade items for starting a fire.

          1. me & Mrs.USMCBG

            As ‘me’ said, but when you start to teach, it’s amazing how alive you become….

            I know this sounds corny, but how about for Christmas you give your time to teach the younger ones how to do a few things that pertain to Prepping?????

      2. p.s. Make sure the cotton balls are true cotton! Some cosmetic counters sell a blend of cotton / fake fibers. I buy the medical grade cotton balls (in a box) near the pharmacy.

      3. Instead of cotton balls, you can use those flat cotton “rounds.” They take up less space for storing and ignite just as well as the balls. I experimented with them to compare the burn times and found the balls and the rounds burn for approximately the same length of time–about 4 minutes.

  7. We gave some folks a Solar – Motion activated light (Ken has had links on here to them) for the outdoors. We have had one for yrs, and it works in all weather and wind and snow and sleet etc..They seemed to like it, and the wife was happy to know it would come on if someone came into the yard. Pretty sure it is still in box (from two yrs back). Sigh…

      1. Sunforce, 100 LED.
        it installs easily, adjust easily, and seems to work in all kinds of weather (blizzard/snowstorm/hailstorm/very cold/very hot/very windy)

        it has not come on without something being there (mostly critters, but the odd human)

        it was easily adjustable to cover exactly the are we wanted.

        when we bought, we bought two, as we thought it might wear out in couple yrs. But it has been about five yrs (I think, maybe more) now, and still works well

        Maybe Ken would put a link to them on amazon, etc..?

      2. Mrs. USMCBG
        Sunforce, 100 LED.
        it installs easily, adjust easily, and seems to work in all kinds of weather (blizzard/snowstorm/hailstorm/very cold/very hot/very windy)

        it has not come on without something being there (mostly critters, but the odd human)

        it was easily adjustable to cover exactly the are we wanted.

        when we bought, we bought two, as we thought it might wear out in couple yrs. But it has been about five yrs (I think, maybe more) now, and still works well

        Maybe Ken would put a link to them on amazon, etc..?

  8. We decided some 20 years ago that Christmas was a time for family and not gifts. Time together is the greatest gift there is.

    My kids are adverse to prepping, it’s just Mom being nuts again. So I quietly prep in case something goes wrong and they end up at our place. Then it’s the gift of having a full belly, clothes to wear and a bed to sleep in.


    1. I gave the grandkids 0 degree rated sleeping bags for Christmas last year. They’re currently visiting down in LA for Thanksgiving. I made Mom promise to take the bags with them as there is an excellent chance they will hit snow on the return trip. She told me she did and then I dropped stuff of at her apartment after she left. Anyone want to guess what I found on the shelf in the garage? She will so be getting coal in her stocking.

      1. A few years ago I bought my brother a warm coat and hat for Christmas. He lives in Colorado and I worried about him if his heat went out. But he gave them away because he said he had no use for such a warm coat as he stays inside if it is cold.

        This is the same brother who ATE the freeze dried food I bought him a different Christmas.

  9. Gee since my power just came back on after an hour maybe a nice battery powered camp lantern to your suddenly inconvenienced friends.

      1. Concur with the Streamlight LED light. Some what brighter than the Rayovac lateen, which I also have (both 3 x D-cells), and much easier to close the battery compartment.

        1. Anonymous
          Thanks for the reminder, will add those for small items under the tree.

  10. I looked at that “fleece” – it’s 100% polyester. It might be warm but it would be full of static electricity in the winter.
    If I couldn’t have a 100% natural sheepskin fleece then I’d rather have a wool or cotton blanket than that polyester horror.

  11. We have decided to give 3 day emergency packs for those who work over 10 miles away from home. BIL drives over the mountain to work on boats one day a week and it can be a long day. His vehicle broke down one summer when it was extremely hot…no food. He is going to get one of these to carry in his vehicle, at least he will not starve or go thirsty, nor will the assistant that goes with him on these calls.

    1. Antique Collector….== good idea. Hope they will appreciate and put them IN the vehicles.

      1. Anon
        Don’t worry will check with my niece who works at the shop, if her dad forgets she will take care of it. Since we are getting one for her dh, he works the farthest away from where we live. He is so appreciative of any gift given to him. His family was dirt poor!

        1. Antique Collector

          Sounds like you scored big time on the niece’s husband (as well did niece). It is nice to hear about folks who do appreciate one’s efforts. (Seems like you must have helped raised her well, to pick a “good one”.== well done)

    2. Yep, I bought those this year for our friends. We already put together safety bags for them and add to it each year for Christmas and birthdays.

  12. For the nieces and nephews, I get them a basic Swiss Army knife with the main blade, cap lifter and can opener. I get the one with the corkscrew for those that may be buying a bottle of wine if so inclined. Phillips screwdriver for the tech inclined.

    Over the years I have loaned or gifted some of my old tools to my relatives at the end of a busy season. It becomes an heirloom because: “it was used by uncle ____ in the field.” In the meantime, I get to go out and purchase another item for “field-testing.” In the past, I have built a 17 HMR rifle and loaned it to my brother who had access to a pasture that was thick with ground squirrels. He is an engineer with 4 children so he needed an affordable hobby to take his mind off work. He just did not have the time, knowledge or inclination to build such a rifle. In the past,

    I rebuilt and sold a succession of 30-06 rifles to retiring cops and firemen that were leaving Southern California for “God’s Country”. Some were pretty, others less so but they all worked well. They were put together for the purpose of harvesting venison in their retirement years.

    I am also a big fan of books though Amazon has done much to make shopping for those much easier.

  13. To Chameleon: A…buttplug for a deer?!?! Please explain…

    I do not know whether to go to Sportsmans Warehouse of the nearby Adult Shop to obtain one or ask questions about such an item.

  14. The deer butt plug is a device for removing the bowel of the deer. I used one once and found it to be slow. I hang my deer for field dressing with the head up and opening the carcass from the bottom up to the top to minimize bacterial contamination of the meat. I use a hatchet to whack through the pelvic bone and finish with a knife. It’s a quick way for me.

    1. CaliRefugee, I’ve hunted all my life and have never heard of a deer butt plug either. Others have said it’s used to aid in removing the bladder intact. One said they used a hatchet to split the pelvis, which I do also, but I always remove the “butt hole” and bladder first, using a fish filet knife to carefully cut around the aforementioned and following the pelvic ring bony tissue to guide the knife until the “hole” and bladder are completely detached and then pull them out with the rest of the offal through the abdomen. Just my way, I guess everyone has their own.

  15. I have given mini Sawyer water filters and lifestraws, leatherman tools, radio’s, lanterns, sleeping bags, tent, etc. in the past.

    This year I’m going to give a comfort item, Portable solar shower or maybe a reliance portable shower that looks like a sprayer (for yard work), you pump it for water pressure.

    Luckily I only have 3 people to buy for, and I never-ever have gotten the “Mom’s paranoid” look. They like to camp and I know they will have some emergency gear.

    I may throw in a freeze-dried can of eggs (I like ova-easy) and some ghee. Help start or add to their long term storage.

    I’m still thinking about Thanksgiving tho! I will wait until after to start planning for Christmas.

  16. Gave all the kids car kits with blanket, food and emergency stuff. Although I think only two of them carry it. Also gave them little solar chargers.

    A few years ago when trying to get the rest of my family on board to preparedness I gave all the family’s 50 pounds of beans and 50 pounds of potatoes.

    We do a white elephant gift exchange with the extended family I am thinking about a thermal cooker, I love mine and every one doses a lot of camping so an easy way to sneak in a gift of preparedness with out them realizing..

    I am thinking of getting the nephews ( no nieces) some good flashlights or battery operated lanterns.

    Loving all the ideas everyone has.

    I really like the idea of making a fire starter kit may have to do that for every one.

    1. We gave the Etekcity pull up LED lanterns this past year. We bought them in a 4 pack and gave two each. Everyone loved them. One sibling has a gas lantern but he worries with all his kitties jumping around, so he got w 4 pack of these LEDs and he was thrilled.

      1. I probably should say that I got these from Amazon through Ken’s link. I like these because they are so easy to use in the middle of the night, you can hang them or set them on their side and they are quite inexpensive.

    2. Rancjers Wife

      If you happen to end up with an extra ‘thermal cooker’ I would be more than willing through the kindness of my heart to give a “storage place” HAHAHAHA

        1. Blackjack22

          I was merely trying to help out Ranchers Wife with a possibly storage problem….

          You know, because I’m such a nice neighbor and all :-) :-)

  17. I had an unusual experience. I offered to order and deliver a microsolar 60 LED light for some seventy year olds. They called me weeks later to say that the light wouldn’t work. They said that they had put the solar panel outside for a whole day but that the lamp wouldn’t work. I asked them if they had the solar panel plugged into the light when charging. Nope! They felt pretty foolish. I assured them that that was OK as it was all new to them.
    Lesson? Sometimes there needs to follow up when you give a prepper item.

    I have given a bucket of freeze dried food, solar lights, fire extinguishers, medical kits, fire starters, backpacks, and other stuff. Recipients are always glad to receive them and I think this is because they would never do it themselves.

    I gave my grandson a compass. His father created a game whereby so many steps in a certain direction, then another , and another until until they reached ” the treasure”. Great fun!

  18. So I noticed that some of you are starting to suggest ‘real’ prepper items to be gifted to a non-prepper.

    Example: firestarter kit, 50lbs of beans, lifestraw’s, freeze-dried eggs, etc..

    My question is this:

    Since these are gifted to non-preppers, what do you think they’re going to do with ‘real’ prep items such as these? Will they end up in the trash as they roll their eyes? Or will they secretly appreciate it? I suppose it depends on the recipient…

    1. Ken J
      After the bil was stranded in the middle of ‘no where’ limited cell service, Hope he appreciates his gift, it could keep him & his employee going until help could arrive. He never thinks of the “WHAT IF”, he becomes so focused on his appointments never stopping to think that an accident or truck break down could keep him from reaching home or the business.
      For a person who grew up in Wyoming you would think he would be preparedness minded…..but alas NO.

    2. Sorry Ken,
      Since firestarter kits, lifestraws, freeze-dried eggs were all on my list, I apologize. I didn’t really catch the non-prepper part of the article. My kids are campers and travel a lot. They appreciate everything. I certainly wouldn’t try to buy them a closet full of freeze-dried, they’re not ready for that yet. It’s all at my house :)

      1. Beach’n

        “When TSHTF, I’m heading to your place”
        How many times have we all heard that? :-) :-)

        PS; I’m sure Ken was not picking on anyone, but adding a very valid question….

        1. NRP,
          You’re welcome any time! Just identify yourself with Gin Julep!
          I didn’t feel picked on at all!
          luv ya’ll, Beach’n

    3. Ken, I view it as any other gift as far as if they will actually use it. But at least the prep gifts can provide them with some insurance when things are not working properly…and many can be used regularly now. I feel better knowing my family and friends have these items. They may choose not to use them, then it is on them. But so far, even the ones we thought would balk at carrying a safety bag in their car or a water purifier in their house or extra LED lanterns have been very receptive and actually talked about others things they wanted to get which makes me think they have been considering the necessity.

      For the birthday gift for my spouse’s sister, she was given a safety bag for the car which had a couple new items I found, and the nephew and wife were saying how they wanted one of the new items I added (their kit from two years ago did not have this new item) – which will be their Christmas gift this year.

      If I got any eye roll or how the heck can I ever use this, I would not continue with more most likely. However, giving these types of gifts definitely opens the door to conversation about how we all need to be better prepared to take care of ourselves.

  19. Ken

    I believe you hit the nail on the head….

    Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach him to fish and he’ll starve since he will refuse to fish for himself.

  20. We don’t go out and buy “stuff” for Christmas to give away to other people. We do give gifts to people for Christmas but it is generally home grown and/or home made. Never gave the “prepper”, “non-prepper” distinction much thought.

    If you must give a non-prepper something for Christmas and influence their way of thinking at the same time why not give them fresh vegetables from your garden? Or, bake a loaf of bread or a batch of cookies from scratch… or some jars of home made preserves or juice and put them in colorful Christmas wrapping or nice baskets and give that to them.

    1. CrabbeNebulae

      I agree with you 1000%,
      Store bought crapo is beginning to get more and more worthless, and being an OLD FART like me, I’ll take the Jar of Preserves and day of the week, EXCEPT the L.L.Bean Shirts my Mom gets me every year :-) :-)

      1. NRP,
        We’d send a jar of our Montepulciano Grape jelly over the mountain to you for Christmas, if we knew where to send it. Would “NRP, Navajo Reservoir, NM-General Delivery” work?

        1. Minerjim

          I appreciate the offer, but I do NOT go near Navajo Lake anymore, I have lost to many ‘questionable’ items to the bottom of the lake HAHAHA
          How in the heck does one sink 3 boats loaded with supplies on a calm lake, and always at the deepest part of the lake?
          Simply amazing.

          1. NRP,
            I know how that goes though! I have lost a lot of good ‘equipment and supplies’ in some of the most nasty, ratty, prone-to-cave-in mine shafts in the Rockies. Best to just ‘take your loses’ and walk away. LOLO.

          2. NRP,
            You must be running into those mini underwater lake icebergs I keep reading about.
            Global warming. ..uh climate change don’t ya know!

          3. Bill Jenkins Horse

            YA know, now that you mentioned it,
            I was wondering what the influx of Snow Seals was all about, :-/

          4. Minerjim

            Fact is the one thing I miss of everything I have lost….

            My Mine. :-) :-)

          5. Minerjim,
            You and NRP are a couple of “bad luck kids” is all…
            Maybe you guys should carry a lucky rabbit’s foot…
            (Wasn’t too lucky for the rabbit though).LOL!

          6. Bill Jenkins Horse,
            If it weren’t for “Bad Luck”, I’d have no luck at all.

          7. NRP,
            Your Mine? or your ‘Mind’? If it is your ‘mine’, I’ve got one your can borrow and work anytime. If you mean “Mind”, I can’t help you there Ol’ Son, I’ve lost all of them that I have ever had.

          8. Those snow seals are cute.
            Maybe get a companion for ol’Blue. ..

          9. This thread just jogged my memory. I was trying to remember the name of the product that was used to waterproof leather boots. It’s Sno Seal.

  21. I have crocheted scarfs and fingerless gloves for everyone. But this year I’m giving my son who is quasi preppy heavy wool socks plus whatever else I come up with. I also think a vehicle emergency kit would be good. Although I got one for my sil and daughter and when she moved it was still in the garage never opened. You can lead a horse to water, but can’t make em drink.

  22. I always get my kids and grandkids a knife every year. One year I made each of them a knife. I saw the knife I made my oldest son in the bottom of his closet completely covered in rust. He does know how to take care of a knife if he wants to. I keep the grandkids knives at my place. One year I gave the people in my office an emergency kit for their car. It had water, snacks, blanket, fire starter, and poncho. They acted like they appreciated it.

  23. Years ago I gave the boys Dr. Klick’s small tool kit for Duluth Trading. Has small picks and tweezers. While my older son rolls his eyes his new wife doesn’t. Last Christmas they got a small stove that takes any kind of fuel. She had it out putting it together after opening. Also she will say does this go in my bucket? Bucket meaning the freeze dried bucket.
    I am also thinking battery charger maybe too.

  24. Good afternoon, Everyone,
    Along with all of your good ideas, things like good socks, chapstick, good hand cream, healthy trail mix snack with BBD at least a year or two out (at our store the mixes are dates into at least mid-2019), for a household gift something like a rocket stove and some cooking gear to go with it, maybe throw in the fixings for some specialty smores for fun, other ideas assortment of candles or off grid books and games, hats/gloves/mittens/scarves/balaclava (goes over your head to keep warm can be worn many different ways) “it’s for sled riding” or for keeping warm if the grid-goes down (maybe not tell that part yet ;)), a basket packed with some favorite pantry items, rice/pasta/canned sauces/olives/fish/spices put raffia (crinkled cut paper) all around it and under the stuff, ya see those secretly prepper gifts sure look pretty! :)
    Peace and Goodwill to you all…

  25. If by 2017, with all that is happening in the world, the recipient is not already a “prepper”, I would be inclined to give lottery tickets. Maybe a bottle of hooch.

  26. Why not a prepper movie, from the list in a previous article, in one of those tactical Christmas stockings from NRA?

  27. Hey just a thought on this topic and this season…. Many eyes can find more than my puny search efforts.

    How about folks posting good prepper deals as close to real time as we can so others may also buy these deals? Maybe post a most wanted request as not to swamp the system with mega requests (I want everything, great quality and cheap.. Heh) Would be great if it was mostly Amazon so we could use Ken’s link?

  28. A Luci Light or battery backup for one’s cell phone which would enable them to keep in contact with family.

  29. Wow
    where does a person start…
    for example my bro is on the same page as us, but he needs pushed.
    Three yrs ago I bought him a Mossy 12 guage. He didn’t want the Rem 870.
    So every X mas, at the least, he gets ammo.
    “Ain’t foolin ’round cause I’ve done had my fun. Don’t wanna see no more damage done. Gimme back my bullets…..”
    Lynard Skynard

    1. Never claimed my bro as a prepper and he has never stated that he was a prepper.
      So I guess he falls into the category of non-prepper….with a brain.

  30. Back to Ken’s 2nd question: What would non-peppers do with the prepping items you give them? Though about this all day. I have tried to awaken someone to prepping with a gift in the past. Based on what happened, I either continued to give prepping gifts (to those that got it) or started giving gift cards to those who choose to remain clueless.(no sense throwing away $ on gifts that aren’t appreciated). About the only time I give a subliminal prepped gift is to kids. An emergency hand crank radio to a young grandson, maybe a space blanket to a neighbor kid who has a long bus ride so he can have it in his backpack in case the bus is late or gets stuck. Kids by far seem to be the most receptive and grateful. With the adults, they are either peppers, or the choose to remain ignorant. You can’t change adults if they haven’t got it by 40. Proverbs 27:22 says “Though you grind a fool in a mortar; grinding him like a grain wi t h a pestle, you will not remove his folly from him.” Gift preps to kids and give them a little explanation one-on-one, it will be appreciated and remembered. That’s my take on the matter.

  31. I have something that would be a good ” non scarey” prepper gift. It would also be useful for anyone. Its a car jump start box. It jump starts your vehicle, has 2 cig. plugs ports, 2 USB ports, an led light/flasher, an air compressor, and a 300 watt inverter. It can be recharged with ac power or hooking it up to a car when its idleing or even a riding lawnmower! I also recharge mine with a small portable solar panel from harbor freight. I got mine from wall world on sale for $59 bucks. Amazon also has a some to choose from. ( Order thru Kens link ) Its a very useful item. All in one package.

  32. Ha, Good topic. I’ve done my best on this front over the years without trying to be overbearing. To be completely honest, sometimes my gift giving has been the result of my hating to shop and simply going down into my basement and going through my extra stuff. My business partner of 11 years (I have small 2 person shop) is not into prepping at all, but she knows I am and seems to respect the wisdom of it. The gifts I’ve given her and her husband that seemed to have been well received were: 1) Pelican 7060 tactical flashlight w/ charger (best flashlight they ever had!) 2) a Gerber parang; 3) a tube of silver eagles; 4) a box of MREs (since they never seem to have more than a couple of days worth of food on hand); 5) an emergency radio; 6) a Kimber Pepper Blaster II; 7) a Lock R’ Down custom vehicle console safe; 8) books – but not all prepping books. I have found that unless someone has a base understanding of what’s wrong and embraces that understanding and can get outside of their normalcy bias, then prepping books will be discarded; 9) heirloom seeds.

  33. If the recipients are into healthy eating, I’d suggest a sprouting kit such as “Easy Sprout” by Sproutamo, or a fermenting kit such as the “Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit”

    Easy Fermenter Wide Mouth Lid Kit:

    They’d probably actually use these items to grow/make some of the healthiest food available. These are much easier to use than other sprouters and fermenters, and they require no electricity and barely any watching. Best of all, they’re great prepper items! (I just now checked the availability of the “Easy Sprout” on Amazon, and it was an outrageous price, so you may have to find it elsewhere.)

  34. I’ve given everyone in my family the Luci solar lights and fire extinguishers, and all of the teens headlamp lights. The boys all got Solo Stoves (rocket stoves), since they’re in Boy Scouts, and that is easily explained.. All were appreciated, and no one seemed to think anything weird about them. Last year, though, I gave Family LifeStraws, and for that I got the eye roll. I told everybody that they were for emergencies, pointing out the problems in Flint, Michigan water and a recent flood near my sister. I just hope they can find them if they ever need them!

  35. New Christmas Gift Idea…..——– Gift of Time….especially if for grandchildren/nieces/nephews/even younger adults….—- Give a gift coupon for time with yourself, and some “activity”….—-(starting a fire and weiner roast to follow) —- (going for hike and building a sleepover shelter) —(learning how to make bread from scratch…including grinding grains)….etc…

  36. I always put toothpaste, tooth brushes, combs, lotion, lip balm, hand sanitizer and such in the stockings, plus at least one “fun” thing. Flashlights, knives, blankets and weather radios are all presents that can “go either way.” I really like the idea of giving preserves, but I have no developed skills in that area yet.

  37. Received a sale notice on the Kaito KA 500 radio if anyone is interested. It is at C supply FYI

  38. A creative mind will somehow make this a survival necessity:

    AC Powered Bluetooth Speaker

    It certainly makes listening to devices with bluetooth-only access a wonderful enhancement over those little battery operated toy speakers.

    Just got mine and I think I might get several more.

  39. One of Ken’s suggestions was a Lodge cast iron dutch oven, I am in the market for one to do the turkey in and found a fantastic deal (it’s cheaper than the smaller one!) for the 8 qt size.

    Lodge 8 Quart Camp Dutch Oven

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