Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas for Preparedness

Christmas Gift Ideas

Tis the season for Christmas shopping.

I thought it would be fun to have a conversation about preparedness gift ideas for the prepper in your life.

Maybe it’s the excuse you’ve been waiting for to buy that ‘thing’ for yourself. You could gift it to your significant other ;)


Winter Gifts

It’s winter time, so maybe something related to the cold weather season?

Maybe apparel such as winter gloves, winter coat, scarf, warm hat? What about Hand and Foot warmers? Do you keep emergency outerwear gear in your vehicle? Anything else related to winter preps?

These are pretty decent winter gloves:
Ozero Winter Gloves

Need a warmer coat?
Winter Coats

Maybe a nice scarf for the Mrs.?
Scarfs for Women

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Best Ice Cleats for Traction on Ice and Snow

Emergency Heater! ‘Mr. Heater Buddy’ for Winter Preparedness


Emergency Kit Items

Maybe it’s time to build another emergency kit.

It’s a great idea to keep one in your vehicle too. It might include items like food bars, emergency blankets, fire starter kit, paracord, portable water filter, and whatever else floats your boat…

S.O.S. Rations Emergency 3600 Calorie Food Bars

Swiss Safe Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets

Gobs of Sparks!

PARACORD PLANET – 1,000 Foot spools – 250 Foot spools – 100 feet Hank

Lifestraw Water Filter (3 pack!)


Countertop Gravity Water Filter

Perhaps the best countertop water filter available, the Berkey, would be a great preparedness item. It will assure you of safe drinking water for your family at home.

You do know that WATER is right up there around #1, right?

Big Berkey Water Filter System – 2 Black Berkey Elements – 2 Fluoride Filters

Or maybe you’re interested in a smaller Berkey like this one that I wrote about:

Travel Berkey – The Smallest Berkey Countertop Tabletop Water Filter


Flashlights !

I love flashlights, all sorts… They always make a great gift item – perfect for preparedness.

I keep this one on my keychain:
Olight 90 Lumens AAA Compact Keychain EDC Flashlight

One of my favorite little pocket carry flashlights is the Streamlight Stylus Pro:

Streamlight Stylus Pro LED PenLight with Holster – 100 Lumens

Related articles with flashlight suggestions:

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I love my Dorcy


Emergency Radio!

Another great little prep gift item is the emergency radio. Most are multi-powered and include AM/FM as well as shortwave radio bands. Weather bands too.

I recently wrote about 3 great choices (although there are many!),

Emergency Radio Choices From Sangean, Midland, & C.Crane

( this one looks good from Sangean )

How about a pair of 2-way radios for communications?
One popular choice is the following pair of Midland’s.

Midland – GXT1000VP4, 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio

A battery powered portable shortwave radio is a nice information gathering tool for one’s preparedness. Plus they’re fun for listening:

Tecsun PL880


The Survival Kitchen

What preparedness items might be good for the kitchen?

Maybe a hand grain mill? A food dehydrator? Thinking about finally getting into canning?

Related articles:
Choosing a Hand Grain Mill
Food Dehydrators

Here’s a popular and inexpensive food dehydrator model:
NESCO FD-75A, Snackmaster Pro Food Dehydrator

For your information, an article about a particular pressure canner brand that will be handed down for generations:

The All American Pressure Canner That Will Last Forever…

What about kitchen safety? Grease fire anyone?
How To Put Out A Grease Fire (and product suggestions)

Maybe a sharpener for your kitchen knives?
Double Sided Diafold Sharpener Fine / Coarse
( review )


Knife ?

Speaking of knives, what about a new knife for Christmas?
Maybe a pocket knife, or maybe something bigger?

Pocket Knives on Amzn

Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Sharpener on Sheath

Morakniv Bushcraft Knife


Ready Made Resources

You might visit our long time sponsor, Bob Griswold over at Ready Made Resources. They have all sorts of products that are directly purposed towards preparedness!

If you purchase items there,
let them know you heard about their store from Modern Survival Blog!

Any other ideas that might be nice for a preparedness Christmas gift?

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  1. For the reader I suggest “Thinking in Bets – Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts” By: Annie Duke

    This is at and Amazon. If you have an Audible account you can send it as a free gift and if you don’t have an account you can get your first book free.

    I will be downloading it today as I read a very strong recommendation for it.

  2. My favorite gift recipient is ME. I see lots of good stuff on this post. My budget is blown for November, but December is coming. Hopefully I will add a couple of things to my preps from the links above.

  3. We dont usually do gifts, Christmas has become so incredibly commercialized and people dont even remember the significance of Christmas, just look at the retarded people on black friday fighting over merchandise.
    Plus, 99% of anything anyone buys for you is just a waste of $, most crap i have no need or interest in.
    Sadly some just dont get it, so buy buy buy, just what i needed, another shirt i dont like nor would ever wear, goes in the rag bag for the next project or that ugly cup that will just occupy space in a box somewhere

    1. Tommy, some day you’ll have to tell is how you rea feel. Ha!
      Although you have some valid points sir 😉 Some of which may possibly be resolved with Visa gift cards, etc. 😊

  4. Christmas and materialism go hand in hand these days…

    I prefer to practice financial preparedness and give or receive small or unique personalized and homemade gifts. The best gift is to spend time with your loved ones anyway.

    Too many preppers have spent far beyond their means to prepare for the most unlikely of events…like TEOTWAWKI scenarios. Chances are things will just be tough and that the “system” will still be in full swing. That means debt collectors and a court system. Do not get trapped into fear buying!

  5. I always get the kids a knife. I don’t like wally world but they have buck and schrade knife sets for $20. I also make a small survival kit for non-prepper friends to keep in their car. A bottle of water, cheap blanket, candle and lighter is more than most people keep in the car.

  6. I am creating works of art, each piece is tailored to color palate of each family member(female). The male members are receiving gift cards I know they will use for a special treat designed just for their wishes.

    It may sound odd but each household is receiving a paper fold up road map for the USA. They rely to heavily on GPS in their phones which each one has in their possession. This idea came about from an article or a posting on MSB, so the fold up map is a way to prep their households without pushing the idea. Magnetic lights that will attach to a vehicle(CAT design), or set up for repairs when on the road way. Head lamps for carrying in the vehicles or home when power goes out.

    Each selection is small which will be easy to keep in a vehicle without taking up a lot of space.

    1. AC, Throw in a small compass and teach them how to use it. You would be surprised at how many people don’t know how to find which way north, south, east and west are. Or then again considering the education our kids get you might not be very surprised at all.

      1. me
        It will have to be ACDH that teaches them to use a compass.

        You see with the ability to dowse it also has consequences at least for me, you see I can kill a compass as soon as I touch it. I have the ability to destroy the magnetism in one, so ACDH has learned over the years. Do not ask AC to bring the compass to him when we need to check a reading, unless I have very thick rubberized pot holder gloves on my hands to deliver it to him. 😄

        1. AC, I also kill watches. I have done that since I was really young. The only compass I ever touched, I couldn’t get it to work right so I figured they just didn’t work. Hmmmm. Not sure what dousing is all about other than finding water. I don’t understand the skill set behind that particular talent – I just know it works but it is not anything I have learned to do.

          1. DAMedinNY
            You carry a higher level of electricity in your body if you can kill off a watch. I purchase cheap watches as they do not last long, must drain the battery power which I had never considered.

            The society offers classes all over the USA. I am not sure who is teaching the classes now a days, since the gentleman who trained me in the field of Dowsing passed in 2012.
            You do not have to join the Society of Dowsers to attend the classes.

        2. AC,
          It is your charming, magnetic personality!
          Still hoping you publish that primer on dousing one day, maybe pass some of that knowledge on.

  7. i agree with the commercialism but I will use it to advance the preps of those I love. I’m really like the new 5 mode LED flashlights. High, medium, low, strobe and SOS. They also throw a focusable beam that I’m very impressed with. o to Amazon and enter SOS flashlight and they are the first ones to come up. I just ordered another 2 pack for less than 9.99.

    Last year at the black Friday sale at Home Depot I bought three 12 packs of the little 3 cell LED lights. I think each light worked out to about a buck apiece. I bought them strictly as future barter items and kicked myself for not getting all of them that they had in stock. I’ll be looking for more of them today. They will make great stocking stuffers.
    Although it might not be considered a Christmas gift Grocery Outlet had an online ad the other day for canned chicken breast. 14.5 ounce cans at 4 for a dollar! I will be looking for them later today also.

  8. The boys will get a emergency radio this year along with a tool kit of very small screw driver items. I have a set and like it. They also usually get some sort of light emitting item. Thinking also some Eneloop. Yes materialism, but they won’t purchase for themselves. As long as I am breathing I will do the momma thing!

    1. Mrs.USMCBG, yep, we have been building out preps for each of the kids, and my sons Ex who has the grands, for quite a few years. They seem to enjoy what they get. And they get a PM each year also. If EE has an awesome deal on FD fruits or veggies, we send a case to each – not necessarily for Christmas – just so they have it. They all have safety bags which have been used at one time or another over the years.

  9. How about a gift basket of odds and ends?
    The dollar store is a friend for those on a budget. Food, reading glasses, extra can openers, etc.
    Extra one pounder propane cylinders, magnesium fire starters, sold elsewhere…….
    There are so many ideas.

    1. Joe c. Northern tool sells an adapter to refill the 1 lb propane cylinders. You tube has videos demonstrating it. Get the P 38 can openers from Ready Made Resources, Dollar Store ones don’t hold up.

      For those who already read my reply on Grocery Outlet for chicken breast 14.5 oz at 4 for a dollar it wasn’t breast it was broth. I did find 5 oz cans of Hormel dark meat chicken at 99 cents a can. These will delight my MIL as she loves the dark meat chicken and it is hard to find in cans.

      They also had Stater Bros 10 oz cans of pulled pork for 1.29 a can.

  10. Couple of years back, while looking for last minute “small gifts” for wife and daughter, I noticed some “promo” back packs at Wally World selling for $10 each. Sparked my imagination, as neither were into prepping. Bought a couple of them (plus a child back pack for grand daughter) and proceeded to add a flashlight, a water bottle, a folding knife, a three pack of Bic lighters (knife and lighters replaced with small toys for grand daughter), packages of gauze, tube of antibiotic, roll of surgical tape, a couple of granola bars, and a survival blanket. The cost? Less than $50 each. Truthfully, neither were overly thrilled with them Christmas morning, laying them quickly aside and moving on to their bigger gifts. Fast forward a year or so, I noticed the bag in the back corner of my wife’s SUV. I mentioned it, saying I was surprised she was carrying it still. She replied, “Oh, I’ve added some other stuff to it. Doesn’t hurt to have it with me, just in case.” Found the same was true with my daughter.

    Sometimes all you need do is plant the seed and watch it grow.

    1. Dennis, yes, we have found that our older siblings and their kids have actually enjoyed getting their bags and then love to see what can be added. And they keep them in their vehicles. This year another nephew will get his safety bag. When we first started doing this, we only gave to those relatives and friends who saw the need to be prepared, but we found the others actually wanted one also. So over the years we have put together a safety bag for almost all family and most good friends. And by the way, we always include a paper map, light and fire, water purification, hygiene. Not all have cooking items or radios to start with – those kinds of items are slowly acquired.

      We believe in budgeting so it is done carefully within our budget. What impresses me is when the person who got the kit adds more items that could be used in an emergency.

  11. My kids are all getting PANTRY items this year. Double size grocery bags full of home canned wonderful organic foods, and a few bulk purchased spices to go with as well as a bottle of Prosseco to bring in the new year. They are ALL thrilled with the idea. (good thing cause the gift ain’t changing!)

  12. oh, forgot….the pantry also included ammo in their respective caliber for each weapon handler in their households. That usually encourages them to come join us at FrontSight for refreshers. One year they ALL were given memberships….one year each DD or DS and DSiL or DDiL were given weapons….you get the picture.

    1. Pioneer Woman, great idea! I cannot say that we have ever done the ammo as a gift. I also like the home canned idea but I only have one child close enough that I have done this for her. I did give my dad home canned deer meat for his Christmas one year, but I had to drive it down there. He loves deer meat so it was truly appreciated.

  13. Grain mill, canning lids, sharpening stone, wool socks, a whistle, Mtn House foods, led flashlights, gift certificate to ReadyMadeResources, camping stove, pressure canner, toilet paper, sleeping bags, AM radio, gun belt, harmonica, Swiss army knife, first aid kit, rechargeable batteries, camo pajamas, night vision wear, ham radio course, scuba diving gear….

      1. NRP; I didn’t. Read it again, I use a nickname for TP, “toilet paper”. Ha-ha-ha! Gotcha!

  14. For those who seek something way out there govplanet dot com is having auction sales of military materiel over the next couple weeks. A pallet of ammo cans or medical supplies anyone?

    1. Thanks for the heads up Anony Mee. I checked them out. There are a few things I will be bidding on come Tuesday.

  15. I really don’t want anything. But, I will give Ken a huge, from my heart, GOD BLESS YOU, for this site

  16. Our Christmas gifts are always more practical and just about everything named here has been given at one time or another – other than ammo. we also try to be creative and provide home made food or other items when logistically possible. We don’t buy for all the nieces and nephews but we try to provide a basic safety kit to each as we are able and they are old enough to utilize it. Then we can add something here and there. Often one will see a new item added to someone’s kit and they will go buy it because they don’t want to wait. It does seem to motivate them to some degree to be ready for a small emergency at least. At the very least, we feel better knowing they have a better chance of dealing with a small emergency. It also opens everyone up to communicating about what worries them and how to deal with it.

  17. A Zippo lighter- there’s many different designs, camos, colors, logos, etc etc
    You can put just about any fuel in them if you’re in a bind
    Available as cheap as $10 for new ones
    Good in wind, cold, and high altitude…

  18. For those urbanites that are on the public utilities a portable-potty is a good idea.

    When there was an emergency dig in front of our house we had to walk a block to a public potty. Since then having done much research the best turns out to be the simplest, the Luggable-Loo.

    I got one and have never used it, but will give it a shot. It will also come with us camping. It might sound like a crappy gift idea, but it is one of life’s necessities. Don’t forget the TP.

    1. Old Chevy,

      If needed for yourself (and you’re correct, everyone needs an emergency potty), not for a gift, it’s an easy and cheap project. Take a 5 gallon bucket (free one or $2. 50 Wally World), a cheap wooden toilet seat ($8 Wally World). Place toilet seat upside down on the floor, center bucket top on underside of seat, trace outside lip of bucket on seat with pencil/marks-a-lot, take 4 one inch wood screws and screw them into bottom side about 3/8th inch deep just outside the pencil line around the circumference of bucket top, equally spaced. Buy a pack of bathroom waste basket trash bags. You can figure out how it works from there. Wallah! A portable toilet for less than $15. (doesn’t hurt to have a spade to bury the contents)

      1. That’s a good idea, I’m thinking now how to adapt that idea to a Gamma-seal bucket. Somebody could make a million $’s with a Gamma potty lid, remove it when your business is done and replace with the solid lid. There are chemicals that will decompose the waste well enough to dump it in the woods after thoroughly dried out.

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