Do You Feel The Urgency To Top Off Your Food Storage And Preps?


I’m not sure if it’s because I spend a fair amount of time each day reading alt-news (news other than the ‘mainstream media’), but lately I have had the gut feeling to urgently prepare even more. The thing is, I feel like I’m already quite well prepared, however I’m getting the feeling to do even more… and to do it quickly.

Do any of you have this sense of urgency lately? And why do think that is?

The title of this article includes the word “Urgency”. I definitely feel the urgency. And then there is the phrase to “top off”. To top off? One wonders how much is enough to feel as though you have enough? Surely that depends on what we’re talking about. In this case, lets say ‘food storage’ (but that’s just one of many categories that I feel urgent about).

When I look at my own long-term food storage, I know that I have lots, and I feel pretty good about it. When you wonder whether or not you should acquire even more, if you already have enough food storage for your ‘comfort zone’ it may seem like you don’t really need to acquire more. However there are several logical reasons why you can’t go wrong acquiring even more…

1. The prices of food will not be going lower in the future, so by acquiring more now you will be saving money into the future. A good investment while exchanging ‘paper’ fiat dollars into a very important tangible asset.

2. If stored properly, and while using good food rotation practices, the food will not be wasted – even if there is no ‘collapse’ condition in our future.

3. Having more food will always buy you more survival time. That’s a good thing.

4. More food on hand will enable the possibility to feed others. Others who may be able to help fortify survival.

5. Your food storage and the caloric content thereof may not be as much as you think – so having more will bolster your deep pantry in calories and nutritional content. Variety is the spice of life – so use this same principle in your food storage.

Okay, back to the word, urgency.

I cannot ever remember a time in my life when there has been so much risk at once in the world. And it’s all building while barely being held together by propaganda, false perceptions, manipulation and control by the-powers-that-be. With the election coming up and ‘globalism’ on the line, the globalists can not and will not allow their power to be taken away. There are just a few weeks remaining and one wonders what ‘they’ will do…

I will turn this conversation over to you.
Do any of you have this sense of urgency lately? And why do think that is?

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  1. Not just food supplies!!

    Bags of planting soil in case I have to grow food inside for the next year, bulk baking soda to neutralize the PH of the soil if it gets effected with chemicals brought about from flooding. Extra filters for my Berkey. Rice brand to keep deer on my property for harvesting. Extra bar and chain, chain oil, 2-cycle oil for my chain saw. Extra eye glasses! Just finished burying a vehicle and ATV in a metal container and placed another on top and starting to fill it with stuff!!!

    1. Burying a vehicle and an ATV. I admire your preparedness tremendously!
      I’ll add plastic sheathing for green houses from Home Depot.

      1. You might also consider rolls of tar paper to black out windows so that at night no evidence is showing that you’re at home and have supplies.

        Harbor freight also has exterior battery operated motion sensors that have a 200′ range to the receiver alarm inside your house. They cost about $13.00ea. with a coupon.

      2. Its been the most expensive two weeks of my prepping, but I now have a little more assurance of surviving if an EMP happens and I have to become mobile to survive. Vehicle has an extra gas tank with fuel and preservative added, food and survival supplies stored within it.

        One other important investment people may consider. An oxygen concentrator. If the future creates and environment of any type of respiratory distress like smoke or illness this could be a life saver. Some are listed at Amazon.

    2. We have also buried more metal pungy bucket barriers and developed a marker system to ID their location. Bought more rolls of barbed wire and chain to rig and hoist tree trunks in the air to destroy armored vehicles when they enter. Surprise!! Surprise!! Surprise!!! A few other surprises that I won’t mention!!! LOL!!! Think!! Use the force of gravity to your advantage. If you have timber and/or boulders and a means to move them, then use your imagination to eliminate their force multipliers if you can.

      Get’er DONE!!!!

        1. Suggestion:
          Check to see if the rural area near by has a County Co-op or Farmers Feed Store/supply/hardware all rolled up at one location. If so apply for a part time job. This would provide oppertunities to meet the local rural community and/or rural property owners that are developing their property as preppers/homesteaders. Montoring who buys what can tell you alot about how they may be preping. If someone needs help, etc.

          In our group we have Vets, Registered Nurse, land excavating contractor, cattle rancher, geologist. All have knowledge in firearms, gardening, first aid and most of all a caring, helpful attitude.

      1. I’m terribly prepared, disabling armored vehicles seems like a dream to me… I kinda wish I could come over :D

        1. Wherever you are there should be some older mature vets and/or preppers who would be willing to bring you on board.

          I know that as a retired military (mid 50’s guy) I would love to have some responsible youngsters to be part of a group. I need strong shoulders to help unwind barbed wire around the perimeter,etc. Do some asking around and find some preppers that you can trust and who are willing to bring you on board.

          1. I’m not sure whether prepping is as common in Canada, but I can see it being hard to find preppers–they’re probably littered around the country. Few and far in-between.

          2. Don’t discount your qualities, your youth, or your physical stamina — they will be much needed values in tomorrow’s world.

            What you can do in the interim is to make your own mental notes of who is where, who lives where, and if need be (when TSHTF) then you approach them. This way you do not giveaway your personal preparedness mindset until you actually need to.

            Gather together what you can and keep a level head. Shelter in place, if possible, and reach out when the time/situation allows. Don’t put yourself in danger until you have strategized, then proceed with your plan(s) cautiously.

          3. @ Youngster. I agree with Modern Throwback, don’t discount your youth. Many of us who prep lack what you have, which is youth and stamina. People may be thrown back to a time before modern machinery and will need people just like you to help out. When it comes time to approach someone, let them know that you are willing to work in exchange for food and or shelter.

          4. You are right on, would love to have young people to help and teach but it’s not that easy to find them. My grand kids only want to know how much is or that worth and why don’t I want sell it. Sort of sad to see, no idea of the work that went into things. To busy playing with video toys.

    3. The soil is a great idea. My focus has been on extra fertilizer and pest control. I know that this stuff will not last forever but when your garden HAS to Produce I think that these things will help while you go through the Learning Curve on gardening. Start learning how to save seeds and how to grow starts from seeds. It’s not as simple as some would like to think. I failed this last spring on tomato starts and on Leeks as well as on blackberries from canes. I watched a lot of YouTube and they leave out a lot of what what’Burt Gummer’ would call “Critical, Need to Know Information”

      1. I use for my seeds mix of vermiculite, perlite and coco coir (or peat coir, same dif) 1:1:1 by volume. Use empty rolls from TP if you must, make sure you fold the bottom. They can be planted out as is, no need to replant, paper will decompose. Firm up with your thumb, so seeds make contact with a firmed up mix. Cover seeds with vermiculite. They will germinate happily indoors with reasonable moisture. The key is light – keep your lights on or get a fluoro light. I believe that the length of the light day is more crucial than your soil temperature. Hope that helps.

        1. To Nolonger 25,

          I see your post. Thank you. I am copying your recent posts to a Word document and saving to my hard drive so I will be sure to find the info next year. You have some very good suggestions.

          Nolonger25: I am Nolonger70. I also have trouble with figuring out these websites and how to post and how to spellcheck. They should have remedial computer classes for seniors.

  2. Like Being Watched, I am more worried about other things than food for myself, such as more propane for my propane heater, more alcohol for my alcohol stove, more seeds for planting next year, extra potting soil, more dog food (My elderly dog is doing better since the doc put him on Tramadol so he may live longer than I had expected.) I am also looking at kerosene heaters, since I think kerosene might be safer than propane. I am concerned because kerosene heaters require maintenance and extra parts and I have no experience.

    BTW, Being Watched mentioned spare eyeglasses. I just watched a program on PBS about vision and it reminded me that people who wear contact lenses will need to have a pair of eyeglasses as well. I don’t know how long contacts last, but I think it is not forever. If you have poor vision, you need to have at least one pair of glasses as well as extra contact lens solution, extra contacts, and whatever else is needed to maintain contacts.

    1. Daisy K,
      Not sure of where I saw a reference site, but you might look into salvaging seeds for your previous harvest instead of ordering more. Can’t do this with GMO seeds, only with heirloom. This will ensure the seeds are fresh and more likely germinate the next spring.

      Hope you stay warm this winter.

      1. I saved some seeds, but some of the things I planted were not Heirloom, some were things I had never eaten before and didn’t particularly like, some were things that take two years to produce seeds, and some seeds I saved from last year didn’t bloom (like my Straight 8 Cucumbers). I haven’t had any luck starting seeds indoors, so I always buy some plants already started like peppers and tomatoes because my growing season is not long enough.

        I tried a lot of different vegetables and lots of different suppliers this year to see what I liked and how many seeds sprouted. Now I will order more. Looking at Burpee’s website this month, since that is the company that gave me the best producers.

        1. I’ve used for heirloom seeds and had good success! It’s run by The Amish Community.

        2. I get seeds from baker creek (rare seeds .com). All they sell are heirloom. After growing from my saved seeds for over 3 years my plants grow really well in my climate. You have to do a lot of reading about what plants will grow well in your climate. I grow plants that do well in the Ukraine and other northern climates. That includes tomatoes, corn and even cantaloupe. My season is only 3 months at best.

          1. I LOVE baker Creek heirloom seeds. Always germinate at almost 100 per cent. And I am saving seed each year. However, next year’s gardens will ONLY be the foods we like and can harvest and save/can/preserve for the winter. Get SERIOUS folks.

            Blessings always…….

          2. And PS: YES. I too, feel the urgency. After reading this morning about Russia calling home it’s students and citizens from abroad….I made another run to top off preps. Will go again tomorrow for the rest of my list.

            Praying for our country and all here.

          3. I took an inventory this spring of what we actually eat and what we grow…SMH

            So I bought more seeds to expand next spring. I think with care and time we can grow everything except grains. Just not enough space for wheat or oats in the amounts needed.

          4. Just visited Baker Creek Seeds in Missouri. What a great place. Stocked up on a lot of seeds while there.

          5. Baker Creek ( is great. I’m a seed saver and got most of my starter seeds from BC.

            BTW they start sending their free catalog about the second week of Dec. You can get an early jump on ordering by ordering their “Whole Seed Catalog” which contains their free catalog plus lots of info, stories and recipes. It ships Nov. 17 and costs $8 + shipping. You’ll love it!

        3. Interesting article Lauren.

          Being Watched: I could only find one product on that website — a seed bank. I didn’t see where you could pick and choose which varieties you want, but instead it was a sort of Table D’Hote.

          Old Lady: I checked out the rare seeds website and ordered a free catalogue.

          Thanks all.

        4. Sorry I was supposed to reply to you re germinating seeds indoors, but ended up somehow replying to The Right Of Attila The Hun, so please see above your post for the mix and how to. Also the old secret to avoid empty flowering cucumbers is: add a 10 l bucket of water (What is it in gallons, 2.5?) 2 tb spoons of Bi carb soda, pour 250 ml ( a cup) under each plant before flowering and during flowering. Make sure it’s under each plant, otherwise you’ll burn the leaves. Also, your soil should be already wet. That should reduce the number of “empty” flowers. Hope that helps.

      2. Hi, I can confirm from personal experience, that seeds collected from plants that were planted and grew up where you live, actually perform better than seeds you purchased. They somehow acclimatize and “know” what to expect. So collecting and saving your own seed will reward you. Heirloom is the key, but do not forget that you can get free seeds from what you buy in the supermarket, things like whole pumpkin. Save the seeds. Also, simple things like slice a tomato, put slices in the pot, cover with soil, water regularly and wait – 10 days or so you’ll have heaps of tomato seedlings ready to be replanted. Be inventive, go to gardening forums, plenty of great and simple ideas there: potatoes in layers in old tires, cucumbers in old plastic drums with side holes…it’s amazing how innovative and adaptable people are (and so is nature).

        1. Sorry again, I can’t get the knack of it, that was supposed to be a reply to DaisyK.

    2. For those of you who need some backup prescription eyeglasses,you can get a nice cheap pair for under $30 online. Ask your optometrist to give you your pupillary distance (PD) measurement so you can choose glasses that will fit your size of face. Zennis has tons of styles of frames as cheap as $6.95. I like to buy them in crazy colors. I recommend getting an upgrade from their basic lens…easier to clean. They work great, though! I have 5 pairs I go between…2 shapes in 2-3 colors each. Lots of fun :)

      1. dudethisisit

        I think Ken J had a link on here to couple of places to order back up eyeglasses.

        Maybe you could post it for folks again, Ken J?

        Back up Eyeglasses …..

      2. If you have a ruler that measures in millimeters, you can have someone measure your PD or pupillary distance. Have the person gaze into the distance and measure the distance in millimeters from the center of one pupil (black part) to the center of the other.

  3. I read the alt news sites too and try to 2nd source things so that I don’t fall prey to over blown stories. But, yeah, it feels pretty hinky to me.

    My ancient/cheap kitchen stove is going fritzy so I will be getting a new one this Friday. Not something that I wanted to get right now but maybe it was a nudge to ‘do it now’. Also got a new 20lb propane bottle this week and a clothes drying rack. I’ll be getting more food supplies the next few days. Hate to spend the cash but….

  4. Everyday!!
    It has become an obsession which is beyond my normal life pattern, when I believe I have enough. TPTB decide to ratchet up the chess game they are playing with the lives of those who reside here on this planet just for their odd sense of enjoyment. Which kicks me in overdrive, there are days I have more to accomplish then hours in which to full that task(s).

    1. Do what you can and at the end of the day give thanks that you have progressed a little further toward the goals of your preparations. Even today you are further along than many people around you.

      Urgency? Yes, I have felt it lately. I have topped off and done what I can. Just yesterday I came home from the store. I smiled to myself and thought if something goes down tonight I’ll be OK. Will I keep preparing? Yes, but at a slower pace. I will maintain food supplies and OTC medicines. Everything else is good to go.

  5. Definitely feel something is coming, but who knows, as Ken said, could just be because I read Alt news etc, that said though, am definitely picking up a little extra of this a little more of that, figure I would rather have it and not need it than be SOL. In my AO, majority will be SOL, people just don’t get it how delicate the balance is and our JIT system. Out here, EVERYTHING comes from somewhere else.

    Speaking of that, think I will go get a couple more drums of fuel……

    1. I’m gambling that my dollars have about as high of a purchasing power now as they’re ever going to get. Not if, but when these events start the value of the dollar will plummet. Then it’ll be too late to acquire most of what is available now and I think we all agree that time is running out!

  6. I do feel a different energy out in public these days. The locals hanging out in bars are extremely angry at the government and rich people in general. To include the scumbags in the MSM. They better watch their six when SHTF.

    Ditto on stocking up on everyday supplies that use. I have accelerated my winter garden for southwest Florida. Started seeding winter crops at different intervals pissing off the wifee now because the backyard is turning into a jungle of sweet potato vines going every where (it’s a perennial down here).

  7. Although seeds/food is important, don’t forget the even more important WATER, WATER, and more WATER!
    Think of how you can accomplish this.

    I have 8-10 55 gal drums that will get filled at the first sign of the water supply being in jeopardy such as grid down and then a rain collection system from my gutters. Save bottled water as a last option because it will last.
    I also feel the need to step up my game of prepping ASAP or at least between now and the end of the year. Too many scenarios that can happen right now, and none of them are good!

    1. Agree. If you have a drilled well make sure to install a hand pump… or you can also by 12 volt deep well pumps that can hook up to a deep cycle 12v battery and tie with a few solar panels.

  8. I absolutely feel the urgency, and have mentioned my discomfort for several months here… my discomfort was really what drove me to start searching for more info and ultimately to Ken’s site here.

    Like Nailbanger and aka, I have to be careful not to fall prey to the alt news sites without double-checking sources, and I try very hard to weed out the “war is coming today!” type of hype. But, once you see the patterns – the escalation of events I’ll call it – you can’t help but pay more attention and even worry about it.

    We are small business owners, and I have to tell you we also feel this tension from MANY of our clients in a diverse groups of industries (medical, manufacturing, not-for-profit, education and others). Our clients are skittish, they may not feel “war” per se, but they are reluctant to spend and they are seeing their own clients backing away from making purchases or giving donations. We are seeing a HUGE slow-down in our business at a time when we are normally crazy-busy – so even the uninformed are feeling “something” is wrong.

    1. @ So Cal Gal,
      I see it here too, people are not spending as much money here. Had 5 places go out of business in my nearest tiny town and if you walked in the street downtown, you’d be the only one. The workplace I am at lost half their revenue this year and our budget cut one worker and me losing a month of work/pay. All summer it looked a lot like 2008 to me so it does call for some urgency.

      I had to do serious maintenance on my home and saved money for new roof which won’t make another year its so bad. And with the belief Hillary will be president next year since the self-destruction of the other candidate this past week, I know we are headed for serious trouble ahead.

    2. So Cal Gal,

      I help run my family business and I can relate all too well about the huge slow down. Normally around this time of year, we would be 7-10 days out on shipping orders. Now, we ship the same day since it is so slow. I have been getting calls from customers not placing orders, but asking if we are busy because they are dead slow with no sales.

      Hopefully business picks up because if this continues, not sure how any small businesses will survive in the long run.

    3. Hi Stardust and Sunny CA,

      I’m sorry for both of you that you are feeling it, too. I guess I feel a little better that it is not just us, but that is really cold comfort because I wish all of us were booming and busy and making more money. Thanks to both of you for responding, and I wish all of us some better times ahead, though that sure seems like a long-shot right now.

  9. It is comforting to hear others feeling the urgency, we all tend to second guess ourselves I’m sure, but better safe than sorry.

  10. Yes I feel the urgency.

    Whether it is real or not only time will tell but the feeling goes deep & there is plenty of news to back the feeling up.

    We just finished filling our 9000 gal cistern yesterday, we have 1/2 a beef ordered & mostly paid for, chickens ordered, freezers & pantry full but still the what if. What can I do more of?

    Our problem is meds. Some we have been able to get ahead on but not all. Must do research on alternatives. We Canadians sit between the 2 giants so if things go hot I’m sure some things may fall on us too. I try to find enjoyment in each day& not let the feelings rule my day. Bless you all for your ideas & encouragement.

  11. I think some of this might be instinctual… winter is coming and we “feel” the need to stock up, prepare, and inventory. However, there are so many things going on in more places than I’ve seen in a long time… and any one of them could be the “fuse” that lights it off. North Korea, Syria, the economy, Russia, etc.. It all does seem to be accelerating and escalating. I too feel a little more urgency… so we ALL are getting that feeling. Let’s hope things calm down a little (dreaming?)

  12. I’ve felt this way for some time, even before I started coming to this site. I don’t regularly access any other alt news sites unless I hear something specific that I want to research.

    The interesting thing about this is that most people around me are feeling like something big is coming, but without the first idea of what it might be. Of course, for most of them actually preparing for the unknown is out of the question. But they do feel it.

    The urgency is growing, though. I know I’m not as prepared as I could be, and without a budget there’s not much I can do except add to skills and research.

  13. I just ponder how the bulk of humanity seems to have reverted to a more primitive, emotionally driven, state.

    The emotional programing of the dumb driven masses, who have no idea of what Reason is, or know that Logic is not an invention of Mankind’s..but, something we noticed about how Existence manifests itself…has been completed. The emotional trigger words have been put in place, whose purpose is to shut down thought, or doubt, and to evoke immediate submission. Rational argument is powerless against those who have never learned the nature of Rationality, who do not recognize contradiction as an error, and who believe it best to place their emotional whims, above reason, and fact.

    I believe most minds are now jumble of mutually exclusive, non-concepts, mired with undefined terms, and vague assumptions, floating on a sea of emotions, deliberately instilled in them by their schools, and entertainment media. Just look at the shallow intellects surrounding us. The ignorance which abounds!

    Yes. Something is happening to disturb many of us, and it has been happening for some time now. No answers, just problems. No wisdom, just intellectual dishonesty. No peace, just wars. No morality, just sloth. No individuality, just followers. No Liberty, just tyranny.

  14. I do feel the urgency, but I don’t have the money to go out buying a ton of food to store, though, I may go out and do it anyways eventually.

    I feel the urgency because of the growing tensions between Russia and NATO (the US really), and because every time I look into the news and see something that’s so completely despicable that it makes my blood boil, I can also only think of how quickly it will come here.

    The latest article I read that made my blood boil was one about how a wheelchair bound Swedish woman was gang-raped by five refugees, and the criminals got off because according to Swedish law “she did not do enough to fight off her attackers”. When I see something like that, I tremble at the thought of what the world will be like in short time.

    Sometimes I wonder whether my dream of a peaceful life, married, out in the country, living mostly self-sufficiently is ever going to come true. I know that may be slightly off-topic, but regardless, the state of the world makes me feel urgent, almost to the point of stressing me out sometimes and it makes me want to buy food and bullets among other things.

    1. Youngster, I love your dream.

      If only more young men your age had your worthy life goals and wisdom; what a different world this would be. I do not know if you are a believer, but I hope you take your goals, needs and gratitude to prayer. Miracles are real, especially where one’s heart desires good. One time I prayed when I was concerned about the future and felt stuck as far as funds go for prepping. I said if I had the money I would use it wisely for that purpose…I do not remember how long after but soon our family’s financial situation increased abundantly and I was able to add a generous portion of our budget to prepping.

      I tend to be one of those that dream too-for better or worse. The other night though when I was letting fear of the future consume my thoughts. I woke up multiple times during the night to this phrase passing through my mind “Your preps are only as strong as your faith”. That helps me to remember fear is a backward force to my prepping. I do what I can with all my heart to follow Christ’s teachings including acting upon HIS warnings of this day in age and the rest is out of my control but I have the control to let faith lead the way to bring peace to my heart.

      Sorry if I went too “churchy” in my post.

      1. There have been a number of times when I strongly felt that I needed to get or do something but didn’t have the money for it. In each case, I prayed about the problem and basically said “If this is something you want me to do, you’re going to have to make it happen.”

        It always happened. The hard part is knowing what direction I need to go.

        I’ve learned that if you’re doing something (or not doing something) out of fear, it’s the wrong reason. Every time. If there’s no reason other than fear, it’s almost always necessary to move in the other direction.

        When I quit my job in 2011, it was like that. Once I was able to get the fear out of my decision making process, I was able to walk away.

      2. You didn’t go too churchy at all! :D

        I realize that faith in Christ is more important than any prep I could ever buy–and I most certainly need to read more. For the most part, I don’t prep out of fear, especially not out of fear for myself.

        I do want to be more self-sufficient regardless, and I want my family to have an all catching safety net. On the bright side, I’m turning eighteen soon–and in Canada that means a possession and acquisition license! Can’t wait to get an SKS! :D

  15. I definitely feel we can’t prepare enough. Do feel better when I organize the deep pantry but still… it’s hard to admit but there are some things we may not survive.

    This is all predicted in the Bible so I’m trying to walk close to our Maker. It’s a daily struggle to fight fear or despair. I appreciate each of you who feel it too. Peace to you all. Something will most likely happen this month. I’ve had some dreams and I rarely dream. Dark ones.

  16. I thank all of you for your comments, because I, too, have been feeling a sense of urgency.

    Right now, I am hoping for just one more year. By this time next year I will have a small solar system set up primarily for refrigeration. Every week my budget is stretched to the limit buying meat for freeze drying. But there is so much more to purchase- more solar lights, Kryptonite locks for outdoor buildings and then, security.

    I have been prepping for six years but only recently have I felt that events are moving faster and faster toward very hard times. Perhaps the saddest part is that this sense of urgency has taken the joy out of prepping. The time factor, having a close deadline lurks behind my activities.

    1. Think of how I feel when my family really isn’t prepared at all, I’m straight out of high-school and still unemployed. I’m not saying that to try and make you pity me though, but I am pretty jealous of all of the people who write on this blog. You all seem pretty fortunate to be a bit older and have your stuff in order. I am really happy that there are a bunch of people like all of you out there.

      1. If you have no preps & TSHTF you’re in a survival situation. Look at the survival books on this website then go to your library. Find someone who does wild edible walks in your town. There’s always hope. Knowledge is free, just costs the effort.

      2. It’s funny you say that. I’m unemployed with a mortgage and household expenses, so it’s a similar situation. Minimal money for preps.

        So you work with what you have. Knowledge is free, and if you’re just out of high school you probably remember how to study. Pick a topic. Edible plants, hunting, how to make a bow or knap an arrowhead.

        When you’re in the thrift stores, look for items that will help you–someone on this blog last spring (?) found a Berkey water filter. Check places like Craigslist for people giving stuff away. Lots of people start a hobby, get bored with it, and simply discard the equipment. Work on gardening. Whatever it takes. It’s all “prepping.” The STUFF people buy is useless without the mindset to go with it. If you have the mindset, you’re miles ahead of the majority. If you have so much as a week’s supply of food and water (or a way to get those things when SHTF) you’re ahead of most of the rest.

        1. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been trying, but it’s also somewhat hard to put a lot of what you learn into practice when you live in the city. Making fire, knowing your edible and medicinal plants, hunting, fishing, etc, they all require that bridge from theory to practice–and that’s partly what I’m waiting on.

          1. Youngster, there is a publication called “Urban Homesteading” that will give you lots of info for prepping in a city. Try the library, or online. There is so much info online to learn from!

            I did some “stealth homesteading” before we moved to our actual homestead in a different state. Did it right under the (nosey) noses of the home owners associations that hated -and banned – any type of food gardening, fruit plantings, or whatever. Remember, each journey starts with a single step. And if I may suggest; get yourself a good notebook and PLAN what you can do, even the smallest of steps. Best of luck. We are all in this together.

      3. @Youngster,
        Don’t be afraid to look for free discarded treasure. I went to our dump and recycling center and found many useful preps. I found water containers, crate wood and peeled logs to make furniture, sawn PVC pipe ends for caching money, metal grates for campfire cooking, and raw materials you can use to make things.

        If you look in the paper, find rummage sales and visit them at the end. Often times the things they don’t sell, they often give away free.

        My coworkers cleaned up a road of aluminum cans and scrap metal and it bought $20 dinners for each of them. You could ask neighbors if they have any junk metal, old motors they don’t want and that will give you prep money.

        I am an old scrapper myself and it helped me through hard times. Use your imagination and go with what sells or what you can make or use.

      4. My advice? Enlist.
        Air Force or Navy, if you are feeling froggy try the Marines. Pick a field like intelligence or better yet data. Should things go sideways you’ll be in a more “protected” place, you’ll learn some valuable skills that translate well into civilian life should you be so lucky to complete 4 years without a hiccup. All the while your food/health/living is paid for and you’ll make money enough to send back home if needed.

  17. Things being the way they are, no YEAH, I do not trust this admin as far as I can throw a bus. Oblowme HAS OPENLY ADMITTED HE WILL NOT LEAVE OFFICE if Trump wins and that WILL START FULL OPEN CIVIL WAR.

  18. Congrats on #10 spot!!!!

    I have felt an urgency to get more done. I finally got my raised garden beds finished and a fall garden planted. The hand-pump will be installed next week on the well. “Collecting” extra food grade buckets, canning some extra stuff like soup bases, which mean more liquid to consume. Totally out of debt now so more money to get a few more things done.

  19. I have had this conversation with my wife & son. The price of food is continuing to increase as is all other services. We are starting to move some items to pre-selected locations. This is something I wrote on my Facebook for my friends and relatives.

    The upcoming election in November could be the most important election in our lifetime. Not only is the president for the next 4 years is to be decided but many congressional house seats and Senate seats are to be elected on.

    We, the United States, has a growing fiscal debt of over 19 Trillion dollars and growing every year. It will soon reach a point where all of the taxes and tariffs collected will go to pay the interest on this debt. Whoever we elect will be saddled with the responsibility to make sure our seniors who are collecting the Social Security that they paid into will be able to continue to collect this. Our military will have to be paid and our veterans that we as a country guaranteed benefits to for serving and came home damaged get the care they were promised and deserve.

    This country will soon run out of the money necessary for this and if you want to see what the United States will look like in a few years look at Venezuela and what is happening there. The media is deliberately not covering this tragic story.

    No matter who we elect that person will have to make some serious decisions that will affect everyone.

    And yet we continue bringing immigrants from countries that not only don’t want to assimilate into our culture but want us to embrace their culture. They are given many unearned benefits that will soon diminish our ability to take care of our citizens who earned and paid for those very same benefits.

    Just think what will happen and the turmoil generated when the money stops flowing into Social Security or the EBT cards.

    It’s not a Republican or Democrat problem but an American problem and it will happen in 2 to 3 years. We must open our eyes to what is happening around us in Proverbs 22:3 (I’ll paraphrase it) “A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions and prepares. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”

    This country must now take care of itself and that includes the people in this country. In Luke 22:36 Jesus says to his disciples, primarily Paul and once again I will paraphrase, “Let he who is without a sword (gun) take his purse (money) and purchase a sword (gun) and he who does not have a purse (money) sell a cloak (or other possessions) and purchase a sword (gun).

    There will come a time when the police will not be there to protect you from those that wish to do you and your family harm. I know it also says in the bible “that he who lives by the sword shall perish by the sword” but defending and protecting your family is not living by the sword but protecting that which you cherish most the lives of your family and the continuation of the republic that we call the United States.

    1. Oldalaskan..all these things you listed are not created out of incompetence…sadly, it is designed.

  20. Mr. Ken,

    Today’s post hits home. As a believer/follower of Christ, there are times where the Holy Spirit will give you an unction. In my 38 years here on Earth I’ve never been awoken more and stirred to pray and prepare like in recent months.

    Been listening and learning from the sidelines for several years. Now front and center directly discussing with family and neighbors to finalize plans.

    Thanks for providing this connection point for us to all share info/ideas…

    John 6:63
    Every blessing,

  21. I am very impressed with this blog! I have only recently “seen the light” as far as prepping goes. I am way, way behind, but what I have read here has given me ideas and hope. Glad to find this site, and glad there are people prepping for real world scenarios.

  22. In my mind the MOST important prep you must have, is to be fully prepared to defend what’s yours!

  23. We also feel the sense of urgency that seems to be prevalent in the land.

    We have been purchasing tangible things, food, clothes, tools and so forth.
    Most German banks now provide negative interest rates to keep money in their bank. The private bankers that run our money system have said that “negative ” interest rates are on the table for discussion in this country. Thank you very much Ms. Yellen, I consider that a warning. Continuously rising food & clothing prices do not bode well for us.

    Our tax system is worse than it was in 1773 .30% of my phone bill is tax. 65 cents of every gallon of gas is tax in the state where I live. We just sold a rental property and have the privilege to pay about 20% of the gross sale to the weasels in Washington.

    These are exciting, interesting and frightening times, it is critical to be aware and alert at all times. A big thing is to be as debt free as possible. Be as self-reliant as you can possibly be.

    We put our faith in Christ for guidance and comfort, He has served us well.

  24. The defense part is the only part I am at par with at this point. I reload and have some surplus brass.

    What I have been reading here made me realize how one dimensional my thinking has been. Had it not been for a trip I took to the Weminuche wilderness this past summer (and was put in my place by my lack of survival skills) I would not have found this place.

    I followed a link from a blade forum to read about Bush knives, and looked at other posts… I became enthralled at the no nonsense discussion, and real world scenarios (no zombies mentioned) and I have been soaking up the knowledge.

  25. I feel a great sense of urgency (bordering on panic).

    Yesterday’s question was about war with Russia. I went with 20%. 24 hours later… After reading what one of Putin’s lackeys said about elect Trump to avoid war, and a U.S. warship being fired upon AGAIN out of Yemen! Things are looking a bit bleak.

    Why? I do blame the media and the fear machine they love to stoke, but in the end I feel it is my lack of foresight(lack of preparedness) that is driving my anxiety.

  26. I feel like I’m in pretty good shape but there is ALWAYS more that needs to be done, learned, acquired, or tweaked.

    I just went through my heirloom seeds, now 3 years old so I’ll be ordering fresher ones. Antibiotics and other meds are approaching 2 years old so I need to freshen up my supply of them. I am adjusting the gear in my GHB for the change of seasons. I am always adding to my food supply. Just this week I sealed up 5 more large mylar bags of flour and 5 more of rice. This weekend I’ll be servicing all of our bicycles.

    I have spent the better part of this year doing lots of firearm practice and training and reloading ammo, replenishing my stock of powder, primer, and bullets.

    Still need more practice with the crossbow and re-curve bow but am well stocked on bolts, arrows, broad-heads, and bowstrings.

    I too feel a sense of urgency but not panic. For once, I feel fairly well prepared. Like most of us on this site know it IS a lifestyle. Once you adopt that mindset and lifestyle you can feel more comfortable with whatever may be thrown at you as long as you don’t become complacent. I always go back to Ben Franklin old saying, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. I for one will always continue to prepare and live that lifestyle as long as I’m alive and able.

  27. Things are happening, I get the same feeling as I had in the Nam knowing a fight was coming, having done all I could do to be ready yet wondering what did I forget.

    Sitting around waiting is so hard, that is were we are now, the wait can almost make you crazy, best to just do something, anything, sooooo went looking for shipping cans for a cold cellar about all I can Handel is a 20 footer, was on the fence about doing this now but current events have changed things a bit.

    Had our first frost last night going to need a second cold cellar just for the squash. Last year’s crop held good till April same for potatoes, that’s about the time we start to get a bunch of stuff from the greenhouse I think a good size greenhouse is a better deal than a freeze dryer. At about the same cost. Keep your power dry.

  28. I have felt the urgency. It began a few years back but has seemed to increase exponentially this year.

    There are times when I feel almost foolish for prepping, especially when I seem to be the odd one out of my millennial counterparts, yet when I read the headlines, they validate my thinking and actions so that I feel that not peeping with all the warning signs going off daily is foolish.

  29. We all should feel a sense of urgency and prepare accordingly to the best of our abilities.

    The U.S. economy has stalled and there is nothing in the immediate future to ignite it. We produce very little as a country anymore and are consumer based.

    I pray HRC does not become President, but Trump is imploding and he really doesn’t have the skills to operate in a very dynamic and increasingly threatening military world stage.

    The Chinese and Russia have been building up their military while Obama has decimated ours. High National debt, low national production, high unemployment and companies borrowing almost no interest loans from the FED to buy back their own stock. Yep, I say urgency is an understatement! Adapt, overcome and persevere. Keep on plugging folks!

    1. Perhaps it is time to get off the world stage. All the so called assistance this country has offered led to nothing but damnation of this country in the eyes of many countries. So call me an isolationist but here is my list, of the top of my head and there may be much more:

      Guard our borders
      Guard our economy with gold standard
      Guard our corporate secrets
      Guard our military secrets
      Guard our constitution
      Guard our heritage
      Guard our morals and ethics
      Guard our freedoms
      Guard our energy and resources
      Guard our production and trade

      Policeman of the world is now seen as the bully of the world – we can not save everyone on this planet!

      1. We do not need to be policeman of the world ever again.
        Your comments in my subjective opinion, are spot on the money!
        It is comforting to read your posts, and know that we, all of us, are not alone.

  30. Ken and everyone,

    I am also of the opinion that we are on the edge of a cliff.

    In addition to alternative news, there are several web sites I regularly browse to read prophetic visions and dreams that people are getting from the Lord. People are getting dreams and visions about war, economic collapse, natural disasters, pandemics and more. It would take several hours to adequately explain the details.

    The short version is this:

    Keep prepping because things will happen soon. But understand that God is allowing the perfect storm to hit America to turn people back to Him. Prepping is good. But repenting and trusting God is what He is after. America will fall. But do not lose hope. There will be a resurrection of righteousness in America. People are going to turn back to God.

      1. I read “Alas Babylon”, for the first time, when I was twelve years old, some 50 years ago. Scared the crap out of me back then, after several more readings, I am not frightened of the future at all.

    1. On the lighter side I had a dream Trump built a block outhouse in the National Forest just for himself. He required it to be 3 stories tall with glass windows as he sat on the throne on the 3rd floor. When it was done, he changed it and wanted running water and a flushable toilet. I was told to install the pipes and I tried, but there just wasn’t enough pressure with the pump for the water to go that high, then the tower collapsed while Trump tried the toilet out, and I woke up.

      Moral of the dream I had as far as I could understand–don’t put your sh*t so high when your foundation is flawed.

      I think I have been cleaning too many outhouses because my job blended with politics in my dreams.

      1. @ Stardust

        Or the moral may be, most “Ivory” towers are just an outhouse in disguise and they always they come tumbling down.


  31. Busy day….sorry for the late post.

    Took DH for an eye exam today….bad news. Legally blind in right eye due to cataract. However, can correct with lens to about 20/40. Surgery for him coming up! He has a surgery for a hernia coming up end of this month….so we will check with that surgicenter….I take him to Mexico. Saves us a small fortune.
    We BOTH ordered new glasses to add to our contact lens collection. Wanted to be sure we had spares of a new nature! Will keep the old as fall backs of course.
    Added a bit to the pantry, but quite frankly overstuffed now.

    All children, their spouses and their children can come home to the ranch and we can feed all 46 plus us for a few years! Not including beef on the hoof, chickens in the yard and the greenhouse…..crazy huh? We also can place IV’s, stitch, fill cavities, set bones, deliver babies, etc. Have a masseuse in the fam, 3 RN’s, 1 phlebotomist, 3 teachers, 1 physical therapist, ALL are trained in weaponry, security and will work like dogs to protect what we have developed. All love to cook, garden and play hard.

    Hopefully they can all get here. Friends include medical personnel and good hard working folks to farm/ranch, butcher, cook and play. We took all the friends to weaponry training as well. No slouches allowed. But seriously….if looking for a place to land, willing to pitch in hard, send me a side note or inquiry here.

    Worried about the future….very near to crisis. Best to you all.
    Also, if no crisis soon and you are interested/able to take a trip to FRONTSIGHT but need a class certificate or membership, again, I am offering….please contact Ken and he can perhaps pass along the request? Ken….can provide same to YOU and YOURS. PW

    1. Hope everything regarding your trip happens as planned before SHTF!!! And have a safe return trip!! and Recovery!!! Please consider alternate routes of getting back if things get crazy while you’re away!!

  32. well folks looks as though we are in a new conflict, confirmed this morning that a us destroyer has launched cruise missiles at suspected radar targets in Yemen, how you think before this swells to a new troop deployment.

  33. I have not read a single alternative web site in about two weeks now, as my sense of urgency is already at its peak. I don’t need to go into panic mode. As it is, last night I dreamt of war all night long. Usually if I wake during the night and fall back to sleep, my dreams change, but not last night. Every time I fell back to sleep, it was another dream about war. I was ready to get up way before my usual time as sleep just was not very restful last night.

    1. @ PG hope you are able to get some rest soon. me and my wife have had some bad dreams as well. but i’ve found some peace by accepting there is only so much i can do. we have what we have and are blessed to be doing ok, i have some like minded friends and i’m sure when it is time the things we lack if they are truly needed it will be provided, as so many things have over the years when things seemed bleak to us. good luck and have faith.

  34. I feel that Amerika is almost near red-alert and yes, I feel urgency in all that I’m doing now. We are under assault in so many directions but between the election and the nuclear threat, the immediacy is screaming to me.

    Just this morning, I watched one of SouthernPrepper’s videos from yesterday. He could not disclose much but had serious conversation with his military son who is just back from his 3rd tour at the Russian border. It is a very somber video. Please go to his Youtube channel and watch “Russia….Nuclear Preparation Now?”

    I’m more than concerned…and then there is the Presidential election. I think the election is going to be thrown. There are so many suspicious activities and behaviors going on that it can’t be overlooked. The polls and the MSM (and other controlled communication avenues) are totally managed to keep the BIG divide across America minimized. TPTB created the divisiveness intentionally but will not bring attention to that which they has created. (Why?)

    Clinton(s) can’t be trusted and they are reviled by more people than our MSM tells. Her ‘rallies’ are poorly attended and several of the recent ones have shown how small her supporter-group really is. It is a lie, just like all the other lies she and Bill have told over the years.

    The Trump movement is huge and the MSM won’t acknowledge it. I really do not believe that a Clinton campaign will heavily influence Trump voters with a lewd video. I think Trump will have much higher voter numbers than we are being told via pollsters and bobble-heads.

    With respect to the polls, I am seeing that the poll-voters are stacked to produce more D votes in those I’ve recently checked.

    Also, the MSM narrative is totally biased, controlled, and planned. The MSM declares that the polls are always either ‘close’ or that Trump is losing. Also, with all of the recent discoveries via the Wikileak documents, the Clinton campaign is having to re-manuever and re-plan in a number of directions. While the MSM may try to minimize these things, there is social media and a number of conservative and religious leaders who are speaking out on some of the latest “Clinton team” fiascoes. They are desperate — even going so far as to allege that Trump is an accomplice or supporter of Putin/Russia cyber-hacking. And let’s not forget that now our corrupt FBI is ‘looking into’ this Clinton-hacking. (How far would the FBI go to possibly hint that Trump et al is aligned with the Russians???)

    What is not being reported is the quantity of newly registered voters across the US and the number of switched registrations from (D) to (R). Just today, a new article posted specific numbers out of Pennsylvania which is a Blue State, supposedly going for Clinton. This from CBS says otherwise:
    Nearly 100,000 Pennsylvania Democrats have switched to Republican since the beginning of the year.

    What’s more: The Pennsylvania Republican party says more than 240-thousand new voters have joined the party since last November.

    The state Republican party says that the surge in Republican registrations is nearly twice the number of newly registered Republicans compared to both the 2008 and 2012 numbers combined.

    The party says the new numbers come from the Pennsylvania Department of State which shows that 97,607 Democrats have actually switched to Republican.

    viewing the Clinton rallies and speeches.

    1. {{{Clinton(s) can’t be trusted and they are reviled by more people than our MSM tells. Her ‘rallies’ are poorly attended and several of the recent ones have shown how small her supporter-group really is. It is a lie, just like all the other lies she and Bill have told over the years.}}}

      Which is where the email wins, scores, and becomes our story teller.
      I send these facts to two, they send to four= 10 informed Americans not counting me. By day’s end, thousands are informed.
      By week’s end, millions are informed.

      It’s little effort with great rewards…because LSM isn’t our friend.

  35. Well again I’m late getting to the Dance I see.

    But here is my 2¢ worth, which is worth about 1/10 of a penny now days.

    I’m actually rather calm when it comes to being prepared for what’s to come.
    Sure I watch what’s going on in the political “game”, the Markets, the world stage, the Alt-News, I try to keep my eyes and ears open as much as I can. Now please don’t get me wrong, I’m not an “event-guru” by any means, but I do ok.
    Does what’s going on bother me? Sure, and it shocks me how much this world is on the “self-destruct” mode.
    BUT guess what? There is not a single friggen thing I can do about it, I will vote, if that really matters, I will help others as best as I can, will be as prepared as much as I can, but, will it make a difference? Only to me.
    As far as the urgency to prep more, I’m a Lifestyle-er that has been doing this stuff for quite a while, I believe that having the feeling we all seem to have right now, is nothing new for a lot of us. Anyone remember the Great Depression (probably not), WWII, the Cubin Missile Crises or maybe the start of the Nam-War? How about the Rodney King Riots? Only difference I see now is more and more people are seeing and aware of what’s really been going on for decades. Is the world a ticking time-boom? You bet it is. And I do feel it is going to blow this time in a Major way, again, this will not be the first time, nor the last.

    So am I going to run out and buy more B-B-B; probably not more than I usually do every week. Remember “Use One, Buy Two”.
    Am I going to go figure a 14th way to start a fire, most likely not, just get another 8-pack of Bic-Lighters.
    Am I going to run around like a crazy old fool that I am and try to convince the town that the world is ending, welllll maybe one or two people, but not the entire town, for those that will listen to an old-man anyways.

    A few people in previous comments said, Stay calm, try to be smart, and don’t panic. Please do prepare as you can, get an extra few cans of beans and TP, try to learn new trades, but please, if nothing else, take a few minutes to look around at what you do have, your spouse, your family, what you do have, heck, even give that old Dog a hug. And if you really need to, open that deep pantry and just smile and remember your doing better than 95% of your neighbors out there. After that, go grab a few extra supplies if you have the need.

    One last thing; I’m Buddhist, being as such I may understand more than some, or most, the need to have your Heart, Mind, Soul, and Spirituality in the right place. Take some time with your family and Meditate or Pray and set your mind at ease for knowing you’re doing everything you can to live a peaceful life. Take comfort in whatever faith you believe in and know you’re not alone in your travel through this life.


    1. Good thought NRP, but I would like to add one thing that we ALL could do that express our selves at this site that could make a difference. Check the voter registration in your area to make sure your deceased love ones have been removed from the voter registration and ask another person to do the same. Also ask how the voter registration determines when to remove names. Do they check their lists against death certificates issued on a regular bassist or just before elections??

      1. This is very good advice. Just last month, I contacted our local Voter Registration office to make sure that my deceased son was no longer registered.

  36. To youngster,

    You are the exception to the rule if you are fresh out of high school on this site. When I was your age, I wasted several years at a 4 year college. (but I had a lot of fun too) When I got serious, I went to trade school I developed some skills and worked enough jobs for a resume and took it from there. Most of us on this site have been where you are. Good times or bad, tradespeople will find work.

    I now work in a large, locked mental institution. Admissions are up and business is good. Is this a general reflection of what is happening in the world around us? it could be. From my viewpoint, I feel like one of the blind men trying to describe an elephant (indian fable) . When many people’s viewpoints are placed together, you get a more full and detailed picture. Something is going on Ken. the world waits to see what we will elect as President. (and the resulting changes they will bring about)

    Prior to 2008, I felt there was something bad coming with the high rates of home defaults that were taking place. What I could not foresee was how widespread and invasive that change would be within the US and around the world. I did not know that would be the time I would leave California but I do not regret the decision we made back then to make the change to another location.

  37. In addition to world events, for many of us, the urgency may also have a seasonal cycle. Like Ken, we’re in NH. Every fall as thoughts turn to winter, I feel a need to stock up. I’m still aware during the rest of the year, of course, but not the energy is different.

  38. For those who might be interested I just did an eBay order for Potassium Iodate and was very pleased with the transaction. $7.49 for 20 65 mg tablets. Shipping was extremely fast. The last time I bought these was after Fukishima. The price quickly climbed to over $100.00 a box. They quickly sold out. If you think you might want these in your preps act early.

  39. My family has been in ammo mode for at least a year. We moved back into food mode over the last three months and are now moving back into ammo mode with a renewed sense of urgency. We’ll stay in ammo mode from here on out…

  40. There is so much corruption in govt that I do not recongnize my country any more. The state Democrat Gov was thrown out for corruption and they appointed a communist to take his place. Wowie Woo what an improvement Having preps gives you confidence in the future, but we are still at the mercy of our leadership. I have talked to a German who was a kid in WWII and as a boy feed a cartridge belt into a machine gun6 while an older boy was gunner. He survived combat and later lived on6 tree bark and tulip bulbs he stole to keep his grandmother alive He had lots of ideas on survival in a post war world with cities in ruins and Russian troops in charge. Recently we went a month without electric power to see what works and doesnot work for real. When we turned on the lights again6 it was like some totally new We could live without power after all

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