A Hand Crafted Knife For Christmas

Indy Hammered Knives

I just wanted to post a quick note this morning in support of James Wahls, a small business owner over at Indy Hammered Knives.

He has advertised with us on and off over the years (it’s tough doing so for a small business). While he currently is on a shoe-string budget, I felt compelled to help him by reminding you all of his business. I’ve always felt strongly about supporting small business and ‘Made in the USA’ when possible.

Maybe there’s someone out there who would like to support him by purchasing one of his amazing hand crafted hand forged knives. A special gift indeed.

First I wanted to show you a video of James in his shop:
(I love the knife in the video with the ‘deer shed’ handle)

I’ve done several posts in the past while promoting his business if you’re interested:

New Hand Forged Survival Knife From Indy Hammered Knives
A Hand Forged, Hand Made Knife Made In The USA
My Hand Forged-Hammered Knife

James not only has a lineup of his own knife designs, but he will also custom make a knife if that’s what you want…

He doesn’t know I’m doing this, but I just wanted to give him some props. At least give him a little traffic and check out his site if you’re curious. He has all sorts of interesting knives (and other stuff):

Indy Hammered Knives

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  1. Very nice knives and his prices are not bad for fine workmanship like this. Went to a knife show and was blown away by some of the asking prices. One blade I was looking at was 2 K and it went home with a man standing behind me. I handed it back to the dealer and this guy asked if he would take cash? Like poker you have to know when your out of your class and go home.

    1. Hey! It depends on your location since shipping is calculated by weight! All you have to do is input it on your cart put your address and it will caluculate it for you!

  2. I have been wondering what to get Blue for Christmas….. Thinking I now know…. So much for that Case of Alpo HAHAHAHA

    Exceptional quality from what I have seen on this vid and looking through his site. And honestly very VERY good pricing.

    Thanks Ken.

    1. NRP,
      Forwarding a message:
      ” Dad, please keep thinking… Love, your faithful best bud, Blue”

  3. What happened to the K bar ? 2 grand ! can you say honestly that this blade is 1,920$ worth of blade more for the money. living in Scotland (Dundee) it is not a really good idea to walk around looking like rambo.When out an about i will carry the Mora,an a small axe in a rucksack/backpack,out of sight out of mind, gray man mind set.

    1. Yep, sooooo not worth it, my favorite knife is a small hand made fixed blade i made myself that cost about 40$ with the sheath,,,,

    2. Dunc, I don’t understand your comment. He doesn’t sell K bar or anything for 2 grand. Looks like they’re around 100 bucks more or less for a hand crafted forged quality knife made in the USA.

    3. Have three of the K-Bar knifes. The first was my father’s 1944 USMC that will be going to my son with a folded flag this December. The second is my 1969 USMC duty knife that’s on my load out body armor vest. The third is a special edition USMC fancy commemorative 3/5 Dark Horse edition on the mantel. As for everyday Ken Onion knockoff folder front pocket and sometimes a SAS boot knife. As with my handgun and mags all are concealed as Rambo don’t live in Georgia.

  4. Ken,don,t get the wrong end of the stick,i ain’t knocking the guy,hats off to him for the time he puts in,an the price level of his knifes.I found the vid interesting buy the way,I was pondering how someone can justify 2K for a product.Then yer good self puts up a vid of Indy.I visit your site 2/3 times a week,have found 99% of you topics useful along with all the replies,well most.Thanks for your site,one of the best.

  5. I make knives as a hobby but I don’t forge them. I cut them from what good steel I can find. I can make a good usable knife in a day but if you want mirror finish and perfect fit it takes many hours to complete. I have made several knives but never sold any. Most of them I have given to friends and family. SIL asked me to make one for my nephew for Christmas so its off to the shop I go.

  6. Nice web site at IHK. Beautiful knives, and I saw none over $300. These are hand-made knives, crafted with care.

    Inevitably on threads like this, someone brings up K-Bars– I own two. But for a decent dependable knife, the tech has seriously improved since 1942. The K-Bar stacked leather handle and sheath will obviously degrade and mold in wet conditions, and then begin to deteriorate your metal… And the tapered tang of a K-Bar is a glaring weak point. In today’s tech, those knives are mediocre at best.

    Honestly. Think about carrying a comparatively worthy blade, like an ESEE– Kydex sheaths, MOLLE attachable systems, Micarta (not wood or leather) handles, appropriate steels. Check out the LS, or maybe the ESEE-5. These knives rock.

    So if you are stuck on K-Bars, consider yourself cordially invited to step into the Now and get a 21st century survival tool.

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