How To Download Free Topographical Maps

Last updated on August 16th, 2018


How to download FREE Topographical Maps

…of any area in the United States.

I came across this free online map resource from the website (United States Geographical Survey).

I had originally posted this a few years ago however I was recently informed of a new updated site that’s really easy to use. So I thought I would share it with you.

It enables you to easily download a free topographical map!

When you visit the site, it will display a map of the United States.

You can simply enter a city/town in the search box to view all available maps or you can navigate/zoom/scroll to wherever you are interested.

Click anywhere on the map and all available maps will be displayed (along with the year it was made, its scale, and other details). Zoom in (scroll wheel on your mouse) for more detail and specific choices.

I like to sort the map list by date. That way I can quickly see the most recent maps.

If you click on the map’s thumbnail image, it will open in a new browser window for you to view and navigate.

There are several file format choices that can download:

– GeoTiff
– GeoPDF

Direct Link To Topographical Maps Downloader:
USGS topoView

I hope this helps some of you who are interested in maps. I happen to enjoy viewing maps. Topo maps are uniquely helpful while revealing so much about an area.

I have also purchased hard copy maps from the USGS store.

For those into preparedness, it’s a very good idea to know your region. Having a topographical map of where you live will help you to understand the local geography and may reveal additional information that you didn’t know about.

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