How To Download Free Topo Maps


Here’s how to search for, and download FREE Topo maps for any area in the United States.

I came across this free online map resource awhile ago, but just today used it again to download some local topographical maps.

Direct Link To TOPO Maps:
Map Locator & Downloader


The direct link will display a map of the United States. Navigate to where you are interested (or enter a location in the search box). A new map will be displayed showing the region. You can then zoom further to narrow your search. At any time, ‘right-click’ on the map’s red pin (your current search location) and a list of available maps will be displayed. Click on any of them (the download column) to download and save!

I hope this helps some of you who are interested in maps. I happen to enjoy viewing maps. Topo (topographical) maps are uniquely helpful while revealing so much about an area.

I have also purchased hard copy maps from the same link source above (there’s a ‘buy’ column in the map list). While computer copies are nice (great for zooming in and exploring at home), a hard copy topo map is essential while actually outside (hiking, camping, etc..), plus they’re nice to look at 😉

Topo (or topographical) maps show shape and elevation of the terrain using contour lines and specific features such as roads, towns, water areas, and vegetation.

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