Keep Spare Parts With Your Preps


Especially for ‘do-it-yourself’ types, good preparedness may include the importance of keeping spare parts on hand – particularly for your ‘essential’ systems. Moving parts will eventually wear out. Things sometimes just break. That includes essential ‘electronic’ parts too.

During a time of disruption (or worse), you might not be able to drive to the store, and/or communications & delivery systems may not be working or moving. ‘Murphy’s Law’ suggests that this is the time when ‘it’ will break…

Without spare parts or the supplies necessary to adapt and repair ‘it’, you will be left with something that is essentially useless for it’s intended purpose. So here are a few suggestions:

First identify and list the most important or ‘critical’ systems that you depend upon the most, and then determine if there are spare parts for them that may be prudent to have on hand. Then work your way down to non-critical items or systems that have the potential to break.

Just a few quick thoughts (to get you thinking),

Do you have a chainsaw? They’re often used following a weather disaster (downed trees, etc…). Do you have a spare chain for it? What about a spare bar? What about a spare chainsaw? (two is one and one is none?)

Do you have a furnace for home heating? Do you have a spare ignitor (a fairly common point of failure)?

Do you have plumbing in your house? (of course you do) Assuming you can do-it-yourself, do you have spare pipe, fittings, torch, etc…?

Do you rely on a well pump? What about a spare pump?

Do you have an alternative energy system powering your home? Do you have a spare charger or inverter? Although expensive to set aside, it may be something to consider. Perhaps setting in a DIY ‘Faraday cage’?

Do you have firearms? What about spare springs, bolts, pins, etc…?

Do you have a bicycle? Spare tubes, tires, a spare wheel?

Also, having a well stocked supply of general hardware and tools can be a valuable commodity. Being a ‘do-it-yourselfer’ will enable repairs, fixes, and adaptation to problems that may arise from things that ‘break’.

The general point though is to consider acquiring specific spare parts for any critical or important system that may be integral to your survival or well-being.

Let’s hear from you –
What are some of the spares that you feel may be important to have on hand?

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