Map of Military Installations, Ranges, & Training Areas in the U.S.


(high resolution map below)

I came across a fascinating map which may be of interest to some of you. United States military bases, installations, ranges, and training areas.

It is interesting to know what may be nearby in your own region, as well as general knowledge.

The original file was huge, so I re-sized the map image down to 6000 x 5000 pixels (about 6MB) for more practical usage, view-ability, and download-ability.

All point locations are from best available unclassified sources.

The locations shown encompass both owned and leased lands. Not all installations, ranges, and training areas are depicted on this map.

This image is a work of the United States National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain.

It includes the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy.

US Military Bases & Installations Map
(6000 x 5018 px, 5.7MB)

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  1. It was a secret for a long time but during the cold war, nukes were stored at a facility near where I live. Freedom of information gave the spot and weapons were long since removed and buildings destroyed. You never know what is in your back yard until you are stopped by military when hunting or traveling. If this happens in your area, be assured they don’t want you to know what is going on because it is most likely dangerous to know.

    1. It is probably still secret but nuclear weapons are built 7 stories underground very near a large city in Southern Ohio. I don’t mean finished bombs and missiles but machined radioactive components.

      1. What’s more interesting the govt was building atomic bombs in the basement at Wrigley Field during baseball games. As far as still manufacturing nuclear or atomic weapons, that’s fine right in Texas. Three shifts 24 hours a day. Never even see the place closed on holidays.

        1. Sonny,
          I call BS on the building of nuclear bombs under Wrigley field. Stop with the disinformation. Or are you some troll?

  2. Good info to have tucked away in my electronic library!

    Where’d you find this? The copyright looks to be from about 2008.

  3. Ken, I don’t see Area 51 on the map. Must not be “public” information yet even though we all know it is there.

  4. It’s part of White Sands in Nevada. White Sands is comprised of many different Areas. You can visit. The glass made from the soil by the nuke tests is quite interesting. Area 51 was supposedly cleaned up from the toxic waste. Many people from the Las Vegas area worked there. Check it out. Sorry – no aliens.

  5. In my general region, this map is very much incomplete. Off the top of my head there is Fort Belvoir and the Marine Corp Base at Quantico. I wonder what other places are MIA.

    Would love to see this overlaid with other government no-go facilities (those referred to as “restricted area” regions).

    1. Arkaden: I see a post where you note that the map of US Military Installations is available from Amazon. I am having trouble finding it. Can you help. This is for a present for my brother who is autistic and fascinated with all of the US Military bases across the US. Thanks so much.

    1. Maneuver Training Center – Heavy . If you zoom in on the large image there’s a legend for all the acronyms at the bottom.

  6. Probably not the best idea to save this on your hard drive. Print it off if you want to keep it. Just think how easy it would be to declare someone a person of interest. Imagine the article: “Local man accused of conspiracy to commit terror after files found on personal computer including a map of all military installations.” Paranoid? yes i am!

  7. My mind must be slipping…how do I go about saving/downloading this map to my computer or Flash drive??? Thanks

  8. Just curious what you all find useful with this information? Just looking for ideas.. Not sure how to process this info would they be places to stay away from or go to in a SHTF situation. I guess it depends just wondering if I’m missing something.

  9. Greetings, Thank you for the effort on this site Map of the 48. The Nevada region is full of Proving Grounds. The region south from Elko down to Austin -Nevada – Ely southwest to Tonopah, and down to Nellis AFB; is regionally one ongoing R and D experimental region for Scalar Bottle paradox Operations. Tomographic, Atmospheric, and Surface testing of DEW and other Future Weapons. They are in high gear. The Technocratic, Corporate Military Complex makes its’ presence well known; if you know where and how to look. Thanks again for this new Bookmark. Be well over yonder… o… P.S. Another few days and we may be able to walk the moat…

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