Moving Boxes for Storage or Shipping

“Moving Boxes” in the context of cardboard boxes that you would or could use for storage or for literally moving your ‘stuff’. What are the best moving boxes? How about boxes that are strong enough to hold what’s inside!

Recently, while we were in the process of moving to a new location, we had to move a-lot of ‘stuff’. In addition to our storage containers, we purchased lots of moving boxes. Some of the boxes we packed in our cargo trailer, while we shipped lots more. Our moving experience will hopefully help you if you ever decide to purchase some moving boxes.

The best lesson that we learned was to spend the extra money and get the Heavy Duty moving boxes. This made a huge difference in many areas.


Heavy Duty moving boxes allowed us to…

Comfortably pack more weight inside. You may be surprised at how quickly a seemingly small amount of things will be heavy beyond the load capacity of a standard cardboard box. This alone makes it worthwhile.

You can stack more boxes on top of each other, safely and securely. When I loaded up parts of the cargo trailer with stacks of heavy duty boxes, it became immediately apparent that the load was more secure. It just felt more solid – none of that partial squishing while stacking loaded ‘normal’ cardboard boxes.

Not to worry as much about damage, should boxes fall while moving.


My personal experience was with the Home Depot heavy duty moving boxes compared with the standard boxes (also from Home Depot). We used lots of the medium sized heavy duty, while HD apparently does not make the small size in heavy duty. The difference between the two was quite evident, particularly after seeing the results having shipped some of them.

Many of the small, regular variety moving boxes did not survive well after shipping across the country. Granted, they were loaded up pretty well, but I had taped them very, very well and they still suffered heavy damage in many instances.

The following photos shows the biggest difference between the two style moving boxes (heavy duty versus normal duty).




The next set of photos show the resulting difference between the heavy duty medium size moving boxes versus the small normal size moving boxes. Disclaimer: the small boxes were loaded fairly heavy – more than ‘normal’, however I have no doubt that they still would not have fared as well as the heavy duty, even if loaded lighter.

Heavy Duty Moving Boxes (medium)
No problem stacking – and they weighed 30 – 50 pounds each


Normal Duty Moving Boxes (small)
Damaged after shipping – they were on the heavy side (20 – 25 pounds)


So, when it comes to storing some of your survival gear, survival food, you name it… or when it comes to shipping ‘moving boxes’, it is highly recommended to pay for the double-walled heavy duty variety! A simple thing, but worth mentioning…


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