The TEK Survival Knife

Hand forged by James Wahls over at Indy Hammered Knives

I recently received the official ‘MSB’ Survival Knife ;) from James. I am so thrilled that I must post about it and show you some ‘delicious’ pictures of the ‘TEK’ Survival Knife masterpiece…

I recently took it with me on a backwoods adventure in the snowy White Mountains of New Hampshire, and I absolutely love it…


TEK Survival Knife Characteristics & Specifications

-10″ Overall Length – 5″ Blade and 5″ Handle for Perfect Balance
-A Solid 3/16th” Thick 1095 High Carbon Steel Full Tang Blade
-Blade is Hand Forged, Hardened (58 RHC), Blued Jet Black
-Handle is contoured with “tread” for a better grip and awesome feel
-90 Degree Spine
-Scandivex Grind
-Custom Sheath Options: Tactical Sheath w/fire kit, Ferrocerium rod w/strap
-Lifetime Warranty

This Black Hammered Blade is 1095 High Carbon Steel, with a Rockwell Harness of 58, was left with the “scale” or “mill scale” (black iron oxide that occurs with all blades forged in the fire which I normally polish off).

Then the blade was “blued” jet black which is extremely corrosive resistant (not stainless). The blades edge is a scandivex grind that is ‘psycho’ sharp and easy to keep sharp in the field!

My First Impressions:
The handle’s “OD Green Canvas Micarta” treads make for not only a unique look, but a good grip. Especially important in all-weather conditions or any circumstance whereby a solid handle grip is especially important.

The heft. I weighed the knife to be 9.5 oz. Very solid and it ‘feels’ like it will be a work horse.

The blade is substantial, and let me tell you something… it is crazy sharp! I don’t know how he does it, but this thing will cut like a razor while having the substantial heft and strength of the blade behind it.

I asked James to add the ‘ridges’ to the back of the blade’s spine. I felt that it would make for a unique thumb posture for doing certain tasks. Plus, it looks good ;)

The MSB logo laser-etched into the blade is ridiculously cool…

The Kevlar Kydex sheath (with Ferro rod) is absolutely awesome. The knife snaps solidly and I have no concern for dislodging it. This sheath will last forever. The sheath’s mount is such that it can be set up for horizontal or vertical carry on your belt.

I carried the TEK knife all day last weekend while out working in the National Forest clearing fallen trees, branches, and other such trail maintenance. While the chain saws labored the vast majority of ‘work’, I couldn’t help but use the knife too ;)

The TEK Survival Knife


Pictures of the TEK Survival Knife









Note: The custom sheath can be worn in a variety of configurations. It came set up to wear on the belt horizontally, however I changed it so that I could wear it vertically on my left side, since I holster a handgun on my right side – particularly when out in ‘the bush’.



CONCLUSION: If you are looking for a U.S. Made, hand forged quality knife that will last generations, consider knife maker James Wahls. I have several of his knives and I appreciate the craftsmanship and uniqueness of every knife that he makes. They are not your ‘cheap’ knives made ‘overseas’ and mass-marketed in the ‘big box’ stores.

Indy Hammered Knives

The TEK Survival Knife

These knives are the real deal…

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