Paracord Overstock Sale

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I just got an email from Tom over at which many of you may be interested in…

After a long period of time with our three main suppliers of paracord not being able to keep up with our needs, they are finally at the point of supplying us with regular shipments.

We now have a ton of American made paracord in stock and we have live inventory, so if you can buy it, it ships! I decided that we want to move a ton of paracord and what better way than to offer your readers an unprecedented 7% off coupon code “overstock” which kills our already low margins and our low shipping costs.



U.S. Military 550 Paracord

  • Made in the USA
  • Military specifications
  • 550 tensile strength
  • Outer nylon sheath with a 7 strand inner core.
  • Available in 3000′, 1000′, 600′, 300′, 100′, and 50′ lengths

[Ken adds:] If you’ve not used real paracord, you’ve got to try it out. It is strong, light weight, and the perfect cordage for a survival kit or just having around the house.

Key advantages of paracord include it’s strength, durability, light weight, water and mildew resistant, and it’s inner strands which can be used for finer tasks.

Take advantage of Tom’s sale over at and stock up.
Discount code “overstock”

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