Preparedness-minded Christmas Gifts From Our Sponsors (<$25)

Consider purchasing some of your preparedness gifts through our sponsors. It will indirectly help Modern Survival Blog since they pay to advertise here. And let them know that you shop there because of us! Thanks…

Two of our sponsors do not carry an inexpensive product. Instead they offer unique solutions for important markets. I’ll mention them first. specializes in Off-Grid battery storage solutions. They also distribute a wide array of alternative energy systems components such as inverters, charge controllers, solar panels, cables & wires, and more. Easy to talk to on the phone or email for advice. specializes in electrical protection (spikes & surges / lightning / EMP affects) for the home, vehicle, generators, solar & wind systems protection, and other applications including HAM radio protection for antennas.

Preparedness Gifts Under $25

Our remaining sponsors carry a variety of products which range in price. I simply chose a potential Christmas gift from each, which cost less than $25. Why? Because that price range is popular.

I encourage you to browse their other product offerings as well!

Ready Made Resources

Bob & Roxanne (and family) distribute an amazing quantity and variety of preparedness related products. Once you jump into their site and start exploring, you’ll see what I mean. They’ve been with us for 10 years! Thanks ReadyMadeResources!

While Bob specializes in Night Vision Devices, their family-run business is packed with all sorts of preparedness products. Here’s one lineup that you might consider:


Individual food pouches range less than $10. And deals can be had by purchasing larger quantities. Mountain House foods is THE most popular freeze-dried on the market.

He has lots of Holiday Sales going on right now. So check out all his products!

USA Berkey Filters

The Berkey Guy (Jeff) has been with us almost as long as RMR. Jeff, I mean, The Berkey Guy, is very well known in the preparedness arena. As you regulars here know, I very much believe in his product, the Berkey Filter systems. I have posted often about this.

While the typical Berkey countertop water filter system costs several hundred dollars (it’s worth it), there is a product that’s less! And less than $25 at the moment…


Also, check out his site because he has every single accessory for the Berkey countertop models. And replacement filter cartridges.


Ron over at has been with us for nearly 5 years. They make a highly superior product in the realm of fire starters. In fact they distribute to the U.S. military too.

Most of their Fire Steel Rods are inexpensive, and in my view, must-haves for a fire-starter kit (among other things).

They have a fairly new and unique addition to their fire steels. The rods are SQUARE instead of ROUND. This makes for more surface area as you scrape the sparks off the rod!


Golden Eagle Coins

This family run business has been established since 1974. They are trusted in the industry of precious metal buying & selling. They’ve been with us for years.

Precious metals acquisition has always been popular among the preparedness-minded. Why? Because we know that it’s a physical hedge against today’s fiat currencies (which are doomed to devalue and eventually fail).

Keeping with the notion of less than $25, a nice new Silver Eagle coin in one’s hand sure feels more valuable than holding a $20 bill!


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Ho-Ho-Ho- be good little Preppers and Santa will fill your bunker with these, beans, bullets, and Band Aids ! Merry Christmas

How about the 4 B’s? Bullets, beans, Band Aids and Bourbon ?

– I long ago had a First Sergeant who assured me I was wrong. The Three ‘B’s” were actually, “Beer, Babes, and Bar-B-Cue”, LOLOL
– Papa S.

Those ferro rods are nice but they are expensive. I can get 2 Bayite Ferro rods (1/2″x5″) for $15