2018 New Year Resolutions

Soon it will be 2018.

How many of us make New Year resolutions?

I do believe that it’s a good idea, even if some of them fall by the wayside.

It’s a good time to reflect back on where we’ve come from and project to where we’re going. A good time to set some new goals.

Preparedness encompasses a very wide variety of life. It’s not just narrowly focused prepping for SHTF. That said, I wonder what some of your preparedness New Year Resolutions are?

If you don’t have any yet, you might think about it. It’s good to get specific too. If you’re too general with yourself, then there will be no measuring stick.

Let’s get a list going. I guess I better come up with a few too! Like I don’t already have enough to do next year!

Ready, set, Go!


I have gone through the comments so far and have tallied the most common New Year Resolutions. Here are the results:

1. Lose Weight, Be Healthier, Exercise

2. Organize, De-clutter, Get rid of…

3. Cut expenses, Live on less

4. Move rural
4. Improve Garden
4. Enjoy life more

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