Prepper New Year Resolutions 2018

2018 New Year Resolutions

Soon it will be 2018.

How many of us make New Year resolutions?

I do believe that it’s a good idea, even if some of them fall by the wayside.

It’s a good time to reflect back on where we’ve come from and project to where we’re going. A good time to set some new goals.

Preparedness encompasses a very wide variety of life. It’s not just narrowly focused prepping for SHTF. That said, I wonder what some of your preparedness New Year Resolutions are?

If you don’t have any yet, you might think about it. It’s good to get specific too. If you’re too general with yourself, then there will be no measuring stick.

Let’s get a list going. I guess I better come up with a few too! Like I don’t already have enough to do next year!

Ready, set, Go!


I have gone through the comments so far and have tallied the most common New Year Resolutions. Here are the results:

1. Lose Weight, Be Healthier, Exercise

2. Organize, De-clutter, Get rid of…

3. Cut expenses, Live on less

4. Move rural
4. Improve Garden
4. Enjoy life more

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  1. Ahh yes, so true the old adage of “that which gets measured gets worked”

    High on my list are:

    1) reduce weight to Body Mass Index of 26. This is still considered slightly “overweight” but a durn site better that where I am now. Many positive things will flow from this one.

    2) Get all family members into a status of basic legal preparedness.

    3) “Rebrand” professionally (new website, youtube channel etc.)

    Also, I am called to open a certain relative’s heart to God. This is a confused young man weighed down by many of the curses that afflict society today. This one may take a while, but the process has already begun.

    1. Bogan-I’m a few years into maintaining a large weight loss and maintain a bmi of 21. Weight loss/maintenance is a challenge but it’s definitely doable with a bit of grit and determination :) Best of luck to you with your goal!

    2. I hope your young relative comes to see the light. Could he spend time with elders who have regrets but have been down this person’s path at least somewhat. They may offer wisdom that is taken to heart. If the issue is drugs, could he spend time with someone who has kicked illegal drugs, if it is gambling, same idea, etc.

  2. I am with Bogan on reducing weight. Mainly we are just trying to eat healthier and as a result we have lost some weight and feel much better. I try not to bog myself down with a whole lot of resolutions for the new year. I take the most important thing to us and focus all my energy on that one thing.

    1. I have found that if I make multiple resolutions, I seem to get stuck on one thing anyway. So it just makes sense to pick the most important issue and focus all of my energy on that issue. I also looked back onto previous resolutions and found that each year I seem to accomplish one thing on my list.

  3. Similar-
    1.) Work to stay vertical, weight, exercise (what can be done), food types.
    2.) Finish off all debt (except taxes) by March.
    3.) Retire
    4.) Review 2017 prep accomplishments, modify 2018 plan.

  4. Seeing this post reminded me of you doing this in past years. I went back and looked at my resolutions from two years ago. I have made progress on all three resolutions, but there’s always further to go. What I’d add this year is get a new job. Along with other reasons, I’m not being compensated for my years of experience in the school district I’m in right now. Making an extra $6-10K each year would help with retirement and with preps. Some of the places I’m applying are close to my parents, which is an hour further from a city than I am now (although it’s a huge city, unlike the medium-sized one I’m on the outskirts of now, so I’m not sure how much better that is).

  5. Good morning, Everyone,
    I am sitting here at my desk by the window watching little birds nibble at seeds I spread all over the porch for them (I used to have a feeder but some of the birds made a mini-TPTB and kept the other ones away) anyway…now all the birdies can get their fair share…Coffee Pot the cat is laying on the window sill, entertained by the birds…

    Before I think about 2018, I reflect on 2017 where, some big things happened, not all of which were on any list to do….

    Learned how to raise rabbits this year….so happy about that (that was on my list)

    Learned how to “let go and let God” in a couple difficult areas (not on my list but so thankful for the courage to trust…)

    Learned some crock pot recipes, yum, that are safe for me to eat and the fam likes too

    Learned to make gluten free dairy free (and no flour) oatmeal muffins that are really good, just learned that yesterday….

    Sometimes learning something new or making a resolution is premeditated, other times, it meets you on your path, which can benefit and strengthen you, suppose you need both kinds of challenges and opportunities to grow and survive

    For 2018…
    I plan to better organize and de-clutter all areas (an on-going goal, and I did take 2 boxes to Goodwill yesterday)

    Get to bed earlier on a regular basis (have done that the last couple nights, it helps a lot)

    To grow in a focused and peaceful mind set, resting my heart more in God

    To be mindful of focusing love and kindness forward when in the presence of another soul

    To grow in acceptance of the hardships, pain, and trials in life have made me who I am and to know that light and darkness create depth, character, and meaningful life which are working together for purposes far beyond what I know or understand….

    My new screen saver on my phone for this year is a picture I took this past summer on our property of a wild bunch of dandelions with bright yellow flowers and deep green leaves growing upon a bed of gray rocks…

    How can something good and living grow out of a pile of lifeless unhospitable rocks?

    That speaks to me of the beauty and the mystery…and of the tenacity of life
    that is something I am going to choose to be mindful of in 2018

    Sending you all here goodwill, friendship, peace, and love….
    Good Shepherd bless you!


    1. Dandelion. I believe that as a weed has a lot to be said for it. Good source of Vitamin C. Prevents scurvy. has A, C, D & E. My neighbors used to vigorously attack each plant with Roundup. Then I reminded them that it eventually works it way into our well water. They no longer use it.

  6. I am new to posting a comment but have followed this blog for over two years. I am resolved to sell my suburban home in S.C. and move to a more rural community out of state in the new year. In doing so, I will declutter and downsize (another two resolutions!) and hope to live a lifestyle better suited to my beliefs and skills (many which were encouraged by reading this blog!). Thank-you to everyone here who has encouraged me, informed me and made me feel that my dreams are not just wishful thinking. God bless you and yours in the coming year.

    1. Time to go;
      Welcome to the Comment section hehehehe
      Please make one of the resolutions to comment more and share your moving and such.

    2. @Time to go,

      I really appreciate it when someone (like you) comments and reveals that they’ve been following the blog for so long. It helps keep me motivated to keep it going… Lots of lurkers out there and I’m glad that we’re all contributing in a meaningful way here on MSB.

      We made the rural move years ago and have never looked back. It’s awesome!

    3. Time to go;
      I want to second what Ken said.
      I made the “rural move” almost 36 years ago from CA to the Four Corners, I have NEVER looked back.
      I will tell you right now it was hard, very hard work, but there is not a single minute I regret it.
      Now I tell everyone there is no way I could ever live in a “City” it would literally kill me.
      Good luck towards finding your “Spot of Heaven”, you will never regret it.

      1. I agree with you on the city NRP. I told my kids that I would live in my car before I ever moved back to the city. Actually if things look bad where I might become homeless, I told the kids that I would rob a bank then turn myself in and plead guilty. Then let the government feed and house me. I hear that is what is happening with elderly population in Japan. I read that the jails are essentially filled with older people as the Japanese have been doing the same thing.

      2. i’m surprised this didn’t lead to the importance of extra tp storage or strategic location of places to accrue tp from, when considering a new location. i’m still trying to get a handle on the daily use of tp in our house hold and how much storage room to have on hand at our location, for at least a six month supply. he he .

    4. Time to go…welcome :) So glad to hear from you…as new friends come along the community here grows richer….best to you and God bless you too….hope to hear from you again…

    5. Time to go
      We did the move 15 years ago. Your priorities change in ways you never expected and much of what you thought were essentials, become trivial. Once the burden of debt is lifted you wonder why you sacrificed your life to “stuff” over a closeness to nature. The peace of mind you gain is free but requires work to gain some self-sufficiency. Okay, enough preaching – now I have go out and plow that darn foot of fresh snow.

      1. Hermit Us
        I have lived remotely as a young mother on an island in British Columbia and on a sailboat in the Northwest. It taught me that if you number your priorities more than the fingers of one hand there will not be hours in the day to complete them. I have no debt, my children are grown and I retired this year from a career in health care. I know this will be different in my aged body and mind (but a spirit that is renewed daily!) but hope to find like-minded people that will need me as much as my need for them..

        1. Time, sounds awesome and your obvious common sense will help you make the right choices. I understand the older body comment……

        2. I know the idea about like minded people and inter-dependency. I am planning to sell my townhouse in yuppieville (I only bought it to be close to work and will retire in 4 years or so). The isolation is terrible and I miss condo apartment living because neighbours actually talked to each other. Firstly I must declutter. My office moved out to the tundra so I do want to be close by but one level living will be easier on my aging bones and joints. When I retire I want to do some volunteer work/funding raising for Diabetes or similar agency, even if it is just making phone calls to arrange donation pick ups.

          1. lady jane
            it might be interesting, since you mention volunteer work, to check out volunteering for some local emergency/emergency preparedness group. you’d get training and may meet like minded folks

    6. Time to go,
      Thank you for jumping in and posting! As you have seen from all your reading here, this is a very nice group of people who are really helpful and an excellent sounding board as you work through self-sufficiency and preparedness.

      Good for you for making the decision to make changes that will better your quality of life, still working on that in a big way myself. Wishing you the best as you work through these changes, and looking forward to hearing more about your progress!

  7. I want to get organized. I have a couple of piles of stuff that needs to be put up in an orderly fashion. I also want to get the budget organized where bills can be paid as soon as they come in instead of waiting for payday.

  8. I have had a 2-year plan in effect since August 2016 to straighten up and beautify farm to make maintenance easier: i.e., clean out fence rows, move fence post pile out of barnyard, add raised beds to garden, clear pastures of brush and fallen branches. In August, I’ll choose a more specific farm project as needed. This year I want to have a 12×16 bunkhouse for visitors. It will sleep 5 and will provide more climate controlled storage for supplies. My resolutions are to complete projects!

    1. I hear you on organizing and doing upkeep, as this is my goal this year. It seems I used to be organized but my place has started to look like a bunch of piles. Of course I took a sabbatical this last summer from my outdoor things due to just being plain old tired. Thought my kids would do more but I guess if I’m not out there doing, they don’t either. A pittance of work from them, the jerks! They’ve both offered to help more this summer as they’ve noticed no more canned salsa, no more canned chicken or beef. Also, we have little wood to burn so I keep propane cost low by keeping thermostat down. Sometimes nicking back on niceties works with young ones in seeing what a difference they make.

  9. 2018 resolutions, like looking into the future I guess.
    1. Going to cut back (50% or more) on ALL living expenses this coming year, as if retired and on modified funds. (Practice)
    2. Become the “non-fat-boy” actually have done well so far so no problem.
    3. Get my legal “stuff” more in order; revisit the Living Trust, Insurances (including Preps), new Will.
    4. Retire 12/28/2018.
    5. Meditate more, seems I have lost some of my Buddhist Tendencies, need to “get my act together”.
    6. Be nicer to CA. That’s going to be a tough one…. Hehehehe
    7. Do more Fishing, and walks with Blue.
    8. More TP.
    9. Explain to the BLOG what the meaning of TP is.
    10. Call my 95 year old mom more often, and spend 2-3 weeks with her this summer.
    11. Remember the Past more, Dream more of the Future, but mainly Live for the Now.

    1. NRP,
      I guess those of us that left California so many years ago seem to that state’s toughest critics. For me it has been hard watching such a beautiful state degrade into such a trash heap due to politics.
      But #6 is a good resolution, as my dear departed Mom used to say, ” Be nice, it doesn”t cost any thing and it makes being around you so much nicer for other people.”
      My Mom passed over in January of this year. Have you tell you that your #10 resolution should be your #1 priority this year. IMHO.

      1. Minerjim
        Sorry to hear of your Mother.
        As far as CA, I LOVE that state, it’s a fantastically beautiful place; most of the people are good hearted, than enters Brown and the rest. Need I say more?
        Honestly Remembering the Past is difficult at times, and wonderful in the same breath. The Future, who knows, maybe 2018 will be the year for that 32 inch Rainbow Trout to jump into my boat? BUT the now, really what more do we have? That’s one of the things so amazing about this BLOG of Ken’s, so many people take valuable time to contribute, it’s amazing.

        1. NRP,
          California is a great state, but since I left in ’77, I see it has gone downhill. the California of my youth only exists in dreams now. ( orange blossom scent on summer nights, lazy country mornings, and quiet hills).
          I’m looking for one of those big trout to jump in my lap too, maybe I’ll finally get the time to try and coax one of those 35 # Lakers out of Blue Mesa. (Add #6 to my resolutions for 2018- “More fishing!”)

    2. NRP, as usual you have a great list. The 1. item of practice retirement, that worked so well for us and allowed time for any adjustments before (proactive) being “stuck” after (reactive) retired. Does wonders for the confidence. The last year of work, don’t forget to buy the new or upgraded/replacement “toys”!

      1. Grey
        Do you think we should tell NRP what “retirement” really means? It should be called “requirement” – build this, fix that, go there, squeeeze in some fishing when all the other chores are done, grow this, water everything, prune, gather, ….. but somehow it does not feel like work.

        1. hermit us, I’ve been mentally retired for a while, work is just means to get stuff we need, or do some extra things. From what I read NRP does many things, so he’ll roll in retirement. But I don’t thin he is fishing in his boat but looking for something on the bottom…

          1. Grey
            500 feet down in the deep end, I have little hope… HAHAHAHA Wink Wink.

          2. Grey,
            What do you think “NRP” stands for anyway??? I always kinda figured it might “Navajo Reservoir Pirate”, but I can’t be too sure.

        2. hermit us
          That is exactly what I’m looking for, I refuse to become a couch potato.
          I agree, for me, working around the Home and just dinking in the shop is never work, even the simple things is just all out good.

      2. Grey
        That’s one thing I have been doing this year, replacing or fixing things like the Chain Saw I just snapped a drive-shaft on, got a NEW Stihl. figured it needs to last a few years :-)
        Also finished that 1.5 years of TP, and have enough seeds to last a very long time if needed, BTW, have finally switched to total Heirloom Seeds/Plants.

        1. NRP, man you wood must be petrified out there to snap a drive shaft. I’m upgrading to a Jonsered 45 CC, any bigger would run me beside SIL has a 55 CC and I can play the old fart card, the energy of youth.

          1. Grey
            Actually I snapped a shaft off of an electric (110volt) saw, was cutting a 12″ log and hit a unforeseen small piece if Barbwire. I was NOT happy at all. Chain was going full speed and stopped in a millisecond. Oh well, that’s exactly why the Safety Gear.

        2. Good to read about the Heirlooms. I did an experiment over 2 seasons in seed storage/propagation. The only thing I had grown heirloom (from seeds) that year was tomatoes, with most of my tomatoes being hybrids. Well, I saved seeds from the heirloom and hybrid tomato plants. I also saved seeds from hybrid peppers. None of the squash seeds said anything about being either heirloom or hybrid? So, in the following spring I planted the seeds I’d collected.

    3. NRP,
      That’s quite a list. Very happy for you that your retirement is so close to becoming your new reality. I like #6… not that CA in general deserves to be treated nicely, just a few of your favorite Californians! ;)
      I figure #8 is the metaphor for the lifestyle… all those rolls represent the physical, mental and spiritual place where you want to be when/if the SHTF. Or, maybe they will serve as mobile emergency landing pads to put under you when you have to climb ladders to do chores after you retire… us peppers do like to find multiple (and unorthodox) uses for the things we store. :)

  10. Resolution are difficult for me because I don’t like to fail and any undone resolution can turn into a failure. However this year there are some things that are on a to do list (same as resolution? Maybe).

    1) Last year hubby and I made a roll around kitchen island. It needs to be taken apart and restructured with L brackets instead of cleats. I love the island but it needs to be redone so it’s will be sturdier and easier to move.

    2) Plan and built the boxes for our square foot gardening venture. Having someone remove some of the landscaping we can’t remove ourselves is the first step. Then we know how many boxes we need and where we can put them. Another step on our way to self sufficiency.

    3) We want to do semi hydroponic strawberry plants in PVC pipe but need to plan and find the 2 liter bottles we will need, neither of us drink anything out of 2 liter bottles. I asked around to have friends save them but I don’t think many of our friends use the contents either.

    4) Want to look into what else can be grown in this manner.

    5) The last several nights I have come out of a sound sleep knowing I have to give away a large part of my craft items. I keep thinking someday–but it’s been 10 years and nothing has happened leading me to realize nothing will. I will check with the Boy and Girls club to see about donating to them, Maybe the kids will be able to use some of the things. Downsizing keeps popping into my head, maybe the good Lord is trying to prepare me for something coming down the pike.

    Mom is 93 now and although she is recovering from her broken hip well one never knows the time. When we are no longer held here we are considering moving to the other side of the water making it easier for the kids to get to us if we need help.

    I would like to move to Idaho but know in my heart we can’t, harsh winters and sizziling summers make it impossible for hubby. Want to get away from the liberal mindset of this side of WA but will just hunker down and keep to ourselves.

    6) Received an Instant Pot for Christmas and will be downloading the appliances it will replace. That will clear some space and I will feel better. The “get rid of gene” has been activated and I will be clearing a bunch of stuff.

    Keep working on the health of hubby and self. Eat clean, cook better, use spices and herbs to enhance food and health. Drink lots of good, filtered water and add some lemon or vinegar every once in awhile. Stay away from big pharma medicine where ever possible and don’t be tricked into “just trying” this to see how it works.

    Are these resolutions, not really, just things I know I need to do in the next while.

    Happy New Year everyone, hope the next one is better than the last one. I will keep praying for our President Donald Trump and our country.


    1. Preparednana,

      My “get rid of gene” is TOTALLY engaged. about 10 years ago I made a guideline….if you didn’t use it this year and it doesn’t have great sentimental value, and you don’t have an immediate need for it (within the month) it GOES. UNLESS it fits into a specific category for preparedness. That unless is a tough rule because it MUST fit into a category that REQUIRES you to keep it, but it also requires you to move it to the “store room” facility so it is NOT on the current counter, in the current drawer or in the waqy of daily usefulness. AND, I am HELL BENT on enforcement.

      1. I’m with ya on this one. I downsized this year and am still trying to find room or get rid of more stuff. Small home with carport and shed makes for tossing stuff.

      2. We just have so much STUFF. My new rule is if I don’t have a place for it, it goes out. If I need something and don’t have a place, then something else drops lower on the priority list and IT goes out! So far that hasn’t happened, knock on wood. Working on the kitchen at the moment.

        The problem is all Mom’s little cubbyholes filled with prepping stuff–I’m discovering them a little at a time. Found three more coats yesterday, tucked away in a box. On the top shelf in the garage are three big army-type duffle bags I haven’t had the guts to pull down yet. I think they’re tents.

        I keep telling Dad she left us well supplied, and every time I think I’ve found it all she surprises me.

        1. Don’t call the things you are finding problems call them treasures. Your Mom left you many treasurers and if you can’t use then pass them along to someone who can.

          1. They’re not problems–when I used the word “problem” I was referring to the fact that I don’t have room for everything. I keep finding more just when I think I have it all organized. :) I definitely consider what she left me treasure.

    2. To ALL:

      Regarding getting rid of unwanted items.. Please be aware that under the new tax plan recently approved by congress, effective 01 Jan 2018 donations to charity are no longer deductible!

      I was at Goodwill last night and they had two extra trailers parked there and the warehouse was bursting at the walls, over-stuffed with donations. So basically you have a little over 48 hours left to make a donation of good, functional donations of value and still be able to claim a deduction on this years tax return. In 2018, it goes away.

      Standard disclaimer – I am not a CPA or tax specialist. But whatever, check it out.

      1. McGyver and all,
        I read that you can still take charitable deductions, but that with the doubling of the standard deduction in 2018, a lot of people will switch to that. If you are itemizing deductions for 2017, but think you may go to the new, higher standard deduction in 2018 then yes… make your contributions by 12/31 so you can receive the tax benefit when you itemize.

        And just to make it more confusing, most tax brackets also drop a little bit (like a couple of percentage points) in 2018, so if you are considering a substantial donation then it might be worth it to do it now, while you get the benefit at the current, slightly higher tax percentage rate.

        Like McGyver, I am also NOT a tax professional, so I would double-check this if it applies to you. :)

      2. Do people actually itemize Goodwill donations? I donate there all the time but it would be such a hassle to itemize everything-it’s all stuff I’d sell at a garage sale for .50-couple bucks. I can’t imagine it adding up to anything worth itemizing lol.

        Also-I think you can still deduct for charitable giving under the new plan?

        1. Hi Svzee,
          If you itemize deductions on your tax return then it’s probably worth it to keep Goodwill receipts (they add up) and include the amounts you donate (even if it’s just the stuff you give to Goodwill that didn’t sell in a garage sale). You can group things together to keep the list down, though. i.e.: 1 carton mixed dinner plates, or drinking glasses, or maybe 1 large bag of kids clothes (appx “x” # of pieces). I don’t list every single small item, just an overview.

        2. Svzee,
          Oh yeh, folks itemize GoodWill donations. Back during the Whitewater investigation of the Clinton’s, it was discovered that Hillary claimed outlandish values on donated used underwear as tax deductions. She had placed values like $2o a pair, claiming that their being worn by a governor and his wife enhanced the value above the cost of new. Of course, they skated on that, too. I wouldn’t advise commoners to attempt that though.

    3. PreparedNana,
      Check with your church’s youth group for 2-liter bottles. More than likely they use several when they have some kind of get-together.

      1. Thanks, Hadn’t thought of the youth group. I’ll talk to the Youth Pastor and get the idea moving now before the summer stuff starts.

  11. Consolidate and organize, purge useless cra p, reduce time wasted on things that i can do nothing to change, ie internet/government/other people i disagree with
    Step up my game with the creative side of myself and push into making it pay

  12. 2018 Resolutions,
    1) Try and share more of my wisdom ( what little I have) and knowledge with others more freely in a helpful way. We are all in this life together.
    2) Continue long term food preps.
    3) Complete garage/canning kitchen/ loft building.
    4) Help the kids and grandkids get food preps tucked away.
    5) learn to stay clam.

    Happy New Year to all. Be at Peace and know that God is in control.

    1. Minerjim
      #5 you do live in CO right??? HAHAHA.
      I’ll ship ya some liquid “sedative” if needed :-) :-)

      1. Yep, isn’t that stuff called “Blue-shine”?
        Tellin’ ya, NRP, Ol’ Pal, your brews, canned goods, and concoctions always sound mighty good… :) I vote you and some others to be in charge of the “grub” at “Ken’s get together” in 202o, I can help at the name-tag station and helping the guests care for their significant furry (non-human) other, they need accommodations and care too, HA!

    2. Minerjim,

      ALL good thoughts, and should be attainable. Best wishes for the New Year from a fellow Coloradan.

  13. DH and I have agreed on a couple goals.
    1. finish what we start, within a reasonable time frame…..we are NOT going to get side tracked.
    2. practice living on less than our actual retirement income (I am pulling the plug on full-time in June)
    3. share what we have learned with others that may be interested…..not doing any more head banging trying to save those who just won’t listen.
    4. Beautify the ranch….everything works, now just needs a few bone yards cleaned up. Started this in March when DH had his major health issues….it is a great campaign and is making us FEEL GOOD
    5. get OFF the ranch a bit more….we find we appreciate it a bit more when we spend a few days away.

  14. Continue to go forward spiritually and help Mr. too. He has a hard crust to crack.
    The well came in so glad about that! There is a lot of wasted space all around us to be used and re purposed. Maybe I will get my raised beds this year. The back just will not tolerate the bending anymore.
    Freeze drying of course. I used to can food back in the day. The dryer is easier on the feet and back as it is quicker to get everything ready to process.
    Stay positive and not be fatalistic. The world may be in a whirlwind, but I do not have to participate, only be aware!
    AND I found the best TP to buy around here. Dollar General $8.00 for 431 sq feet and it is soft!!! Will stock up on that.

    1. Mrs. USMCBG,

      Take a look at Big Lots for TP. They have a package that has 12 double rolls (24 normal rolls) of Premium soft TP for $5 printed on the Big Lots Brand package. I get it when it’s 20% off which is common, so then it’s $4. Right now as a matter of fact you can get the 20% off between Dec. 25-31. Based on the square footage of the Big Lots package of 352 for $4, it’s only $.011 per square foot vs. the 432 sq. ft. for $8 which is .018 per sq ft. That’s 39% less expensive. It’s soft too. I have a wall full in my spare bedroom. Their paper towels are also a very goo deal.

  15. 2017 was a crazy, crazy year for us with our insanely crazy move, daughter’s accident/head injury/still dealing with after-effects with her concussion, 2 kids ADHD evals etc etc. Looking ahead to 2018 I want to be more organized and focused, and start every day with a plan of action. I’ll also be starting a new job the first week of the new year (first ‘real’ one I’ve had in over 10 years), and this will force me to be more intentional about my time management.

    And then to continue getting further into prepping-I’d like to get 6 months of food on hand, get a nice stash of ammo tucked away, get our fireplaces situated better and then get goats/rabbits in the spring. I’d like to also get our springs water tested and then maybe start a small garden. It’s a very ambitious list-we’ll see how far I get lol.

  16. I never seem to do very well with resolutions, so I am going to look at this as 2 major goals for 2018:

    1. Lose 1-lb per week (the NRP strategy). I have been stressing so much and working so many hours that I am not doing a good job of taking of myself properly. So, with a goal of losing just 1 lb per week that will be a reasonable, and will include better eating habits (i.e.: not eating so late after a long day) as well as making more time for exercise during the week.

    2. Update plans and continue working on self-sufficiency. I realize this is a general statement. We accomplished a big 1st step by getting the mountain house/BOL this year. Although there are irons in the fire that I’m not prepared to talk about right now, steps are being taken toward lifestyle changes, including discussions of relocation (that’s a longer-term goal right now). It would be so much easier if DH was completely on board, but he’s not, he just doesn’t see the world from the same perspective I do. No matter what is going on around us, he still in his heart of hearts has a normalcy bias, and I have not been able to overcome it. Sigh.

  17. I don’t make resolutions because my brain see’s the word and runs in the opposite direction, dragging me with it. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing–I have a long term plan for the yard that’ll take five years or so to implement (four, now), but at the end of that time I intend to be growing most of my own food and be much less dependent on municipal water.

  18. Hi ya’ll !
    I’m simply looking forward to a healthy 2018!
    This past year was a little rough for me with a health issue. But, I have come out healthier and stronger!

    My hubby and I have already started on our 2018 resolution which is to clean out the garage and the attic. We have lots of sentimental things that we are keeping for our kid, but the rest of the crap that we have been thinking we were going to use, or didn’t want to throw away because we might use it… is going into a dumpster!

    Oh, the stuff we have found :D I’ll bet my husband and I have both said, multiple times, “so that’s where that was!” or “I forgot about that!”

    I’m so happy and blessed that I have the strength and energy to tackle this crappy task! This is the kind of thing that I do not want my kid to have to deal with in the future. I had to go through a bunch of stuff after my Mom passed and it was miserable.

    Love to ya’ll and a blessed, healthy Happy New Year! Beach’n

    special note to NRP,
    I’m not throwing away any TP! Hug sweet Blue for me! luv ya’ll

    1. Beach’n & all
      My friend, your last comment just inspired me to write the article explaining what TP is. Will take a bit. BUT you’ll know it when you see it 😁

  19. Spend less time on the computer and more time on my feet. I too am carrying too much of my “food reserves” around my waist.

  20. 1. Quit smoking, if my wife and I both manage to quit, that will be $120 per week (or $6240 per year) added to the bottom line.

    2. Shoot a lot more rounds of practice.(Also a ton of fun)

    3. Hike more, with gradually increasing loads.

    4. Do a better job of being involved on our homestead and getting caught up and prepared for each seasons unique needs.

    5. War-game defensive plans regularly.

    6. Spend more time at bushcraft practice and expand our primitive campsite.(Once again, fun!)

    7. Get my HAM license.

        1. Not to be a butt kisser or promotional shill, after price comparing Sig 40 S&W mags I bought from Gun Mag Warehouse. Also some extra 380 mags for the Kimberly CSE. Good selections, easy website, FWIW.

          And, -9 this a.m., wind chill warnings, frigid won’t let go, 5-6 more days. Walking outside “Grinch” snow keeps rolling around in my head each step.

          1. Thanks for using our sponsor. I have purchased all of my spare mags from them since they came on board with us. Prices are great and they have lots of inventory. No fake products. The real deal.

        1. I have a half dozen or so and I like them a lot, The GI’s I have are all mixed followers and un-determined ages, I haven’t experienced problems yet,but I do know most failure to feeds are mag related. Also, was thinking black for 55 grain and green for 62 grain….

    1. Kevin, I quit smoking cigs more than 15 years ago. Let me offer my advice…

      It wasn’t until I was truly motivated to quit, that I quit. I had tried previously, but I wasn’t motivated to the extent of quitting for real.

      It was not easy when I actually quit. HOWEVER, let me add this… For me it was pretty tough during the first week. The second week it was tough for sure. The third week wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. The fourth week was still tempting but it was already over.

      Months later it’s still tempting. But I was aware of the efforts involved in quitting. And I didn’t want to start back up

      A year later it was not so tempting.

      Years later it’s over.

      Hopefully that helps. Just do it!

    2. kevinH
      If you want to do this as a couple,,, speak with your wife. Get her in on board so you do it together, that way you support each other going through this hurdle in life.

      1) Find sugarless candy to suck on it will help replace the thought of having something in your mouth when you use to smoke.

      2) Go to the automotive store, find a product called Uzo(believe that is how it is spelled), comes in a mini spray bottle. You will clean out your vehicle ‘remove the ashtray & lighter**if vehicle has one’, then spray this product inside the vehicle(s). Close the doors let the product remove the cigarette smell from the interior.

      3) Wash your clothing, if you have to many to wash spray the UZO inside the closets and close the doors over night. Best to do this on a week end, like Friday night so you do bite off the head of your boss & co workers.

      4) If you use the patch or the drug to reduce cravings, no more smoking inside the home. Remove all products related to smoking.

      5) When dh & I quit smoking we could justify purchasing a NEW ranch truck with the money spent on cigarettes. Sending our wishes for a great out come on your endeavor.

      1. Kevin, So many people resolve to quit smoking and so few are actually successful. I smoked for way to many years and have lung disease as a result. When I started cigarettes cost 25 to 35 cents a pack and you could buy them from vending machines. When we went on our Hawaiian vacation last year they were 10 bucks a pack. Doing the math on that for a pack a day is $3,650.00 a year, multiply that by 40 years or so and its close to $150,000. (times 2 for 2 people) That money to quote an old saying is literally “up in smoke”.

        Many of us became addicted as soldiers and marines. The military used to give us little packs of cigarettes with out C rations. As I recall the price of a carton back then was $10.00.

        Cigarettes also killed in the military. Another old saying came out of WW1. Bad luck to be third on a match. 3 soldiers lighting up at night. Sniper sees the flame on the first soldier, aims on the second and fires on the third. More than one position was given away by an enemy on one side or the other smelling the smoke downwind. I swear since I’ve quit I can smell it 3oo feet away and upwind!

        I tried many times without success and my hat is off to all of you that were able to quit unaided. I used Chantix and it worked very well for me and DW. I’ve heard a lot of reasons why people don’t use it. “It costs too much and my insurance won’t pay for it”. Lots of insurance pays for it now. For me the cost was about the same on a daily basis as a pack pf cigarettes. “It gives you nightmares”, some people do have nightmares, I had weird dreams. Not nightmares, just weird. “It makes you depressed”, when you think about it tobacco is your best friend. It’s ALWAYS available and when you’re craving it you’ll definitely feel better when you have it.
        Some people have become suicidal on it (that’s a really big excuse not to use it!).
        Smoking is a slow form of suicide.

        I was working as the triage nurse and saw a car pull into the parking lot. A lady got out and slowly removed her oxygen tank. then she lit up. Exhaled, took 3 steps and stopped to catch her breath. Took another puff and walked 3 more steps, stopped to catch her breath again, took another puff and repeated the sequence, Eventually she made it into the hospital. I triaged her for her complaint of difficulty breathing and as part of my history questioning I asked her how much she was smoking. She told me she had been able to cut down to a half a pack a day. I asked her if she had heard about Chantix? She asked me if I had heard about the side effects on that stuff? I asked her if she had heard about the side effects of smoking?

        Tobacco is the best friend who for most of us, will eventually stab you in the back. I’ve lost 4 friends in the past year, 3 of them younger than me. all of their deaths had smoking as a contributing factor. Best of luck on your endeavor and if you find that it’s not working out consider Chantix. It is so nice to be free of that addiciton.

        1. It is my understanding that Chantix works by blocking pleasure receptors and can exacerbate depression. I have battled that in the past(post divorce running into the death of a parent) and don’t think I want to do that dance again. I do appreciate all the support here, you all are great people and a wealth of knowledge that I really do appreciate.
          Happy New Year to all!!

    3. I too quit nearly twenty years ago after almost 30 years of two packs a day….I used the three stage patch system with each box of patches providing less nicotine than the last. When I got to the smallest size patch I wore one every day for over three months until I was sure I could go without a smoke. I put the last patch from the last box in my wallet as a backup in case I was ever again tempted to smoke. I carried this patch in my wallet so long it looked like I had a condom stored away…Lastly, when you are tempted to give up it looks to me that you have a group of kind, like minded x-smokers on this site who are willing to support you and that will cheer you on

    4. KevinH,
      In 2011 I was in a car accident and spent two weeks in the hospital and a month in a rehab center. Prior to going in to the hospital I was smoking a pack and a half a day of Marlboro’s. They asked me in the hospital if I wanted to quit and I said yes. I was on the patch for around 12 weeks. I haven’t had a cigarette since 1 July, 2011. I feel much better, I can breathe better, and it saved me money. Another benifit was adding several more years to my lifespan. I started smoking at age 13, in 1964. I ocassionally still get mild cravings but they pass rather quickly. Use all the tools you can to quit, you won’t regret it. Good luck to you!

  21. On some of the blog sites, I visit they have been doing something different this year instead of resolutions ( which it is still a resolution) is to pick a word for the year. Mine is going to be “Free”

    I want to be “free” of the extra weight I have accumulated over the last few years, So I will be eating healthier and working out more.

    I want to be “Free” of being so dependant on the system, I want to become as self-sufficient as I possibly can. Expanding my garden and planting more things in it, milking my milk goat and using that milk plus the cow’s milk I am getting to make all my dairy products. Cooking everything from scratch and using sourdough starter and natural yeast in breads. I want to sew and make as much of our clothing as I can and learn how to spin yarn ( I have a spinning wheel and 3 huge bags of wool).

    I want to be “Free” of negative thoughts and focus on all the positive in life.

    I want to be “Free “ of debt, I want to try and be debt free by this time next year including the mortgage.

    I want to give “Freely” of my knowledge, I have several people who want me to do some canning and other classes. I have been putting them off but want to do them this year.

    I want to be “Free” of a couple bad habits I have such as drinking Dr. Pepper, I have cut that way back but needs to be gone and replaced with water.

    I want to be “Free” from buying most of my animal feed, I will be raising fodder for the chickens and goat, making chicken cheese ( cottage cheese ) to feed my chickens with the excess milk. Making and canning my own dog and cat food.

    I also want to learn to play the guitar and mandolin so I can join in with DH when we go to music festivals but I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate it into free lol.

    So this is what I am aiming for in the new year.

    1. Ranchers Wife – “…I want to sew and make as much of our clothing as I can…”

      I love to hear about people sewing! Would your sewing also be free, as in “electricity-free” on a treadle sewing machine? I hope so.

      CD in Oklahoma

      1. CD in Oklahoma,
        I have found a sewing machine refurbisher about two hours away. He works on the machine including wiring. Mine is an electric Singer from 1930-40, not really sure. His co-worker refinishes the cabinet.

        Is it possible to turn an electric machine into a treadle machine? Just curious and if you have time I would really appreciate your advice. Thanks! Beach’n

        1. Beach’n – See my reply in the comments of the earlier article “Treadle Sewing Machine for Preparedness” here on MSB.

          CD in Oklahoma

      2. CD in Oklahoma,
        I wish it would be on a treadle, that was what I learned on. I do have three that I have picked up at actions that I would like to get working but they haven’t been on the top of the to-do list. Would love to get them moved up to the top. May just have to try and find someone to fix them for me since DH is so busy with other things. I do have the cabinet to the machine that I learned on but the machine floated down the river many years ago during a flood. :(.

  22. To make more time to bicycle with my friends and family. Fun, Better health/weight control.

    To spend more time with my friends and family in our cowboy style pop up target range. Fun, Perishable skills.

    To expand my gardens and tree crops and maybe get that pond going. Fun and Fresh food.

    Micah 6:8 Proverbs 27:12

    1. I guess my 2018 resolution would be to help prep my bro, son and future DIL. Help them in understanding…… as they already do,… but to help my bro financially. as he has little to no income. Our Christmas is tomorrow, as a family.
      Hand warmers..,..ammo. canned food stocks. A Preppers Christmas. Lol
      I wanna hit that cabin and deversify our preps as for those preps, not to be in one area. I’m even wanting to transfer clothing, of all types.
      And I wanna hit the weights as my muscle mass seems to be depleting.
      Happy 2018 folks
      Wishing u all a better year this coming New Year.😀

      1. Just thinking…..
        If a SHTF…..
        One thing I would miss.,..
        Music…..i love music…all types.
        I admire anyone that can play anything musical other than drums.

        1. I used to be one heck of a drummer…. listening to music by ear
          But a drummer ain’t nothing without a backup.
          Just saying

        2. Joe c – I’m a drummer too, and can’t hit a lick on anything else. I still have a big set of drums that I haven’t played in nearly 30 years. The kids messed with them some when they were in High School, but I swore that I wouldn’t sell this set, because in the past, every time I sold my trap set when a band broke up, someone else would start up a little band and I’d go buy another set. They got more expensive each time I bought them, and I don’t think that I ever made enough money with them to even pay for the first set, much less the subsequent sets! LOL

          These days, I have Grandma’s old wind-up portable phonograph and a big box of some of the first 78rpm records ever sold. A scratchy, off-speed rendition of Turkey In The Straw sounds pretty good when the power has been out for a few days.

          CD in Oklahoma

  23. My resolution for 2018 is to slow down on trying to do too much too fast on reaching prepping goals and prioritize and only work on 1-2 critical areas now that I’ve established a basic level of preparedness. Additionally, instead of worrying about SHTF all the time I want to spend more time just enjoying life.

  24. I quit making resolutions years ago, but if I were to do so this year, it would be to gain weight and work harder. Since past resolutions always seemed to backfire on me, maybe using reverse psychology on myself might lead to weight loss and more lying around the shack. For those whose goal is to be debt-free, my wife and I became debt-free in 2005, and our lives improved tremendously (financed a new car in 2014 because we couldn’t stand it any longer). Who would have known that getting junk mail would become something to look forward to? Being debt-free is wonderful, and I hope you reach your goal.

    CD in Oklahoma

  25. Hello everyone,

    A new year, with new plans, with new energy! I hate making resolutions because they are so hard to keep. But we must have goals to or we are stuck in the same old place with no hope to grow. I want this year to be my year of personal achievement!

    Like almost everyone else I need to lose weight. But I will never diet again, for me it doesn’t work and makes me miserable. I’m vowing to change what I put in my body. I want to eat healthy and let my body change through better eating not by dieting. Of course I want to look better, but more than that, I want to feel better! I know this won’t be easy, I’m not kidding myself about that.

    I have a very large home to finish. It took me years after it was left to us to even want to make it mine. It’s a “unique” style. It was built one section at a time with cash and not thought out terribly well. But it has 4+ acres on the edge of town. We are early retirement age and starting from scratch isn’t what I wanted to do, but apparently God had other plans for us. So… we will work on it one step at a time. I’m not complaining about inheriting a big paid for home, just the work involved! Lol
    I thought we would be traveling, but things have a way of changing when we aren’t looking. I’m growing to love it more and more. My Mr sometimes can’t see the changes that need to be made because he grew up here and helped his dad build it. I hung a picture on the bedroom wall and two days later it fell off with hanger still attached and the screw still in the wall…. I guess my late mother in law didn’t like it there!

    My next goal is my garden. It needs to be planned and maintained better. Will work on that.

    I hope all of us look on the bright side and not the doom and gloom looming. We can’t change what’s going on in this world, but we can take care of ourselves and our families the best way we can.

  26. I am looking for a rural property in Missouri. Trying to escape the blue state of Illinois.

  27. To recognise my limitations (age based), and God willing, sell my townhouse and move into a good apartment condo for the ease it offers where I will become an apartment prepper.

    Some people prayed for me for my gallbladder surgery and it went very well. I ask for your prayers again that this sale goes smoothly on both ends (selling and buying). I would like to sell the house with a bit of work required rather than spend the money and increase the selling price to cover costs. This could assist a young couple who has a handyman in the family to get their first place. at a price they can easily afford. A generation ago young couples did not want all the bells and whistles and would actually purchase a place that needed a bit of work. The house is only 7 years old so it is not old.

    To exercise more because I am way too heavy for my health.

    To donate excess clutter because you cannot take it with you and it could benefit someone now. I love the charities that pick up stuff from a person’s home – not everyone has a car.

  28. Ken, Thank you for this site. I visit every day. I must admit I have never gone on to read the comments until today. So in 2018 I will endeavor to read viewer comments and respond. Your efforts are most appreciated and a very important part of every morning. My wife and I have discussed eliminating clutter and downsizing so that is in the works this new year. In fact I am going out to the storage building right now to get started.

    1. @woodtamer, Thanks for visiting regularly! Yes there are lots of good comments that get you thinking about additional aspects of an article’s topics. Well worth reading.

    2. woodtamer;
      If I may add to Ken’s comment,
      We do like to have some fun and get a little crazy, keep it very VERY respectful, and get down right serious about Preparing.
      Just a word of caution, watch out for that NRP dude and his 600 rolls of TP. HAHAHAHA
      Welcome to the comment section of the “Nut House” :-) :-)

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