Ready Made Resources Supplies for Preppers

Ready Made Resources – Supplies for Preppers and Preparedness

Ready Made Resources ( is literally a one-stop-shop for preppers. Preparedness supplies galore.

Preparedness Supplies For Preppers

Not only do they have inventory in-stock, but they are distributors for a very wide range of products and supplies for preparedness. They have an extensive product menu.

Tip: Browse their many product offerings. It will give you ideas, even if you’re not ready to buy anything. Window shopping can be fun, right?

Emergency storage foods. Outdoor and tactical. Homestead and cooking. Alternative energy. Water and filters. Books.

Ready Made Resources Supplies

Choose any of the aforementioned top-level categories and you will be taken to many sub-categories of related preparedness products for preppers.

For example, some of the categories just beneath Outdoor and tactical…

  • Communication Equipment
  • Night Vision Units
  • Med Supplies and Kits
  • Bug Home Bags
  • Knives, Axes, & Other Tools
  • Security Products
  • Nuclear, Chemical, Biological, EMP/CME
  • Safes
  • Backpacks and Equipment
  • Maxpedition Military Gear
  • Montague Folding Bicycles
  • Fire Starting
  • Solar Backpacks
  • Backpack Stoves and Cookware
  • Binoculars and Optics
  • Climbing Gear
  • Cold Weather Gear
  • Emergency Kits
  • Flashlights
  • Rocket Stoves
  • Lanterns
  • Navigation Tools
  • On the Road
  • On the Water
  • Outdoor Camp Cooking
  • Pest and Mosquito Repellants
  • Portable Toilet Systems
  • Portable Hydration and Canteens
  • Shower and Hygene
  • Signaling and Rescue
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Tents
  • Waterproof Storage

Wow, and then each of those sub-categories opens up to more specific preparedness / prepper products.

I’m telling you, Ready Made Resources can get you just about any prepper product imaginable.

More about Ready Made Resources

Yes, Ready Made Resources is one of our sponsors here on the blog. But you know what? They have been with us for a decade! And that should tell you they are the real deal. A family business in Tennessee. They are homesteaders and live the life of self-reliance and sustainability. I’ve been there and have seen it.

Bob Griswold at Ready Made Resources, also specializes in night vision devices. If you’re reading this and are considering getting a night vision device, you need to check out their NVD products. I do believe they have some of the best prices too. Call them. Bob will be happy to talk to you about NVDs, given his background and use of those devices as an operator. I purchased my PVS-14 there.

Bob is also a ham radio operator. I’ve been up in his ham shack. Pretty cool… He knows his stuff.

You will also hear Bob as a guest on various preparedness-related talk shows, video blogs, and podcasts.

Why Buy Supplies From Ready Made Resources?

There are plenty of reasons why!

Plan. Prepare. Preserve… At Ready Made Resources, we can help you accomplish all three! Whether it’s setting up a complete grid-tie or non grid-tie solar system, getting back to the basics of homestead living, or preparing you for unexpected emergencies, we can help supply you and your family with the provisions for making that possible.

They are homesteaders. “We are not going to sell you products that we haven’t tested or used ourselves.”

20 Years in business. “We have been providing our customers top service and quality products for 20 years.”

Free Shipping. “Most of our products come with free shipping and still have the lowest prices!”

Friendly Support. “We have support staff ready to answer your questions during normal business hours.”

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  1. My experiences with Ready Made Resources are limited, but they have always answered ALL of my questions, and my purchases are delivered quickly and they are well packaged to avoid damage. 5 stars for this business.

  2. I have purchased several items from Ready Made Resources, great service.
    Bob Griswold is also a guest on some internet Programs I listen too, very interesting to listen to.

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