Specialty Hand Forged Knives – Made In The USA

Indy Hammered Knives Shop

Knife maker and Blacksmith James Wahls has been hammering out specialty knives for years at his forge shop in the Indianapolis area. I own several of his quality knives.

Not only does he produce hand forged knives but he also teaches classes for those interested in the craft.

Contact him here if you’re ever interested to attend one of his classes, or if you just want to visit his shop, or if you have any question about his knives.

The purpose of this notice is simply to highlight his business in hopes that you will visit his website and have a look at his products, even if it’s just for fun ;)

I’ve got a big ‘soft spot’ for American small business, especially the sole proprietor who pushes through the many obstacles and challenges that are placed before those of us who attempt to go it on our own.

James left the ‘corporate world’ a number of years ago to instead practice a trade that he loves. I’m happy to see his product line expanding as well as his reputation.

Got a few extra minutes? Give him some traffic:

Indy Hammered Knives (Homepage)

knife making classes

I’ve written a few articles of his products in the past:

Knifemaker Reveals Secret For A Sharp Knife Edge:
sharpen knife secret

MSB Knife:
MSB Knife

the ‘Sojourner’ made from 1095 High Carbon Steel:
Sojourner knife

James advertises with us when he can and has been on board with MSB for years. If you’re ever in the market for your own (or gift) hand forged quality knife made in the USA, you might consider him for your business.

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  1. Ken
    On our recent vacation, we checked out a couple of guys making knifes out of horse shoes and railroad spikes. (I’m not saying where they were from.)
    GF bought one of the horse shoe knifes.
    I should have participated in the making of one to get the knowledge…….ughhh

  2. Wow, those are some beautiful hand made knives, especially for the price he is asking. I grew up next to Ruana knife works and can appreciate a good hand made knife.

  3. Ken,
    Good reminder. Everyone, yes even you Ladies, should have some basic metal pounding knowledge. It seems complex when you read about it, but when you actually pound metal, harden and temper it with your own hands, it becomes a very simple but important skill to learn. With this skill you can basically build any cutting tool you could ever need. good skill to have.

  4. Nothing quite like the feel of a hand made knife,
    Even better if you made it yourself,

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