A Survivalist’s Motto


“If you don’t prepare, you could lose everything. If you prepare for the worst and nothing happens, you’ve lost nothing.”

Given the dangers and risks in the world today, it just makes sense to prepare.

The prepper / preparedness movement has gained a-lot of traction over the years, and it has been happening for a reason. More people are ‘getting it’. They are becoming more aware of our problems and risks as an indebted, dependent, and densely populated society.

“…if nothing happens, you’ve lost nothing.” You might compare preparedness to an insurance policy, although with an important exception… Unlike conventional insurance policies where you pay cash into the plan and then if nothing happens (e.g. you didn’t need it) you have nothing to show for it. With survival-preparedness you will have lost nothing as you have procured tangible supplies and hard assets (and skills) which are yours, in your possession. Tangible. You can still use them…

It’s an insurance policy where you are paying premiums – to yourself!

The survivalist, the prepper, (the preparedness-minded) will not go through their future blindly as sheeple being led by their ‘masters’; but instead they will lead themselves, they will think for themselves, discovering the risks, adapting solutions for them. Taking charge of their own life.

So the survivalist, the prepper, (the preparedness-minded), they (we) prepare for an uncertain future. The survivalist takes charge of their own future. They commit the time to learn the truths beyond the mainstream marketing propaganda. They discover and understand the systemic risks of society. They know that one day the price will be paid for our debt-laden lifestyle (as individuals and nations), knowing that nothing in life comes for free.

Being prepared not only sets you up to survive, it provides peace of mind.

Just remember this:
By not preparing, you are preparing to fail.

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