The Berkey Water Filter


My excuse for buying my first Berkey water filter (many years ago), was for the purpose of providing safe drinking water during a 2-week camping trip at a mountain cabin in the Trinity Alp Wilderness of northern California. It worked perfectly. None of us got sick from drinking the water.

Even though water may appear to be pristine, and even though water may be coming from a source that is far from civilization, there is still a high risk of invisible pathogens in the water – which could readily and rapidly get you sick. Many campers have experienced this ill-fated condition one time or another after having drunk ‘bad’ water…

Ever since that first experience with the Berkey water filter, I’ve used it many times while in similar circumstances.

There are several features that I like about the Berkey that stand out from other types of filter systems…

It is made of stainless steel. It will not rust.

It is a tabletop model, with a rubber ring around the bottom tank which holds it very secure without slipping on a table surface.

The fact that it is gravity fed – you just add water to the upper chamber by lifting the lid, and then the water slowly flows through the filter elements into the bottom chamber.

Another nice feature is the convenient spigot at the bottom for easy pouring.

The filter elements, sometimes called ‘candles’ seemingly last forever. The specification for each of the two white ceramic filter elements that our Berkey uses is rated for 1,000 gallons per candle. That’s a lot of drinking water!

The newer Berkey’s come with black filter element candles, which apparently filter even more water – up to 3,000 gallons each.

I’ve noticed that there are various manufacturers for the replacement filter elements, so you have options…

The filter elements are cleanable and self-sterilizing… impregnated with silver, so there is no issue regarding sterilization.


We also began using the Berkey water filter full-time at the house. It has it’s own spot in the kitchen and we top it off once a day to have clean-filtered water at the ready. It makes for a great tasting morning pot of coffee too!

Our tap water here actually tastes quite good, but I am happy to feel confident that the Berkey filter system is screening out nearly every impurity, no matter what is in the water. It provides peace of mind.

For the prepper, I strongly urge you to invest in a HIGH QUALITY drinking water filter. Believe it or not, we cannot survive without water for much longer than 3-days, so it is very good insurance to not only have a source of water, but to have the ability to filter it safely for drinking.

Big Berkey Countertop Water Filter

If the $hit ever hits the fan for real, the municipal water supplies could go down or become contaminated. You won’t regret having a high quality water filter.

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