The Gamma Seal Lid And Why You Want Them…


The Gamma Seal Lid is a specially designed lid that fits on top of a typical 5-gallon plastic bucket (actually they fit 5 and 6 gallon buckets due to a standard diameter) and they facilitate easy-on, easy-off, because they simply screw-on and screw-off (spin)…

What is the purpose of a Gamma Seal Lid? They convert typical 5-gallon plastic buckets into airtight storage containers – of which the benefits and uses are numerous.

Are they worth the money? Certainly, yes. And here’s why…


While some may say that the Gamma Seal Lid is expensive, my response is that the things that one chooses to spend their money on is relative to one’s own circumstances, goals and choices.

Personally, I have no problem converting excess little thin pieces of green Fiat currency paper into practical tangible assets which help towards my general goals of preparedness, better efficiency, self-sustainability, and other such things.

I do not use Gamma lids on all of my 5 gallon buckets. For example, the buckets which I have purposely set aside for long term food storage, many of them are closed with typical snap-on lids (the ones that are a pain in the arss to open up – unless you have a bucket lid wrench).

But I do have quite a number of Gamma Seal Lids in use for a variety of things.


How To Install A Gamma Seal Lid

The Gamma Seal Lid outer ring “snaps” on to the top of the bucket with the help of a rubber mallet. That’s the most difficult part – although not too bad (a one-time issue). Preferably place the bucket on a concrete floor to strike the ring hard enough to seat it. Work your way around the ring until it all ‘snaps’ in place. Then, simply spin on the lid.

Tip: Before installing the snap-on ring, be sure that there’s a gasket (O-ring) seated inside. This is what provides the main bucket-to-lid air-tight seal. Also be sure that there’s an O-ring around the perimeter of the spin on/off lid. This provides the air-tight seal of the removable lid.



Gamma Seal Lid Features

Air tight (rubber gaskets)
Easy and Fast to open (spin on/off)
Variety of colors may assist inventory control
Re-sealed over and over again
Protects contents while easy access
Keeps foods fresher longer
Leak proof (two gaskets)
Keeps insects and moisture out
BPA free and Food Grade safe
Made in the USA (we still make a few things here 😉 )


The Many Uses For A Gamma Seal Lid

Dry pet food storage
‘Working’ inventory storage of dry foods (rice, wheat, etc..)
Emergency supplies
Camping and Fishing gear
Bulk Laundry Detergents (larger sizes save you money)
Potting/Planting Soil Mix
Boating (keep towels dry, part spares, etc.)
Pesticides, Chemicals
100’s of other uses!

Gamma Seal Lids are available from a number of sources, and their prices vary by quantity.

Gamma Seal Lids – 12 Pk.

Gamma Seal Lids – 3 Pk.

The Gamma Seal Lid – Individual Colors

I’m curious to hear your experiences and/or uses with the Gamma Seal Lid…

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