Uses for a game camera

How many of you have a game camera?

They’re pretty useful! Not only do they assist the hunter finding ‘game’, but they’re good for all sorts of other discovery.

A game camera or ‘trail cam’ is a great prep gadget to have in my opinion.

Today’s models not only take pictures but video and audio too. And they see in the dark (to an extent). Some even are able to transmit wireless from their location.

A nice security gadget too.

I thought it might be fun if we list some of the things that we’ve used our game cameras for. Here are a few of my own past uses (beyond their primary purpose)…

Onion Thief
Last Spring we kept noticing that more and more of our sprouting onions in the garden were missing. It was quite bizarre. Didn’t notice any obvious tracks near the plants. So I set up my game camera. Low and behold we discovered lots of Blue Jays were swooping down and pulling out the little onions and flying away with them! Who knew!

Who’s stealing the Snap Peas?
Last year in my dad’s garden as the snap peas grew to ‘just the right size’, before he had a chance to pick them, something else was beating him to it. He set up his game camera and caught the little critter in the act. It was a Chipmunk!. Would climb right up and eat a hole row of them… (Never knew that Chipmunks liked snap peas!)

Nothing goes to waste in nature
Last fall when it was time for the pigs to become bacon, we set up the game camera over in the field where we dumped the ‘remains’. It was fun to watch the animals and birds work on the pile. Ravens, Hawks, Foxes, Coyotes.

Security cam
A year ago we went on a long trip. Although I did my best securing the home and property, I hid my game camera such that it was pointing towards the front of the house. “If” anyone had attempted to get in, at least I’d have a chance at discovery…

Note: I used an external battery so I was assured that the game camera would remain powered for an extended period of time.

General observation of wildlife
It’s also fun to simply set it up here and there around the prperty to observe wildlife activity. We’ve captured plenty a bear and deer in the sights of our game camera. Haven’t spotted Big Foot yet…

Did the tax assessor come by?
We knew that the ‘tax man’ was due to arrive on our property as part of their regional home assessments which they do every number of years. We just didn’t know exactly when. We’re not always home and wouldn’t necessarily know if they had come or not. No problem. Game camera. Sure enough after a periodic check of the SD Card, we noticed that he had come by a few days earlier. Enabling us to open the shades and unlock the doors ;)

This is my game camera:
Stealth Cam 14.0 Megapixel 45 No-Glo IR Trail Camera

And the external battery pack (literally operates for months),
Stealth Cam 12V Battery Box w/ 12V Battery Included

Bear Cam

What about you? Any stories to tell about your game cam?

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