The More things Change The More They Stay The Same

Guest article by Bogan

The term “The more things change the more they stay the same” was coined almost two centuries ago, but is still as accurate now as ever, when applied to the state of the world and whatever challenge faces the preparedness-minded individual.

For example, in the last year or two many of us have learned for the first time of:

  • Potential mass die-off events from COVID-19
  • A mega-tsunami generated by a Cape Verde Island Volcano (off Africa) falling into the sea and wiping out the entire North American east coast up to several miles inland.  
  • Then consider the Georgia Guidestones, a bizarre granite monument that calls for limiting the world’s population to 500 million (it’s about 8 billion now).  
  • Then there is MSM talk of travel restrictions, vaccine passports and/or mass layoffs of the unvaccinated.  Australia and New Zealand have been in lockdown mode for a while now (is the USA next?). 
  • Also, we have experienced large chunks of internet going down, with the emerging possibility of even more widespread outages. 
  • And then there are the supply chain issues.   

Seems like every day the news is ever more frightening. 

This in addition to the now routine perils: nuclear war, economic collapse, EMP attack, CME (Coronal Mass Ejections), the Yellowstone caldera blowing up and wiping out mankind, and more. 

“Routine” only in that these in the past have been the more publicized risks facing mankind as people have had time to wrap their minds around the implications.  These have been the spur for many to prepare for…contingencies.  

Yes, scenarios may vary, however the cold reality is that no fresh events, or threats, change ANY of the basics of prepping. 

Consider these truisms:

  • Adapt, improvise, overcome
  • Two is one and one is none
  • Stay away from crowds
  • Panic now not during a crisis 
  • Beans, bullets and band aids
  • And many more

Realize this: before any of these horrible scenarios – even just one – actually come to fruition, you have the ability NOW to take advantage of the relative safety and freedom of today’s world to mentally and physical prepare for the latest, greatest version of hard times.  

Details may vary, but the fundamentals still apply.

[ Ken J. adds…

So true! The principles of preparedness. There are many. They apply. Tailor them where necessary. Don’t get caught up in the “why” it’s happening (or might happen). Instead, focus on you. Your preparedness. Your life. Be smart. Think. Do. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.


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  1. Life

    I like it,

    I wonder why people would chose living on their knees

    1. KF,
      Well considering 60% of the population just waste oxygen and have an IQ the same as their shoe size, I am not surprised. They are mentally incapable of understanding must less practicing self-reliance. The one saving grace is when the doo doo hits the oscillating device the majority of the garbage will be gone in 6 weeks or less.

  2. Roman’s 8:28 ” All things work together for good for those who love The Lord”.

  3. I read an article recently about preparing for the most likely events first while keeping in mind events which are less likely to occur but also might happen. Example: which is most likely to occur, a local or national economic crisis or Yellowstone blowing its top. I would think an economic crisis would be much more likely to occur versus Yellowstone. I’m not saying Yellowstone can’t happen but economic issues are more pressing at this time. Sure there is crossover preparing where preparations for an economic crisis may also help with preparations of a Yellowstone event. So, what I’m saying is preparations don’t have to be made for each crisis but may be part of several crisis. Saving seeds may be part of preparations for an economic, supply chain, food shortage, financial, or environmental crisis.

  4. I think this is a slow motion train wreck. The whole thing is picking up steam as it goes on. I think economy is on the verge of collapse. Hipper inflation followed by a weakening dollar. Get ready for the suck.

  5. So true. Keep your focus on prepping. Everyone knows now something is coming down the pike.

  6. No matter what you believe about any crisis, I believe it is best to have at least the basics in reserve. If nothing happens then you will be able to use them & cut future expenses. Look at how prices are going up now. I can eat tomorrow on yesterdays prices. I’m 80 years old & have seen tough times & good times so maybe my perspective is wider than some of today younger generation. It never hurts to tell the younger folks some real life stories from my past & how we coped. Even if they don’t think it could happen to them, maybe if it does happen, the non preaching stories may give them some ideas of how to cope.

  7. Canadagal
    I agree with your philosophy! I am a few years younger than you and do like to pass on knowledge in non preachy ways to younger folks but their jaws tend to drop a bit when I tell them about the ice man and his wagon and the coal man and milk delivery by horse and cart! They’re often too polite to ask if dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time but the problem is that many have not lived through or experienced hard times. It’s hard to talk about keeping extra food etc in case of storms and trying to convince them to put aside more than a few days worth of food in case of job loss etc can be a lost cause.
    I found one of the best ways was to show my kids how and why we prepare for ice storms, hurricanes etc and when they have passed through it sticks with them enough so that when they pull out the jumper cables etc from the well equipped car trunk to assist friends or have flashlights and candles when living with others at college the idea of being prepared doesn’t get passed on from someone’s parents it is passed on from a friend or peer. Message often sticks better that way. I’m from north of the 49th as well. Stay safe!

  8. All this chaos is planned. We must realize that at the start. The Marxist have been maneuvering for decades to get into powerful positions to ruin this Republic. You can be certain that the agenda is to somehow fabricate some scenario or false flag to ‘nudge’ the majority into agreeing to disarm private citizens. No totalitarian movement in world history has been successful without first disarming the populace. Remember that. False flags are coming.

  9. I believe the elite have been explicit in expressing their desire to “fundamentally transform” this country by replacing the indigenous people of this country with disease bearing 3rd world aliens who are brought here to infect the vaccinated, whose immune system has been compromised by genetic manipulation. We are expected to simply die in the short term. Keep your powder dry.

  10. The powers that be have shown a callous disregard for rights and also shown that should they need money they will come at you with lawfare as needed to remove your assets . That is the plan . To strip you of your assets and if needed your lives . Did you notice how valued all the oldsters in care facilities were ? I wish I could say something encouraging but what I see coming looks like the ruling class intends to remove us and take over in their own image . Who was it that originally tried to takeover everything ? Eat that bug Dammit !

  11. Mari_TX, If you are indeed a newcomer, welcome. FYI – comments in the Open Forum remain on-line for a week or so, at most. If you have something to say that others might benefit from, please use the search field to find a related article and comment there. .. .. .. ..

    Lauren is correct; members of the current Administration have been throwing around the term “dark winter” since more than a year before the election. A bit of a riff on Game of Thrones’ “Winter is Coming.” Today it means to expect continued increase in covid cases with potential for more draconian mandates, lockdowns, etc.; increasing inflation; abysmal job numbers; worsening shipping and transportation backlogs; and a continuing decline in quality of life. For all of my long life, there has been a steady improvement in general economic well-being not only here in America, but across the world. That is now changing. Where I differ from Lauren is that this Dark Winter is not that it could be one thing or another (take your pick) but that it will be a tsunami of them all. With this bunch in charge it’s prudent to listen to Maya Angelou who once said “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” Grim, I know, but these are our times and we rise to the challenge. As a friend recently reminded me “Never. Never. Never give up!”—Winston Churchill

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