There Is No Such Thing As Long Term Storage Of Water

Last updated on September 1st, 2017


Storing water for the long term is a false notion. While it is extremely important to have some sort of long term water storage, it also is a very false and dangerous presumption that it will save you in a real SHTF situation. Here’s why…

Any water storage will eventually run out! And it may run dry sooner than you think!

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve written plenty of articles advocating the importance of having some stored water for drinking (the more the better), but the fact is that IF a disaster or SHTF runs on beyond your water usage, then you’re SOL until you replenish it.

There is no replacement for fresh, clean, natural water.

Towns and communities store millions of gallons of water in ‘long term’ storage tanks for day-to-day use. The thing is, how long is long? It needs to be constantly replenished or it will run dry.

If you have already stored back some water (if you haven’t – then do it first!), the next thing you need to sort out is WHERE and HOW you will replenish it. Assume that you will not be replenishing it from your faucet tap.

A replenishable water source should be a priority in your mind.

This is 2nd-level ‘survival’ thinking. It’s not just about jugs of water or a barrel or two in your basement. Think outside the box. Stored water is only for short term emergencies.

Finding, hauling, replenishing and purifying is not going to be easy. Water is heavy and transporting it from your nearest natural source may not be easy at all.

If you have your own water well, and an alternative energy source to power your well pump, then you’re in very good shape.

Otherwise you will be forced to find it in a stream, river, pond, lake, canal, runoff, rain capture, etc..

How far away is your nearest source? If you have no fuel, will you be able to transport it back to home base?

Do you have sufficient wagons and containers to haul it back without sloshing it all out?

The simple (but very important) point I’m trying to make here is what I believe to be overlooked by many preparedness-minded people. Think beyond your preps. Think about replenishing them – especially WATER.

Do you what you need to do – research and find a few nearby water sources, and then get the preps that you need so you are able to haul it back and purify if for drinking.

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