Used Knives For Sale At A Fraction Of Retail Cost

Used Knives For Sale

These used knives have been cleaned, lubricated, and sharpened.

They can be purchased at a fraction the cost of new. Who cares if there’s a nick or scratch here and there, right? It’s a knife after all… it’s going to be ‘used’.

I can tell you that when I look at any of my knives, they all have blemishes, some worse than others. That means that I’ve used them! They’re not ‘for show’. And that’s okay.

The good thing is that ‘being used’ won’t affect the effectiveness or operation of the knife. It’s still the same knife!

Why wouldn’t you pay less than retail to get a decent knife?

I’m just putting it out there that Tom over at Camping Survival does sell used knives, and it might be worth a look see.

His inventory is always changing, so you might want to check back now and again…

Knives at

(Tom has been a long time sponsor / vendor of Modern Survival Blog)

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