Uses For A Mylar Emergency Blanket

Uses for a Mylar emergency blanket

A Mylar emergency blanket is a common item in an emergency kit, and everyone should have (at least) one in each of their own kits.

They are made from ‘Mylar’ foil material. They don’t cost much and they facilitate a number of practical and potential emergency uses.

Here are some uses for a Mylar emergency blanket:

Emergency Foil Mylar Thermal Blanket

Wrap up and keep warm. The number one purpose for the Mylar emergency blanket is to wrap one’s-self in, to keep warm. Most body heat is reflected back inside due to the heat reflective properties of the Mylar material itself.

A heat reflector for a campfire. String it up behind a campfire so the infrared heat reflects back to your location.

Improvised poncho in the rain.

Improvised shelter, similar to using a tarp for a lean-to shelter.

Hold water for over a fire. Bunch together the corners of a piece of Mylar material so as to hold some water (like a small sack), tie the bunched end and attach (string) to a make-shift tripod (sticks) and boil above a fire (not in it) for safe drinking water. Here’s how long to boil water for safe drinking.


Protect yourself from ground moisture. It’s waterproof, so place under your sleeping bag (or small tent) to protect from ground moisture (and reflect your body heat back to you) if camping outside.

A signaling device if you’re lost, due to it’s highly reflective surface – a very shiny reflector.

Fit inside your boots. Cut the Mylar material to fit into your boots for added warmth – although the material does not ‘breathe’.

Rainwater harvesting. Use it to catch rainwater (like a tarp) which could then be used for drinking water.

Light reflector. Cut pieces to use as a light reflector behind a lantern or candle.

Place under a blanket for added warmth. Body heat reflection while sleeping in a very cold environment.

Use behind the radiators or wood stove in your home to reflect heat back into the room.

Block Thermal IR heat signature. Related: How To Block IR Infrared Thermal Imaging.

Drape a Mylar emergency blanket over a cooler to reflect heat away and help keep cool inside.

Line the inside of your cabin to help keep warm inside (heat reflective properties).

A makeshift solar oven.


Lets hear your additional ideas for uses for a Space Blanket…

S.O.L. Survive Outdoors Longer Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket

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