Waterproof Your Boots

Last updated on April 14th, 2015

How To Waterproof Your Boots

Not only is it important to keep your powder dry, but keep your feet dry. Wet feet from leaky boots will quickly lead to big problems with your health and mobility. One preventative measure is to maintain your boots and keep them waterproof.

If your boot’s manufacturer recommends a product for waterproofing, use this if at all possible. If not, use beeswax on all leather boots. For combination material or synthetic boots, use a water-based wax waterproofer that is designed specifically for the material you are waterproofing.

Use beeswax to waterproof your leather boots or shoes. Beeswax can be found at a craft stores, Walmart, or other stores.

One popular brand of beeswax for waterproofing is Sno Seal.



Remove any debris or clumps of dirt from your boots with a dry towel. Your boots must be clean.

Then, using a circular motion, rub the beeswax (Sno Seal) into your boots with a clean, soft cloth. An old cotton T-shirt works well.

TIP: It helps to warm up your boots first so the beeswax absorbs more readily.

Apply a thick coat of the wax and be sure the boots are covered completely, paying special attention to the toe and heel.

Set the boots in a dry location until no longer tacky or wet to the touch, or overnight to allow the beeswax to penetrate the leather completely.

In the morning, remove any excess wax with a cloth.

The beeswax creates a protective coating that should last approximately a year.

For the most effective waterproofing, be sure to get ample product into the seam area where the sole meets the boot. Use a toothbrush, q-tip or soft scrub brush to work the product into the seam.

Note: Even if you have purchased a pair of “waterproof boots,” most recommend that you waterproof them yourself before wearing, because this factory waterproofing wears off quickly. Each time you clean the boots, reapply a waterproof seal.



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