What Are Your 2015 Preparedness Goals?


Now that we’re entering yet another new year, is anyone out there concerned enough about potential upcoming ‘events’ such that you’re evaluating your current preparedness?

Given that most preparedness-minded folks are conscious of the financial house-of-cards which has been miraculously held together these past years, some might suspect that we’re getting closer to another ‘2008’ collapse – but much worse this time.

That said, what are YOU planning to do this year in order to be better prepared for such a calamity (or other) and it’s follow-on effects?

Additionally, do you feel like you need to hurry up?

Many people make new years resolutions and/or re-evaluate their current positions and circumstances while setting new goals for the upcoming year.

It’s different for everyone, because we are all in our own unique position and circumstance. But hearing what others are setting for preparedness goals may help you in your own thought process while considering your own.

For example, here are a few of mine:

I am setting a goal to install a moderate solar power off-grid system which will provide enough energy to run essential systems in the house. I’m leveraging some equipment which I already have – but will be stepping it up a notch with more capacity (more panels and more batteries).

Since I moved to a new location during 2014, I am setting a goal to ‘build’ a decent garden here. I need to be ready to go early, because the season is a bit shorter up north.

I am also setting a goal (I should be saying ‘we’ with Mrs.J) to do more food preservation by way of ‘canning’ this year. The storage requires no energy – no refrigerator or freezer – and is an excellent way to preserve foods for the sake of home preparedness.

We have LOTS more goals, many of them with a central theme of more self-sufficiency and self-reliance (and healthy living and physical conditioning), but let’s hear from you… ?


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