What Are Your 2015 Preparedness Goals?


Now that we’re entering yet another new year, is anyone out there concerned enough about potential upcoming ‘events’ such that you’re evaluating your current preparedness?

Given that most preparedness-minded folks are conscious of the financial house-of-cards which has been miraculously held together these past years, some might suspect that we’re getting closer to another ‘2008’ collapse – but much worse this time.

That said, what are YOU planning to do this year in order to be better prepared for such a calamity (or other) and it’s follow-on effects?

Additionally, do you feel like you need to hurry up?

Many people make new years resolutions and/or re-evaluate their current positions and circumstances while setting new goals for the upcoming year.

It’s different for everyone, because we are all in our own unique position and circumstance. But hearing what others are setting for preparedness goals may help you in your own thought process while considering your own.

For example, here are a few of mine:

I am setting a goal to install a moderate solar power off-grid system which will provide enough energy to run essential systems in the house. I’m leveraging some equipment which I already have – but will be stepping it up a notch with more capacity (more panels and more batteries).

Since I moved to a new location during 2014, I am setting a goal to ‘build’ a decent garden here. I need to be ready to go early, because the season is a bit shorter up north.

I am also setting a goal (I should be saying ‘we’ with Mrs.J) to do more food preservation by way of ‘canning’ this year. The storage requires no energy – no refrigerator or freezer – and is an excellent way to preserve foods for the sake of home preparedness.

We have LOTS more goals, many of them with a central theme of more self-sufficiency and self-reliance (and healthy living and physical conditioning), but let’s hear from you… ?

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  1. I plan on planting more fruit trees this year as you get returns on them every year. No need to buy seeds, etc. It also seems to attract wildlife, which is a possible source of protein. Since there is a very real possibility that I will be losing my job in a month or so, we are not planning on making any purchases until the dust settles and we see where we stand. We are actually pretty well set with most of our preps. The only thing remaining is to top off the oil tank and propane.

  2. It is tough to maintain more of a sense of urgency than we already have. We live in some trying times, but to have a sky is falling attitude all the time is just not realistic.

    We looked into solar with a battery backup bank a year ago. They came back with three price structures and it’s just too much money for the current return. So, that is on-hold unless we up and move.

    We do, however, have big plans for our back yard and that includes putting in a small work barn and a fenced in garden now that some trees are cleared.

    On a personal level, training is a huge focus this year for me. My preps are at the right levels on all fronts, so our monies are spent on my training with overflow funds going into the wife replicating what training I take.

    Some areas of focus: Hand Gun Training,Tactical Rifle Training, Krav Maga Defense, Long Range Shooting, and Knife Skills.

    Gonna be a fun year and much of this is already underway!

  3. I broke ground last year and tripled the size of my garden space Bought 5 years worth of heirloom seeds three years ago and will order more soon. Learned how to save seeds for the future. Just bought a book on processing farm and game animals even tho I grew up in the woods and learned that as a kid, but our son’s have not. Working on paying down debt, and buying preps….next on the list: a couple hundred sand bags and a load of gravel and several rolls of barb wire. Need to get more ammo for the boys-we have three and I just put together BOB’s for them. Looking to purchase several rural acres even tho we live in a small community-400 homes-100+ miles from the nearest major city. Hopefully we can buy and build a fortress in time….ICF or Insulated Concrete Forms with 8″ of concrete between for walls, and steel roofing.

  4. Oh……and of course we will sell our mortgage free home in town to pay for the new one.

  5. Our goals:
    Plant a garden with adequate groundhog defense
    Use my dehydrator to preserve food
    Build a chicken coup and raise chickens
    Buy more ammo for my handgun

  6. Kind of hard to fathom a worse than 08 recession on its way, having said that I plan to stuff more cash away for other events more likely, i.e a lengthy power outage. Winter temps hovering around freezing here in the northeast leave us primed for another ice storm, prepping for that is a must needing tons of firewood, water, etc. Plans to fortify the house and amp up guns and ammo a resolution for ’15.

  7. pay off bills, build up cash, buy more silver

    living in apt not much room, will plant small box garden on patio

    I did buy 2 small solar systems last year enough to charge batts and run a few lights, weapons we are set, add some more ammo, meds, more food

    we do have 4 acres and will be burying some prep bucket there

    that is about it

  8. Wow, some great comments and (attainable) goals already.

    Got the wood stove in and running this fall – have laid in wood to split for next winter already. Cleared another steel rack in basement to store more dry and canned goods, (and should fill it by summer).

    Planning on adding two plum trees this spring, another rain barrel, and build chicken coop (with some dual-purpose chickens).

    Add one more rifle and ammo. Feel like this may be our last year of prepping before the collapse – a greater sense of urgency, but certainly not panic – panic is for those who don’t prepare.

  9. My prep for 2015 seems to be the hardest to make because I tried it last year. I will try again to find sincere people that are dedicated, honest, team players, who truly understand the need for prepping!

  10. My biggest concern is the same old New Year’s cliche. I need to put concerted effort into physical condition. My remaining preps are in good shape, within the limits I have to work in. I started a conditioning program mid year in 2014 but abandoned it in November due to health issues. Now that I am back up and running, it’s time to get back into it. Funny how hard it is to improve, yet how easily and quickly it goes away.

    I don’t like being rear echelon. That will be where I am stuck if I stay as I am. Time to do the road work again.

  11. Ken, two good things about gardens up north, you have more sun during the day in the summer than in the south, and cooler crops can be grown all summer. That’s all the good I can find.

    I will be transplanting new wild berry plants, building fences, and expanding my garden. I am planning to go primitive camping on the lake this summer accessible by boat only, with bare minimum supplies. Should be an adventure since I heard “Bigfoot screaming” in my back yard a couple weeks ago. I am very familiar with animals in this boreal forest, it wasn’t what lives around here, including ravens and lynx. Dogs will be going with me for sure.

  12. Stuff to think about,

    We had a cold front and thunderstorms move over the islands last night, 5″ of rain and 40-60mph winds from 8:00pm-1:00am roughly,

    Greenhouse got shredded and the garden is flat!

    No big deal at the moment,

    What if we had been totally reliant on the garden and greenhouse for food?

    That could have been disasterous.

    Anywho, like the articles here, thank you, visit daily,

    New years prepping resolutions?
    Planning on paying more attention to the garden this year and reducing my commercial output.

    And spending more time enjoying my surroundings!

  13. i hav just stumbled over your site and have spent lots of time reading some great articles and comments.

    My 2015 prep is to get the garden completed and add raised beds near the house to encourage the children to help more.

    Make a prolly tunnel out of material I have ” wombled ”

    Use the produce for the family food store and also to help make money by making chutney and jam and sell at the local markets.

    Get fit and stay fit xx

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